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Al Dhahir, Al Ain

About Al Dhahir, Al Ain

The Al Ain neighbourhood of Al Dhahir (sometimes called Al Dhaher) is near the UAE-Omani border in Al Ain. Villas with six to ten bedrooms comprise most of Al Dhahir's dwelling stock. The area has tourist attractions, including the world-famous Barari Outlet Mall and the Al Ain Camel Races.

Luxury apartments for sale or rent in Al Ain can be found in Al Dhahir, comprising relatively low-rise buildings. It is one of the oldest areas of Al Ain and features a unique lifestyle along the stream. Locals and potential financiers alike have taken a shine to Al Dhahir in Al Ain. Attractions, offices, malls, and nightlife hotspots are all within easy walking distance.

Al Dhahir's isolation may be due to its being so close to the United Arab Emirates and Oman's shared border. Yet, several supermarkets, schools, and mosques are in the neighbourhood, making it ideal for families. Throughout the residential area, villas can be purchased or rented. Al Dhahir also features an easily accessible shopping mall and an extensive network of roads.

Water seafood restaurants, such as Shawarma cafes, curry places, and coffee shops, dote the area, making hosting weekend and nighttime gatherings simple. Plenty of flower shops and stores may be found in the central business districts, creating an upbeat and pleasant environment.

Whether you enjoy spending time at the beach or browsing the aisles of a department store, Al Dhahir's affordable apartments and nearby attractions are sure to please. It's a fantastic place to shop or put money into a property.

Key Highlights of Al Dhahir, Al Ain

What’s Great Here!
  • Close to the most populous Yas Beach
  • Home to Al Ain Camel Racecourse
  • Well-connected public transportation system
  • An Abundance of dining and shopping options
What Needs Attention!
  • Traffic Congestion
  • Maintenance issues

Real Estate Overview in Al Dhahir, Al Ain

Apartments in Al Dhahir are luxurious and tastefully decorated, and they have beautiful views. You'll find a broad selection of villas in Al Dhahir, each with its style. These villas' square footage, spanning two stories, ranges from 3,005 to 4,500. Each of the property's bedrooms has a private bathroom and walk-in closet. These villas feature a large living area, majlis, guest room, fully-equipped kitchen, maid's room, and laundry room. These houses also include their yard and parking space.

Because of the abundance of luxury services and amenities available in every Al Dhahir apartment building, this area in Al Ain is quite popular among those looking to rent an apartment. Many shops are located in the area. Some buildings in the complex contain stores on the ground level, allowing residents to easily meet their basic needs without leaving the property.

Families are drawn to the area because of the abundance of parks, educational opportunities, and fun things to do that can be reached on foot. There are open areas for kids to run around and play, as well as designated play areas, in this community.

Off-Plan Trends in Al Dhahir

Due to its convenient location and available services, Al Dhahir is often cited as one of Al Ain's top residential areas. Prices for buying apartments and monthly rents are affordable. Residential real estate is abundantly available. Still, the Al Dhahir area is devoid of any off-plan activity.

Al Dhahir is a growing neighbourhood with strong returns, incomplete building projects could be a wise financial move. You may rest assured that off-plan investments in the neighbourhoods surrounding Al Dhahir will provide returns in the double-digit percentage range. An off-development project called Tamouh Emirati Home Development has been finished in the neighbourhood.

Rental trends in Al Dhahir

Townhouses in Al Dhahir, Al Ain, come with anywhere from one bedroom to ten, making them suitable for individuals, couples, and even large families. The stunning surroundings of the ocean and the community of Al Dhahir provide the perfect setting for these uniquely designed residences. Rental demand in Al Dhahir real estate is rising as more Al Ain Free Zone workers look for housing close to their workplaces. Getting from home to the office is now easier and faster than before.

Its central location and easy access to main thoroughfares via public transportation make it an attractive option for families without cars. Although no necessities are located too far away, you can get to them all on foot. Villas of various sizes and designs are available for rent in Al Dhahir. The rent for this 7-bedroom house is very affordable.

Sales Trends in Al Dhahir, Al Ain

Rental and purchase activity in Al Dhahir, Al Ain, are rising. Investors and other property purchasers compete for flats at attractive prices in desirable locations.

Given the current climate, many investors and purchasers hope to one day be able to own a home in any of the Emirates. The six-bedroom flats are anticipated to have a greater return on investment (ROI) of 4.3% than comparable properties in the area.

At Al Dhahir, a few choices exist for individuals looking to purchase a villa or townhouse. Real estate prices are heavily influenced by location and the number of features the home offers. Hence, if you want to diversify your real estate portfolio with some Al Ain property, now is the time to buy in Al Dhahir.

Public Transport

There are few bus stops in the area, and using the bus is the most convenient way to get to other parts of Al Ain. You won't have to wait long for a bus because several stops are close. Buses that often travel through Al Dhahir, Al Ain, include the following:

Bus Line Number Destination
X90 Al Ain Bus Stop to Abu Dhabi Bus Station
937 Al Dhahir Park to Al Ain Palace Museum
917 Al Dhahir Mall to Zayed Bin Sultan Stop


Educational Institutions

Al Dhahir, Al Ain, has several excellent preschools and elementary institutions. The following are some of the best Al Dhahir region high schools.

