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Why Post through us?

Lifetime Free Property Listings and Leads

Square Yards’ online Property Listing Service costs you nothing. Not Today. Not Ever.

Expert assisted property closures.

Listing to Closure get guidance from our property experts.

Rocket Fast Property Deal Closures

With 1000s of Genuine Property Buyers/Renters online every day, Faster Deals Guaranteed!

How it Works

Create a Killer Property Listing.

For Rocket Fast Deals, create a listing with every detail, like the property type, your expected price and other advantages of the property. Property pictures are very important. Tip: Listings with at least 5 great pics get maximum enquiries.

How it Works

Let Us Show Off Your Property.

Millions of property buyers and renters check listings on Square Yards every day! We will highlight your property to them and if they find your property suitable, they can contact you immediately and directly. Tip: Clients love true info on listings.

How it Works

Your Property. Your Proposal.

When an interested party finds your listed property truly suitable and shows deep interest to buy or rent it out, we will share the client’s detail with you over phone or email instantly. Tip: When property owners make proposals, deals happen faster.

How it Works

Showing, Negotiating, Closing.

We know that no one can sell your property better than you. After all, only you know everything that a buyer or renter needs to know to close the deal. Its time for site inspections, negotiations, paperwork checks and deal closure. Tip: Don’t under-price.

Frequently asked questions

Give a missed call to 1800-208-3344 or WhatsApp 1800-208-3344 to get help with your property listing

What really is a Free Listing?

Free Listing really means that listing your property on Square Yards attracts Zero Costs, today and forever! Try our award-winning services by listing a Property Now… Free!

How can I post my property for Free?

Simple. Just login/signup on Square Yards and click on the ‘Post Property’ button. Fill all the required details - like property location, price, size, and remember to upload at least 5 Great property pictures. Smart tip: More and Clear pictures = 85% more Lead chances.

What is a Lead or a Response?

A lead or a response means that a buyer/renter likes your property. Whenever someone shows interest in your listed property, we immediately share their contact details directly with you, so you can respond to the lead and move towards a deal.

I have listed my property. What next?

When you list your property for Free on Square Yards, thousands of serious property seekers see it every day. So, keep an eye on your SMS/email regularly to receive interested party’s contact information, which we will share directly with you. Smart tip: A call on a lead within 5 minutes ensures higher closure chances.

I just posted my property on Square Yards; how do I see my own listing?

Once your property listing is approved by our experts, you will receive a preview link to the posted property. Just use that link to check out how cool your listing looks to the world.

What do property listings require an approval to be publicly viewable?

We verify and approve every property posted on Square Yards to ensure that our serious customers only get to see genuine properties. So, after you submit your property, our team of experts verify the details of your listing and approve it. If some details are missing, you may be asked to provide them to get an approval. In case your listing is not approved, please do not panic. Simply furnish the required details and re-submit your listing for approval again.

I missed a few details in my property listing, how can I add those in the listing?

Easy! Just head to the ‘My Listings’ page on your Dashboard and scroll down to the listing in which you want to add details or make changes. Click on the edit button, make the required changes, and submit again.

Can I list multiple properties for Free on Square Yards?

Absolutely. There are no restrictions on listing multiple properties but make sure you are not listing duplicate properties as it might give a bad impression to potential buyer/renter and they end up reporting your property.

What happens if someone reports my listing?

A property seeker can report your listing if details do not match the actual property or if you have provided misleading information. In such a case, please edit and correct your listing details and re submit it again as soon as possible. Remember, if someone reports your listing, we stop displaying it to property seekers, making a quick correction from your end very important to ensure public visibility of your listing.

How soon can I start receiving responses after listing my property?

We get lakhs of visitors daily; you get a lead when your property matches someone’s requirement. Property seekers will always choose a more detailed listing with great pictures to initiate a conversation with the owner. If you have taken great care to make a comprehensive listing, you can start receiving responses as soon as your listing is approved and catches a customer’s interest.

Are there any lead packages? How are they priced?

There are no paid package for listings or leads. As we mentioned earlier, all our property listings are Free forever. You do not need to pay anything to list your property on Square Yards. Go ahead, list your properties for free and receive direct contact details of interested parties for Free as well!

Is there any fee associated after closure?

Yes, as our listing and response services are totally free, we charge a small amount from you when you close a property transaction through Square Yards. In case of Rental transactions, we charge 2 day’s rent and for Sale transactions, we charge 0.06% of the total sale value.

How can interested clients reach out to me?

When property seekers show interest in your property listing, we display your contact details to them after verifying their identity. They get your phone number and email address which can be used to reach you directly. Also, when someone shows interest in your property, we share their details with you directly as well.

Will I get any assistance for listing closure?

Yes, we have a dedicated closure assistance service that you can opt for, where you will be assisted by a dedicated expert for Selling/Renting out your property easily. What’s more? If your client needs a loan, our specialised mortgage team can work that out too.

Why does My Property still show - Pending/Not Approved/Rejected?

Every property listing is carefully verified before being made public on Square Yards. So, if your listing is ‘Pending’ it means it is in queue for approval by our experts. If your listing is ‘Not Approved’/’Rejected’, it means the property details are insufficient, in which case you should have received the reason for the same via SMS/mail. Please make the necessary changes to your property listing and re submit again for a quick approval.

Any Tips to create the perfect property listing?

Sure, first up, a property listing with more images and details has a better chance of closure, so ensure that your listing is a detailed one - provide an accurate description of the property and post at least 7 to 8 pictures covering the inner and outer areas of your property. Remember that property seekers will show interest only if they like what they see on your online listing. You have one chance, make it count by being honest with information and flattering with pictures.

What are the benefits of listing my property with Square Yards?

Firstly, you do not need to pay anything to list your property for sale/rent at Square Yards, where you can showcase your property listing to 2 million+ site visitors. Secondly, whenever you get a lead/response on your property listing we share it directly with you, minus any mediators, enabling you to talk directly with the client. And finally, Square Yards has the highest listing to deal closure ratio among portals in India! Three great benefits that sets us apart from all listing portals in India and makes your listing a winner, every time.

Received a message about responses on my Property, how can I Connect with those users?

Go to your Dashboard and against each listing you will see a tab – ‘Responses’. Click on that tab and you can view the contact details of interested parties looking to buy/rent your property. Connect with them directly and as soon as possible to increase the chances of deal closure.