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Al Majaz, Sharjah

Projects : Price on Request
52 Projects For Sale in Al Majaz
Sale : AED 460 Thousand - 2.4 Million
11 Properties For Sale in Al Majaz
Rent : AED 30 Thousand - 75 Thousand
6 Properties For Rent in Al Majaz

About Al Majaz, Sharjah

Located in the heart of the capital of the Emirate of Sharjah, Al Majaz is one of the most sought-after residential areas of the city. Built on the Khalid Lagoon curve, Al Majaz oversees the seawater flowing in the Arabian Gulf. The locality is home to state-of-the-art architecture, with its jaw-dropping low, mid, and high-rise buildings adding to the magnificence of its skyline.

The area also offers opportunities for innumerable leisurely activities, which attract tourists from across the globe to indulge in its luxury. One of the top attractions is the Al Majaz Waterfront, spreading across a vast expanse of 231,000 square feet. It offers recreational activities matching the vibe of adults with its serene landscapes, international restaurants, and cafés offering lip-smacking cuisine.

It considers young children with its fun-filled Splash Park and playgrounds. The fertile Islamic culture of the city finds embodiment in the majestic Al Taqwa mosque within the periphery of the Al Majaz park. When visiting the area, witnessing the coveted spectacle of the Musical Fountain is a must.

Apart from the extravagance of the Waterfront, Al Majaz offers top-notch apartments for rent and ownership. The affordability that meets with class design and services makes Al Majaz a great family-oriented area.

Key Highlights of Al Majaz, Sharjah

What is Great Here!
  • Commutable Location
  • An Abundance of Amenities
  • Quality Living Experience
  • Innumerable Attractions
  • Recreational Activities
  • Restaurants Offering International Cuisine
  • Affordable Living
  • State-of-the-art Healthcare Facilities
What Needs Attention!
  • Torrid Summers
  • Commercial Hustle-Bustle

Real Estate Overview in Al Majaz, Sharjah

Initially developed as a tourist hub, Al Majaz has advanced into one of the most coveted residential and commercial areas. Its abundance of shops, apartments, and offices available for ownership and rent makes the area stand out in Sharjah. Al Majaz offers plenty of housing options at affordable rates.

Al Majaz split into three sub-communities; Al Majaz 1, Al Majaz 2, and Al Majaz 3. Among the three, Al Majaz 1 boasts the preference of tenants and tourists as it includes most of the attractions.

Studio apartments are immensely popular in the area and are available at reasonable prices. However, anything between a studio apartment and a 3BHK flat in Al Majaz is readily available. From cosy flats with a view of Khaled Lake to extravagant duplex flats overlooking awe-inspiring architectural marvels like the Canal Star Tower and Al Qasba canal, Al Majaz offers residential options of myriad sorts. Proximity to world-class amenities is also available to the dwellers.

Off Plan Trends in Al Majaz, Sharjah

Infrastructural developments are on the rise in Al Majaz. The area houses an assortment of off-plan properties for rent. Several apartments and development activities are also in full swing in the area. Al Majaz will also witness several future projects that are underway in other clusters in times to come.

There are several upcoming projects in Al Majaz with ample facilities that garner the attention of prospective buyers. Ready-to-move projects in the ever-flourishing area include Lamya Tower, Thuraya Al Majaz Building, and Sarh Al Emarat Tower. Sarkoa Tower is one of the most popular off-plan properties in Al Majaz, offering a lake view.

Sahab Tower in Al Majaz

Sahab Tower

Price on Request
2 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Riviera Towers in Al Majaz

Riviera Towers

Price on Request
1,2,3 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Al Misk Wahda Building in Al Majaz

Al Misk Wahda Building

Price on Request
1 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

United Arab Bank Towers in Al Majaz

United Arab Bank Towers

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Abdullah Sultan Building in Al Majaz

Abdullah Sultan Building

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Emirates Palace Hotel Suites in Al Majaz

Emirates Palace Hotel Suites

Price on Request
1 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Al Aqroobi Building in Al Majaz

Al Aqroobi Building

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Al Shamsi Tower in Al Majaz

Al Shamsi Tower

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Al Murjan Tower Al Majaz in Al Majaz

Al Murjan Tower Al Majaz

Price on Request
2 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Dar Al Aman 32 Apartments in Al Majaz

Dar Al Aman 32 Apartments

Price on Request
2 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Rental Trends in Al Majaz, Sharjah

Al Majaz, often called the beating heart of Sharjah, features praise-worthy apartments and duplexes readily available for rent. The residential options range from studio apartments in Al Majaz to 3BHK flats attracting families and singletons alike.

