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Al Barari Developers

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About Al Barari Developers

Taking its name from the Arabic word ‘wilderness’, Al Barari Developers is the most prominent real estate development company based in Dubai, UAE. It is popular for its luxurious lifestyle, progressive community and sustainable residential projects that blend nature and modern design. It is credited with creating a truly unique, high-end residential property in a green and lush environment. 

The Al Barari community is known for its one-of-a-kind residential plan that integrates luxury and eco-conscious development. It resides a mere 15 minutes from Dubai’s major social hubs and just 10 minutes from Dubai’s top international schools. Their emphasis on sustainability and ecological preservation is incorporated into the communities with abundant landscapes and themed gardens. Strategic connectivity to nature is strived for while creating the development. This eco-friendly neighbourhood in the city's centre offers a nurturing atmosphere that promotes the well-being of inhabitants and guests. 

Al Barari Developers is a privately held company specialising in real estate, luxury villas and apartments, and hospitality services and facilities. This family-owned developer with an experienced track record has been making a mark in the industry since 2005. It offers thoughtfully designed villa projects such as The Residences, The Reserve, and The Nest and expansive apartment towers such as Ashjar, Seventh Heaven, and The Neighbourhood in a verdant and unique residential community. 

Various amenities and services form part of the meticulously devised Al Barari master plan, including but not limited to an award-winning spa - Heart & Soul, a state-of-the-art health club - Body Language and a gourmet alfresco restaurant - The Farm. Al Barari offers a verdant residential experience in the heart of a sprawling metropolis. 

Sought after by individuals who prefer a green environment and value the community as a high standard of living. A prime location close to Dubai’s major social hubs, along with all the necessary amenities, more than validates its exceptional design and place in the real estate industry.

Al Barari Developers Headquarters

Head Office Dubai

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road (E 311), Opposite Global Village, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Makani No: 30568 76928

Management Team

Al Barari Developers Owner and CEO

Zaal Mohammad Zaal is the founder of Al Barari Developers and has been instrumental in the group’s journey towards being an environmentally sustainable and harmonious community 

surrounded by nature. He had always envisioned a future for the team to develop an exceptional botanic haven. The family-owned group has also seen it come true with his diligent efforts. Today the community sits unrivalled in its ecological sensitivity and acts as a benchmark for sustainable luxury in the region. 


As a prominent Emirati businessman and entrepreneur, he has always been passionate about sustainable development. So his vision for Al Barari Developers has always incorporated many eco-friendly practices and green initiatives into the development. The company is known for its lush gardens, landscaped parks, and spacious properties that offer an exclusive living experience in Dubai. 


His vision has helped garner international recognition for developers and continues to lead the company’s efforts in creating luxurious and environmentally conscious properties in Dubai.

Zaal Mohammad Founder
Al Barari Developers Management Team
Default Image
Murtuza Unchwaniwala

Chief Financial Officer

Reviews and Ratings

Zoya Edwards
Former Resident 2 months ago

I live in the Ashjar collection of the development and have found the purchase a very hearty experience. Even being the only development built in a thriving and established community within Dubai, it is still surrounded by lush and green surroundings. I was glad that all the amenities lie close to the home and some of the city’s best schools, so I can rest assured of my kids’ safety.

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Reynold Evans
Former Resident 2 months ago

The Reserve is one of the best value-for-money bespoke Villas, and I have found that living there feels like life has been at a premium. The community is filled with various options for the residents’ needs, like playing, shopping or even office space. As a food geek, I have enjoyed exploring the dining options in the development, like New Earth Cafe and more. Red Tomato Pizza is my favourite place to have brilliant Italian cuisine.

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Eugene Baker
Former Resident 2 months ago

It has been some months since my family, and I shifted to Seventh Heaven, and although people say, what’s in a name, we feel like we’ve shifted to some worldly heaven. As a family that loves the mountains, the home’s visionary design of stepped layers has helped us visualise ourselves as if we were in the rugged mountains. Although some maintenance concerns did affect the overall stay, like some water trouble and power fluctuation, they couldn’t take away from the experience’s brilliance.

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Bridgette Taylor
Former Resident 2 months ago

As a nature buff, choosing Al Barari has been a brilliant choice so far, as I can enjoy a natural environment while being closer to the city than ever before. Residing in The Nest, I’ve been surrounded by a relaxing, serene and tranquil atmosphere. The ambience is very positive, and I’ve found an unexpected mix of luxury and nature in quite a while. The Farm and its organic produce have been our favourite convenience.

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Peter Crompton
Former Resident 2 months ago

My fiance and I moved into The Bromella villas last month and have been very positively shocked at the convenience the amenities around the development offer the residents. Our kids enjoyed the open-air cinema experience a lot. The Playground, the community’s play area offers an ideal place for them to connect with other kids in the community and build friendships. The Petit Z club has all the tools for the kids to have a gala time.

