Understanding The Ministry of Community Development and its Functions

Ministry of Community Development

UAE’s Ministry of Community Development forms the heart of societal development in the country. It would be easy to view it as just a bureaucratic entity. However, one can see that it is central to the nation’s efforts by deeply understanding the institution’s mechanisms and examining its various functions, services, and initiatives. It is the lifeblood of fostering a unified, inclusive, and thriving society. These initiatives, no doubt, will transform the community landscape of the UAE. 

Let’s dive into the crucial role that a community development ministry plays in the societal fabric and its power to uplift individuals. This ministry leads a variety of programs, particularly focusing on those known as ‘people of determination.’ These initiatives are vital, as they not only empower these individuals but also ensure they can contribute to and benefit from the nation’s prosperity.

Exploring The Ministry Of Community Development

Ministry Of Community Development

The Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) aligns with the UAE’s national agenda and is geared towards creating a happy and cohesive community. One of the central goals of the MOCD is to strengthen family and societal bonds. Additionally, it aims to enhance the social welfare system. This system supports various groups, including women, the elderly, and people with disabilities, known locally as “people of determination.”

Development plays a key role in fostering social growth and well-being across the nation. Anchored firmly within the UAE’s national agenda, the MOCD is all about creating a happy and cohesive community. They are forward-thinkers, proactively laying down plans to reach the lofty heights of the UAE Centennial in 2071.

The MOCD has a broad spectrum of responsibilities, from protecting children’s rights to boosting the capabilities of families and individuals with disabilities. It is committed to building strong, resilient Emirati families and enhancing community bonds. Innovation is at the core of its operations, which ensures that its services are not only delivered effectively and transparently but also adhere to the highest international standards.

How to Reach the UAE’s Ministry of Community Development?

For contact details and more information about the Ministry of Community Development, UAE, visit their official website at www.mocd.gov.ae

The Ministry of Community Development’s contact number is toll-free. Contact: 800-623.

  • MOCD Location and Address

MOCD is located in two cities. The two offices are listed below: 

    • Abu Dhabi: Bani Yas City, East 3, and
    • Dubai: Baghdad Street, Al Qusais 1

Key Initiatives by the Ministry of Community Development

Ministry of Community Development

MOCD has embarked on a variety of impactful initiatives in partnership with various associations to nurture a harmonious community. Each initiative is designed with specific goals in mind to enhance the social fabric of the nation.

  • UAE President’s Initiatives: These high-impact programs often span multiple sectors, focusing on large-scale community benefits and national development. These initiatives are directly inspired or called for by the UAE’s president, ensuring they align with the country’s highest priorities.
  • Strategic and Operational Initiatives: This category includes targeted actions and various UAE government social programs designed to improve the operational efficiency of community services and strategic outreach. The aim here is to streamline and enhance the delivery of services to the community, ensuring that the needs of all citizens are met promptly and effectively.
  • Innovation: Innovation is at the heart of the Ministry’s approach—implementing new ideas, creating dynamic services, and improving outcomes. By fostering an environment of creativity, the Ministry aims to solve complex social challenges with modern solutions that can scale across the community.
  • Gamification Techniques: The Ministry employs gamification techniques to make community engagement more interactive and enjoyable. These involve using game design elements in non-game contexts, which help educate, engage, and motivate people to achieve their personal and collective goals.
  • National Program for Happiness and Wellbeing: This program is particularly significant as it reflects the UAE’s dedication to its citizens’ happiness and well-being. It encompasses a broad range of activities designed to improve the quality of life for all residents, promoting mental and physical health, community interaction, and personal fulfillment.

These initiatives do more than align with the Ministry’s goal of fostering a tight-knit community; they bring everyone into the mix, making community development a team effort. Through these actions, the Ministry of Community Development isn’t just meeting the current needs of the UAE’s diverse crowd—it is also laying a solid groundwork for future generations.

Comprehensive Services Provided by the MOCD

Ministry of Community Development

The Ministry of Community Development in the UAE offers various services to enhance its citizens’ welfare and engagement, which are mainly categorized as Proactive Services and Smart Services.

