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Ajman Corniche

About Ajman Corniche

Ajman corniche is among the most scenic communities of Ahman, located on the city's shores, overlooking the Arabian Gulf. It is among the most popular tourist destinations in the area. Residents of this locality enjoy living in predominantly mid to highrise buildings on the waterfront.

This area offers some of the most luxurious apartments for rent and on sale, most of which are furnished. The long list of amenities and leisure activities of this locality makes it among the most sought-after in the vicinity. 

It was named after the Ajman tribe, the largest to live in the Emirate. It was in the 1960s when the city witnessed a surge in development, eventually culminating in the modern and well-appointed locality it is today, aside from being a major tourist hub.

Key Highlights of Ajman Corniche

What is Great Here!
  • A Well-Developed Area with Great Amenities
  • Offers Luxurious Waterfront Living
  • Among the Best Tourist Attractions in the UAE
  • Home to Good Restaurants, Spas, Malls, etc.
What Needs Attention!
  • Little Busy During Peak Tourist Season

Real Estate Overview in Ajman Corniche

Most properties in this area, as mentioned before, are waterfront ones. They offer some fantastic views of sunrises and sunsets. The properties here aren't the most expensive, but residents usually have to pay a premium for living alongside the Ajman-Sharjah border. The locality mostly comprises studios and one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. 

However, for those looking for villas, the locality also offers a few in a four and five-bedroom layout. Moreover, many of these properties are a mix of freehold and rentals, so those looking to make a good investment in real estate here have several options to choose from.

Public Transportation

If you rely on public transportation in Ajman Corniche, several buses ply along the main road, connecting the locality to other areas in Ajman. The bus service also connects the region to the nearby emirates of Sharjah and Dubai. 

Below are the routes of the various buses connecting this locality to others around it.

Bus Number Routes
E400 Union Square Bus Station - 01 to Ajman 01
AJ6 Ajman bus Station 5 to Ajman Corniche to Ajman Bus Station 5


Nurseries / Educational Institutions

While there aren’t any schools or nurseries within the limits of the Corniche locality, there are several good ones in the localities nearby, just a short commute away. These include –

  • Blue Bell’s Daycare 
  • Al Saad Indian School 
  • The Bloomington Academy 
  • National Charity School 
  • British International School 
  • Victoria International School


There are several good supermarkets located in and around the Ajman Corniche area. Some of these include: 

  • Viva Supermarket  – The supermarket advertises itself as the largest discounter in the region, offering all the essentials at the lowest prices. 
  • Spinney’s Supermarket – This is one of the largest supermarkets in the UAE, with a long history in the country. It offers a huge variety of imported goods. 
  • Al Nakheel Supermarket 
  • Zero One Hypermarket 
  • Haya Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

Several good healthcare facilities and family clinics exist in and around Ajman Corniche. These are listed below – 

  • Thumbay Clinic 
  • Amina Hospital 
  • Ajman Speciality Hospital 
  • Al Qassimi Hospital

Places of Worship

With Islam being the official religion of Ajman, there are several mosques in this locality. Some of these include: 

  • Al Remelia Mosque 
  • Masjid Fatima Binte Ali Naemi
  • Amr Ibn Al Jamooh Mosque
  • Al Hassawi Mosque

While there are no churches in this locality, the closest one is in the Al Yarmook District in Sharjah. 

If you’re looking for Hindu temples here, the closest ones are a short drive down to Dubai, where you can find both Krishna and Shiva temples in a 30-minute journey, roughly.

Best Hotels in Ajman Corniche

With Ajman Corniche being a major tourist hub, the locality has some fantastic hotels. These include - 

  • Sheraton Hotel 
  • Wyndham Garden
  • Ramada by Wyndham Beach Hotels 
  • Al Rayan Hotel 
  • Sarah Hotel 
  • Dream Palace Hotel


Shopping Centres / Shopping Malls

While there are no malls within Ajman Corniche, there are a few in the localities nearby. These include – 

  • Safeer Mall
  • Corniche Mall 
  • Al Murad Mall 
  • Grand Mall 

Restaurants / Dining

There are several restaurants in Ajman Corniche, including fast-food outlets. These are listed below – 

  • Casa Samak Restaurant 
  • Charcoal Garden Restaurant 
  • Al Roof Restaurant and Cafe 
  • Estakouza Seafood 
  • KFC 
  • Subway 
  • Seascape Restaurant

Beaches Nearby

One of the key highlights of living in Ajman Corniche is that it’s close to several of the area’s best beaches. Some of these include: 

  • Zora Beach
  • Ajman Beach 
  • Ajman Corniche Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

Living in Ajman Corniche offers you some of the best leisure activities in the area.

