Know The 5 Topmost Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid

Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid

One of the most expensive investments that most individuals spend their financial resources on is real estate. With buying a house, comes the responsibility of a home mortgage. This is why it is important to avoid some mistakes while paying off a mortgage. Those who are just entering the market for mortgage plans can go through this list to eliminate mortgage mistakes. 

This blog will include everything that is required for an individual to avoid when planning for a mortgage. From mortgage plans to mortgage mistakes, we have all the aspects listed for you. 

Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid

Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid in UAE

  • Stop at All Deals

The biggest mistake that an individual makes is to not get in touch with various dealers before finally deciding their mortgage plans. It is very important to go through different house mortgage rates. If you have been following the same theme of consulting only one lender and not cross-checking the same with others, then you certainly have been on the wrong track. To get a smooth mortgage plan it is advised for you to consult multiple lenders and read their quotes carefully. Then, it is important for you to check the same quotations with your local banks & credit unions. 

  • Spending Too Much on Your New Home

The next common mortgage mistakes individuals make is buying an expensive home for themselves by avoiding the additional expenses that come along. However, it is important for an individual to always be very practical when planning to buy a house and make a mortgage plan. A doomsday situation should never arise wherein, the individual is not left with any money to accommodate other expenses. Therefore, an individual is always advised to consider other factors while buying a house. These factors include your daily expenses, monthly expenses, medical emergencies, other loan payment (if any) and savings for future planning. Apart from your regular expenses, this also includes expenses for furnishing your newly bought house. 

So, always make sure to add your normal housing cost and not only your home mortgage rates but also your fees related to insurance, taxes, etc. As it is not always possible that what the bank suggests for you is the only affordable mortgage plan for you or what an individual can afford. For all the first-time homebuyers, it is very important for them to be aware of the additional expenses that come along with their normal mortgage rates. 

  • Fix Your Credit Reports

Fix Your Credit Reports in UAE

This is considered to be the most important point. It is essential for an individual to always keep their credit scores on point. Before you decide to finally buy a house and get started with the procedure, it is important for a user to check their credit score and credit history. When an individual tends to apply for a loan the first thing that the bank checks are your credit score. Make sure that your credit score gets fixed 6 months before finally applying for a loan, in case the credit score does not look good to you. If you want, you can also request your credit score copy and review the same. 

After you get the copy, it is important for you to give a thorough read and check for any fault. In case, you find any such as non-payment of a bill. Then, it is suggested for you to make the payment and clear any kind of default in your account. As any kind of fault found in your account can lead to much higher house mortgage rates and sometimes can even lead to your loan rejection. As per the new policies practised by many banks offer some kinds of FICO scores allotted to every user as a form of perks. Therefore, it is important for every user to get their credit score checked right. 

  • Get Your Application Pre-Approved

It is always better for an individual to get their home mortgage pre-approved. Getting their new home’s mortgage pre-approved has a lot of benefits for both the seller and the buyer of the house. Firstly, it gives you a brief idea of the right kind of house that you can easily afford for yourself, along with giving you an approx. the idea of what your monthly EMI will look like. 

It also eliminates the disappointment of not being able to buy your dream home. Also, provide you with multiple options on the same property from different sources. It also makes the seller more interested in helping you more with the arrangement of purchasing a new house as compared to other buyers searching for a home. This is because the seller will be more inclined towards the buyer who has their mortgage pre-approved. As a reminder, always keep in mind that it is not important that you can always afford what the bank suggests. 

  • Try and Adjust the Junk Fees

Adjust Your Junk Charges in UAE

When a user is in the process of investigation, it is important for them to remember that the mortgage rates come along with various junk charges. One such example is the recording charge, which is normally fixed. But some banks sometimes adjust it somewhere here and there. Before negotiating, it is important for the user to know what to do, what they expect and accordingly make the action plan.  

Therefore, it is good if the user asks for a good estimate of all the fees and charges included. It is absolutely okay to ask your lender to give you a complete review of the entire plan, and then you might try negotiating on the same. If required, you can also ask your property professional to help you with the same. As there are definitely some fees that have room for negotiation. 

Make a Wise Decision

All above-mentioned points are some of the common mistakes that are made by users while planning to buy their new house. It is necessary for individuals to keep a check on all the nitty gritties involved in their mortgage. When you avoid mortgage mistakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to avoid mortgage errors?

Individuals must try and get rid of any kind of debt and ensure they have a stable job. they must also do thorough research, and analyse their credit score and history.

Do lenders pull credit after closing?

A lender pulls credit at both the beginning and closing of mortgage approval.

What should you avoid while planning to buy a house?

One should figure out what kind of house you can avoid for yourself. They must also check quotations only from one lender and keep their credit score and history in check.

What is the best time for buying a house?

There is no such perfect date when a user can decide on buying a house. A buyer can look for purchasing a house when he/she is certain about the amount of money he has in her bank account to get their hands on the new expenses that come along with buying a new home.

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