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Al Rawda 3, Ajman

About Al Rawda 3, Ajman An Overview

Ajman's Al Rawda neighbourhood is separated into three areas. It is one of the most popular sites to buy villas in Ajman. Al Rawda 3 is primarily a residential sub-community with a few commercial units like Tajeel Center Ajman. Because of its unique position, Al Rawda is regarded as one of the most popular districts in Ajman. 

It is near Sharjah and Dubai airports and has easy access to Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. This makes it quite simple to get to Sharjah or Dubai in minutes. Also, It offers easy access to several sections of the city, including Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Street and Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Street, as well as Ajman Industrial 1 and Al Jurf 2.

Further, Al Rawda is a freehold neighbourhood where you may own your house and land for life rather than leasing it from the government for a limited period.

Al Rawda 3 is a residential district of Ajman surrounded by parks and other recreational facilities. As you wander through the neighbourhood, experience its unique atmosphere, characterised by cobbled side streets, magnificent apartments, modern bridges, and sprawling lawns. It's a great spot for exploring, as there are plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby.

Al Rawda 3 is known for its contrasts: stunning villas, high-end monuments, and vast stretches of barren desert and ramshackle shantytowns. Residents come from various backgrounds, including locals, immigrants, and those who’ve moved here to pursue business or entertainment opportunities. This geographic and cultural diversity can create challenges and opportunities for living in this neighbourhood.

Key Highlights Al Rawda 3

What is Great Here!
  • Strategically Located At The Centre
  • Freehold Area
  • A Settlement Neighborhood With Access To Amenities.
  • An Abundance Of Attractions And Recreational Options.
What Needs Attention!
  • Traffic Congestion
  • No Villas Properties

Real Estate Overview in Al Rawda 3

Al Rawda 3 offers a diverse selection of properties that can accommodate any budget and lifestyle. The real estate in the area includes residential villas, apartments, townhouses, and a few commercial spaces for businesses or services. Whether you’re looking for an investment opportunity or just a place to call home, Al Rawda 3 has something that fits your needs!

There are studios, one-, two-, and three-bedroom flats, as well as three- to six-bedroom apartments, ranging from a 250-square-foot retail space for a single business to larger spaces that can be used for multiple businesses. These properties feature modern amenities, luxurious interiors, and frequently landscaped gardens. With all these features, it is no surprise that Al Rawda 3 has become a sought-after destination for business travellers and homeowners.

Off-plan trends in Al Rawda 3

Buying off-plan in Al Rawda 3 is an attractive prospect for many investors, as it offers significant advantages compared to buying a ready-made (constructed) property. Off-plan purchasing allows for potential future appreciation but requires financial counselling before making decisions. Al Rawda 3 forthcoming residential developments, including Corniche Towers, Conqueror Tower, Goldcrest Dreams, Majestic Tower, and Emirates Orient Towers.

Rental trends in Al Rawda 3

Al Rawda 3 in Ajman is desirable places to live, and their rental markets reflect that. You can choose from a variety of 3-bedroom apartments for rent in Al Rawda 3—villas and townhouses, as well as amenities like gyms and restaurants.

Depending on your budget, you can find accommodations ranging from modest studio apartments to luxurious villas. Understanding the local amenities and services is key to determining monthly rentals. Monthly rentals are heavily influenced by connectivity, and Al Rawda 3 provides residents with a mix of city and suburban living, making it an ideal location for various tenants. Further, the availability of properties in various sizes and types can make it easier to find what fits their budget and needs. 

Studio flats usually have  450 square feet of covered area. In comparison, 1-bed rental flats in Al Rawda 3 Ajman range from 500 to 900 square feet, while 2-bed units are 1,200 square feet. If you want something even bigger and more private, villas in the region range from 3 to 6-bedroom apartments. Good areas also have many townhouses for rent that offer great amenities and easy access to shopping areas.

Sales trends in Al Rawda 3

Ajman is the first emirate in the UAE to sell freehold homes to international investors. This accelerated the expansion and development of Ajman's real estate. Because of the freehold statute that allows foreigners to acquire houses in Ajman, it has become quite popular among expats. The influx of international investors has increased the demand for housing, resulting in a rise in property values throughout the region. Interested investors can purchase everything from little flats to massive mansions based on their needs. 

1 to 3- bedroom apartments for sale in Al Rawda 3 Ajman are also available, with the lower-end units being much more affordable. However, some of the houses for sale in Al Rawda 3 Ajman can be grand and luxurious, offering expansive outdoor areas and a host of luxurious amenities

Public Transportation

Buses and taxis are the main forms of transportation in Al Rawda 3. There are several bus stops located across the neighbourhood. Furthermore, the nearest metro station in Ajman is 61 kilometres away from UAE Exchange Metro Station 1. The driving distance is 73.2 kilometres. Therefore travelling by taxi or bus within Ajman can be an ideal option. The 

Bus E400 transports passengers from Dubai to Ajman. It is a less expensive option than using a vehicle or cab. The trip begins at Union Metro Station (near Al Rigga) and concludes at Ajman Bus Station. The whole trip duration is around 50 minutes.