  • Alia International Private School
  • Al Naseem School 
  • Al Dhahir School. Parents 
  • Al Dhafra Private School
  • Indian School Al Ain
  • Liwa International Al Ain.

Al Dhahir is located near a popular area of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) known for its many prestigious domestic and international educational institutions. Among the finest educational institutions in all of Al Ain may be found in the district of Al Dhahir.

  • Abu Dhabi University
  • Al Ain Campus and Higher College of Technologies


The convenience of having several stores, including supermarkets, within easy walking distance makes the Al Dhahir neighbourhood a top choice. In addition, residents can check off the rest of their must-haves on their shopping lists at the flower shops and boutiques that line the area’s streets. Whether you’re looking for new clothing or an appliance, Al Dhahir has you covered. The following are some of the supermarkets one can visit in Al Dhahir to stock up on food and other supplies for the week:

  • Zahrat Mazyad Grocery
  • Al Dhaher Grocery
  • Baqala Badiat Al Raei
  • Lulu Hypermarket

Healthcare Facilities

Because of the proximity to cutting-edge hospitals and clinics, residents of the area rarely have to go further into the city for either routine or specialised medical care. Because it is convenient to have hospitals and other medical facilities so close by, housing in the Al Dhahir area is in great demand. You may reach several excellent medical centres within a fast eight-minute drive, including those below.

  • Extreme Dental Centre 
  • Tajmeel Cosmo Clinic 
  • Burjeel Medical Centre.
  • Mazyad Healthcare Centre

Mazyad Healthcare Centre is available to provide emergency medical services to locals. The clinic’s general and family medical services and gynaecology, chronic illness, and dermatological offerings are particularly noteworthy. In addition to a regular clinic, this one also serves as an urgent care facility, laboratory, and pharmacy.

Places of Worship

Due to the city’s diverse population, people of all faiths will have no trouble finding a place of worship that suits their needs in Al Ain. The city’s diversified population is accommodated religiously by many mosques and temples. Mosques dominate the neighbourhood, but other temples and churches, albeit at some distance. Some nearby mosques are listed below.

  • Ahmed Salem Saeed Al Kaabi Mosque
  • Jamei Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque
  • Rashed Hammad Saeed Al Saeedi Mosque

The city also has a few churches and is close to Al Dhahir. The churches are

  • Evangelical Church
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church Al Ain 
  • Al Ain Zion Church of God

Best Hotels in Al Dhahir

The business and tourism in Al Ain have grown tremendously during the past few decades. So, there is a great need for hotels, and thankfully, some of the most extravagant and luxurious hotels in the country can be found in Al Dhahir. Al Ain has some of the top hotels in the world, and it's located right on the beach, so it's ideal for tourists and international businesspeople. A few of the best hotels in the area are conveniently located close by:

  • Radisson Blu Hotel and Resort
  • Pura Eco Retreat resort
  • Al Ain Rotana Hotel


Shopping Malls

There is a great selection of stores, restaurants, and other retail options in Al Dhahir to fulfil the needs of any consumer, visitor, or resident. If you’re looking to do some serious bulk shopping or visit outlets for well-known national and international brands, there are several prestigious shopping centres in the area. These are several shopping centres to check out for a night out or a day of shopping spree:

  • Bawadi Mall 
  • All Jimi Mall 
  • Barari Outlet Mall 
  • Al Hili Mall
  • Al Ain Mall

Barari Outlet Mall, located in the heart of Al Ain, is a premier shopping and entertainment destination, including over 70 stores selling high-end labels and a wide selection of restaurants and movie theatres. Across Um Ghafa Road, the Al Dhahir shopping mall offers a whopping 400,000 square feet of retail space.


One of the most popular restaurants in Al Ain is Al Dhahir, which serves creative twists on world cuisine while remaining faithful to the dishes’ regional and cultural origins. When it comes to eating out in Al Dhahir, many people recommend –

  • Al Sedra Restaurant
  • Italiano Pizza & Pasta
  • Bavaria
  • Novo Sweets & Café 
  • Sweet & Crepe are a few of them.

Nearby Beaches

Al Dhahir’s prime position on one of Al Ain’s sandy shorelines makes exploring the city’s many other beaches a breeze. Visitor activities at beaches include swimming, volleyball, and simply taking strolls down the sand. Healthy lunch options abound near the beaches, including picturesque settings right on the sea. Beaches close to Al Dhahir:

  • Yas Beach
  • Al Raha Beach 
  • Al Ain Beach

Leisure Activities

Due to its location near the UAE/Oman border, the community of Al Dhahir provides its residents with easy access to a wide variety of tourist destinations and recreational opportunities found in both countries. You may find a variety of things to do in the area, such as:

  • Al Ain Camel Race Course 
  • Jebel Hafeet Desert Park 
  • Wadi Adventure Al Ain 
  • Water Park Al Dhahir

The world-famous Al Ain Camel Racecourse is near Al Dhahir, Abu Dhabi. The oval racing track is 2500 metres long and features an 1100-metre straightaway. Surface materials include clay, sand, and silt. Around the grandstand at the track, you’ll find a wide selection of concession stands providing snacks and drinks. There are also plenty of parking spots for fans to use.

