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Top Selling Projects in Al Ain

Best Sellers in Al Ain

Al Ain, located in the UAE, is known for its lush landscapes and modern real estate offerings. Al Ain's real estate market is bustling, with attractive villas, apartments, and townhouses offered in prime locations. Whether you're looking for a luxurious villa or a more affordable apartment, we’ve got you covered. We have your back from deciding which house you want until you get the keys to it.

Rotana Hili Rayhaan in Central District, Al Ain
Square Assured Tag

Central District, Al Ain

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Town Center in Al Mutawaa, Al Ain
Square Assured Tag

Al Mutawaa, Al Ain

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Al Ain Rotana Hotel Staff Accomodation in Al Ain Industrial Area, Al Ain
Square Assured Tag

Al Ain Industrial Area, Al Ain

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Asharij Compound in Asharej, Al Ain
Square Assured Tag

Asharej, Al Ain

Price on Request

Ready to Move

  • 2,3 BR Apartments
  • 1299-2600 SQ.FT.
Al Andalus Housing Complex in Al Murabaa, Al Ain
Square Assured Tag

Al Murabaa, Al Ain

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Al Etihad Commercial Complex in Al Mutawaa, Al Ain
Square Assured Tag

Al Mutawaa, Al Ain

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Building in Al Mutawaa, Al Ain
Square Assured Tag

Al Mutawaa, Al Ain

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Al Mada Complex in Al Murabaa, Al Ain
Square Assured Tag

Al Murabaa, Al Ain

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Shareat Al Muwaiji in Al Muwaiji, Al Ain
Square Assured Tag

Al Muwaiji, Al Ain

Price on Request

Ready to Move

  • 2 BR Apartments
  • 1200-1200 SQ.FT.
Majlood Apartments in Al Muwaiji, Al Ain
Square Assured Tag

Al Muwaiji, Al Ain

Price on Request

Ready to Move

  • 3 BR Apartments
  • 1400-1400 SQ.FT.

Al Ain Real Estate

UAE has always piqued the interest of visitors and investors in terms of tourism and real-estate development. With an abundance of royalty and history attached to each of the cities, Al Ain’s importance is one among others. These cities include Dubai, Sharjah, and much more. Al Ain, albeit a small city, has caught the attention of investors due to its historic intervention in the oasis.

The Al Ain real estate market has grown over time depending on various factors, be it rising development, the growth of nearby towns, the expansion of infrastructure, and much more. The glitzy lifestyle and opulent properties have been the most important factors affecting Al Ain real estate. The city has seen many ups and downs in the growth of real estate but has always been a favourite location for investors for various reasons. 

Market Size of Real Estate in Al Ain

Al Ain has always entertained residents and expats to invest in and buy real estate. They have interchangeably preferred properties that suit them justly as per their requirements and budget. Mostly, they have apartments and villas to show around and pique the interest of homebuyers.

Cumulatively, this location has always welcomed expats and foreigners if they want to get their hands on either freehold property or a beautiful, luxurious apartment for their stay. Along with it, the real estate market of Al Ain has seen a constant trend and not an increase due to a modest increase in demand and improvements throughout the city.

The villas, on the other hand, presumably provide a luxurious touch with an open front yard, parking space, and spacious bathrooms and kitchen. Other than these two, Al Ain also offers townhouses, freehold properties, and studio apartments for those looking for pocket-friendly options. Other than that, the Al Ain government has providently initiated schemes for the betterment of the city’s infrastructure projects to support Al Ain real estate properties. Nevertheless, the Al Ain real estate market has been significantly growing for many years but saw a 1% dip in 2022.

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Infrastructure and connectivity in Al Ain are ever developing just like their real estate. Be it a bus stand, metro station, or airport, Al Ain has it all. Albeit being a small town with a small population, the city is doing its best to serve its residents and all year round visitors. Somewhat the reason that Al Ain real estate market has seen an uprising is because of the strengthening of well-planned transportation and infrastructure all along.

Al Ain is cautiously built and its localities are most preferred due to their connectivity with other regions like Abu Dhabi and Emirate of Sharjah, making it feasible for residents and expats. Al Ain has Al Ain International Airport which is small compared to other airports in UAE, but serves as a domestic airport. It also caters to some of the international destinations across the globe.

