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Al Yarmook, Sharjah

About Al Yarmook, Sharjah

Al Yarmook is a vibrant mixed-use community in Halwan Suburb, Sharjah. Al Musalla and Al Ghubaiba neighbourhoods are around the Al Yarmook locality, two of the best and most popular residential areas to buy or rent real estate property in Sharjah.

Al Yarmook in Sharjah is a historic neighbourhood consisting mostly of low to mid-rise apartment buildings. Several new apartment towers have been constructed, providing affordable rental options for individuals and families. Al Yarmook is predominantly a residential area, offering a wide range of apartments for rent.

Being in a strategic location in Sharjah in the city centre, the community has well-connected roadways and public transportation amenities. Al Wahda Street passes by the Al Yarmook neighbourhood, so accessing the other Sharjah neighbourhoods and Dubai becomes easy.

The locality is home to the Humanitarian Services Office of Sharjah City and the Ministry of Human Resources. It is also known for its many churches and cathedrals, making it a neighbourhood in the city with ample churches. Mega Mall, one of Sharjah's most popular shopping destinations, is close to Al Yarmook.

Key Highlights of Al Yarmook, Sharjah

What’s Great Here!
  • It is one of the oldest communities in Sharjah
  • Ample of budget-friendly apartments for rent and sale
  • Home to government offices and numerous churches
  • Close to popular landmarks in Sharjah
  • Well-connected to roadways and highways
What Needs Attention!
  • Difficult to find a villa
  • Many apartment buildings are old
  • Lack of modern amenities in old residential buildings

Real Estate Overview in Al Yarmook

Al Yarmook is a vibrant community with numerous apartment buildings, complexes, and retail spaces in beautiful garden areas. The apartments in Al Yarmook are well-designed to cater to residential and commercial purposes.

Al Yarmook offers a variety of residential units for rent, including studios, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments. These units have a main bedroom, a spacious living area with an attached balcony, bathrooms, and a separate kitchen with fitted cabinets. These properties are conveniently located close to mosques, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Most residential units and buildings are recently developed and unoccupied, providing diverse options for those searching for sale property or an investment opportunity in Sharjah. The residential units display contemporary architecture fused with Arabian and Emirati elements, with unique colour schemes and patterns.

The locality comprises low-rise to mid-rise buildings, with a maximum of three floors, including the ground floor. Studios in Al Yarmook offer a living space ranging from 400 to 600 square feet, while one and two-bedroom apartments feature a living space ranging from 900 to 1,100 sq. feet. 


The Al Yarmook offers commercial spaces, like offices, shops, and retail units. The shops are available for affordable rent, and the coverage area varies from 250 to 350 square feet.

Rental Trends in Al Yarmook, Sharjah

The residential area of Al Yarmook presents an attractive option for families seeking a convenient living environment. Al Yarmook properties are budget-friendly, and tenants can opt for a flexible payment plan to make renting an apartment easier.

The average size of a studio apartment in Yarmook Sharjah usually provides around 430 sq. ft. of living space. One-bedroom apartments in Al Yarmook have a coverage area ranging from 700 sq. ft. to 750 sq. ft., while two-bedroom apartments living space range from 900 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft. The exact rental prices for these apartments vary depending on various factors.

Studio flats and one-bedroom flats are available, providing ample residential units. However, in the past few months, there has been a significant decline in the rental rates of old residential buildings in Al Yarmook. It is because of the development of several new residential buildings in the area offering modern amenities. The pressure on rental trends might surge if more properties arise, so property owners will do anything to retain the tenants.

Sale Trends in Al Yarmook

Various apartments are available for sale in Al Yarmook, Sharjah. Moreover, one-storey residential buildings with a coverage area of around 2,500 square feet are also available for sale.

As per reports, the sale prices per square foot for apartments is decreased by up to 3.68% in Sharjah. So, it might be the right time to invest in Al Yarmook, Sharjah, as the region's development and proximity to amenities promise higher returns.

Public Transport

The availability of public transportation in Al Yarmook is restricted, with only a small number of buses operating in the vicinity. Nevertheless, the residents rely on taxis or personal vehicles for daily commutes. Here are some bus routes to pass through Al Yarmook:

Bus Line Number Destination
8 Al Rolla Terminal to Sahara Centre Terminal
15 Al Rolla Terminal to Sharjah International Airport


Nurseries/ Educational Institutes

There are several good schools in Al Yarmook, and the residents of Al Yarmook have access to several well-regarded schools. The most prominent schools include

  • Progressive English School
  • Radiant School
  • Al-Maarifa International Private School

The Progressive English School and the Radiant School follow the Indian education curriculum. With nearly 1000 students and 70 staff members, including teachers, Radiant School is one of the best Indian schools in Sharjah, offering affordable and quality education.