Al Majaz abounds in architectural marvels, which add to the aesthetics of its skyline and provide an eye-pleasing sight to its residents and tourists. Properties for rent in Al Majaz come at immensely affordable rates. One can also avail of free parking space in the rental properties available in Al Majaz.

Al Majaz Property Prices for Property Types for Rent

Property Type Min Price (AED) Max Price (AED) Avg Rent Per Sq.Ft. (AED) Property Count
Apartments 30 Thousand 40 Thousand 19 4

Al Majaz Property Prices for Unit Types for Rent

Unit Type Min Price (AED) Max Price (AED) Avg Rent Per Sq.Ft. (AED) Property Count
2 Bedroom 30 Thousand 30 Thousand 19 2

Top Societies for Rent in Al Majaz

Sale Trends in Al Majaz, Sharjah

Located along the Buhaira Corniche, there are numerous apartments for sale in Al Majaz. The area encompasses various eye-catching and picturesque vistas that add to its visual appeal and beauty. Another jewel in its crown is that it is regarded as one of the most sought-after localities to buy and rent apartments in Sharjah.

It is a good investment choice for real estate buyers owing to its proximity to all the basic amenities and social infrastructure. The ROI for properties for sale in Al Majaz, Sharjah, is 6.4%. The residential options embodying quality facilities and infrastructure are suitable for long-term rentals.

Al Majaz Property Prices for Property Types for Sale

Property Type Min Price (AED) Max Price (AED) Avg Price Per Sq.Ft. (AED) Property Count
Apartments 460 Thousand 1.7 Million 498 10
Penthouses 2.4 Million 2.4 Million 533 1

Al Majaz Property Prices for Unit Types for Sale

Unit Type Min Price (AED) Max Price (AED) Avg Price Per Sq.Ft. (AED) Property Count
1 Bedroom 460 Thousand 460 Thousand 460 1
2 Bedroom 775 Thousand 1.3 Million 597 4
3 Bedroom 780 Thousand 1.7 Million 339 5
4 Bedroom 2.4 Million 2.4 Million 533 1

Top Societies for Sale in Al Majaz

Public Transportation

Commute in Al Majaz is not much of a problem. Hailing a taxi can help you move in and around the neighbourhood easily. Buses are not easily available as there are no bus stops located in the area. The Al Jubail bus stop is the nearest to the area from where buses pass Al Majaz and are immensely useful to travel to other parts of Sharjah and Dubai.

Several bus lines are operational in Al Majaz-

Bus Number Destination
E400 Lulu Hypermarket
E303 Dubai Mall
E304 Khalifa Park
C18 Coffee Museum
E400 Marina Mall
E101 Abu Rabuh Saeed Mosque
E307/ E303A Dubai Airport
E303A Al Barsha School, Dubai
E307A/ E306 Dubai Hospital
E307 Dubai International Stadium


Nurseries / Educational Institute

Al Majaz, Sharjah, ensures its residents have easy access to nurseries, secondary schools and universities. Some of the well-known institutes in the neighbourhood are-

  • Five Kids Nursery
  • Al Mazaya Private School
  • Progressive English School
  • Al Symphonia Institute
  • The International School of Choueifat (following the SABIS curriculum)
  • Victoria International School (following the Australian curriculum)
  • American University of Sharjah
  • University of Sharjah


When talking about shopping avenues, the supermarkets of Al Majaz in Sharjah are the absolute best. The residents also have the option of online shopping from reputed online stores that promise speedy delivery of fresh groceries and much more. The supermarkets are close to Al Majaz, ensuring easy access to residents and giving them a taste of comfortable living in the neighbourhood. 

