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How Much Does Hiring a Real Estate Broker in Dubai Cost?

Dubai has become a popular destination for homeowners and real estate investors due to its opulent lifestyle, breathtaking architecture, and robust market. Knowing the commission rates for real estate agents is essential if you’re considering purchasing or selling property in Dubai. Many real estate investors in Dubai are foreign nationals who will not be in the city to oversee or maintain their properties. Whether you want to rent out or sell your condo or villa, working with a professional offers invaluable market knowledge and experience. But quality specialists are not free. In this blog, we will examine the nuances of real estate broker fees in Dubai and offer crucial information to help you make an informed choice when entrusting someone with your money.

Expenses Involved in Engaging a Real Estate Agent Broker in Dubai?

Real Estate Agent Broker in Dubai

Whether you’re buying or renting a house in Dubai will affect the cost of working with a real estate agent. While using a real estate agent has many advantages, some people may not find the high cost appealing. Furthermore, after the buyer or tenant receives their keys, real estate commissions in Dubai fluctuate based on the property’s value.

The cost of each transaction could vary depending on the terms of the agent’s contract. The Real Estate Regulation Agency (RERA) doesn’t enforce a set real estate agent fee. Nonetheless, the buyer or tenant’s contract with the agency must be filed with the Dubai Land Department (DLD). When clients work with multiple real estate agents, they must pay each agency according to their contract, which needs to be registered with DLD.

Let’s examine how much it costs to work with various real estate agents in Dubai.

Leasing a Property

Tenants in Dubai pay the commission charged by the real estate agent when renting a property. Similarly, if the landlord has employed a real estate broker, they must pay for their services. For residential and commercial properties, this charge varies. As an illustration, the price of using a real estate agent in Dubai to locate a rental is as follows:

  • Residential Properties

    • Tenants in Dubai must pay between 2% and 5% of the monthly rent. For example, the renter pays a commission fee of AED 2,000 to AED 5,000, depending on the commission rate of 2% to 5% of the annual rent of AED 100,000.
    • If the annual rent is less than AED 5,000, hiring a real estate agent will cost you just AED 5,000.
    • If you’re the landlord and rent out your property, you may be required to pay the agent nothing or as much as 8% of the annual rent. The precise sum is determined by the services you and the agent agree upon, such as the marketing and property management they will provide.
  • Commercial Propertiesย 

    • If you rent a commercial space in Dubai, you must also charge the real estate agent. This cost varies depending on what the agent is asked to do and might be anywhere from 5% to 10% of the annual rent.
    • Depending on the terms of the agent’s agreement, you, as the landlord renting out a commercial property, may be required to pay up to 8% of the annual rent.
  • Purchasing or Disposing off a Propertyย 

Fees are associated with purchasing a property in Dubai through a real estate broker. A real estate agent can be hired for up to 2% of the sale price at closing or the agreed-upon amount. A 5% VAT is applied to the realtor’s commission when purchasing a property.

Conveyance costs are an additional expense that buyers in the United Arab Emirates must consider when purchasing real estate. The cost varies depending on the property’s value, the nature of the transaction, and the services used. Typically, it falls between AED 5,000 and AED 10,000.

  • Disposing off a Pre-Construction Propertyย 

When selling an off-plan property in Dubai, the developer or seller is responsible for paying the real estate agent’s commission. This implies that if you hire a real estate agent to assist in selling your off-plan property, you will be liable for paying their commission. Before the sale procedure begins, the developer/seller and the real estate agent arrange the commission charge for off-plan properties.

The Standard Commission Structure

Comission Structure

Real estate agent commissions in Dubai usually have a set format. A portion of the property’s final sale or rental price calculates the commission rates. Although commission rates might vary based on the particular agency and type of property, typically, residential properties have a commission rate of between 2% and 3% of the entire transaction amount.

For instance, the commission on a house sale for AED 1,000,000 would be between AED 20,000 and AED 30,000. Remember that the property owner and the real estate agent can bargain over these fees, which are not set in stone. These rates could also alter over time because, similar to other economies, Dubai is impacted by changes in the world economy and exchange rates.

What are the Factors that influence Commission Rates?

