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Al Hamidiya 1, Ajman

About Al Hamidiya 1, Ajman

Al Hamidiya 1 is a large, upscale community located on the eastern outskirts of Ajman. This neighbourhood is divided into two large sub-communities, which fall between neighbouring communities, Al Raqaib, Al Rawda, and Al Muntazi.

This neighbourhood has several large and upscale villas and multiple apartments for bachelors and smaller families. Given that Ajman is close to Dubai, many people choose to live here while working in Dubai to cut down on their living expenses. In this context, Al Hamidiya 1 is among those localities that have gone a long way in increasing Ajman's popularity among ex-pats and locals alike with its wide range of properties on rent and sale. 

One can find anything from small studio apartments to three to nine-bedroom villas in this locality, ensuring that there's something for everyone. 

Key Highlights of Al Hamidiya 1, Ajman

What is Great Here!
  • Well-Connected to Most Localities in the City
  • Offers both Freehold and Rental Properties
  • Close to Good Medical Facilities
  • Comparatively Affordable than Living in Dubai
What Needs Attention!
  • Offers Limited Options Among Small Apartments

Real Estate Overview in Al Haimdiya 1, Ajman

Al Haimdiya 1 offers its residents a range of freehold and rental apartments and villas. Most villas have an unfurnished layout but provide a range of three to nine bedrooms. 

The villas come with a semi-furnished kitchen, offer a separate bedroom for the house help, bedrooms with attached bathrooms, and large corridors connecting the various rooms. Some even have large outdoor areas such as rooftops or even spacious backyards, making them ideal for families with pets and children. 

While this locality offers a wide range of options for villas, the range of apartments available is comparatively limited. Customers can choose between studio spaces or small 1 BHK apartments, which are ideal for singles or couples.

Apart from the residential complexes in this locality, you will also find some modern commercial infrastructure, largely housing offices.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in this locality of Ajman has been made easily accessible and convenient due to the well-connected bus network set up by the Ajman Public Transport Corporation. These buses are all air-conditioned and connect all major localities in Ajman to each other. 

The two main bus stations within this locality are the Economic Department Bus Stop and the Hamidiya Police Station Bus Stop.

Several buses go along the route connecting Al Hamidiya 1 to other localities. These buses offer WiFi, phone charging ports, and electronic displays. Further, one can also check the bus schedule via an online app dedicated to the bus network called "Masaar." These include the following - 

  • Bus number 46638
  • Bus number 46637
  • Bus number 10193 
  • Bus number 46650 
  • Bus number 43297


Nurseries / Educational Institutions

Al Hamidiya 1 has several good nurseries for families with toddlers and good schools and institutions for those in higher grades.

Some of the best nursery schools in this locality include – 

  • Cute Baby Nursery 
  • The Little Leaders School 
  • Happy Jump Nursery 

The good primary and secondary schools in this locality are as follows – 

  • The Royal Academy 
  • East Point Indian International School 
  • Avalon Heights World Private School 
  • Crown Private School Ajman 

Some of the colleges and universities in this locality include –

  • Hajra Education Faculty Management 
  • International College of Law Business Administration & Technology


Several good supermarkets in the Al Hamdiya 1 locality cater to the resident’s daily essentials. Some of these supermarkets include – 

  • Safa Al Madeena Supermarket
  • Al Esteqama Supermarket 
  • Nesto Supermarket
  • Anwan Al Madeena Supermarket 
  • Fajeral Madeena Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

Al Hamidiya 1 also has a few premium healthcare facilities; these are listed below – 

  • Al Alaa Medical Center 
  • Al Hamidiya Health Center
  • Specialist Dental Center 
  • Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, located roughly 3 km from Al Hamidiya 1. 

Places of Worship

The official religion of Ajman as a whole is Islam. However, one has the freedom to practice their faith. There are several places of worship for various religions in and around Al Hamidiya 1. 

Some of the mosques in this locality include:

  • Hussain Bin Mohammad Al Sha’Ali
  • Husayn ibn Ali 
  • Issa Al Suwaidi Mosque 

The closest church to this locality includes:

  • Gods Pavillion Champions Chapen – This is about 7 km from Al Hamidiya 1, which roughly translates to a travel time of around 10 minutes. 

Sikhs have one Gurdwara that they can visit for worship. This includes the following:  

  • Gurdwara Sahib – Ajman Sanaya, about 7.8 km from Al Hamidiya, or 15 minutes away.

Best Hotels in Al Hamidiya 1, Ajman

There are a few hotels in and around this locality. These include - 

  • Belfort Hotel Apartments 
  • Ewan Hotel Apartments, which is about 6.3 km from Al Hamidiya 1.


Shopping Centres / Shopping Malls

>Al Hamidiya 1 has some small community malls, which are listed below – 

  • Palm Center
  • Sefelash Center 

Other more prominent malls in the Al Hamidiya region include –

  • My Mall Ajman
  • Ajman China Mall
  • City Center Ajman 


Al Hamidiya 1 has several restaurants that offer its residents a variety of cuisines. These include a mix of fast-food restaurants and fine dining options. Some of these eateries include – 

  • KFC
  • McDonald’s
  • Subway
  • Feza Lounge 
  • Food Box offers Italian and Japanese cuisines 
  • 71OZ Steakhouse
  • The Kitchen Station is a great burger joint
  • Roots Cafe is a healthy option for those counting their calories.

