The Finest Spots or Snorkelling and Scuba Diving in Abu Dhabi

The only regret Captain Jack Sparrow might be carrying would be missing out on a chance to go scuba diving in Abu Dhabi. The exquisite view of the coral reefs, a close-up conversation with nature, and unique marine life are what a diver gets when they go snorkelling or scuba diving in the shallow and deep waters covered by the desert hills. The scuba diving course in Abu Dhabi provides a certificate and a sparkling experience.

This blog lists the best scuba diving sites in Abu Dhabi. Dive into these spots, and you may find yourself the Black Pearl.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving Sites in Abu Dhabi

Scuba diving in Abu Dhabi may not be equivalent to the Maldives, but we are sure Nemo would choose one of the following spots to get lost.

  • Sir Bani Yas Island

Sir Bani Yas Island

Sir Bani Yas Island, the spectacular part of the eight desert islands in the Al Dhafra, allows novice and advanced divers to snorkel and go scuba diving. The island’s turquoise water contains deep secrets buried at its depth and presents a plethora of marine life consisting of barracudas, humor fish, hawksbill turtles, and dugongs. In 2014, the island bagged the World’s Leading Sustainable Tourism Destination award. This destination connects a diver with nature and has a few best luxurious resorts that offer various other adventures like horse riding, kayaking, mountain biking etc.

  • Dibba Rock

Dibba Rock

Dibba Rock is a sink below Fujairah’s surface, ranging from 4m to 16m. The marine life that snorkelers encounter is- parrotfish, giant pufferfish, lionfish, moray eels and turtles. The scuba divers, in-depth, may get surprised by encountering blacktip reef sharks and whale sharks.

  • Zainab Wreck

Zainab Wreck - Scuba diving in Abu Dhabi

Zainab Wreck is how Aquaman and Indian Jones would design a dive. This wreck near Palm Jumeirah is home to scarry fishes like barracudas and yellow snappers. It is the perfect spot for those who wish to explore the depth of waters as there is an added thrill of an unknown journey filled with danger and possibly the Chachapoyan Fertility Idol or the Trident of Atlan.

  • Red Buoy

Red Buoy

Red Buoy is located 19 kilometres from the capital city coast. The whale shark might amuse you if it is your day. This scuba diving site in Abu Dhabi is 11 metres deep with crystal clear water that offers it’s divers a clear view of the fishes and the colourful reefs.

  • Old Cement Barge

Old Cement Barge - Scuba diving in Abu Dhabi

If Spongebob and Sandy ever decided to go on a date, Abu Dhabi’s Old Cement Barge would be their spot. Equipped for a romantic date, this dive site allows you to do snorkelling and scuba diving. The underwater debris of cement bags decorates the shallow sea. Abu Dhabi divers and snorkelers can discover the amazing marine life at this diving destination.

  • Saadiyat Reef

Saadiyat Reef

You’ll find Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE, West of Saadiyat Reef. The dive location is simple and ideal for beginning open water divers. The reef is bordered by flat, sandy sections ideal for practising skills, and the depth ranges from 8 to 10 metres depending on the tide. Visibility may be poor on the tides, and the coral is not in good health. At this location, the marine life of the Arabian Gulf is offered for view. Animals including turtles, Arabian Carpet sharks, cowtail rays, boxfish, angelfish, sergeant majors, batfish, butterflyfish, crabs, and shrimps are also found in the ocean.

  • Dalma Islands

Dalma Islands

Dalma Islands is the most supreme historical pearl-diving centre in the Arabian Gulf. The island displays a marine heritage that can be dated back to 7000 years. The maritime traditions and the charming marine life will leave a diver mesmerised.

  • Inchcape


Only experienced open water divers are encouraged to take on this challenge when scuba diving in Abu Dhabi because it is not a dive for the faint of heart. Divers descend to the bow of this deliberately submerged wreck by going to depths of up to 30 metres. There is a tonne of marine life complementing the sea, but the sunfish, sea horses, and honeycomb eels are the prime attractions.