Al Yarmook is Al-Maarifa International Private School accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). NEASC is known as the gold standard accreditor in the US, making Al-Maarifa International Private School a unique and distinguished institution.


Al Yarmook is home to several supermarkets conveniently located throughout the community. For those who prefer to shop at larger supermarkets, there is a Nesto Hypermarket in the community, offering numerous items and products, from groceries and household items to electronics and appliances. The Lulu Centre in Rolla is another popular shopping destination for residents nearby Al Yarmook.

Some of the most popular supermarkets in Al Yarmook include

  • Reshma Supermarket
  • Al Nafie Supermarket 
  • Sea Lion Supermarket
  • Al Geo Supermarket,
  • Taj Al Yarmook Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

Al Yarmook only has one clinic, the Sharjah City Audiology Centre. However, residents have several options for medical care in neighbouring communities. All the clinics and private hospitals are 4 to 10 minutes from Al Yarmook. Al Zahra Hospital is one of the top hospitals in Sharjah, nearby Al Yarmook, which is best for more extensive medical care and during an emergency.

The healthcare facilities available in Al Yarmook are

  • Sharjah City Audiology Centre
  • Kaya Skin Clinic in Mega Mall 
  • Dr Oras Medical Centre
  • Dr Ali Salem Hindi Clinic
  • Thumbay Hospital Day Care 
  • Zulekha Hospital
  • Aster Clinic
  • Thumbay Clinic

Places of Worship

Al Yarmook is home to some of Sharjah’s most notable churches and mosques. The Hakeem Bin Al Harith Mosque is the most popular in the Al Yarmook locality. The neighbourhood has 16 churches, making it an ideal place for Christian residents.

The churches in the neighbourhood include

  • St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church
  • Sharjah Marthoma Church
  • Grace Evangelical Church
  • The Russian Orthodox Church

Best Hotels in Al Yarmook

The hotels nearby Al Yarmook provide free Wi-Fi access, a state-of-the-art fitness centre with modern equipment, a rooftop swimming pool, a business centre, relaxing spa treatments, multiple dining options, including a restaurant serving international cuisine and a coffee shop, meeting and event spaces, 24-hour room service, concierge services and free parking for guests.

The best hotels available in and nearby Al Yarmook are:

  • Citymax Hotel Sharjah
  • Rayan Hotel Sharjah
  • Sharjah Royal Tulip
  • Crystal Plaza Hotel
  • Al Maha Regency Hotel Suites


Shopping Centres/ Malls

Mega Mall is one of the city’s most popular malls near Al Yarmook. It boasts an impressive selection of retail stores and entertainment options. The mall’s food court houses some of the most popular restaurant chains in UAE, including Pizzaro and Chili’s. The Gold Center in Al Yarmook is a popular destination featuring gold shops, such as Joyalukkas Jewellery, Al Jawdah Jewellery and Kunoz Al Bikri.

The Al Yarmook locality has numerous retail outlets offering a diverse product selection. The malls and shopping centres in and around Al Yarmook are:

  • Oasis Mall, Al Ghubaiba
  • Nega Mall, Al Nud

Restaurants/ Dining

Al Yarmook is a must-visit location for food lovers in Sharjah, with a wide selection of restaurants. Peking Restaurant and Rainbow Steak House are the best in the locality. Peking Restaurant is a highly-rated Chinese restaurant, and Rainbow Steak House is a Middle Eastern steakhouse perfect for steak lovers in the locality.

With more than ten restaurants in the locality, Al Yarmook is home to numerous dining establishments, including several options within the community. These include:

  • New Leewa Restaurant
  • Bab Al Rayan Restaurant
  • Al Hatif Restaurant
  • Qasr Al Khaleej Restaurant
  • Ethiopia Cafeteria
  • Hud Hud Restaurant
  • Burj Alyarmook Cafeteria

Beaches Nearby

Al Yarmook is nearby Sharjah Creek, offering beautiful and scenic views of calm waters. Al Khan Beach is the nearest beach to Al Yarmook, a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts. It is also a popular location for overnight camping. Many locals drive to the beach in their camper vans and spend the night under the stars.

