A Detailed Guide on the Best Places to Live in Al Ain

Living in Al Ain

It won’t be an understatement to say that living in the UAE is synonymous with opulence. Al Ain, the garden city of the UAE, shares its eastern border with Oman and is a visual treat for the eyes. Al Ain is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is all about wandering through the historical forts and relishing the rich history of this place. For someone who has a good appetite for travelling and exploring different cultures, living in Al Ain can be a life-changing experience. 

Al Ain is the perfect place to click Instagram-mable photos, devour scrumptious meals and live peacefully. Not many know, but Al Ain is also the birthplace of the founding father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed. 

Life in Al Ain

Living in Al Ain

Living in Al Ain is all about taking evening strolls in quiet and calm neighbourhoods. There are no traffic jams, and there are no skyscrapers. There is more natural beauty than the hustle of human activity that springs from the presence of corporate structures and modern skyscrapers. The tree-lined avenues and the presence of the oasis and geometrically accurate roundabouts only add to the charm of Al Ain. Overall, Al Ain is the perfect place to live a peaceful life. Plus, you will find a lot of dates to eat. Ain’t it less than a bonus for date lovers?

Transportation in Al Ain

Getting around the city of Al Ain is relatively easy.  The M2 is the first metro to Al Ain Center in Dubai. If travelling from another city or country, you can deboard at the Al Ain International Airport and take a local taxi to your destination. 

If you travel by bus from other emirates, you can easily take a bus and deboard at the Al Ain bus station. 

The road network connecting Al Ain with neighbouring cities and areas is well-maintained. Thus, you can also consider travelling here via vehicle or public transportation.

Culture and Leisure in Al Ain

Culture and Leisure in Al Ain

Knowing the culture of any place is very much similar to knowing its soul. The following places would be a good start to exploring the local culture in your leisure time. You can visit Al Ain Zoo, home to 4000+ animal species, or visit Jahili Fort, an immaculate piece of architecture built in 1891. Apart from this, you can also visit Al Ain Palace Museum or Al Ain Oasis.

Safety and Security In Al Ain

Al Ain has a very low crime rate. It is considered one of the safest cities in UAE, with a safety index of 86.73 and a crime index of only 13.27, thus, making it a very safe place to live. One of the major reasons for such high safety here is the strong presence of police. Plus, the governing laws are also quite stringent regarding law management. 

Best Places to Live in Al Ain

Living in Al Ain is quite an experience in itself. There are several places where you can consider buying or renting an apartment and living peacefully.

  • Al Ghadeer

Al Ghadeer, Al Ain

Located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, Al Ghadeer is an area that majorly comprises low-rise residential buildings and villas. If you work in Dubai and want to live affordably, then Al Ghadeer would be a perfect choice. 

    • Facilities & Amenities in Al Ghadeer 

Al Ghadeer has all amenities, from pharmacies, schools, markets, hotels, and restaurants. Thus, when it comes to living in Al Ain, buying or renting a place in Al Ghadeer would be a good option for you. 

    • Activities to do in Al Ghadeer 

Regarding activities, you can splurge at the Sapphire Mall situated in the Dubai Industrial City. You can also go to the outlet village and enjoy your time with your loved ones. 

    • Price Trend in Al Ghadeer 

You can get an apartment for sale in Al Ghadeer in the price range of AED 2,00,000 – AED 3,00,000

For renting, you will find an apartment between AED 27,999 – AED 35,000 per year.

  • Al Bateen

Al Bateen

If you want to live somewhere stress-free in UAE while being able to earn, Al Bateen would be a good option. Moreover, Al Bateen is an excellent choice if you work in any fishing field. Al Bateen is situated at a 25-minute distance from the Abu Dhabi International Airport. Consider taking your own vehicle or taking a cab to this place from any other part of the Emirates. Needless to say, it is one of the best places to live in Al Ain.

