5 Most Popular Areas For Rent Office in Sharjah

Popular Areas To Rent Offices in Sharjah

After Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Sharjah is the third most populous city in the UAE and an important part of the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area. Being popular as the cultural capital of the Emirates, Sharjah has gained prominence in the world of tourism. It is a vibrant metropolitan with an impressive urban framework. In recent years, Sharjah has also rapidly emerged as an attractive business hub in the UAE. A lot of businesses are moving base to Sharjah for its affordability. Besides, the commercial laws in Sharjah are favourable for both foreign and local investors. With a thriving commercial market, Space for office in Sharjah is in high demand.

Depending on your industry, we have covered some of the most popular commercial areas in the district that offer excellent amenities to rent an office in Sharjah:

5 Areas To Rent Offices in Sharjah

1. The Picturesque Waterfront Location of Al Majaz

The Picturesque Waterfront Location of Al Majaz

Situated along Buhaira Corniche, Al Majaz is a bustling business hub and one of the most sought-after districts for rental office in Sharjah. Stretched over a vast 231,000 sq. ft., Al Majaz is a picturesque residential and commercial area initially built as a tourism project.

There is no shortage of residential apartments, offices, and shops primarily offered for rent. Since Al Majaz is just off the E11 Highway, it has easy access to public transport. This is one of the best areas that offers affordable commercial space for rent in Sharjah in low, mid and high-rise buildings. While the average cost of office rentals in Al Majaz is  AED 60k, the average per-square-foot price for an office area is AED 37.60.

Being a popular commercial area, the buildings in Al Majaz are amping up amenities and conveniences for tenants. Some of these include furnished office for rent in Sharjah that provides plenty of parking space, restaurants, banks, and an easy commute by bus, taxi, etc. Most properties for sale in Al Majaz are concentrated in Al Majaz 2 and 3. The Sharjah International Airport is 16 minutes away, whereas the Dubai International Airport is 13 minutes away.

2. The Pleasant and Affordable Community of Al Qasimia

2. The Pleasant and Affordable Community of Al Qasimia

A popular community in Sharjah, Al Qasimia is named after the ‘Al Qasimi’ royal family that ruled Sharjah since 1600 AD. It is one of the most well-developed areas with many points of interest for professionals looking for office space for rent in Sharjah. Several businesses are headquartered in Al Qasimia; however, despite being a bustling economic centre, the area has affordable rentals with an average of AED 38k with a per-square-foot price of AED 32.44.

Thanks to the centrally located Al Qasimia, the commercial property for rent in Sharjah offers the added advantage of various amenities such as banks, restaurants, and easy access to public transport facilities.

Important Things To Consider :

    • It is ranked among the most popular areas in Sharjah for commercial rentals.
    • The peaceful community offers affordable office in Sharjah compared to other commercial districts.
    • The area has iconic landmarks of Sharjah, like King Faisal Mosque and Ittihad Square Park, promoting tourism.
    • It is a self-sufficient and comfortable area surrounded by several commercial and entertainment hubs, including the waterfront community of Al Majaz.
    • Dubai is only a 20-min drive away from the area.

3. The Prime Seafront Location of Al Khan

The Prime Seafront Location of Al Khan

This well-established community offers abundant commercial properties for rent in Sharjah overlooking the Al Khan Lagoon. Close to the emirate of Dubai, Al Khan is among the prime districts to rent office in Sharjah.

Although the rent is higher compared to other business areas in Sharjah, the top-notch amenities of Al Khan justify the price. The annual rentals for commercial property in Sharjah’s Al Khan are available at an average of AED 49k. The average per-square-foot price for an office area is AED 67.58.

In addition to furnished offices for rent in Sharjah, Al Khan offers freehold properties for foreign investors and options for sharing offices. With uninterrupted panoramic views of the Marina, Al Khan also offers premium residential properties like penthouses, among other luxury apartments for sale and rent.

