Know About the 20 In – Demand Job Opportunities in UAE

Most In-Demand Job Opportunities in UAE

Searching for a new jobs in UAE? Do you want to explore a new career that aligns with your experience? Things can get a little tough out there. But we know what employers are looking for. The UAE has typically been a well-known country for jobs. It has a good economy and hosts many big employers from across the globe. While the opportunities are plenty, job seekers have a hard time finding a job that is high-paying and challenging. To make things easier, we have curated a list of the most In-Demand Job Opportunities in UAE. Along with jobs, we have also shared the skills you need in order to qualify for them. Without any further ado, let’s get into the details.

Skills For In-demand job Opportunities in UAE

skills for job Opportunities in UAE

Before we get down to the most In-Demand Job Opportunities in UAE, let’s look at some of the most sought-after skills that companies and employers look for. Each skill holds a unique value and improves one’s chances of getting hired. These include –

  • Nursing

Nursing Jobs in UAE

No, it’s not because of the pandemic. Nursing was very much in demand even before that. But now that the need has increased, it holds the top position in this list. Anyone with a nursing degree, experience in patient care, offering life support,  and ensuring patient safety can easily find a well-paying job in the United Arab Emirates. 

  • Financial Analysis & Management

Financial Analysis and Management Jobs in UAE

A lot of In-Demand Job Opportunities in UAE come under the financial sector. Every individual, business or even nation for that matter has to manage finances. It is, therefore, a valued skill. Those with extensive financial knowledge and experience can get excellent UAE opportunities. From financial analyst positions to careers in accounting and investment banking, this is one skill set that every organization needs. It empowers them to make smart financial decisions and manage money effectively.  

  • Blogging 

Blogging in UAE

The world of marketing is growing at rocket speed. With the world becoming more and more dependent on the internet,  it has become necessary for businesses to invest in digital marketing. And this involves blogging skills. Companies look for experienced marketing experts who can write and maintain blogs for their websites. A team of writers who understand their audience and provide them with information of their interest. 

  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing jobs in UAE

Social media platforms facilitate sharing of ideas, information and thoughts through virtual networks. In today’s day and age, it has become essential for businesses to update their social media presence consistently. Thus, they look for individuals with knowledge and expertise in social media algorithms. Someone who can create content, draw an audience and improve brand loyalty. Those with great social media skills can get jobs in both startups and established businesses. 

  • Video Production

Video Production jobs in uae

If you like recording and editing videos (whether personal or professional), your skills will be valued in the UAE. Many companies these days are on the lookout for talented marketing professionals who specialize in video production. Wondering why? Well, that’s because video marketing is a powerful way for brands to send out their message to a large audience. So, if you’re good at understanding people’s visions and turning those into reality,  no one can stop you from landing your dream job in the UAE. 

  • Engineering

Engineering jobs in uae

The field of engineering grows every single day.  And those with a background in engineering don’t have anything to worry about. UAE offers various engineering roles for experienced professionals. Companies both big and small need engineers specializing in mechanical, electrical and chemical fields. So, if you’ve been doing well as an engineer in your home country, there is a high chance that you’d do well in the UAE as well. 

  • Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management Jobs in uae

Do you enjoy talking to and dealing with customers? UAE will be more than happy to have you onboard for customer service or customer relationship management role. Those with effective communication skills will get great job opportunities in UAE that too in varied sectors like IT, Retail, Banking, Finances, Hotels, Education and more. 

  • Teaching

Teaching Jobs in UAE

Teachers are the backbone of every community, society or country. In the UAE too, there is always a requirement for experienced, talented teachers. From primary school teachers to university teachers, there is a range of in-demand teaching jobs. Individuals with experience in curricular development, special education, and educational leadership, in particular, are valued a little more. However, anyone with teaching skills can easily land a well-paying job here. 

  • Translation

Translation Jobs in UAE

Translation facilitates hassle-free communication between people around the world. It makes sharing of knowledge easier and is essential to the development of a country. For a country like UAE too, highly skilled translators are significant. You will come across plenty of jobs in UAE in different fields like literary, legal, health, sign language, business etc. Every industry requires translators to take their field in a new direction and eventually flourish. 

  • Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development Jobs in UAE

When you search careers UAE on Google, you’ll notice web development holding the top spot.  If you know how to design and create websites/apps, you’ll find amazing job opportunities here. From working as an intern to working as an experienced developer, the roles in this field are infinite. It’s even better if you have additional skills like UI/UX design and JavaScript. 

Top 20 In-Demand Job Opportunities in UAE

Top 20 In-Demand Job Opportunities in UAE

Now that you know about the most in-demand skills, let’s talk about the job roles associated with them. Here’s a list of the best In-Demand Job Opportunities in UAE : – 

  • Registered Nurse

Average Base Salary :  AED 5,900 per month

Career Prospects : Skilled nurses are responsible for communicating with patients and taking exceptional care of them. With the growing needs and expectations of patients, the role of a nurse is also evolving. This has led to an increase in the need for nurses. Thus, those with nursing experience and degrees will have an easy time getting a job in the UAE.

  • Healthcare Assistant

Average Base Salary : AED 3,400 per month

Career Prospects : Besides the growing need for nurses, there is also most in-demand job opportunities in UAE for healthcare support staff in the past few years. This includes healthcare assistants in particular. They work alongside doctors and nurses, caring for and supporting patients. UAE offers multiple jobs for healthcare assistants. So, even if you do not have much experience but are interested in working in the medical field, you can find a job here.

  • Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist - In-Demand Job Opportunities in UAE

Average Base Salary : AED 4,000 per month

Career Prospects : Companies across the UAE want to improve their digital marketing efforts. This means there are plenty of job opportunities for those with experience in online marketing including blogging, SEO, video production and social media marketing).  A job as a digital marketing specialist is a fantastic option for people who want a corporate job that rewards creativity.

  • Business Development Specialist

Average Base Salary : AED 5,000 per month

Career Prospects : Business Development Specialists are known for Identifying, researching, and developing future development opportunities for businesses. This makes them an integral part of every company whether it is an established one or a start-up.  So, if you have business management skills and experience, you will easily find jobs in the UAE.  Not just as a specialist but also as an associate, manager or consultant.

  • Teacher

Average Base Salary : AED 5,000 per month

Career Prospects : From special education teachers to subject teachers and counsellors, teaching involves a broad spectrum of roles. No matter which spectrum you belong to, UAE will not disappoint you in terms of jobs. Qualified teachers have always been in demand here and this demand is expected to grow even further in the coming years. 

  • Translator

Average Base Salary : AED 6,000 per month

Career Prospects : To improve communication with other countries, UAE is constantly looking for skilled translators. They want talented translators who can translate from Arabic to other languages, especially English. A wide range of organizations needs assistance from them so there is no shortage of jobs when it comes to this specialization.

  • Software Developer

Software Developer - In Demand Job Opportunities in UAE

Average Base Salary : AED 4,600 per month

Career Prospects : If there is one job role that will see guaranteed growth in the coming years, it’s web software development. Online presence has become an absolute necessity for all industries today. Therefore, both the private and government sectors are on a constant lookout for experienced developers. Those belonging to this specialization will have an easy time finding a job in the UAE.

  • User Interface Designer

Average Base Salary : AED 5,400 per month

Career Prospects : Just like web software developers, there are plenty of job opportunities for user interface designers in the United Arab Emirates. Experienced, as well as freshers in the field, have a good chance of landing a job that pays well. Freshers especially have a lot to learn here. Top companies in UAE will help you gain practical experience, something that will definitely develop your skills.

  • Cybersecurity Analyst

Cybersecurity Analyst - In Demand Job Opportunities in UAE

Average Base Salary : AED 9,800 per month

Career Prospects : With most businesses moving their operations online, the need for reliable cyber security professionals have also increased. If you belong to this field – as an analyst, manager or consultant – you won’t face any problem finding a job in the UAE.

