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Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi

About Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi Overview

Convenience, affordability, and security combine to exemplify life at Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi. With thousands of homes, schools, shops, and leisure facilities, Khalifa City has blossomed into one of the most sought-after suburban hubs in the Emirati capital. As a result, the place is incredibly popular among renters and was rightfully deemed the ‘most popular area for renting affordable apartments in Abu Dhabi.

Initially, Khalifa City was subdivided into three different areas – Khalifa City A, Khalifa City B, and New Khalifa City New. All the areas have been renamed Khalifa City, Shakhabout City, and Zayed City, respectively. They are being developed separately to become three new major districts of Abu Dhabi. In this article, we will focus on Khalifa City A, or simply Khalifa City. Khalifa City A is strategically situated along Dubai’s main highway and is merely 25 kilometres from Abu Dhabi. In addition, the place is also close to the Abu Dubai International Airport. Thus, commuting becomes quite convenient for people living in Khalifa City. 

Khalifa City currently has 600 to 700 houses, with more real estate projects being built. The region is characterized by spacious, vibrant villas with two to six bedrooms. In addition, you can find single-standing villas or other premises within a compound of four to six homes. Luxurious residential developments like Al Forsan Village, Al Raha, Golf Gardens, etc., also make Khalifa City an incredible real estate investment in Abu Dhabi in 2023. Thus, Khalifa City is a calm, quiet, and tranquil residential neighbourhood in Abu Dhabi, located away from the bustle and din of the city. 

Highlights Of Khalifa City

What is Great Here!
  • Ideal for commuting
  • Spacious and affordable villas and homes
  • Located near Al Raha Beach
  • Tranquil community with shops, schools, a big community market, and other amenities
  • The target of multiple top-tier real-estate projects, such as the Al Raha Beach Project
What Needs Attention!
  • Relatively disconnected from the city
  • No large malls or cinemas nearby
  • The nearest big hospital is 10 kilometres away

Properties In Khalifa City

Khalifa City started as a small community by master-developer ALDAR and has now been transformed into a hospitable, luxe, and in-demand residential hub with a golf course, reputable schools, and multiple retail destinations nearby. When discussing properties in Khalifa City, you have an array of options to choose from. Apartments in the area range from studios to 3-bedroom cosy and livable spaces. 

Moreover, villas in Khalifa City are known for their sprawling proportions and usually have three to six bedrooms. However, you can sometimes find even 11-bedroom mansions in the area. Most detached villas have their pools and large lawns. As Khalifa City is cut off from the downtown area, prices of apartments and villas tend to be comparatively lower. For instance, for a studio apartment in the area, you can expect to pay 25000 to 38000 AED per year as rent. The neighbourhood is the perfect choice for families who want a sizable opulent property and do not mind being away from Abu Dhabi’s city centre. The area is also witnessing unprecedented growth in the ex-pat community.

Public Transportation

Khalifa City is 25 kilometres from Abu Dhabi’s city centre and a mere 20 minutes from the Abu Dhabi International Airport. The neighbourhood is perched amidst two important highways, the Abu Dhabi-Dubai and Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Roads. Thus, long-distance travelling becomes easy. Public transport in Khalifa City is restricted to buses and taxis. The three bus stops in the Mussafah community can take you to the main city. However, robust public communication lines are absent, and the situation is being looked into. The bus routes traversing through Khalifa City include –

Bus Route Destination
Bus Route 160 Street 15 Bus Stop
Bus Route 162 Street 15 Bus Stop
Bus Route 218 Street 15 Bus Stop


Nurseries / Educational Institutions

Some of the nurseries for tiny tots in Khalifa City include –

  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Noah’s Art
  • Little Smarties

The state-of-the-art educational infrastructure is one of the main reasons families find Khalifa City so alluring. Some of the best secondary schools in the area include –

  • The International School of Choueifat
  • GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi
  • Al Raha International School


Khalifa City has multiple supermarkets closeby, which include –

  • Spar
  • Geant
  • Spinneys
  • Safeer Hypermarket
  • Zee Mark Supermarket 

However, the most popular retail sections in Khalifa City are the famous ‘Pink Shops,’ which are a row of shops, groceries, laundromats, etc. Here, you can find almost everything under the sun.

Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to medical and health requirements, Khalifa City is well-equipped with multiple pharmacies and clinics. The two major hospitals near Khalifa City include –

  • NMC Royal Hospital
  • Mediclinic Khalifa City

Places of Worship

Different places of worship surround Khalifa City. The nearest mosques in the area are-

  • Abdulla Bin Omar Masjid
  • Albasset Masjid

The principal church in the area is a 15-minute drive by car and is known as the Mar Thomas Church. Khalifa City is also set to open its first temple. However, the closest temple in Bur Duba is currently an hour’s drive away.