    • Facilities in Al Bateen 

You will find all kinds of facilities and basic amenities from supermarkets, schools, hospitals, restaurants and cafes in Al Bateen. 

Hospitals – Al Bateen Health Care Center, Gulf Diagnostic Center 

Educational Institutions – Al Bateen School, American Gulf School 

Restaurants & cafes – Al Bateen Restaurant & Cafeteria

    • Activities to do in Al Bateen 

In your leisure time, you can visit local malls like Al Bateen Mall or visit galleries like Etihad Modern Art Gallery. Other places that you can visit while staying in Al Bateen are Corniche Beach and GymNation Khalidiyah Mall. 

    • Price Trend in Al Bateen

You can get an apartment for sale in Al Bateen from AED 7,000 – AED 10,000

You can get an apartment for rent in Al Bateen falling in the price range of AED 25,0000 – AED 35,0000 every year.  

  • Al Foah

Al Foah

Al Foah is a small neighbourhood tucked away from the city’s regular hustle and bustle. It is situated close to the border shared with Oman. This neighbourhood is most known for Al Foah date factory and lush villas. Al Foah is situated about 7 km away from Al Hili. 

    • Facilities and Amenities in Al Foah 

All kinds of social and general amenities are available, from hospitals, malls, and schools, for the use of the locals.  Some of them are listed below:

Schools – Al Shaheeh School, Al Dar Private School

Malls – Al Foah Mall, Hili Mall

Mosque – Al Foah Mosque

    • Activities to do in Al Foah 

You can explore the local markets or the local malls with your friends. You can also go to the Al Ain zoo or visit the eco-centre. 

    • Price Trend in Al Foah

Rent prices for a Villa range between AED 80,000 – AED 10,00,000 yearly. 

  • Al Maqam

Al Maqam
Credit : wikimapia

Al Maqam is again a small neighbourhood near United Arab Emirates University. With the local transportation available, you can easily reach here. If you love solitude, this would be a great option to consider for living in Al ain. Al Maqam has many villas and apartments you can consider renting or buying. It is located about 30 minutes away from Al Ain.

    • Facilities in Al Maqam 

All types of social amenities are situated in Al Maqaam, from hospitals, mosques, schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Super Markets, which you can consider for your regular shopping hauls. 

    • Activities to do in Al Maqam 

You can visit local shopping malls like Al Waha Mall, and Remal Mall or explore the Wadi Al Maqam Super Markets in your leisure time.

    • Price Trend in Al Maqam 

The average sale price for an apartment in Al Maqam ranges between AED 100,000 – AED 1,20,000

The average rent price for apartments in Al Maqam ranges between AED 55,000 – AED 60,000  yearly

  • Al Jimi

Al Jimi

Al Jimi is an ideal place to live because of its calm vibe. The proximity to the market and the availability of all the basic amenities make Al Jimi one of the key residential areas in Al Ain. It is located at a distance of 3.3 km from Al Qattarah in Abu Dhabi. 

    • Facilities in Al Jimi 

You will find all kinds of facilities in Al Jimi, from schools, banks, shops to restaurants.

    • Activities to do in Al Jimi 

You can consider splurging in the local markets, malls, and theme parks. 

    • Price Trend in Al Jimi 

Rent prices for Al Jimi start from AED 70,000/year

You can buy a villa in Al Jimi between AED 4,00,000-5,00,000

  • Al Manaseer

Al Manaseer
Credit – Bayut

Al Manaseer is a great place to live for individuals and families. It is part of the Al Rowdah district and offers a modern city-centric lifestyle to the residents. If you want a balance between city life and living quietly, then Manaseer is the place for you. Its proximity to schools, colleges, and other well-established neighbouring areas makes it a good choice for living. To visit Manaseer, you can take your vehicle, bus, or cab. Owing to all the advantages, Manaseer comes across as one of the best places to live in Al Ain. 