  • Jesr Al Majaz Supermarket
  • Nesto Hypermarket
  • Viva Supermarket
  • Al Majaz Mall
  • Istanbul Supermarket
  • Al Majaz Grocery
  • Al Fatour Supermarket
  • Al Madina Hypermarket

Healthcare Facilities

Al Majaz provides advanced healthcare facilities and employs highly trained professionals to give medical and surgical aid to dwellers. The medical units in Al Majaz are within a 10-minute drive distance. Some of the renowned fertility centres, clinics, and hospitals of Al Majaz, Sharjah, are-

  • Sharjah Corniche Hospital
  • Medcare Hospital
  • Oriana Hospital

Places of Worship

Residents of Al Majaz in Sharjah have access to various places of worship. The secular neighbourhood is home to many churches, temples, and mosques. One can reach the Al Yarmook area within 15 minutes. Given below are the names of the churches that one can find in Al Majaz-

  • Church United – Sharjah
  • Marthoma Paris Sharjah
  • Russian Orthodox Church

Within a 22-minute drive, Sikh residents can visit Gurudarbar near the temples listed below-

  • Shiva Temple
  • Shiridi Sai Baba Mandir

Mosques are found in abundance in Al Majaz in Sharjah. Some of the best-known mosques in the neighbourhood are-

  • Al Ansar Mosque
  • Al Salam Mosque
  • Al Noor Mosque

Best Hotels in Al Majaz

Al Majaz has several lavish hotels around the area to provide a taste of comfort and luxury for residents. The Buhaira Corniche Road has several 4-star and 5-star hotels for its visitors. One can experience elaborate buffets and exquisite suites in the lap of opulence and luxury in hotels and resorts in Al Majaz, Sharjah.

  • Golden Tulip Sharjah
  • Al Majaz Premiere
  • Hilton Sharjah
  • Holiday International
  • Marbella Resort
  • Crystal Plaza Al Majaz Hotel


Shopping Centres / Malls

Al Majaz serves retail therapy at its best. The neighbourhood’s numerous shopping centres and malls offer the residents convenient shopping options. Some of these are: 

  1. Al Safeer Market
  2. Al Fardan Centre
  3. Blue Souq Shopping Centre
  4. Md. Kamruzzaman
  5. Karakeeb Outlet
  6. Wonder Island Centre
  7. Nesto Hypermarket

Restaurants / Dining

We come bearing glad tidings for all the foodies as Al Majaz houses an extensive range of restaurants, lounges, and cafés that serve from across cuisines like Emirati, Lebanese, Turkish, and Yemeni, to name a few. Some of the restaurants are:

  • Al Fanar Restaurant
  • Al Shewaa Cafeteria
  • Tareeq Al Buhaira
  • Al Bait Al Baghdadi
  • Restaurant & Sweets Dhiya Al Sham and Hannouf Restaurant

Beaches Nearby

What are vacations without visiting beaches, right? Al Majaz has great beaches for families and singletons. They are full of fun water activities and are secure at any time of day.

The beaches in Al Majaz in Sharjah serve as the ultimate getaway for tourists and residents alike from the bustling city. Opting for a beach resort can further enhance your experience. Some of the beaches in Al Majaz are:

  • Al Mamzar Beach
  • Al Khan Beach
  • Sharjah Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

Al Majaz features some of the best leisure activities. Tourists and residents can find entertainment options in and around Al Majaz, Sharjah. Bedouin and Emirati cultures are manifested amply in the city of Sharjah. The Al Montazah Park houses the Eye of the Emirates, a massive Ferris wheel. Some of these places for activities are: 

  • The Eye of the Emirates, Al Montazah Park
  • Al Majaz Waterfront Park
  • Al Qasba Canal

The Waterfront also offers amenities like mini golf, Splash Parks, and Musical Fountain that attracts visitors from lands far and wide. One can find jogging tracks here. At a 10-minute drive from the neighbourhood, one can head to Al Noor Island, a leisure landmark. Museums, art centres, and aquariums are among the top attractions in Al Majaz. The Sculptures Park is a treat to the eyes of artisans who are visiting.

The Al Majaz Amphitheater in Sharjah also hosts several exuberant festivals and international events around the year, including fireworks, fountain shows, and competitions.