Best Hotels in Khalifa City

You can also find an array of hotels in Khalifa City, adding to the neighbour's sprawling accommodation facilities. The two hotels include-

  • The Mariott Hotel Al Forsan, Abu Dhabi 
  • The Westin Abu Dhabi


Shopping Centres / Shopping Malls

Khalifa City is a serene and family-friendly neighbourhood; however, it offers many fun and exciting places. The nearest malls in Khalifa City include –

  • BOUTIK Mall in Al Rayyana gated community
  • Etihad Plaza in Sector 45
  • Al Raha Mall
  • Abu Dhabi Mall and Marina Mall are 30-minutes away from Khalifa City

Beaches Nearby

A walk amidst nature is also possible when you live in Khalifa City. Some of the beaches near the region include –

  • Al Raha Beach is a hop and a jump away
  • Corniche Beach
  • White sandy beaches of Saadiyat Island

Restaurant and Dining

Khalifa City is an excellent place for lovers of fine dining or café hopping. The neighbourhood has multiple eateries, such as –

  • La Brioche
  • Fresh and Light Restaurant Khalifa City A
  • Khayal Restaurant
  • The Grill
  • Jones, the grocer
  • Dining outlets inside the Al Forsan International Sports Resort and the Abu Dhabi Golf Club

Leisure Activities Nearby

Recreation and leisure are the highlights of living in Khalifa City. Yas Island is the best option for a frolicking and memorable night out. Likewise, Al Forsan International Sports Resort and Abu Dhabi Golf Club are best for leisure activities. Some of the best places for a fun time include-

  • Abu Dhabi Golf Club for sports and other recreational activities
  • Al Forsan Sports Resort for archery, shooting, horse riding, etc.
  • Music festivals in Yas Island are a regular occurrence
  • Art exhibits at Saadiyat Island
  • Khalifa Park with a large playground, benches, and natural beauty
  • Jogging Track at Masdar City

Distance from Khalifa City to Nearby Popular Places

  • Al Raha Beach is 24 minutes away from Khalifa City via Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street
  • Yas Island is merely 19 minutes away from Khalifa City via Al Mireef Street
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport is 20 minutes away by car
  • Dubai is an hour away
  • Saadiyat Island is around 30 minutes away from Khalifa City via Al Shahama – Abu Dhabi Road
  • Sharjah and Ajman are a two-hour drive
Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi

Ratings and Reviews

Wasim Sheikh
Wonderful neighbourhood. Peaceful and calm

I love the peace that Khalifa City offers. It helps relax after a hard day at work

Haseena Ali
Very accommodative neighbours in Khalifa City. Loving it here.

My family and I recently moved to Khalifa City, and our neighbours have been incredibly kind and accommodating. I have started to feel at home already.

Majid Ali
All amenities are readily available. Lovely place.

I highly recommend Khalifa City because you get the best of both worlds here. The required amenities are closely located, and you also get peace and tranquillity. 

Shoab Ali
Rented a beautiful villa at a great price in Khalifa City.

I never thought I would one day be able to afford a villa in Abu Dhabi. But, my dream became a reality because of the affordable yet lux villas in Khalifa City. My family and I shifted into a three-bedroom villa in Khalifa City A.

Heena Qureshi
Safe and secure neighbourhood

I enjoy living in Khalifa City because it is a safe community with CCTV cameras, guards, and ample streetlights. I feel secure and at ease here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Khalifa City Freehold?

No, Khalifa City is not freehold.

What are the top attractions in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi?

Khalifa City is a gorgeous locality in itself and some of the most important attractions of the locality are –

  • Al Raha Beach
  • Saadiyat Island
  • Abu Dhabi Golf Club

How to get to Khalifa City in Dubai by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

You can reach Khalifa City by taking bus 160 from the nearest bus station. Metro connectivity has not yet begun around Khalifa City. 

Which are the best communities to live in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi?

Even though there are various communities in Mirdif, the best ones are – Al Raha Gardens, Al Forsan, Liwa Oasis and Al Rayyana. 

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Khalifa City?

There are a few globally recognized hotels and restaurants in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, including Mariott Hotel, La Brioche, Khayal Restaurant and more. 

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Khalifa City?

The popular malls and superstores in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, are BOUTIK Mall, Etihad Plaza, and Al Raha Mall. 

What are the best schools in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi?

The best schools in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, are –

  • International School of Choueifat
  • GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi
  • Al Raha International School

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi?

Some of the most popular clinics and hospitals and clinics in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi-

  • NMC Royal Hospital
  • Mediclinic Khalifa City

Which are the famous places of worship in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi?

The famous places of worship in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi are – 

  • Abdulla Bin Omar Masjid
  • Albasset Masjid
  • Mar Thomas Church

What are the pros and cons of living in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi?

The most significant merit of living in Khalifa City is that you have multiple residence options at an affordable price. Moreover, peace and tranquillity are a plus when you live in Khalifa City. However, the major demerits of the area include a lack of robust public transportation and being disconnected from the main city. 

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