  • Proactive Services: Anticipating and Addressing Community Needs

Proactive Services are designed to anticipate the community’s needs before they arise. This forward-thinking approach allows the Ministry to provide timely and efficient assistance, minimizing delays and enhancing the overall user experience. These services aim to address potential issues and opportunities in community welfare and development, ensuring that preventive measures and enhancements are in place.

  • Streamlining Renewal for the People of Determination Card

This service ensures the automatic renewal of the UAE People of Determination card upon its expiration. The renewed card is conveniently delivered to the beneficiary’s address via courier service, streamlining the process and ensuring continuous access to benefits without interruption.

  • Masara Services: Enhanced ID Card Benefits for Senior Citizens

MOCD offers Masara services that integrate a suite of privileges directly into the Emirates ID for senior citizens aged 60 and above. This proactive service is designed to enhance the quality of life for seniors by providing them with easy access to various benefits and facilities across different fields, aiming to improve their future well-being. 

  • Usrati Platform: Supporting Families with Integrated Services

The Usrati platform is all about giving families a leg up. It’s a proactive effort by the government, developed with input from both federal and local authorities, to offer a whole range of services that focus on family needs—think marriage grants and educational support. It’s designed to strengthen family foundations and efficiently cater to families’ specific requirements.

  • Volunteers.Ae: Uniting Communities through Volunteering

This platform serves as a national volunteering initiative that focuses on engaging senior citizens across the UAE, promoting social interaction despite social distancing norms. It aims to meet the seniors’ needs either directly through the Ministry of Community Development or through partnerships with other official bodies. The platform fosters intergenerational exchange, enhances community service participation, and helps break the isolation experienced by many seniors due to social distancing.

Smart Services: Innovative and Efficient

Smart Services leverages technology to provide seamless and accessible solutions. These services tap into the power of digital platforms, allowing you to interact with government services from your smartphone or computer. The main goal is to make everything super user-friendly and quick, reducing the need to visit government offices in person and speeding up how services are delivered to you.

  • Civil Institutes Services: Helps civil institutions obtain necessary licenses and support, ensuring they comply with regulations and effectively serve the community.
  • Family Consulting Services: Provides online counseling to strengthen family ties and resolve conflicts, enhancing family stability.
  • License of Rehabilitation and Care Center for People of Determination Services: Streamlines licensing for centres caring for UAE People of Determination, ensuring they meet quality standards.
  • Marriage Services: Offers marriage grants and organizes mass weddings to help reduce financial burdens, accessible online.
  • People of Determination Card Services: Manages the online issuance and renewal of People of Determination Cards, providing easy access to various benefits.
  • Productive Families Services: Supports family businesses by providing training, licensing, and marketing assistance, promoting economic independence.
  • Registration of People of Determination Services: Facilitates online registration for UAE People of Determination, ensuring access to government services and support.
  • Senior Emiratis Services: Offers comprehensive support tailored for elderly Emiratis, including healthcare and social activities. It is accessible online.
  • Social Protection Services: These include monitoring and intervention to protect vulnerable groups and using technology to manage cases efficiently.
  • Social Subsidy Services: Provides financial assistance to eligible individuals and families, ensuring a minimum standard of living through an efficient online system.

Customer Happiness Centers: Location Details

MOCD has set up Customer Happiness Centers all around the country to make sure everyone gets a smooth and pleasant service experience. These centers are easy to find and offer loads of support and help. When you drop by, you can pick up information, sign up for services, or sort out any problems with the help of friendly, well-trained pros who are all about making you happy. They’re focused on giving you quick and efficient help. This whole setup shows how committed the Ministry is to being responsive and tuned into the community’s needs, all part of their bigger goal to boost the quality of life for everyone in the UAE.

