Tadbeer’s Innovative Approach to Domestic Help: One Platform, All Services

Tadbeer Services

Ranting about the hassles of finding reliable domestic help isn’t a new thing. However, the modern way to find these services in one place, via a digital platform, is absolutely fresh. Just a few years back, in 2017, the UAE government came up with Tadbeer centers. Launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE), it established a one-stop solution for the recruitment and employment of domestic workers. Today, we will take a complete walkthrough of its various services, explore all the know-how, and take an in-depth overview of this facility.

What is Tadbeer?

What is Tadbeer?
Credit: Tadbeer Oud Alreem

The word ‘Tadbeer’ means arrangement in Arabic. The service thus arranges and streamlines all sorts of domestic services people might need in the UAE.  It deals with hiring, training, verifying and legally assisting domestic workers in the UAE. Encompassing a range of services like babysitting, cooking, security guards, caretakers and others, the platform offers around 19 categories.

Tabdeer locations are spread across the Emirates. It is a unique service, in the sense that it works both ways. For those availing the services,it ensures cerebral and reliable assistance. While for those listed on the platform, it ensures consistent employment in a safe and secure environment. And for both of them, the platform establishes a completely transparent and fair interaction.

List of Services Available at Tadbeer

Tadbeer Services
Credit: Tadbeer

Tadbeer has established a network of service centres across the UAE. Be it Tadbeer Dubai, Tadber Sharjah, Tadbeer Abu Dhabi, or any other branch; people can get complete consultations on their requirements at these service centres. It offers service broadly in three categories:

  • Domestic Workers Visa Services

Tadbeer Visa provides a full range of visa services for domestic workers. For Emiratis, it offers services like entry permits, change of status, Emirates ID and various types of government typing services. For expats, it offers a Tadbeer Visa in UAE and sponsorship that leads to savings of up to AED 5,000. These packages are designed to facilitate the recruitment and employment of domestic workers in a manner that ensures flexibility, legal compliance, and the rights of all parties.

  • TADBEER Packages

Tadbeer offers two service packages- Full Time Live In and Recruitment. 

The full-time live-in service starts at AED 2,500, while the recruitment service starts at AED 1,000. Both programs offer easy, flexible, hassle-free processes for service availers and providers. Further, a well-established process of training, testing, evaluation, certification, placement and settling-in.

  • Value Added Services

Beyond the standard Tadbeer visa and employment services, a range of value-added services are available to elevate the overall experience. The Door-to-Door Visa Service is the first of two Value Added Services. It facilitates collection of documents and home delivery of Visa, eliminating the need to visit the center. While the Family Laison Officer is the second service which provides assistance throughout the sponsorship process.

To get complete details, eligibility criteria, qualifications and other information on these categories, you can visit https://www.tadbeer.me/.

What’s the Need for Tadbeer in UAE?

Tadbeer centres in Dubai and other emirates have changed the landscape of domestic assistance. Here are some conveniences it has achieved:

  • Established a Centralised Platform: Tadbeer maid packages have simplified processes by centralising the hiring and management of domestic workers This has resulted in greater efficiency and accessibility for all parties.
  • Standardised Employment Practices: Tadbeer ensures fairness in the domestic work sector by setting uniform standards for contracts, wages, and working conditions that align with UAE labour laws.
  • Streamlined Visa Processing: Tadbeer Visa services have eliminated the lack of attention to domestic workers’ visa concerns services. The platform has reduced bureaucratic challenges and expedited the process for domestic workers.
  • Promoted Worker Protection: Tadbeer plays a pivotal role in safeguarding domestic workers’ rights, including fair treatment, dispute resolution, and safe working conditions, enhancing their welfare in the UAE.