The commission rates that real estate brokers in Dubai charge might vary depending on several factors:

  • Property Types

Commission charges may change depending on whether the property is residential, commercial, or industrial. Commission structures can differ for off-plan buildings and luxury properties. To get the best prices, service, and rates available, speak with your property management company or research your options.

  • Value of the Property

The commission percentage could decrease as the property’s value rises. Lower commission rates may be appropriate for higher-value homes to attract potential buyers.

  • Special Listings

A real estate agent or agency may offer a lower commission rate as a reward for your continued business if you decide to deal with them only. Building a mutually beneficial relationship with a real estate agent or company that you find satisfying and trusting with your business may be useful if you have a large portfolio of real estate investments that you update regularly.

  • Economic Conditions

Real estate agents may be more amenable to negotiating lower commission rates to close a deal in a buyer’s market with an abundant supply of homes and low demand.

  • Skills of Negotiation

Your capacity to bargain with the agent may also affect the ultimate commission rate. Skilled bargainers could get cheaper prices.

Additional Costs and Considerations
Additional Costs and Considerations

When handling real estate transactions in Dubai, there are other expenses and factors to take into account, even though the commission rate is an important one:

  • VAT (Value Added Tax)ย ย 

My most recent information is that real estate agent commissions in Dubai are subject to a 5% VAT as of October 2023. To ensure compliance, be sure to review the most recent tax regulations.

  • Costs for Agency and Property Management

Certain real estate brokers may add extra costs to offset property appraisals, marketing, and photography costs. Only renters must pay a flat charge for rental units. However, property management companies frequently provide more comprehensive packages, including marketing, maintenance, and upkeep, for an extra cost. Make these expenses clear upfront.

  • Attorney Chargesย 

Legal fees may be incurred during the transfer of property ownership by both purchasers and sellers. Make sure you know exactly who is in charge of these expenses. In addition to administrative fees deducted from the property’s purchase price, the Dubai Land Department levies a 4% fee on transactions split equally between the buyer and seller. These vary depending on the kind and value of the property; land parcels and off-plan properties are exempt from some fees.

  • As per DAMAC, a prominent developer in Dubai, the present fees are:
  • The fees for the Dubai Land Department are as follows: AED 40 for off-plan properties, AED 430 for land, and 4% of the property price plus administrative costs.
  • AED 2000 + 5% VAT is the registration fee for properties valued at less than AED 500,000.
  • AED 4000 + 5% VAT is the registration fee for properties over AED 500,000.
  • Dubai Land Department mortgage registration fees are up to AED 290 plus 0.25% of the loan amount.
  • Additional expenses, including required insurance or property appraisal fees, could depend on the property and type of transaction.
  • An initial fee is associated with registering your home with public utility providers like the Dubai Electric and Water Authority. based on how big the property is.
  • Third-Party Account Holding Services

Escrow services are frequently used in Dubai real estate transactions to safeguard all parties’ interests. Recognize the costs involved and how they are allocated. For investors, escrow services are an invaluable resource. Purchasing real estate in Dubai frequently requires a substantial financial commitment, so many people must arrange their funds. As one of the world’s most prosperous real estate markets, Dubai offers various escrow service providers.


The real estate market in Dubai presents fascinating prospects, but when collaborating with real estate brokers, it’s critical to understand the subtleties of commission rates and related expenses. When buying or selling real estate in this energetic city, remember that commission rates are negotiable, so it’s your best advantage to do extensive research, compare prices, and use your negotiating talents to achieve a beneficial deal. You may make decisions that support your real estate objectives in Dubai by being aware of the variables that affect commission rates and having a thorough awareness of related expenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much must I pay an agent to buy a home in Dubai?

A competent real estate service in Dubai will charge a two percent commission on the final sales price.

How much is a conveyance fee in Dubai?

Real estate brokers often charge a fee of 2% of the purchase price + 5% VAT. Conveyancers charge a fee that ranges from AED 6,000 to AED 10,000, depending on the services provided.

Do I have to pay a real estate agent if I am a buyer in Dubai?

Yes, one needs to pay a real estate agent if he/she is buying a property through a real estate agent.

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