An Inclusive Guide to Cancelling Tawtheeq Agreement

Tawtheeq Cancellation Abu Dhabi

Are you looking to rent an apartment in Abu Dhabi? If so, you should review the official tenancy agreement for Tawtheeq cancellation in Abu Dhabi. This blog will summarise Tawtheeq, explain why it is necessary, and explain how to sign up for one. Understanding Tawtheeq is critical for a good rental contract, whether you are a landlord or a renter. We’ll review all the specifics you need to know before getting started.

Understand Tawtheeq Cancellation in Abu Dhabi

Cancel Tawtheeq Agreement

Tawtheeq, which means ‘attestation’ in Arabic, was introduced in 2011 by the Abu Dhabi government to manage leases for rental properties in the emirate. Its primary goal is to ensure the landlord and renter have a legal contract agreement to avoid future problems. In addition, the method establishes explicit terms and conditions, which promotes transparency and comprehension between landlords and renters. Furthermore, Tawtheeq is a digital platform that comprises a linguistic interface (English and Arabic). This online method simplifies the enrollment, renewal, and updating procedures to prevent disputes and misunderstandings.

Documents Required to Cancel Tawtheeq Agreement

To cancel your Tawtheeq agreement before the specified end date, you must provide the necessary documents:

  • Cancellation/Termination document: This document, signed by all parties to the leasing agreement, constitutes a formal cancellation request.
  • Authentic Power of Attorney (if applicable): A valid power of attorney is required when a designated representative works on behalf of both parties.

Tawtheeq Cancellation Process Abu Dhabi 

To cancel the tenancy agreement, the landlord must fill out the Tawtheeq cancellation form. There are two options available for Tawtheeq cancellation in Abu Dhabi.

  • Tawtheeq Cancellation Process Online through Tamm 

Follow the instructions to cancel the Tawtheeq agreement  online through Tamm:

    • Go to the TAMM’s official website and register an account with UAE residential Pass. If you already have an account, skip the signing process.  
    • After logging, refer to the ‘Cancel a Lease Contract’ service option under the ‘Housing & Properties’ tab. 
    • Choose the right contract and select the preferred cancellation date.
    • Before applying, always review and verify. 
  • IN-Person at the Abu Dhabi Municipality (DMT) Office

Follow the below-mentioned steps for offline DMT Tawtheeq cancellation: 

    • Go to the nearest Abu Dhabi Municipality office within working days.
    • Take the Tawtheeq cancellation application form from the department.
    • Fill out the necessary credentials and mention the reason for cancellation and rental details.
    • After completing the application form, submit it.


Tawtheeq is an important aspect of the rental procedure in Abu Dhabi. It safeguards both the renter and the owner of the rental agreement. A Tawtheeq agreement is legally binding only if it is registered with the right agencies in Abu Dhabi. It is critical to take all essential precautions while signing a Tawtheeq agreement, such as confirming that all of the details on the contract are correct and up to date. Furthermore, both individuals should know their legal rights and responsibilities well. Tawtheeq is crucial to assuring success.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the difference between cancelling and terminating a Tawtheeq agreement?

While the terms cancellation and termination may have slightly distinct meanings, the Tawtheeq system considers them similarly when interacting with the signed tenancy contract.

Is there a fee for cancelling a Tawtheeq agreement?

No fees are charged for cancelling a Tawtheeq agreement.

How long does it take to cancel a Tawtheeq agreement?

Generally, cancelling the Tawtheeq agreement takes about five to ten days.

Do I need my landlord's consent to cancel my Tawtheeq agreement?

Renters in Abu Dhabi can mutually cancel their lease agreement with the landlord's approval.

What documents do I need to cancel my Tawtheeq agreement online?

Some notable documents are required to cancel the Tawtheeq agreement online, such as an official letter requesting a copy of the previous tenancy contract, personal identity, a valid industrial or commercial licence, and approved drawing copies from the Department of Municipalities and Transport.

How much notice do I need to give my landlord before cancelling?

A unilateral cancellation requires 60 days' notice, with a possible penalty of one month's rental.

Are there any penalties for cancelling before the lease expires?

Typically, landlords ask renters for reimbursement for terminating the contract early and leaving the premises before the term expires. In such a case, the renter may have to forgo the rent for the remainder of the lease or pay some recompense if they desire to leave early.

Who is responsible for outstanding bills after cancellation?

In Abu Dhabi, the tenant is normally responsible for paying all outstanding real estate payments until the final move-out date mentioned in the cancellation notice or leasing agreement.

What happens if I don't cancel my Tawtheeq agreement and leave the property?

If you don’t cancel your Tawtheeq agreement and leave the property, you might face potential consequences, such as being required to pay rental for the remainder of the tenancy arrangement, as specified in the signed agreement. If not managed, this can lead to enormous debt. Moreover, landlords can take legal action to recover pending rent and possibly ask you to leave the residence.

Can I cancel my Tawtheeq agreement if I haven't paid rent?

No, cancelling a Tawtheeq agreement does not exempt you from your responsibility to pay rent because cancellation/termination and rental payments are processed separately under the Tawtheeq system.

What if my landlord refuses to acknowledge the cancellation request?

If your landlord refuses to acknowledge your cancellation request for a Tawtheeq agreement, first look for terms about terminating early and the notice period needed by both owner and renter. Secondly, keep copies of the agreement as proof for future concerns.

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