  • Abu Dhabi Breakwater

Abu Dhabi Breakwater

Abu Dhabi Breakwater is located at a distance of 10 minutes of boat ride from the coast. It is an easy dive suitable for all sorts of divers and does not charge any fees for having fun. The water sinks to a depth of more than 10 metres, but only 7 metres is visible when the tide is in favour. One can do a boat dive, snorkelling, or night dive at this premise. The marine life that flashes before the eyes is much like the ones found at the other sites.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving Institutes and Organisers

Scuba Diving Institutes and Organisers
Credits : Bermuda

Various snorkelling and scuba diving institutes and organisers help you gain the best experience and guide you through the process. Marlin and Dory would have appreciated their help in finding Nemo. The following organisers also offer a scuba diving course in Abu Dhabi.

  • Ocean Dive Centre

Ocean Dive Centre is an institution located on West Corniche Road, Emirates Palace Gate 2. The certified scuba diving course lasts 2-3 days, and the instructors are professional divers from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors or PADI. The diver must be at least 10 years of age to qualify for this course. You can reach out to the Ocean Dive Centre at +971-50-141-3255.

  • Abu Dhabi Marine

Abu Dhabi Marine, established in 2018, proudly offers various diving experiences. This centre not just educates beginners but also acts as a scuba diving site service provider, which makes this facility the right arm of ADIMSC (Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club.) Their goal is to encourage scuba diving in the community other than the diving enthusiasts. The trainers are PADI certified, and one can reach out to Abu Dhabi Marine .at +971-800-4386.

  • Al Mahara Diving Centre

With years of exposure to scuba diving instruction, Al Mahara Centre develops your underwater excursion and is committed to meeting the varied demands of its clients. You will visit coral-rich locations with abundant aquatic life if you choose them. Al Mahara Diving Centre offers various diving sites that a diving enthusiast will find as alluring as a beginner. Wrecks off the coast of Abu Dhabi can also be explored with them. However, this specific excursion necessitates expert divers. Abu Dhabi Marine can be reached at +971-50-111-8125.

  • Freediving UAE

In addition to offering various scuba diving courses in Abu Dhabi, this facility specialises in teaching freediving, one of the most popular extreme sports in the area. Freediving UAE only requires a snorkel, a mask and a set of fins. It also offers AIDA (the worldwide federation for breath-hold diving) courses. A diver gets to choose from different levels based on their experience. Online purchasing brackets are available for divers looking to acquire scuba diving equipment in Abu Dhabi. Contact Freediving UAE by calling +971-56-976-1000.

  • Extreme Water Sports Dive Centre

Extreme Water Sports Dive Centre has a team of friendly professionals fluent in the underwater world. The diving centre is located in Fujairah, Dubai and Nikki Beach and offers various diving courses and tips for pro divers. The trainers are certified by PADI and efficiently direct the learners. You can reach out to Extreme Water Sports Dive Centre at +971-50-343-6365.

We hope that even though you may not have found the Black Pearl or Nemo, you ended up getting acquainted with a new version of yourself. Submerged into the depth of waters of the above-mentioned prime spots, lathered in the safety gears from the organisers, you explore the extensive marine life as it plays a gleeful tune.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you dive in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, you can dive in Abu Dhabi. It offers impeccable dive sites that include wreck dives, deep-water dives and reef dives. A person can snorkel or go scuba diving in these spots.

How much does scuba diving cost in Dubai?

Each service provider has different rates for scuba diving. The cost of scuba diving also depends upon the duration, location and whether or not you want to rent equipment.

Where can I scuba dive in the UAE?

Abu Dhabi is home to numerous hills covered by water bodies. These spots are perfect for scuba diving. You can explore marine life in Saadiyat Reef, Dalma Islands, and Old Cement Barge.

Is diving good in the UAE?

UAE promises colourful marine life on the east coast. It may not beat the Maldives, but it is home to interesting wrecks sleeping comfortably deep into the waters.

What are the best Scuba Diving spots in the United Arab Emirates?

The United Arab Emirates has a few best scuba diving spots. Dibba Rock, Martini Rock, Red Buoy, and Inchcape are a few great spots for divers.

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