The serene and calm community of Al Khan lies close to a couple of prestigious waterfront neighbourhoods of Al Qasba and Al Majaz in Sharjah. Among several other appealing factors, Al Khan is close to the Dubai-Sharjah border.

Important Things To Consider :

    • The area is home to two of Sharjah’s major landmarks—Sharjah Expo Centre and Sharjah Aquarium.
    • The calm and peaceful community of Al Khan offers abundant options for commercial space for rent in Sharjah in high-rise commercial buildings.
    • The Dubai International Airport is only 12 minutes away by car.
    • The community offers several residential options in mid to high-rise apartment buildings.

4. The Bustling and Lucrative Industrial Area of Sharjah

The Bustling and Lucrative Industrial Area of Sharjah

Home to one of the largest industrial zones in the UAE, the Industrial Area in Sharjah is a huge commercial development that includes 19 sub-divisions and two free zones. Through its real estate and commercial sector, the Industrial Area contributes almost 16% of the GDP of the Emirates, becoming the second largest industry contributing to the overall economic development of the Emirates.

Being a major commercial and industrial hub, the Industrial Area offers plenty of office space for rent in Sharjah. The community offers various industrial and commercial projects in its 18 industrial zones of varying sizes. Zones 1, 2, 3, 10 and 11 are among the biggest sub-communities.

The Industrial Area is concentrated with furnished offices for rent, co-working spaces, showrooms, shops, and rent office in Sharjah. The area offers affordable rental options with an average per-square-foot price of AED 32.14. The average annual office rental in the Industrial Area is AED 32k. 

Important Things To Consider :

    • The area is a major link to the Industrial District of Dubai and the Al Qusais Industrial Area.
    • The Expo Centre Sharjah in Al Khan is only about 15 minutes from the Industrial Area, where entrepreneurs and manufacturers can expect several tradeshows.

5. The Best of Both Emirates in Al Nahda

The Best of Both Emirates in Al Nahda

The Al Nahda community of Sharjah has recently blossomed into several commercial and residential properties along with areas for leisure activities. Al Nahda of Sharjah is often confused with Al Nahda of Dubai. Although different, Sharjah’s Al Nahda is an extension of the latter and is strategically located between Dubai and Sharjah. It provides easy access to Dubai, thus offering its residents the best of both the Emirates.

The Al Nahda community has a thriving real estate market, with commercial and residential properties mushrooming in the area quickly. The site is gaining popularity mainly because the rental for offices in Al Nahda is comparatively less than in Dubai. In Al Nahda, the average rent for a commercial space is AED 79k, while the average per-square-foot price for offices is AED 71.90.

Important Things To Consider :

    • It is an extension of Al Nahda Dubai and enjoys the luxuries of both the Emirates.
    • Located at the Dubai-Sharjah border, Al Nahda has easy access to the neighbouring communities of Al Taawun, the waterfront community of Al Mamzar, Industrial Area 7, Al Nahda Dubai and Al Qusais Industrial Area 3.
    • The prime location and great connectivity to Dubai are the community’s basic advantages and the main reason for its popularity.


While the freelance population is growing considerably, co-working spaces’ cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and social components are attracting several small businesses and startup. With the growing demand, the scope for commercial spaces for rent in Sharjah is rapidly increasing and is bound to continue in the future.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How Can I Know More About Residential Properties in Sharjah?

Real Estate Brokers are the best way to find out about residential properties in Sharjah. They have a vast knowledge of the local market and are adept with the latest developments in the neighbourhood. Square Yards is a good option to look for lucrative commercial and residential real estate in Sharjah.

In Which Areas Can I Rent Offices in Dubai?

Dubai offers plenty of commercial office spaces for rent. The best areas to rent offices in Dubai are Business Bay, Dubai Media City, Deira, Sheikh Zayed Road, Jumeirah Lake Towers, DIFC, Regus, and Dubai Downtown.

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