Jebel Hafeet Desert Park is the emirate’s newest outdoor and cultural destination. The Jebel Hafeet Tombs, a significant UNESCO Heritage site in the United Arab Emirates, are nearby. In the desert park, you can stay in one of three camps: luxury, service, or individual. Visitors to Jebel Hafeet Park can ride camels and horses, ride bikes and dune buggies, or hike through the park to get a taste of the desert. It takes only five minutes to drive to the desert park.

Aside from the neighbourhood itself, Wadi Adventure Al Ain is a nearby attraction worth seeing. This adventure park is perfect for families, providing a safe environment to try out activities like white water rafting, wakeboarding, and kayaking. Some airparks and activities take place in the air, as well as a climbing wall and a giant swing. Reaching the water park will take about 20 minutes in the automobile.

Al Dhahir - Location Map and Landmarks

Shopping Centers

Distance and Commute Time

  • The distance between Al Dhahir and Al Ain International Airport is 14.5 km, and it takes 30 minutes to reach there. 
  • Al Dhahir to Yas Beach is 4.6 km and takes 14 minutes.
  • The distance between Al Dhahir and Al Hili Mall is 6.3 km, and it takes 15 minutes to reach there. 
  • The distance between Al Dhahir to Asharej is 8.7 km, and it takes 24 minutes to reach there.
  • The distance between Al Dhahir and Al Muwaiji is 7.4 km, and it takes 20 minutes to reach there.
Al Dhahir, Al Ain

Ratings and Reviews

Nusha Shah
Friendly community and neighbourhood

Multiple communities exist in Al Dhahir. Even if a few Muslims are in the area, I’m happy to see the Shiva Temple and Krishna Haweli flourishing. They may find common ground with them because both groups are open-minded and free of prejudice.

Crowded and noisy

I needed an apartment in a locality with all the amenities nearby so I do not have to travel much with children. Luckily, I found one in the Al Dhahir neighbourhood. Al Dhahir has every amenity and fun leisure activity nearby, but it is extremely crowded, especially on weekends.

Al Khumani Ali
Large apartments

Al Dhahir is in high demand among individuals because of the work area. So, finding two- and three-bedroom apartments at nominal rents is extremely tough.

Himesh Akhtar
Best seafood restaurants in the locality

I am a big fan of seafood, and finding a locality with the best restaurants in the city was engaging. Al Dhahir has the best options for restaurants and supermarkets if one likes to eat homemade food. I am an individual, so I escape to the streets to eat dinner, and none of the restaurants have disappointed me so far. So, I love it here!

Smelly surroundings

One of the worst things about Al Dhahir is the fish market in the locality. The smell from the fish market and the crowd is irritating. So, if you are relocating to Al Dhahir, please find an apartment far from the fish market. Otherwise, it is great here!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Dhahir freehold?

Yes, Al Dhahir is the most sought-after freehold area.

What are the top attractions in Al Dhahir?

Attractions around Al Dhahir include Al Ain Camel Race Course, Jebel Hafeet Desert Park, Wadi Adventure Al Ain, and Water Park Al Dhahir.

How to get to Al Dhahir in Al Ain by bus and metro?

There are metro stations nearby the locality. However, several bus stops are there, and all the bus routes go through Al Dhahir. You can take buses 917, 937 and X90.

Which are the best communities to live in, Al Dhahir or Al Ain?

Al Dhahir is a sub-community of the Al Rashidia community. It is one of the best places to find affordable apartments. Horizon Towers is one of the best places to offer comfy, affordable apartments.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Dhahir?

Italian Pasta and Pizza and Al Ain Rotana Hotel are some of the best hotels and restaurants in Al Dhahir.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Dhahir?

Lulu Supermarket, Al Ain Mall, and Al Hili Mall are some of the area’s shopping malls and grocery markets.

What are the best schools in Al Dhahir, Al Ain?

Some of the most prestigious schools in the world are located in Al Dhahir, including Alia International Private School, Al Naseem School, and Al Dhahir School. Parents and Al Dhafra Private School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Dhahir?

The best general hospitals and clinics in Al Dhahir are Burjeel Medical Centre and Extreme Dental Care.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Dhahir?

The most well-known place of worship in Al Dhahir is Ahmed Salem Saeed Al Kaabi Mosque, Jamei Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque, and Evangelical Church.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Dhahir?

Because it contains everything a family needs to live comfortably and peacefully, Al Dhahir is an ideal residential area. Nonetheless, it is removed from the city’s central business district and has few public transit choices. Getting to local destinations would be easy with just personal vehicles.

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