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Frequently asked questions

Q.1 What is the source of this registration data?

Ans. The registration data is publicly available information that is sourced from DLD - Dubai Land Department's website.

Q.2 What do you mean by registration data?

Ans. Registration data is property buy, sell, rent, mortgages, will, cancellation and various other deed or agreements that are registered with revenue authorities upon payment of appropriate registration fees and stamp duties.

Q.3 Is registration data public?

Ans. Yes. This data is sourced from DLD.

Q. 4 Is the area mentioned carpet, builtup or super-built up area?

Ans. We have mentioned the area type wherever we find that it is mentioned in registration document.

Q.5 Can I see party names?

Ans. Yes, every registration has Party names, but we only show document number, floor number, unit number, area, value. This also shows our commitment to respect the privacy of the parties.

Q.6 I am not getting any search results? What should I do?

Ans. We may not have covered the project. You should look at comparable projects in that locality. Also you can leave a request at contact@propsamc.com for us to cover the project and we will be happy to cover it and intimate you.

Q.7 Is this data correct and authentic?

Ans. The data shown is as procured from the registration data available with DLD. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the data displayed on the site. We would recommend the user to do his/her own due diligence as well. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for reference.

Q8. How frequently this data is updated?

Ans. Our endeavour is to keep our customer aware of the recent transactions for bringing transparency and more power to negotiate the right deal through us.