  • Engineer

Average Base Salary : AED 4,900 per month

Career Prospects : From mechanical and civil engineers to aeronautics and environmental engineers, there is a huge demand for engineers in UAE. Once you start looking, you’d notice that job openings for engineers are available for all experience levels and backgrounds. Freshers and experienced engineers will easily find a position with incredible growth potential.

  • Journalist

Average Base Salary : AED 7,900 per month

Career Prospects : Which country doesn’t require journalists with strong opinions? The demand for them has increased a lot due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The field of journalism is perfect for those who wish to present the news in an honest and balanced way. UAE offers a phenomenal range of job roles in this field, especially in the digital space.

  • Investment Banker

Investment Banker - In Demand Job Opportunities in UAE

Average Base Salary : AED 9,100 per month

Career Prospects : UAE like any other country comprises people and businesses who could use help with finance and investment management. If you have any kind of expertise in this field along with a solid background, finding a job will be a cakewalk for you in the UAE.

  • Human Resources Officer

Average Base Salary : AED 4,450 per month

Career Prospects : Every company no matter which type relies on a good human resources officer for developing and reinforcing the culture of their organization. So, it’s only obvious that businesses in the UAE also require experienced HR professionals. Those with recruitment expertise, effective communication skills and HRIS knowledge won’t face any challenges finding a job.

  • Professional Coach

Average Base Salary : AED 6,100 per month

Career Prospects : Skilled and accomplished coaches work with other experts to develop their strengths, identify their weaknesses and improve their performance. UAE comprises many coaching companies as well as individuals who wish to hire coaches on a freelance basis.

  • Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer - In Demand Job Opportunities in UAE

Average Base Salary : AED 3,600 per month

Career Prospects : Brands in UAE both upcoming and established require improving their labels, packaging, website design, logos, apps and more. Those with graphic design abilities and an eagerness to help brands expand their reach will find many job opportunities in the UAE.

  • Social Media Specialist

Average Base Salary : AED 4,100 per month

Career Prospects : A majority of companies across the UAE want to improve their social media presence and reach out to more people. From planning content to creating social media ad campaigns, businesses require trained social media experts to ensure the best results. If this is something that you have a passion for, you will find plenty of job openings.

  • Compliance Officer

Average Base Salary : AED 6,000 per month

Career Prospects : Compliance offers are essential for companies to ensure they are abiding by all the governing laws, rules and regulations. If you’re familiar with business compliance and have worked with organizations in the past, finding jobs in the UAE won’t be tough for you. Companies of all kinds and sizes require reliable compliance officers. You’d just have to choose which company you’re interested in working with.

  • Paralegal

Average Base Salary : AED 5,900 per month

Career Prospects : Licensed paralegal or law students have nothing to worry about in the UAE. The country is known for having some of the best law firms in the world, who of course need talented paralegals to strengthen their teams. It won’t be wrong to say that job opportunities in this field are in abundance especially in the UAE.

  • Hospitality Manager Or Supervisor

Average Base Salary : AED 8,719 per month

Career Prospects : The UAE has tons of hotels and organizations that are always looking for experienced hospitality managers/supervisors. Now that tourism is slowly picking up, the need for such professionals has increased even more. Hotels and businesses require talented experts who can surprise other workers and ensure a remarkable experience for the guests. 

  • Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant - In Demand Job Opportunities in UAE

Average Base Salary : AED 4,500 per month

Career Prospects : Administrative assistants are essential in every industry. If you have worked as an administrative assistant and are good at multitasking, job hunting won’t be taxing for you. Your experience in greeting customers, scheduling meetings, managing files and handling other tasks will be much appreciated.


We hope our list of the most In-Demand Job Opportunities in UAE and skills gave you a rough idea of what to expect in 2022. If you think you have the skills that employers are looking for, you’ll be able to find your dream job in no time. But if you think your skills require a little more polishing, it’s the perfect time to start working on them. Stay tuned for more such posts and tips. Let us know if you have any concerns or queries regarding your current job role and its demand in the UAE, we’d be happy to help.

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