Travel Options Destination
Metro - Red Line Union Square Bus Station - Nakheel
Bus (Route number: E400) Union Square Bus Station - Ajman, Giant Supermarket


Educational institutions

While there are no schools in the immediate vicinity, plenty are nearby. There are several kindergartens, primary schools, and high schools in the Al Jurf 2 neighbourhood. These Al Jurf 2 schools are less than 8 minutes away. Here is a list of schools that are conveniently located in and around Al Rawda 3 Ajman:

  • International Indian School Habitat School

  • Al Ameer English School Habitat School 

  • International Indian School 
  • Bright Future Private Schoo


Al Rawda 3 has a wide range of supermarkets, ranging from small, family-owned stores to larger chain outlets. Some of the city’s best shopping complexes are also nearby. A few supermarkets in the area include:

  • Shurooq Plaza for Abayas
  • Farook Plaza
  • Lakki Al Marwat SuperMarket
  • Talal Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

Al Rawda 3 also has numerous healthcare facilities, such as medical centres and hospitals, that provide comprehensive healthcare services to the public. These include

  • Hessa Medical Clinic in Al Rawda 2
  • Family Medical Centre in Ajman Industrial 1
  • Saudi German Hospital in Al Tallah
  • Al Zahra Medical Centre 
  • Ajman Specialty Hospital

Places of worship

Al Rawda 3 is also home to a range of places of worship for those from different religious backgrounds. The two main religious denominations in Al Rawda 3 are Islam and Christianity, with several mosques, churches, and temples around the area. Other places of worship include the Hindu temple, located in Al Rawda 3, and a Sikh Gurudwara for members of the Sikh faith community

  • Khalifa Saidi Mosque
  • Khalifa Salem Al Kaabi Mosque
  • Mohammed Al Khaja Mosque
  • Hamad Bin Obaid Mosque

Al Rawda 3 has other places of worship as well.

  • Winners Chapel International
  • The Shiva and Krishna temples in Dubai are the closest. In addition to the Sikh Gurudwara and the Sindhi Gurdarbar. It may take 45 minutes to get there by car.

Best Hotels in Al Rawda 3

Al Rawda 3 has hotels that suit all budgets, ranging from budget-friendly ones to high-end luxury accommodations. These hotels are popular amongst locals and tourists alike, offering excellent facilities, excellent customer service, and a convenient location near various attractions. These hotels offer tourists a choice between leisure and business travel. Popular hotels include

  • Radisson Blu Hotel Ajman
  • Westwood Hotel 
  • SHIRVAN Hotel City Yard
  • Q Suites Jeddah by EWA
  • Ewaa Express Hotel - Al Rawda
  • Hayat Alasayal Hotel


Shopping centres / mall

Around here, there is never a shortage of options for mundane shopping sprees. Near Al Rawda 3, several retail complexes, including historic souks and markets, regularly attract many visitors. Popular malls around Al Rawda are located within 11 minutes of each other. Shopping centres and malls in the vicinity of Al Rawda 3 include: 

  • Ajman City Centre
  •  Ajman China Mall
  • Galleria Shopping Center

Best Restaurants in Al Rawda 3

Al Rawda 3 is home to a wide selection of restaurants that offer various cuisines from around the world. This wide selection of restaurants can help cater to different religious denominations, offering traditional dishes from the respective religions and dishes from other countries and cultures. From famous Italian, Chinese, and Indian food to traditional Middle Eastern cuisine, there is something for everyone in Al Rawda 3. Popular eateries include:

  • 222 Burger
  • Safa Restaurant
  • Mexicano Fast Food
  • Tea & Tikka
  • Al Ghawas Restaurant and Kitchen
  • Cheesy Pasta

Beaches Nearby

Al Rawda 3 in Ajman is home to some of the best beaches for a relaxing day out or an adventure-filled vacation. The best beaches of Al Rawda 3, from peaceful and serene to those packed with exciting activities, including

  • Al Zorah Beach and
  •  Ajman Corniche.

Other top-rated beaches around Al Rawda 3, so you can relax and unwind in paradise without travelling too far away, include

  • Al Mamzar Beach: Located at the border of Sharjah and Dubai, Al Mamzar Beach Park is a stunning location for beach lovers. The park features four swimming beaches with lovely golden sands, clear blue waves and plenty of facilities such as showers and changing rooms. Set up a picnic or sunbathe along the shoreline; whatever you choose will leave you feeling serene and refreshed.
  • Jumeirah Beach: Jumeirah Beach is a tranquil spot for swimming and sunbathing, with various bars and restaurants.
  • The Corniche Abu Dhabi: The Corniche Abu Dhabi is a world-class beach with crystal-clear waters, guided fishing trips, shops, bars and restaurants, and activities for kids.