Some other beaches nearby the Al Yarmook area are:

  • Sharjah Beach
  • Al Mamzer Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

Sharjah is renowned for its rich culture and fascinating landmarks. The Eye of the Emirates is the best to visit for a unique perspective on Sharjah’s skyline. It is a Ferris wheel in Qanat Al Qasba, nearby Qasba Canal. This Ferris wheel has fully air-conditioned cabins to provide a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Some of the leisure spots and hangouts include

  • Sharjah Clock Tower
  • Sharjah Cultural Palace
  • Sharjah Art Museum
  • Sharjah Fort 
  • Al Noor Island 
  • Al Majaz Waterfront 
  • Al Manakh Park
  • Al Fahya Park
  • Maysaloon Park

Al Yarmook Sharjah - Location & Nearby Facilities

  • Schools
  • City Connections
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centers
  • Business Hubs

Distance and Commute Time

  • Al Khan Beach is 8.5 km away and takes 13 mins to reach there.
  • Mega Mall is 2.6 km away and takes 7 mins to reach there.
  • Sharjah International Airport is 15.1 km away and takes 15 mins to reach.
  • University City is 16.6 km away and takes 18 mins to reach there.
  • Sharjah Cultural Palace is 5.5 km away and takes 11 mins to reach.
  • The Gold Center is 1.3 km away and takes 3 mins to reach there.
  • Damas Medical Centre is 5.1 km away and takes 10 minutes to reach there.
  • King Faisal Mosque is 4 km away and takes 7 minutes.
  • St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church is 0.55 km away and takes 2 minutes to reach.
Al Yarmook, Sharjah

Ratings and Reviews

Fatima Zahra
Affordable rates and cost of living

This community offers reasonable rental rates and living expenses that won’t strain your budget. It’s a great choice for families and individuals alike, with its proximity to schools and grocery stores. While Al Yarmook has all the amenities, the community is well-maintained and provides everything you need for daily living. So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality, Al Yarmmok is worth considering.

Muhammad Ali Musharraf
Traffic problem

Rush hour traffic in this locality can be a real pain. The issue is the main roadway nearby the locality, which connects Dubai to Sharjah. There is constant traffic on the road. The noise pollution from all those cars and vehicles can be overwhelming too.

Riya Kaur
A variety of shopping options

Al Yarmook’s malls and shopping options are amazing! I had a great time exploring all the different stores and products available. I especially love the Gold Center in Al Yarmook, with its impressive collection of jewellery shops.

Elizabeth Mathew
Several churches in the locality

I have been living here for a while, and I have to say that Al Yarmook has some of the best churches in the area! The churches are very impressive, with stunning architecture and welcoming congregations. The warm and welcoming community makes you feel at home, and the service is truly inspiring.

Omar Hassan
Consider before investing

As an investor exploring opportunities in Al Yarmook, I have mixed feelings. While I found some options worth considering, some aspects left me undecided. Several properties are worth the investment. However, there are some challenges with the old buildings in the locality.

4 Properties for Rent
in Dasman
Rent: 13.5 Per Sq. Ft.
Al Ramla
Al Nasserya
Corniche Al Buhaira
Al Abar

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Yarmook Freehold?

Al Yarmook is a freehold property in Halwan Suburb in Sharjah.

What are the top attractions in Al Yarmook?

Some top attractions in Al Yarmook include the Sharjah Clock Tower, Sharjah Cultural Palace, Eye of the Emirates, Al Manakh Park, Al Fahya Park and Maysaloon Park.

How to get to Al Yarmook in Sharjah by Bus and metro? Which is the nearest metro station?

8 and 15 bus routes can help you reach the nearest bus stop to Al Yarmook. From the bus stop, a taxi or cab is the best way to reach the destination on Al Yarmook.

Which are the best communities to live in on Al Yarmook?

Al Subhair Building is one of the best and preferred communities in Al Yarmook.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Yarmook?

Some of the best hotels include Citymax Hotel Sharjah, Rayan Hotel Sharjah, Sharjah Royal Tulip, Crystal Plaza Hotel and Al Maha Regency Hotel Suites. Some top restaurants include Peking Restaurant, Rainbow Steak House, New Leewa Restaurant, Bab Al Rayan Restaurant, Al Hatif Restaurant and Qasr Al Khaleej Restaurant.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Yarmook?

Some of the famous malls and shopping centres include The Gold Center, Mega Mall, Oasis Mall and Nega Mall.

Which are the best schools in Al Yarmook?

Several good schools are located in the nearby areas of Al Yarmook, such as the Progressive English School, Radiant School and Al-Maarifa International Private School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Yarmook?

Some high-tech good healthcare facilities nearby Al Yarmook are the Sharjah City Audiology Centre, Kaya Skin Clinic in Mega Mall, Dr Oras Medical Centre, Dr Ali Salem Hindi Clinic, Thumbay Hospital Day Care Rolla, Al Zahra Hospital, Zulekha Hospital, Aster Clinic and Thumbay Clinic.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Yarmook?

Several mosques and churches are nearby Al Yarmook, including St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church, Sharjah Marthoma Church, Grace Evangelical Church, The Russian Orthodox Church, and The Hakeem Bin Al Harith Mosque.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Yarmook?

The advantages of living in Al Yarmook include living in a culturally enriched community, a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and affordable living costs. However, the downside is that some old buildings lack modern amenities and have limited public transportation options.

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