Creativity and Innovation: All About Dubai Design Week 2022

Simple Guide on Dubai Design Week 2022

The 8th edition of the long-awaited Dubai Design Week 2022 was open to all art and design fans. The event was designed especially for the brightest minds to get wonderstruck by the manifestation of creativity and innovation. This event was the best spot to explore different designs and encourage the region’s creative community.

If you missed the event, read the article below to learn everything about it!

About Dubai Design Week

About Dubai Design Week

Encouraging innovation and creativity, Dubai Design Week is a Middle Eastern and North African festival celebrated annually. The main events of this week included exhibitions, installations, and other experimental modes where individuals and organisations express their designs and ideas. The Dubai Design District offered a medium to celebrate local talent and uplift aspiring artists. This year a new innovative theme ‘Design with Impact’ was introduced to create awareness about design playing a crucial role in concocting a sustainable future. 

Laying the base for a promising tomorrow, a string of installations was inducted to encourage dialogue around the subject. The Dubai Design Week 2022 was established under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It was managed by the Chairperson of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (DCAA).

Location, Date and Timing

The Dubai Design Week usually takes place in Dubai Design District. It is an area popularly known as the home to city art. The location of this event was another unique speciality. Some of the most impressive art displays and pavillions were near the workshops and buildings, while the Dubai Design week location was ‘The Block’. 

Dubai Design Week date was set from November 8 to November 13. As there was no display variation on all days, attendees could attend the event on a single day or all days at their convenience.

Dubai Design Week Timings were 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM on November 9 to November 11 and 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM on November 12 and November 13.

The Highlights- What To Look Out For!

The Highlights- What To Look Out For!

Dubai Design Week is celebrated annually to encourage and promote art, design, and creativity across different venues in Dubai. The first Dubai Design Week was held in 2015 with many unique installations, designs, and innovations. Many people come to visit this exquisite event every year. Couldn’t attend the event this year? Worry not! We have curated a list of the top events that created a buzz in the Dubai Design District for you!

  • Downtown Design

Downtown Design

The most popular exhibition of art and design in Dubai Design District was Downtown Design. Visitors enjoyed great panoramic views of the D3 waterfront while viewing premium-quality designs. It was a brilliant opportunity for global brands and industry experts to share innovative concepts, visions, and future design ideas.

The zero-waste exhibit allowed manufacturers, creators, visitors, and studios to delve into amazing artworks and buy or rent handmade and small-scale manufactured goods. 

  • Design Market By FLTRD 

Design Market By FLTRD 

Design Market by FLTRD in the Dubai Design District flaunted a retail area with a new twist to the term ‘designer shopping’. Many top brands sold various goods, from apparel to home appliances, catering to all preferences. Lebanese, Emirati, and European labels participated in the Design Market by FLTRD. Timeless diamond designs, various bohemian-crafted accessories, forged jewellery, natural stones, and glamorous and exclusive fashion were also displayed. The Design Market offered a joyful shopping experience to all age groups, with stunning collections to fit everyone’s needs displayed in an outdoor setting in the heart of the Dubai Design District.

  • Installations


Some dazzling installations at Dubai Design Week 2022 included:

    • Gateway by Wafaa Bilal : The Gateway installation was formed as a walkthrough passage. It offered a kaleidoscopic experience for each visitor with remarkable stature and height. Additionally, visitors were allowed to add more elements and dimensions of design through an Augmented Reality QR code by simply downloading an app.
    • From the Dunes & Trees by ARDH Collective : This installation was built organically using natural and waste resources from the dunes and trees in the UAE. It was designed to glorify the Emirates’ impressive history in construction techniques. Dubai Culture commissioned it and magnified the idea of sustainable and future-forward strategies with its traditional design and agricultural landscape.
    • Dewan Metaverse Dome by Dewan Architects : The installation was in the shape of a dome that mimicked the discussion area of the Babel 4.0 metaverse. It was developed by MAD (Dewan Architects and Engineers’ Metaverse Architecture Department). The circular shape of the dome sparked fascinating discussions among the audience and made them feel like they were in Metaverse. Wraparound screens and the space’s isolation from outer disturbances were also built to provide a real Metaverse experience.
    • The Musical Ring by Sharabassy Built Environment Studio : This installation beautifully blended light and music to provide an aesthetic experience. The pattern of refracted and reflected light, seamlessly creating lighting effects with music, made this the perfect spot to socialise and click amazing photographs. Laser shows, video projection, and three-dimensional photography won the hearts of visitors.
    • Once Upon A Forest by OBMI : As the name suggests, this installation emphasised the development of the UAE’s natural world of mangroves to urban settings envisioning new potential. It was designed to resemble a mangrove forest which amazed art lovers. Visitors learned how people were immersed in protecting the indigenous forest ecosystem and promised to keep it alive.

Utopia of Talent in Dubai Design Week 2022

Dubai Design Week had an extravagant beginning and a smooth end. Art lovers enjoyed all the interesting events that took place this week in Dubai Design District. The region’s leading designers, architects, and artists delved into this year’s theme ‘Design with Impact’. Art and literature connoisseurs participated in exciting discussions and explored artworks, awakening a sense of responsibility towards sustainable solutions for the future creative industry.

There was something for everyone to ignite and excite them! More than 60 wonderful workshops, artworks, and several booths showcasing local and international talent told each artist’s story. Many visitors enjoyed exclusive designs and had interactive art discussions regarding installations. Everyone was enthusiastic about participating in this event, from sculpture to architecture and potential architects to creative enthusiasts. Visitors took their families on this trip to spend quality time at renowned cafes, restaurants, and dining places. Dubai Design District perfectly demonstrated the twist of innovation in art. 

The Final Word

Dubai Design Week 2022 gave the world a new vision of art and design, promoted new talent, and created long-lasting memories for all visitors. This wonderful event unleashed creativity and gave art lovers stunning views of the canal and fun sports activities while exploring the recreational area ‘The Block’. Installations were the showstopper of this event, with bizarre ideas, designs, and endless artistry. It was the perfect place to relish creativity and imagination with a life-changing social impact. Dubai Design District witnessed this amazing event to enjoy innovative fashion and product designs.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How do I get to the Dubai Design District?

You can take the following transportation options to reach Dubai Design District: Careem, RTA Taxi, or Uber. Private conveyance. In Dubai Design District, visitors can get free parking. Public vehicle. Metro runs to Burj Khalifa/Downtown Dubai station; you can get bus shuttles to Dubai Design District.

How can I be a part of Dubai Design Week?

Visitors applications are now closed, but art lovers still participated in Dubai Design Week 2022 as volunteers. Volunteering at Dubai Design Week 2022 seems like the perfect opportunity if you wantto participate in this huge event.

Are there any other things to do in Dubai Design District?

There are several restaurants and cafes with various cuisines and tastes worldwide with exquisite interior design. You would love Akiba Dorian, an anime-inspired restaurant, and a dazzling Italian restaurant at Viccolo and Molecule. You can also participate in sports activities like volleyball, skating and many more to enjoy your perfect trip to D3.

How do registration for Dubai Design Week 2022?

The registration process is very simple as it requires filling up the personal details in the respective fields like name, email, password etc.

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