The city Al Ain can be well traversed using a fully-functional road network by either cab, private vehicle or bus. Recently, the town got connectivity from the metro line and got its own metro station as M2 in Al Ain Centre which has become a boon for the place. You can find public transportation easily and traverse inside and to other emirates easily. 

Demographic Statistics by Population

Al Ain, a city located on the border of the Tawam Oasis, is the 4th largest city in the UAE. The population of Al Ain is a diverse mixture of residents and expats who have come for business or official purposes. As per the statistics available for 2023, it has touched the mark of 7.5 lakhs. Since last year, Al Ain has experienced an overall growth of 1.2% in population. The population of Al Ain is young and makes up 68% of the total population. The city’s economic growth thus rises exponentially because of the youth population and untapped talent.

Lifestyle, Home & Living

Al Ain, an oasis city, has nevertheless failed to amuse its citizens. The Al Ain real estate market has brought a boon to the city's overall opulent lifestyle. This city has a noteworthy glitzy lifestyle and has historically been one of the welcoming parts of UAE to Saudi travellers because of such large water reservoirs. This place has a thriving community comprising an oasis, and some recreational facilities in every nook and corner. 

The city has been catering to everyone’s needs in terms of hospitals, schools, universities, etc. The place has a plethora of amenities, be it public transportation, architecture, infrastructure and other amenities to live a luxe life other than the extravagant Al Ain real estate.

There are numerous localities where amusement options, leisure activities, residential spaces, commercial spaces along with fully-equipped and functional shopping malls can be seen. As it has apartments and luxurious villas in its pockets to offer real estate to expats and residents, the city Al Ain, because of its mesmerising beauty, catches the attention of everyone.

Real Estate Demand & Opportunities

In earlier times, Al Ain used to be a host city for every traveller, covering their basic necessities, specifically water. But, with time, and pacing development, this trend changed, and now Al Ain suffices as a beautiful place with sumptuous houses in some of its localities. Along with it, some of its localities hold a bunch of freehold zones where individuals can curate houses as per their requirements and budget.

Albeit, Al Ain saw an upsurge in real estate demand in both sale and rent a few years ago, but from the past few years, the real estate growth curve has seen a steady path. The place, within its bunch of localities, offers all the serviceable and livable facilities, like grocery stores, malls, schools, healthcare, etc. Localities like Al Nafya 2 and Al Zakher boast luxurious villas in their accounts. And, if you want something from scratch, there are localities like Al Ajban and Al Salamat that offer freehold residential plots that are left open to be explored next.

There are a few localities, like Al Ameriya and Masoudi, that offer apartments with different unit sizes for people looking to live and raise a family. The city is still under-development with some major work being done for its growth and overall development.

Top Localities with Price Trends 

Al Ain, a top-flighted city by expats from all around the corner other than residents, contains numerous options of properties, be it for sale or rent. These properties are cumulatively contained inside each one of its localities. Some of the localities, along with their rental and sale trends, are given below for your reference:-

  • Sheibat Al Watah 

Sheibat Al Watah, located on the southern part of Al Ain, is a family-residential neighbourhood that offers a peaceful life to its residents. This locality particularly offers budget-friendly rental properties.

  • Al Khaznah

Al Khaznah, a residential locality filled with a huge population, is serving its residents well. It boasts both recreational and communal facilities to serve everyone, especially families. This locality offers rental villas and farms, and represents a strong agricultural pursuit, which suits the farmer’s community.

  • Al Shuaibah

Al Shuaibah, a locality in Al Ain, offers apartments and villas and is a residential sector favourable for families with kids. This locality has a strong pursuit of serving its residents with the utmost convenience, be it stores, malls, etc. A most notable and favourable feature of Al Shuaibah is its road connectivity within and outside the city with other localities. This locality offers per se family-friendly rental properties which are both classy yet inexpensive. 

  • Al Nayfa 2

Al Nafya 2 is situated near Al Hilin in the vicinity of Abu Dhabi. This place offers an optimum stay in terms of peace and tranquillity, far away from the hodge-podge of daily life. Expats and residents looking to buy or rent can get their hands on expansive villas with different unit sizes. It is one of the most feasible locations in Al Ain for a stay, as it has all the amenities in every nook and cranny.

  • Al Salimat

Al Salimat is a family-friendly neighbourhood/ community in Al Ain that boasts saleable properties with numerous amenities. The property catalogue in this locality carries duplex villas that can vary in unit size but are the same in terms of quality infrastructure. It is located in close proximity to Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Road, increasing its accessibility and reachability from nearby locations such as Abu Dhabi and other locations within Al Ain. 