  • Water sports: Zora Beach, for instance, offers several activities, such as kayaking, fishing, and camping.
  • Golfing: There can be nothing better than a round at the Al Zorah Golf Club, which also has a bar and a lounge for those who want to unwind after a day out on the greens.
  • Museums: The Ajman Museum is also a few minutes away and offers a great insight into the region’s past and can be a great place for history buffs.

Distance and Commute Time

Locality Distance From Ajman Corniche Commute Time 
Al Rashidiya 3 2.4 km 7 minutes 
Al Rashiriya 1 5.6 km 9 minutes 
Al Nakhil 1 2.0 km 6 minutes 
2 Al Nuiamia 5.3 km 12 minutes 
  • The closest airport to Ajman Corniche is Dubai International Airport, about 25 kilometres from the locality or a 32-minute drive. 
  • Closest metro station - NA
  • All the beaches are a walking distance from the locality. For instance, the distance to Ajman Beach is 1 km by road, or just about 100-500 metres if you decide to walk. 
Ajman Corniche, Ajman

Ratings and Reviews

Aly Khan
A Luxurious Neighbourhood

The proximity to the beach is one of the primary reasons I rented an apartment with my family. The locality is extremely clean and lively, with fantastic restaurants, bars, malls, and other leisure activities. The area is also very safe, especially since it’s bustling with tourists all year round. 

Karan Sharma
A Safe and Lively Locality

I moved here with my family a year ago after carefully considering all the other localities around. Ajman Corniche has been a great place to rent a house as it offers us all the amenities we need just a stone’s throw away. The area is also safe at any time of the day and night, so commuting alone or at odd hours is never a problem. 

George Thomas
Gorgeous Waterfront Views

I found myself a lovely three-bedroom apartment in one of the waterfront highrises, and it was a great decision. The locality is very safe, offers me all the necessary amenities, and has a well-connected public transportation network when I don’t feel like driving. There are several good supermarkets where I get all the essentials, along with some well-recognised hospitals.

Fazal Mohammed
Good Healthcare Facilities

I live in a three-bedroom villa in Ajman Corniche. The locality is largely peaceful as my villa is near the beach. Regardless, it is just a few minutes walk away, which makes it very convenient. One of the key aspects of this locality I appreciate is its proximity to good healthcare facilities.

Afreen Mohammed
A Great Locality for Young Kids

This is a great locality for families with young kids, as it offers several leisure activities to keep them engaged in the evenings or over the weekends. There are good supermarkets, restaurants, and parks, which makes a huge difference when you need something urgently.  The area is safe to walk around whenever you want a break or need to break the monotony of your daily routine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ajman Corniche an affordable locality to rent a house in?

While Ajman Corniche isn’t the most expensive locality in the area, it isn’t inexpensive by any means.

Is Ajman Corniche close to any beaches?

Ajman Corniche is a coastal locality in the city of Ajman. It’s within walking distance of beaches like Zora Beach and Ajman Beach.

Does this locality have any good healthcare facilities?

Yes, Ajman Corniche has several good healthcare facilities in and around the locality. These include Thumbay Clinic, Amina Hospital, Ajman Speciality Hospital, and Al Qassimi Hospital.

Does this locality have any freehold properties available for investors?

Ajman Corniche offers a mix of rental and freehold properties, so investors have plenty of options. The locality offers great waterfront views and makes for a great investment.

Can you find fully furnished apartments in Ajman Corniche?

Yes, Ajman Corniche offers a mix of both unfurnished and fully furnished duplex apartments. The rent depends on several factors, such as the number of bedrooms and the total property area.

Which is the closest airport to Ajman Corniche?

The closest airport to Ajman corniche is the Dubai International Airport, roughly 25 km from the locality and takes around 30 minutes.

Which are the best supermarkets in Ajman Corniche?

Some notable supermarkets in Ajman Corniche are Al Nakheel Supermarket, Spinney’s Supermarket, Viva Supermarket and Zero One Hypermart. Each caters to all the essentials that most people require, so they don’t have to travel outside the locality’s limits.

Which are the most popular buildings to buy or rent houses in Ajman Corniche?

Two of the most popular buildings that people consider when renting an apartment or making an investment are the Corniche Tower and Ajman Corniche Residence. The former is a 50-storey tower with properties available for rent and sale, while the latter is a series of seven interlinked towers with one, two, and three-bedroom apartments on offer.

Which are the best hotels for tourists in Ajman Corniche?

As a major tourist hub, Ajman corniche has some great options in terms of hotels. Some good options include the Sheraton Hotel, Wyndham Garden, Ramada by Wyndham Beach Hotels, and Al Rayan hotel, among many others.

What are some pros and cons of living in Ajman Corniche?

Ajman Corniche is a fantastic locality to rent or purchase property in. Along with being one of the very well-developed localities, its also close to various beaches, restaurants, hotels, and bars. However, one of the major downsides is that the area can get a little busy during peak tourist season. 

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