The following are the available happiness centers: 

Customer Happiness Centres

Happiness Centre of Abu Dhabi

15th Street, East 3, Baniyas, Abu Dhabi

Happiness Centre of Khor Fakkan

Seaport Street, Khorfakkan Square

Happiness Port, Al Mirfa

Al Mirfa, Abu Dhabi Road, TAAM Centre

Happiness Centre of Al Ain

2nd Street, Al Jimi, Al Ain

Happiness Centre of Senior Emirati, Ajman

Tariq Bin Zeyad Street, Meshairef

Happiness Port, Dalma

Dalma Airport Road, Dalma Municipality Building, Abu Dhabi

Happiness Centre of Dubai

58 B Street, Al Wasl, Jumeirah

Happiness Centre of Umm Al Quwain

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Street, Al Salamah

Happiness Port, Ghayathi

Arada, Ghayathi, Ruwais Road, Ghayathi Municipality, Abu Dhabi

Happiness Centre of Ajman

Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Street, Al Jurf 1

Happiness Centre of Ras al Khaimah

Al Nahda Street, Dafan Al Khor

Happiness Port, Al Sila 

Al Sila, Abu Dhabi Road, TAM Centre

Happiness Centre of Dibba Al Fujairah

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Al Sharqi Road, City Centre

Happiness Centre of Sharjah

Abdulla Bin Jaber Street, Al Yarmook

Happiness Port, Dibba Alhisn

Al Aqd Al Fareed Street, Social Service Department Building, Dibba Alhisn, Sharjah

Happiness Centre of Fujairah


Happiness Port, Al Dhaid

Martyr Sultan Bin Huwaiden Al Ketbi Street, Social Services Department Building

Happiness Port, Hatta

Dubai-Hatta Road, Al Hosn Square, Hatta Municipality Building

Happiness Port, Kalba

University Street, Social Services Department Building, Kalba, Sharjah

Happiness Port, Masafi

Al Dhaid, Masafi Road, Fujairah Municipality Masafi Branch Building

Happiness Port, Madinat Zayed

Tarif, Liwa Road, TAAM Centre, Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi

Making A Cultural Impact

It’s clear just how key the Ministry of Community Development is to nurturing a united and lively community here. With its innovative initiatives and committed service centers, the MOCD is truly leading the charge toward a caring and inclusive society. Whether it’s uplifting the UAE people with determination, backing the elderly, or strengthening families, the ministry’s work shines with innovation and compassion. 

By putting happiness and well-being first, the MOCD isn’t just meeting today’s needs; it’s building a solid base for the future. It’s uplifting to see the UAE’s dedication to crafting such a happy, united community, and it’s pretty exciting to think about what lies ahead with the MOCD steering the ship.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is the mission and vision of the MOCD?

The mission of the UAE's Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) is to implement policies and programs that promote social development, whereas its vision is to achieve a cohesive and happy community across the nation.

How can I access MOCD services?

You can access MOCD services through their official website, smart service portals, or by visiting one of the Customer Happiness Centers in the UAE.

Are there any fees associated with MOCD services?

Some services the MOCD provides may require fees, particularly for specific applications or registrations. It's best to check their official website or contact their Customer Happiness Centers for detailed information on any fees associated with the services you need.

What specific services and programs does the MOCD offer for People of Determination?

The MOCD offers a variety of services for People of Determination, including the issuance of determination cards, access to rehabilitation and care centres, and specialised employment programs. These services aim to enhance their quality of life and ensure their full integration into society.

How can I register as a Person of Determination or as a family member?

To register as a Person of Determination or for a family member, you can apply online through the UAE Ministry of Community Development's official website or by visiting a Customer Happiness Centre. Ensure you have all necessary documentation ready for submission.

What kind of information does the MOCD use for Proactive Services?

The MOCD uses demographic information, residency status, and specific needs assessments to deliver Proactive Services. This information helps them tailor services effectively to meet the anticipated needs of individuals and families within the community.

How can I stay updated on MOCD news and announcements?

To stay updated on MOCD news and announcements, subscribe to their newsletter, follow their official social media platforms, or regularly visit their website for the latest updates and information.

How can I volunteer or get involved with the MOCD's work?

To volunteer or get involved with the MOCD's initiatives, you can sign up through their official website or join through the national volunteering platform, Volunteers.ae, which lists opportunities to contribute to community development projects and events.

How can I contact the MOCD if I have a question?

You can contact the MOCD by calling its toll-free number, emailing it through its official website, or visiting a Customer Happiness Centre in person for direct assistance with your queries.

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