  • Al Ajban 

Al Ajban is a residential locality situated in the northern part of the emirate. Farmhouses and independent villas with a variety of floor plans are available in the neighbourhood. This locality offers a bunch of properties both for sale and rent with variations in unit sizes of standalone houses that are both favourable for families and expats looking to settle down somewhere nice and safe.

Projects in Al Ain : New Project Highlights

Some of the top-notch new residential projects that are ongoing currently are mentioned below:

  • Emaar The Valley
  • Emaar Orania At The Valley
  • Emaar Talia The Valley
  • Emaar Nara At The Valley
  • Emaar EDEN
  • Al Ruwayyah

Why to Invest in Al Ain Real Estate?

Al Ain, unlike other cities in the UAE, is still considered unexplored territory. There are many localities that have strong agricultural pursuits, meaning large farms and freehold plots, that can very well be developed into beautiful, sophisticated residential complexes. Real estate, unlike other assets, is considered a worthy investment and, in the long term, offers huge returns.

This fact stands true in the case of Al Ain, as its proximity to other emirates, say Abu Dhabi, makes it easily accessible from any key location. And, from past years, Al Ain has grown in population because of expats settling from abroad and residents already establishing their family home. The real estate of Al Ain contains a huge potential that can be easily tapped by anyone looking to settle there permanently or temporarily.

Due to huge demand for real estate, the rental market in Al Ain has seen a sudden boom and carries the long-term potential of serving as a source of rental income. The government of the UAE has also made apt changes in their policies, making the real estate sector more approachable. So, if someone wants to get their hands on luxurious, expansive yet in-pocket options, Al Ain is a sure shot to be explored for the next accommodation.

Al Ain Top Real Estate Companies

There are several prominent real estate companies that have a strong base in Al Ain, and have been a big part of Al Ain’s overall real estate business. Some of which are listed below:

  • Aldar Properties

Aldar Properties PJSC is a company that deals with real estate development, sales, investments, construction, management, and related services. Property Development and Sales, Investment Properties Portfolio, Operational Village, Hotels, Schools, and Leisure are the company's six business divisions.

  • Al Ain Properties

Their presence extends throughout the MENA area, Europe, Asia, and North America, and our properties range in a wide variety of developments, including apartments, villas, office buildings, shopping centres, warehouses, hotels, and resort complexes in some of the top hotel chains in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the current real estate market in Al Ain?

For some time, the real estate market in Al Ain has experienced steady growth, meaning no up and down movement in sale or rental trends, but will shoot up because of many unexplored localities.

How much does Al Ain's infrastructure cost?

The cost of Al Ain’s infrastructure is subject to change. It totally depends on the locality, size, and brand of the infrastructure and services offered by the project. So, it fluctuates up and down as per market trends.

What is the population distribution of Al Ain?

Al Ain, because of its close proximity to Abu Dhabi and other crucial emirates, is serving as a home to expatriates and their families. 

What percentage of Al Ain are Emirati and other nationalities?

Although the bulk of its 766,936 citizens are expats, especially from the Indian subcontinent, it boasts the greatest percentage of Emirati nationals in the UAE (30.8%).

Where is the highest ROI in Al Ain?

As per 2021, Al Reef, a locality in the city of Al Ain, offers the highest ROI of 8.6%.

What is the cheapest area in Al Ain?

Al Ghadeer, Al Maqm, etc. are some of the cheapest areas in Al Ain.

What is the best community in Al Ain?

Al Bateen is one of the best communities in Al Ain because of its close view of the ocean and greenery.

Which are some posh areas in Al Ain?

Al Foah, Al Jimi are some of the poshest areas in Al Ain.

What are the 5 advantages of real estate investing in Al Ain?

The 5 advantages of real estate investing in Al Ain

  1. Al Ain, is still an unexplored territory which contains a bunch of freehold zones.
  2. It is in the close vicinity of Abu Dhabi making it easily accessible for students, expats and residents.
  3. The place boasts numerous amenities, be it recreational facilities or have a composed homely environment.
  4. This city boasts a variation in properties, like sumptuous villas, apartments and residential plots.
  5. Most locations in Al Ain offer rental homes, which are budget-friendly and have an option of immediate move-in making it most convenient for everyone.
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