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Meet Our Team

Habibi, Welcome to Square Yards UAE! Surrounded by the lively energy of Dubai, we proudly boast a team of dedicated professionals fuelled by an unwavering commitment to steering success consistently.

Enthusiasm in the team is ignited by a strong sense of belonging and nurtured within our culture of transparency and openness. Embracing the profound truth that it is our people who form the very soul of our business, we empower our team to infuse work with emotional dedication, whether crafting innovative solutions or fashioning remarkable products.

Here at Square Yards UAE, our pursuit goes beyond the ordinary; we seek that pivotal moment for a continuous and unwavering journey of growth and progress.

Life at Square Yards

At Square Yards UAE, we consider the support and well-being of our employees as the fundamental pillar of our business ethos. We wholeheartedly endorse a holistic approach to individuals and the team, putting great emphasis on granting absolute autonomy at every level. We also celebrate the journey towards achieving both personal and collective goals.

Our source of pride lies in the nurturing embrace of our inclusive and supportive culture, which encourages unleashing creative potential within our workforce. Amidst the vibrant bustle of Dubai, we passionately advocate for our team's well-being by actively encouraging their engagement in rejuvenating and revitalizing activities.

Life at Square Yards

At Square Yards, supporting our employees is a core part of how we do business. We believe in a wholesome individual and team balance and thus emphasize absolute autonomy at all levels, along with celebrating the process of achieving individual and group goals.

We are proud of our supportive and inclusive culture that nurtures the creative side of our employees. We thus encourage indulgence in de-stressing and rejuvenating activities at work.

Our Ethos

At Square Yards UAE, we aim to turn transactions into learning experiences. To achieve this, we are committed to continual self-reflection and upholding our guiding principles as the cornerstone of our actions.


Integrity is like a GPS for success, ensuring you always end up at the doorstep of excellence, with no detours allowed!


Teamwork isn't just a bonus feature; it's the foundation for constructing dreams together!


Transparency is a window, the key that unlocks customer trust and a brighter future!


With today’s imagination, we build tomorrow’s real estate solutions, one innovative brick at a time.


AFor us, 'The Customer Reigns Supreme' and their importance will endure indefinitely!


In the dynamic world of real estate, life isn't just a journey; it's a vibrant adventure waiting to unfold!

Advantages & Perquisites

We firmly believe that our employees are the driving force behind our success and expansion. As a result, we spare no effort in expressing our gratitude and recognition for their contributions.

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  • Bi-Annual Appraisals
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