    • Facilities in Al Manaseer

Every facility, from hospitals, schools, banks and markets, is readily available in Manaseer. Some of them are listed below:

Hospitals – HMS Mirdif Hospital 

Schools – American Gulf School 

Bank – Ajman Bank 

    • Activities to do in Al Manaseer

You can visit the local malls, restaurants and cafes in your leisure time. Also, if you want to do something out of the box, consider going to Corniche Beach and Al Sahil Beach. Both these beaches are situated at a 10-minute driving distance from Manaseer. 

  • Al Jahili

Al Jahili

Al Jahili, also known as Al Jaheli, is now developing into a residential place. When all the construction work is completed in Jaheli, the area will be a good investment opportunity. Al Jahili is located about 2-3 km away from Al Mutaw’ah. 

    • Facilities and Amenities in Jahili

Basic amenities like hospitals, markets, to educational institutions are all easily available in Jahili. Some of them are listed below:

Educational Institution – Al Jaheli Institute of Science and Technology 

Market – Future Supermarket 

Hospital – Kanad Hospital 

    • Activities to do in Jahili

If you love exploring ancient and historical places, Jahili won’t disappoint you. Jahili Park and Jahili Fort are a few places you can explore.

    • Price Trend in Jahili

You can rent a home in Jahili between AED 75,000 – AED 85,000 year 

  • Al Sarooj

Al Sarooj

Al Sarooj, also known as Al Sarouj, Al Sorooj is one of the most comfortable areas to live in UAE. If you are searching for a residential district in Al Ain, then Al Sarooj would be one of the best options. You will find Radisson Blu Hotel and Resort here. 

    • Facilities and Amenities in Al Sarooj 

You can easily find local restaurants, local clinics, hospitals, ATMs and banks in this area. Some of them are listed below:

Restaurant – Bukhara Restaurant, McDonalds

Hospital – NMC Specialty Hospital 

    • Activities to do in Al Sarooj 

Al Sarooj is a pretty big area to explore. You can consider exploring the local markets and malls. You can consider dining in premium restaurants when bored with regular home-cooked food. Consider visiting the local zoo to make the most of your leisure time. 

    • Price Trend in Al Sarooj 

The average rental price in Al Sarooj oscillates between AED 29,000 – AED 49,000 

For renting a villa, you will need to shell out anywhere between AED 95,000 – AED 1,05,000 

  • Bida Bin Ammar

Bida Bin Ammar
Credit – Bayut

Bida Bin Ammar is located in the Asharej district of Al Ain. From the Al Ain International Airport, this community is situated at a 20-minute driving distance. It is situated on the north-western side of Al Ain. 

    • Facilities and Amenities in Bida Bin Ammar 

Bida Bin Ammar features all the basic facilities and amenities from hospitals, markets, clinics and other amenities like schools and colleges.  Some of them are listed below:

Hospitals – Kanad Hospital

School – Al Sanawbar School, Al Yasmeen School 

Markets – Earth Supermarket 

    • Activities to do in Bida Bin Ammar 

You can explore the markets and local malls in the area. 

    • Price Trend in Bida Bin Ammar 

Depending upon your requirement, the rent of your home can oscillate between AED 27,000 – AED 50,000 annually. 

In Conclusion

Al Ain is a great choice if you want to spend your time surrounded by lush green picturesque views wrapped in peace in UAE. From historical forts to water sports, you will find everything here. Your choice to living in Al Ain would be wise for you and your family. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Where should I live in Al Ain?

There are several localities where you can choose to live in Al Ain. Some of the best options are Al Bateen, Al Jimi & Al Jahili.

What is the cost of living in Al Ain?

Moving to Al Ain would be a great decision on your end. Rent prices in a city like Dubai are almost 80-90% higher than Al Ain. The average cost of living in Al Ain is anywhere between AED 7,000-14,000.

Where do expats live in Al Ain?

Mostly the expats inhabit the central district of Al Ain.

Can you drink alcohol in Al Ain?

Alcohol is available in licensed avenues/properties like hotels and bars. However, drinking is prohibited in public.

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