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Masafi, Ras al Khaimah

About Masafi, Ras al Khaimah Overview

Amid the Hajar mountains in the United Arab Emirates lies a beautiful rustic village, Masafi. This place recently gained popularity with the truck road construction, which connects Sharjah and Kalba. Since Masafi lies in the middle of this route, several tourists take their travel break here. Investors have also recognised this city's immense growth potential and are actively buying properties here. Since the town offers peace and a better livelihood, people from neighbouring cities are relocating here in search of better growth opportunities. Around the twentieth century, there were only fifty houses here, which is now growing rapidly.

A popular attraction of Masafi is the Friday market. This souq market is held every Friday and is about five kilometres away from the main city centre. All the local items of Masafi are available here. One can also find several stalls from different places, thus making the visit worthwhile. Another popular place to visit in Masafi is the Masafi club. Locals often gather here during several events and weekends. The ceramics, produce, and carpets from Masafi are quite popular nearby.

Key Highlights of Masafi

What is Great Here!
  • Residential properties
  • Close to popular destinations
  • Pleasant climate
  • Local stores and culture
  • Authenticity
What Needs Attention!
  • Commercial properties such as hotels
  • Lack of luxurious services
  • Establishment of malls

Real Estate Overview in Masafi

The Masafi village lies in the Ras Al Khaimah region. Recently, due to the highway road construction, Masafi is becoming more popular. Due to the immense opportunities, people plan to move and settle here. It is also popular among tourists. Thus, one can find more villas than apartments. These villas are constructed keeping in mind the entertainment of the tourists to uplift a major source of income in the town. There are also a few apartments. One can also find labour accommodations as the rate of construction here has increased tremendously to accommodate the number of people moving into Masafi.

Public Transportation

Dubai is very close to the Town of Masafi. Thus, it is well connected with this city through buses, trains and private transportation services. This makes it easier for tourists and visitors to travel to and from Masafi. One of the primary reasons people prefer visiting Masafi is the ease of transport.

Bus Number Destination
10 Masafi Bus Station - Fujairah Bus Station
17 Masafi Bus Station - Dibba Bus Station
4 Masafi Bus Station - Kalba Bus Station
64 Masafi Bus Station - Dubai Union Square Bus Station
C1 Masafi Bus Station - Fujairah International Airport
C3 Masafi Bus Station Fujairah Port
F01 Masafi Bus Station Dubai Mall.


Educational Institutions

While settling in a new city, parents or new couples often consider the proximity of the property and the availability of good educational institutions. Having good quality education institutes in a city is highly important and plays a major role in welcoming new residents. Schools must impart quality education and care for the child’s holistic development. This is where a child learns the most and spends most of their early life. Here are some common schools preferred by parents staying in Masafi-

  • 3 Folt Education Centre
  • Abdulla Bin Abbas Center for Quran Memorising
  • Abu Dhabi Educational Zone
  • Masafi Secondary Girls School
  • Masafi private kindergarten


When people shift to a new locality, they search for places where they can get their groceries and essential everyday items. Since Masafi is still a developing village, local stores and vendors are more prevalent than supermarkets. Several locals here prefer visiting the vendors to take care of their needs rather than visiting the supermarket. However, considering the incoming flow of tourists and new residents, a few supermarkets have been set up here. They are-

  • Masafi Supermarket
  • Masafi grocery
  • Jameela Supermarket 

Healthcare Facilities

Identifying the nearest healthcare centres and checking them out can be of great help during an emergency. Unfortunately, the healthcare facilities in Masafi are not developed as per the latest technology and requirements. However, major ongoing changes will further help establish advanced healthcare units. All the basic healthcare amenities are currently provided in the healthcare facilities here. The common healthcare facilities in Masafi are –

  • Recovery Masafi
  • Masafi Healthcare Centre
  • MoH malaria control healthcare centre

Places of Worship

Masafi is a Muslim-dominated area that visits the mosque daily. With this requirement, mosques are present throughout the city for people to visit and worship easily.

Moreover, one can also find a few churches throughout the city for the Christians residing here. The places of worship in Masafi are –

  • Masafi Grand Mosque
  • Al Etihad Mosque
  • Saeedah Almas Al Sharaeef Masjid
  • Anas Bin Malik Masjid
  • Our lady of perpetual help church
  • Good shepherd AG Tamil church Fujairah

Best Hotels in Masafi

With the construction of the highway, many travellers are making a stop in Masafi. Investors saw this as an excellent opportunity to welcome tourism and increase their earning potential. With this motto in mind, they extensively started constructing hotels with all the latest amenities. All the major hotels available here have the latest technology and services especially designed to serve tourists and passersby. Here are some of the popular hotels among tourists in Masafi-

  • Beach resort Fujairah
  • SHH hotel
  • Novotel Fujairah
  • Khorfakkan Hotel apartments
  • Al Marsa Hotel apartments 


Shopping Malls

Since the village is still being constructed and established, no malls are available in the main centre. This often is a reason for discomfort for tourists. However, there are several supermarkets where people can quickly get everything needed. The nearest mall from Masafi is situated 30-32 minutes away from the main region of the town. Some of the popular malls in the nearby surroundings are-