Leisure activities

Al Rawda 3 is a vibrant residential area amid Ajman’s most vibrant business and entertainment sectors. It is close to classic ancient souks, museums, and entertainment venues. Major landmarks in the surrounding region include:

  • Al Tallah Camel Racecourse
  • Sports Park, Al Hamidiyah

The Al Tallah Camel Race Course is open to the public, and the Camel Festival draws visitors from all around the Gulf. Meanwhile, Sports Park Al Hamidiyah offers a wide range of activities for all ages and abilities, from sports like basketball and football to live entertainment such as concerts and theatrical performances.

Distance and Commute Time from Al Rawda 3 to Other Popular Places

  • Dubai Airport (DXB) is 30.2 kilometres from Al Rawda 3.
  • Al Rawda 3 and Al Ghubaiba Bus Station 1(Dubai) are 29 kilometres apart.
  • Al Rawda 3 to Sharjah 25 min (15.9 km) through Sharjah Ring Road or Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road
  • Al Rawda 3 to Ajman 10 min (3.9 km) through  Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Street.
Al Rawda 3, Ajman

Ratings and Reviews

Hetal Goyal
Spectacular place to live

Al Rawda 3 is a great place to stay and explore the many cultural sites around it. As a solo female business traveller, I always felt secure without worrying about the language barrier or cultural sensitivities. The facilities in the area were also very accommodating, with plenty of shopping and dining options.

Al Rawda 3 offers a peaceful way of life.

I recently relocated from Sharjah to Al Rawda 3. When I arrived in Al Rawda 3, I felt a sense of belonging and a connection with the local culture. The friendly atmosphere of Al Rawda 3 made me feel welcome, and the residents were also quite friendly.

High Traffic Congestion

High traffic congestion has become a major problem in the city. The peak hours of the day experience the worst levels of traffic congestion, with commuters often facing long delays and wasted time.

Rabia Layakat
At par Luxury

While on a journey, I always look forward to a luxurious experience. When I arrived in Al Rawda 3, I was delighted to find that it had stunning views and ample outdoor activities and provided an indulgent atmosphere and a sense of luxury. From its upscale restaurants to its five-star hotels, the city had something for everyone, and I knew that it was the perfect place for me to settle. During my stay, I took full advantage of the wonderful amenities and experiences that Al Rawda 3 had to offer.

Gaurav Sharma
Centrally Located and well connected.

I was pleasantly surprised that Al Rawda 3 was conveniently located near some of the region’s most popular tourist destinations. In addition to its local attractions, I could take day trips to nearby beaches and islands, explore historic sites, and enjoy the local cuisine. The combination of having a comfortable, relaxing stay while also being able to explore the local area made my visit to Al Rawda 3 unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Rawda 3 a freehold area?

Al Rawda 3 is a freehold area, and you can invest in it here.

What are the top attractions in Al Rawda3?

The Al Tallah Camel Racecourse, Sports Park Al Hamidiyah, and other beautiful beaches like Al Zorah Beach and the Ajman Corniche are quite popular among tourists and locals.

How to get to Al Rawda 3 by bus and metro? And, which is the nearest metro station?

Al Rawda 3 is easily accessible by bus or metro. Bus E400 transports passengers from Dubai to Ajman. The nearest metro station to Al Rawda 3 is Ajman, which connects it to the neighbourhood.

Which are the best communities to live in the Al Rawda 3?

A few of the best communities in the Al Rawda 3 include Corniche Towers, Conqueror Towers, Goldcrest Dreams and so on.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Rawda 3?

A few premium hotels in the vicinity include the Radisson Blu Hotel Ajman, the Westwood Hotel, and the Shirvan Hotel City Yard. You can also feast on your taste buds at restaurants like 222 Burger and Safa Restaurant.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Rawda 3?

Ajman City Centre, Ajman China Mall and Galleria Shopping Center are a few of the malls in the Al Rawda vicinity.

What are the best schools in Al Rawda 3?

Many reputed schools in the neighbourhood, like International Indian School Habitat School and Al Ameer English School Habitat School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Rawda3?

Some of the best hospitals and clinics in the region can be found in Al Rawda3, including Hessa Medical Clinic in Al Rawda 2 and Family Medical Centre.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Rawda 3?

Khalifa Saidi Mosque and Khalifa Salem Al Kaabi Mosque are a few famous places of worship in Al Rawda 3.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Rawda 3?

Al Rawda 3 is a well-connected city  offering excellent amenities and public transport links. The only con associated with living here is heavy traffic.

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