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Why Choose Al Barari Developers

For many reasons, Al Barari is the best bet for investing in a reliable, luxury residential development. 

  • Natural Environment: One of the essential features that make Al Barari Developers one of the best in the industry is the greenery and natural environment that forms part of its communities. The residential area strategically incorporates beautiful botanical gardens, lakes, walking trails and themed parks, creating a tranquil setting. 
  • Luxury Living: Offering high-end luxury properties that offer a touch of community amidst a metropolis is another of Al Barari’s unique features. Properties are designed to the highest standards with spacious bedrooms and beautiful arrangements and are equipped with modern amenities and luxurious finishes. 
  • Privacy and Exclusivity: A gated community with 24-hour security helps maintain a reliable, safe and secure environment for the residents. Additionally, internal development in the community is low-density, which helps keep the properties spread out and spacious while also gifting the residents the exclusivity they deserve as part of the community. 
  • Additional amenities: Al Barari’s numerous amenities afford the residents a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. A state-of-the-art fitness centre, area-specific swimming pools, tennis courts and a spa are all situated close to the residents. The development even has an alfresco gourmet restaurant - The Farm- offering organic dining options. 
  • Sustainability: Al Barari has implemented various eco-friendly initiatives and environment-preserving practices, making it appeal to all environmentally conscious individuals. The community also houses a nursery with an expansive selection of plants - Greenworks offers plant production, landscape maintenance and various other horticulture services. 
  • Location: Al Barari is located within convenient access to all the major Dubai hubs offering the residents a wide array of options with ease.
  • Community Spirit: Al Barari makes possible a bridge between the two extreme spectrums of a close-knit community and a driven-metropolis environment. The development hosts regular social events and activities, creating opportunities for neighbours to interact and build connections while offering a space for individual growth.

Awards and Recognition

Our Awards

Al Barari Developers has garnered several awards for its exceptional designs, commitment to sustainability and contributions to the real estate industry, and rightfully so. Some of them have been listed below:

  • 2020 Arabian Business Real Estate Awards

Best Residential Project Award

  • 2019 Construction Innovation Awards

Residential Project of the Year (Runner-Up)

  • Real Estate Excellence Awards

Sustainable Development of the Year

  • Gulf Real Estate Awards

Best Real Estate Project - Luxury Residential

  • International Property Awards
  • 2015 Residential Development, Dubai 
  • 2014 Best Residential Development Multiple Units, Dubai 
  • 2014 Best Condominium, Arabia and Dubai 
  • 2014 Best Mixed-Use Development
  • OPP Awards

2014 Best Developer Middle East

  • MEED Awards

2015 Sustainable Project of the Year, UAE

  • Cityscape Awards

2014 Future Residential Project

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Who is the owner of Al Barari Developers?

Zaal Mohammad Zaal is the founder of Al Barari Developers and has been instrumental in the group’s journey towards being an environmentally sustainable and harmonious community.

Where is Al Barari Developers' head office?

The Al Barari Developers’ head office is located in Dubai. The address of the main office is

PO Box 74429, Al Barari, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road (E 311), Opposite Global Village, Dubai – UAE.

How do I contact Al Barari Developers?

There are many ways to contact the Al Barari Developers using telephones or emails through a 24*7 customer care service. The Community Department customer number is +971 58 297 5486. The group has various other numbers for press, sales, and office inquiries that can be checked through the website.

What projects do Al Barari Developers own?

Al Barari Developers have several notable projects that have earned them their reputation in the industry. One of their most prominent projects is their residential development project. A flagship project, It features luxurious villas, townhouses, and apartments with green landscapes and gardens. The Residence, Seventh Heaven, The Nest and The Reserve are key projects under this wing.

How many countries do Al Barari Developers operate in?

Al Barari Developers primarily operates in Dubai, UAE. Their operations span a wide range of services and provide high-end assistance.

Is buying an Al Barari Developers property a good investment?

Al Brarari Developers holds a significant position in the real estate industry and has created some of the city’s most luxurious communities, making it a very profitable investment. Luxurious communities, high-end services and diligent maintenance with a verdant environment in a constantly changing metropolitan world testify to its potential as a good investment option.

Why should you invest with Al Barari Developers?

Al Barari Developers have built a reputation for developing high-quality, luxury properties. Their focus on sustainability and unique design elements has garnered significant recognition and attention. Their eco-friendly approach attests to their future vision and builds confidence for investors who value sustainable living and development.

Which are the best projects of Al Barari Developers?

Al Barari Developers have worked on several notable projects in Dubai that showcase their ever-strategic vision, plan, and commitment to luxury living and sustainability. The Al Barari Estate is their flagship project and is their most ambitious yet. The Nest, Seventh Heaven and The Residences are some projects under this wing.

Al Barari Developers Projects in Top Cities

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