  • Souq Al Mirqab
  • City centre Fujairah
  • Souq Extra Murbah
  • Fujairah Mall


There are several restaurants available in Masafi that can cater to all your eatery needs. Fine dining restaurants are hard to find and come by here. However, most tourists and locals rely on the local hawkers and street food joints to satisfy their hunger and food craving. The local cuisine here is the most famous in the neighbouring areas. Another popular food here is Mandi food. Some of the popular restaurants in Masafi are –

  • Candy
  • Harissa Kitchen
  • Al Minhali Restaurant & Cafeteria
  • Qasar Masafi Restaurant
  • Al Raihan Chicken
  • Rashed Ali Cafeteria

Leisure Activities Nearby

Masafi is surrounded by the Al Hajar mountains and goes back to being centuries old. A popular tourist destination here is the Masafi fort. This place dates back to the 19th century and is of high historical value and importance to the locals here. Trekking and mountain climbing are popular activities that tourists enjoy while being here. Moving a little away from this village, some of the popular tourist destinations are –

  • Al Bidyah Mosque
  • Wadi Shees
  • Al Bithnah Fort

Masafi - Location Map and Landmarks

Distance and Commute Time from Masafi to Other Popular Places

  • The distance from Fujairah Airport is 27.63 km.
  • The distance to the main city centre of Fujairah is 30.66 km.
  • It is 95 km away from Ras Al Khaimah city.
  • Sharjah is 92.8 km away from Masafi. 
  • From Masafi, it takes 113 km to reach to Dubai.
Masafi, Ras Al Khaimah

Ratings and Reviews

Gurpreet Singh
Beautiful villas for tourist stay

Masafi is a beautiful village that still retains its culture. One of the most amazing things I love about here is that despite the several tourists coming in, this place is still not modernised, unlike the neighbouring cities. The essence of this village is still preserved, which makes it even more beautiful.

Imran Shaikh
Peaceful livelihood, with all the basic amenities 

I recently shifted to Masafi from Abu Dhabi. Since my job has now shifted to a permanent work-from-home, I wish to relocate to a place that offers me more peaceful vibes. During my research, I learned about Masafi and was immediately intrigued to learn about the lifestyle and shift here. It is one of the best decisions I have taken in my life.

Rubina Talat
Luxurious elements are missing

While on a journey, I always look forward to having a luxurious experience. Somehow, Masafi was lacking in this department for me. However, the overall trip was a peaceful and adventure-filled experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Shastri Pandey
Proximity to nearby destinations

I have been travelling all my life in search of the perfect place that offers me a balance of village and city life. Masafi is one of those places offering properties upto my liking with several nearby amenities and services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Masafi Freehold?

Masafi is top-listed among other freehold zones of the United Arab Emirates and offers villas and apartments for sale.

What are the top attractions in Masafi, United Arab Emirates?

Some top attractions in Masafi, United Arab Emirates, are mosques, churches and cultural centres.

How to get to Masafi in Abu Dhabi by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

To reach  Masafi in Abu Dhabi by bus, you can follow bus lines 0, 17, 4, 64, C1, C3, and F01. The trains on this route are M1 and M2.

Which are the best communities to live in Masafi, United Arab Emirates?

Al Zeina, Abu Dhabi, is a residential locality accommodating many residents and expats.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Masafi?

The best hotels and restaurants in Masafi are Candy, Harissa Kitchen, Al Minhali Restaurant & Cafeteria, Qasar Masafi Restaurant, Al Raihan Chicken, and Rashed Ali Cafeteria.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Masafi?

There are no malls in Masafi. The closest malls are Souq Al Mirqab, City centre Fujairah, Souq Extra Murbah, and Fujairah Mall.

What are the best schools in Masafi, United Arab Emirates?

Some of the best schools in Masafi, United Arab Emirates, are 3 Folt Education Centre, Abdulla Bin Abbas Center for Quran Memorising, Abu Dhabi Educational Zone, Masafi Secondary Girls School, and Masafi private kindergarten.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Masafi, United Arab Emirates?

The best multi-faceted hospitals and clinics in Masafi, United Arab Emirates, are Recovery Masafi, Masafi Healthcare centre, and MoH malaria control healthcare centre

Which are the famous places of worship in Masafi, United Arab Emirates?

The famous places of worship in Masafi, United Arab Emirates, are Masafi Grand Mosque, Al Etihad Mosque, Saeedah Almas Al Sharaeef Masjid, Anas Bin Malik Masjid, Our lady of perpetual help church and Good shepherd AG Tamil church Fujairah.

What are the pros and cons of living in Masafi, United Arab Emirates?

The major pros of living in Masafi, United Arab Emirates, are its distance to nearby popular destinations, climate, local stores, culture and authenticity. However, providing so much also creates a buffer for cons. Some of the major cons forMasafi, United Arab Emirates, include lack of commercial properties, the establishment of malls and lack of luxurious services.

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