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Square Yards is a labor of love and we plan to keep it that way till death do us part!
We love what we do, we love our customers, and we love our team. So come be a part
of the most successful love story ever!

Square Yards Ethos


Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.


Team work results in success or disaster. We love success. We abhor disaster.


Be transparent. Be clear. Be happy


Dare to think. Believe in it. Execute it


As the cliché goes, ‘Customer is the King’. Well, honestly he is and will remain so forever and ever.


Life is dynamic. So be alive.

Imaginative, hardworking and enthusiastic?

Ahh… CUPID strikes!

Please send in your CV at careers@squareyards.com

Open Positions

Experience: 2 to 7 years

Location: GCC/UAE/Singapore/Malaysia/Kaula Lumpur/Hong Kong/Jakrata

Job Profile:-

  • Client acquisition and business development by direct/indirect sales.
  • Offer customized portfolio solutions to clients based on their risk/ return and liquidity profile.
  • Maximize revenue generation and lead closures by using social and public media marketing campaigns.
  • Strong client focus including pre and post sales services for long tern wealth retention.
  • Transaction management and deal closure from sourcing to ROI generation.
  • Develop Square Yards as a brand by ensuring service standards in line with company policies.
  • Attractive incentives, mobility across regions (global), fast track growth and equity ownership for superior performers.

APPLY NOW or Drop your cv at careers@squareyards.com