  • Sharjah Fringe Festival
  • Sharjah Light Festival

Al Majaz Sharjah - Location & Nearby Facilities

  • Schools
  • City Connections
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centers
  • Business Hubs

Distance and Commute Time

  • The distance from The Sharjah International Airport is 21.3km which takes 29 minutes to cover.
  • The distance from Al Wahda Rd, Subway 1, the closest metro, is 750m. It is a less than 10-minute walk.
  • The distance from Al Mamzar beach is 11.2km which takes 20 minutes to travel.
  • The distance from E11, the major connecting road, is 109.8km taking about 1 hr 8 mins to commute.
Al Majaz, Sharjah

Ratings and Reviews

Md. Abdul Azeez
The Ultimate Vacation Destination

Al Majaz has so much to offer in terms of recreational activities and tourist spots. The attention to detail and the faultless hotel services are beyond satisfying. The mosques are a pleasure to pray in. One can not get enough of the Al Majaz Waterfront Park as it has something more amazing at every step.

Qazi Aminuddin
A Lovely Place to Visit

Al Majaz is well-developed in terms of infrastructure and facilities. Families, friend groups, and singletons can spend quality time on the beaches, parks, and restaurants. What struck me the most was the breathtaking views of Al Majaz. Watching the sunset from Al Majaz Tower was one of the best experiences. 

Kamal Ashraf
The Perfect Family Neighbourhood

Looking for a comfortable abode for a 7+ member family was hassle-free owing to the extensive range of hotels in Al Majaz. The place is safe and secure, with every amenity within easy reach. The residents are mainly families providing an additional sense of security.

Hashim Hosseini
Affordability Meets Luxury

The Al Majaz locality is undoubtedly highly affordable without compromising on the quality of services and infrastructure. The hotels give you the experience of a life of luxury at competitive rates. The restaurants offering multi cuisines are also something that keeps calling you back.

Quratulain Iqbal
Amenities are Readily Accessible

Sharjah’s Al Majaz is a great residential area as all amenities like grocery stores, marts, malls, schools, hospitals, and pharmacies are located nearby. Commute options could be worked on as there are no bus stops in Al Majaz. Other than that, the social infrastructure is worthy of praise.

Corniche Al Buhaira
Al Yarmook
4 Properties for Rent
in Dasman
Rent: 13.5 Per Sq. Ft.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Majaz Freehold?

No, Al Majaz is not completely freehold. According to the law in Sharjah, expats cannot own freehold land in the UAE. Moreover, Al Majaz 2 is completely leasehold, as anyone other than the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) nationals cannot own property here. However, there are other areas in Sharjah where non-GCC nationals can own property.

What are the top attractions in Al Majaz, Sharjah?

Al Majaz Waterfront, Al Noor Island, and Al Noor mosque are some of the top attractions in Al Majaz, Sharjah.

How to get to Al Majaz in Sharjah by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

Rashdiya Dubai Metro can help reach Al Majaz in Sharjah. Bus lines E303, E303A, E306, E307, and E400 can help one get to Al Majaz.

Stadium Metro station 1 is the closest metro station to Al Majaz, which is 6km away.

Which are the best communities to live in Al Majaz, Sharjah?

Al Majaz 1 and Al Majaz 3, the sub-communities of Al Majaz, are the best to live in.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Majaz?

Golden Tulip Sharjah, DoubleTree by Hilton, Sharjah, Al Manza restaurant, and Shakespeare and Co. Al Majaz Waterfront are some of the best hotels and restaurants in Al Majaz.


Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Majaz?

Viva Supermarket, Majaz Mall, Al Majaz Mall, and Al Khafaif Supermarket are some famous malls and Supermarkets in Al Majaz.

What are the best schools in Al Majaz, Sharjah?

Al Symphonia Institute, Al Durrah International School, and Al Mazaya Private School are some of the best schools in Al Majaz, Sharjah.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Majaz, Sharjah?

American Hospital, New Medical Centre Sharjah, and Al Hayat Medical Centre are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Majaz.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Majaz, Sharjah?

Al Taqwa Mosque, Al Noor Mosque, and King Faisal Mosque are a few famous places of worship in Al Majaz.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Majaz, Sharjah?

Al Majaz is a great tourist spot owing to the parks, eateries, and magnificent views. It is also home to the much-talked-about Waterfront park offering various recreational activities. The only con that residents mention is the lack of transport options, as Al Majaz does not have a bus stop of its own.

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