The Many Advantages of Tadeer

Tadbeer maid services, along with others, have simplified life for workers and recruiters. Here are some of the top benefits offered by this streamlined platform:

  • For Employers

    • Convenience: The platform has significantly simplified hiring, ensuring great convenience.
    • Diverse Choices: Employers now enjoy access to a diverse workforce, offering greater chances to find the right match.
    • Reliable Workforce: The availability of a well-trained and certified workforce ensures greater trust and reliability for employers.
    • Reduced Costs: A streamlined platform minimises unnecessary expenditure and ensures uniform rates across services. 
  • For Workers 

    • Wider Exposure: The profiles of domestic workers are formally listed on the platform, offering them wider exposure and better job opportunities. 
    • Protection of Rights: Tadbeer maid packages enforce standardised employment practices to ensure that workers’ rights are protected, resulting in fair wages, reasonable working hours, and safe working conditions.
    • Clear Expectations and Roles: Clear job descriptions ensure a more professional working environment. Workers get a better understanding of their roles, responsibilities, and expectations.

How Does Tadbeer Work?

Tadbeer works through its online platform and the offline network of service centers, like Tadbeer Dubai, Tadbeer Abu Dhabi and others. These service centres are licensed by the UAE Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization (MOHRE). With the help of a unique visual identity, domestic workers are recruited and employed through these centers. At present, there are 23 Tadbeer centres in the UAE as opposed to the planned 24 centers. Out of these 23 centres, there are 6 Tadbeer Dubai and 6 Tadbeer Abu Dhabi centres, 4 Tadbeer Fujairah, 3 in Al Khaimah, 3 in Ajman and 2 in Sharjah. 

While preparing a workforce pool, Tadbeer ensures that domestic workers undergo a thorough training process. Additionally, it ensures that their profiles are listed formally, detailing their skills, strengths and background to the employers. The platform also executes the complete process of contracting and negotiating. The entire process culminates by matching an employer’s needs with suitable domestic help, and fine-tuning their pairing.

Hiring a Domestic Worker Through Tadbeer?

Services through Tadbeer can be availed by generating an online request, contacting via helpline number or visiting their nearest service centre. Here are the various stages of Tadbeer’s hiring process:

  • Book an appointment by visiting https://www.tadbeer.me/.
  • Fill in the application form and provide details of your requirements.
  • Highlight the category of assistance needed and the comfortable working timings.
  • Tadbeer will share a list of candidates suitable for your needs.
  • The platform will arrange an interview between the employer and the employee.
  • If the interview succeeds, all the due formalities will be completed, working terms will be communicated, and the domestic assistant will be hired.
  • If an interview does not work out, Tadbeer will offer alternative options to explore and finalise. 

The platform assists both parties, the employer and the worker. If the employer is dissatisfied with the domestic assistance, he or she can request a replacement. In case of conflict, the worker can also lodge a complaint against the employer at the platform. 

Tadbeer Packages & Hiring Costs

Tadbeer offers domestic services in packages. The cost of these packages varies according to the nature of the services and the worker’s nationality. Take a look at the various packages and their recruitment costs below:

*The fees listed below are subject to changes with changes by the ministry. 

  • Recruitment Package: 

This package hires domestic workers from different countries, offering them benefits like family sponsorship. It also provides a 180-day guarantee. The costs of hiring under this package are:

    • Philippines & India: AED 12,000
    • Indonesia, Sri Lanka: AED 15,000
    • Nepal: AED 14, 500
    • Bangladesh: AED 7,000
    • Kenya & Uganda: AED 6,500 
    • Ethiopia: AED 5,000
  • Temporary Placement: 

Temporary packages link an employer and a worker for 6 months. The contract can be extended further if the two establish a good working relationship. This package offers a 6-month company sponsorship, which can be converted into a family sponsorship upon contract extension. Here are the associated costs:

    • Philippines & Indonesia: AED 2,500
    • Sri Lanka: AED 2,300
    • Nepal, India, Bangladesh & Kenya: AED 2, 250
    • Ethiopia & Uganda: AED 2,300
  • Full Time Live In:

The Full Time Live In Packages are available in flexible terms. Tadbeer offers easy and free replacement of workers in this package. Here are the associated costs:

    • Half-day (4-hour): AED 120
    • Daily (8-hour): AED 200 
    • Weekly (7 days): AED 1,120 
    • Monthly (30 days): AED 3,500
    • 6 months: AED 3,250 
    • 12 months: AED 3,000

Applying for a Domestic Tadbeer Visa in UAE

Tabeer visa in UAE includes services like issuing new visas, renewal & cancellation and Emirates ID & Insurance. Here are the 8 steps involved in the entire process, listed in detail below:

  • Obtaining the Qmatic Token

Walk into a centre and obtain the Qmatic token from the reception. Complete the government typing process with a typist and wait for approval from the authorities (MOHRE and GDRFA).

  • Opening Sponsor File

First-time sponsors are required to open a sponsor file and wait 24 hours for approval.

  • Entry Permit

This step entails applying for an entry permit for your Domestic / Worker Deposit Payable for Expats only AED 2,000. The notification of approval will be sent via SMS, while the Employment Visa will be sent via e-mail. 

  • Change of Status

The next step is to apply for a change of status within the validity period of 60 days. The residence visa application will be completed within this time, and a notification will be sent via email.

  • Medical Fitness Test

A worker’s medical test is to be done before a residence visa is issued, which would deem them fit to work. The test is valid for 90 days. 

  • Emirates ID 

An Emirates ID is needed to gain approval for the resident visa. Depending upon the status of the applicant/ worker, the application will be valid for 1 or 2 years. 

  • Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is compulsory for all domestic and household workers. 

  • Employment Contract

The next step is to print the MOHRE employment contract, whether you have a new application or an old contract.

  • Residency Visa Application

Once the residency visa is approved, ensure that it is stamped on the passport of the worker as well. 


Customers looking for domestic assistance in the UAE can contact the service provider through the following channels:

  • Website: https://www.tadbeer.me/
  • Address: TADBEER Center, Showroom No. 4, Indigo Sky Building – Sheikh Zayed Road – Umm Al Sheif – Dubai. 
  • Call: 04-706-0100
  • E-mail: contact@tadbeer.me

Summing It Up

With Tadbeer, UAE has cracked open a unique solution to a very practical problem. The digitisation of domestic services is a revolutionary step. It’s not available in any other country, neither in form nor in scale. With the introduction of this platform in 2017, ease of hiring and the protection of workers’ rights were both ensured at the same time. Today, the platform offers services spanning as many categories as possible. As the world goes global, and life gets even busier, Tadbeer’s domestic services will prove itself as an innovation of convenience in the coming future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How many Tadbeer service centres are there in UAE at present?

At present, there are about 23 Tadbeer centres in the UAE. It includes 6 Tadbeer Dubai. 6 Tadbeer Abu Dhabi, 4 in Fujairah, 3 in Al Khaimah, 3 in Ajman and 2 in Sharjah.

Where are Tadbeer centres located in Dubai?

Tabdeer location in Dubai is TADBEER Center, Showroom No 4, Indigo Sky Building - Sheikh Zayed Road - Umm Al Sheif - Dubai.

Where is the Tadbeer center located in Abu Dhabi?

In total, there are 6 Tadbeer Abu Dhabi centres. People living in the UAE can contact the call centre at 04-706-0100 and locate their nearest centre in Abu Dhabi.

How can one get a maid Tadbeer visa in UAE?

A maid Tadbeer visa in UAE can be easily obtained with the help of Tadbeer service centres. Simply visit your nearest centre or book an appointment online. Apply for a maid visa and follow the due procedure as per the representative’s guide.

Can we hire a nanny in UAE through Tadbeer?

Yes, Tabeer offers nanny services for people living in the UAE. It offers a range of profiles and customers can choose the most suitable candidate as per their preferences.

What are Tadbeer's timings?

The Tadbeer centres are open from 8 am to 8 pm.

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