Beaches Nearby

While Al Hamidiya 1 isn’t a coastal locality, there are several beaches close by that one can visit if one wants a break from the monotony of spending time in their concrete jungles. 

Some of these beaches are –

  • Al Zorah Public Beach
  • Zora Camping Beach 
  • Ajman Corniche
  • Ajman Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

There are several leisure activities that one can partake in at Al Hamidiya. Ajman Museum is a great option for those interested in history and historical sites. This is one of Ajman’s biggest tourist attractions and serves as a great remembrance of the city’s defences back in the 18th century. 

Other attractions and activities include the Sports Park, which offers facilities for residents to engage in sports like volleyball, football, cycling, and basketball, while also offering an outdoor gymnasium and a play area for children. 

Al Hamidiya 1 - Location Map and Landmarks

Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and Commute Time

  • The closest airport to Al Hamidiya 1 in Ajman is the Dubai International Airport, roughly 32 km or 30 minutes away from the heart of the locality. The airport can be accessed via Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. 
  • Distance from Metro station - NA 
  • All the beaches are roughly at a similar distance from Al Hamidiya 1. The Ajman beach is situated at a distance of about 12.3 km or a 16-minute drive from this locality. 
Al Hamidiya 1, Ajman

Ratings and Reviews

Sankalp Verma
A Safe and Upscale Neighbourhood

I’ve been living in Al Hamidiya 1 for about a year now. Over time, I’ve come to appreciate the safety along with the amenities this locality offers. The Sports Park, for instance, is a great place to get their physical exercise, without travelling too far. 

Faiza Mohammed
Conveniently Close to Dubai City

Al Hamidiya 1 is located at a convenient distance from Dubai, making it easy for me to commute to work. Living here is better as real estate prices within Dubai are sky-high. This locality has all the necessary infrastructure, like supermarkets, hospitals, etc.  

Abbas Khan
A Serene and Calm Locality

Living here with my family has been a treat as the locality is very safe, calm, and serene. The villas on offer are well-built, thereby contributing as a major factor behind my investment in this neighbourhood. 

Rajan Paul
Good Public Transport Connectivity

Being a bachelor during the initial stage of my career, the efficient public transport system and bus connectivity in this locality of Ajman has made this a boon. I live in a 1 BHK apartment in a safe area with 24/7 security and underground parking spaces. 

Heena Daud
A Safe and Affordable Locality

Finding a 1 BHK apartment to live in was a little tricky as there were limited options, but we still managed to find one in a good building. The locality is very safe, and the police station is nearby

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the public transport network like in Al Hamidiya 1?

The locality is well connected as several buses connect to the other major localities of Ajman. Some of the buses that ply this route are bus numbers 46637, 46638, 10193, 46650, and 43297.

How far is the closest airport to Al Hamidiya 1?

The closest airport to Al Hamidiya 1 is the Dubai International Airport which is around 32 km.

Are there any good supermarkets in this locality?

Yes, there are several good supermarkets here that can offer residents their supply of all their necessities. Some of these include Safa Al Madeena Supermarket, Anwan Al Madeena Supermarket, and Nesto Supermarket.

What is the size of the villas available in this locality?

The average three-bedroom villa in this locality can be anywhere between 8,000 to 10,000 sq. ft, while a five-bedroom apartment can range from 4,740 to 15,000 sq. ft in size.

Do the villas in this neighbourhood come fully furnished?

No, most villas in this neighbourhood come unfurnished, while the kitchen is usually semi-furnished. You can get villas with three bedrooms up to those with seven bedrooms.

Are there any beaches near Al Hamidiya 1?

While this locality itself isn’t surrounded by any beaches, there are several on the coast, such as Ajman Beach, Zora Camping Beach, and Al Zora Public Beach. These are all located roughly 12 -13 km away from Al Hamidiya 1.

Is Al Hamidiya 1 a safe locality?

Yes, this is a very safe locality, even for women travelling late at night. To add to this, the Al Hamidiya Police Station is within the locality itself, so safety is always assured.

Which are some of the good hospitals in this locality?

Some of the best healthcare facilities in Al Hamidiya 1 include the Al Alaa Medical Center and the Al Hamidiya Health Center. There’s also a dental clinic in the neighbourhood, the Specialist Dental Center.

Which are the best tourist attractions close to Al Hamidiya 1?

The best tourist attractions close to this locality are the Ajman Museum, the Sports Park, and the various beaches that dot Ajman’s coast.

What are some pros and cons of living in Al Hamidiya 1?

Some of the benefits of living in Al Hamidiya 1 are the safety of the locality, the well-connected bus network, the convenient travel distance from Dubai city for those not wanting to spend more on housing, and the availability of both freehold and rental properties. The major downside is that there are limited numbers of smaller apartments for bachelors or small families.

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