Traffic Fines in Abu Dhabi : How Much Do You Have to Pay?

Driving Rules and Traffic Fines in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dubai is one of the fastest-growing emirates in the UAE. Over the years, it has witnessed an exceptional development in terms of oil and gas production as well as average income. With this, of course, there has been a rise in the number of people moving to the capital. While it’s a treat to watch the beautiful culmination of different cultures, the city requires people to follow a strict set of laws and customs. This includes driving rules and traffic fines in Abu Dhabi

In this blog, we’re going to give you the complete list of Abu Dhabi traffic fines and penalties. Scroll down for details. 

Driving Rules in Abu Dhabi

Driving Rules in Abu Dhabi

Before learning about the traffic fines in Abu Dhabi, let’s learn the driving rules that everyone has to follow. 

  • Driver’s License

No one in Abu Dhabi can drive without a driving license. It is valid for two years from the date of issuance and which means every driver requires renewing it after every two years. If caught driving without a license, one has to face imprisonment or pay a hefty fine. 

  • Seat Belt 

Wearing the seatbelt is compulsory for people sitting in the rear seat including the driver and the passenger next to the driver. For those with children aged 4 or less, it is mandatory to have a safety seat inside the vehicle. The passenger next to the driver shouldn’t be 10 years or less. 

  • Drinking and Driving

Drink and driving is a serious offence in Abu Dhabi and all of the UAE. When caught, one either has to face imprisonment or pay a hefty fine. 

  • Salik Tag

Similar to FASTag in India, Salik Tag is an electronic sticker with a readable chip. The chip functions on Radio Frequency Identification technology and helps scan the vehicle at toll gates all around UAE. If you don’t have the Saluik Tag, make sure you apply for it right away. You require buying the tag, opening a Salik account and providing all the essential information about your vehicle and yourself. Once done, a machine-readable-sticker will be attached to your vehicle (the front windshield).

Note : You can open your Salik account at the Dubai Islamic Bank or Emirates Bank. If not that, you may visit petrol stations like Emarat, Epco or Enoc for it. After the tag is attached to your vehicle, toll charges will be automatically deducted from your credit card every time you pass through an e-toll gate. 

  • Insurance

As you may already know vehicle insurance gives you financial security in case of accidents. It is thus, essential for drivers to have insurance while driving in Abu Dhabi.  

Traffic Fines in Abu Dhabi – The Complete List

The Complete List of Traffic Fines in Abu Dhabi

Traffic violations in any country result in fines and penalties. In Abu Dhabi however, these penalties come with an additional punishment in the form of black points. Once you have a particular number of black points on your file, your license can be suspended. It can also lead to your vehicle getting seized. 

  • Fines and Black Points in case of Speed Violations

When a driver exceeds the speed limit set by the government, it is termed a speeding violation. The table below specifies traffic fines and black points applicable for each type of vehicle. 

Violation Type Fine  Black
Speed Limit exceeds more than 80 kilometres per hour 3000 Dirham 23 2 months for Light Vehicles
Speed Limit exceeds more than 60 kilometres per hour 2000 Dirham 12 1 month for Light Vehicles
Speed Limit exceeds not more than 60 kilometres per hour 1500 Dirham 6 15 days for Light Vehicles
Speed Limit exceeds not more than 50 kilometres per hour 1000 Dirham
Speed Limit exceeds not more than 40 kilometres per hour 700 Dirham
Speed Limit exceeds not more than 30 kilometres per hour 600 Dirham
Speed Limit exceeds not more than 20 kilometres per hour 300 Dirham
Driving below the minimum speed limit 400 Dirham
  • Traffic Fines for Driving License Violations

An act that violates laws related to driving license is known as a driving license violation. If you are wondering what these violations are, take a look at the table below: 

Violation Type Fine  Black
Having a different license class 400 Dirham 12
Driving /having an expired driving license or registration  500 Dirham 4 1 week for light vehicles
Using a non-permitted license (from a different country) 400 Dirham
Not showing the driving license or vehicle registration card when asked  400 Dirham
  • Fines and Black Points for Number Plate Violations

It is mandatory for all the drivers to ensure that their vehicles have high-security number plates installed. Not installing or improper use of these number plates will result in penalties and black points. The specific details are given in the table below. 

Violation Type Fine  Black
Driving without a number plate on the vehicle 3000 Dirham 23 3 months for Light Vehicles
Driving a vehicle having unclear or only one number plate 400 Dirham
Using a commercial number plate wrongly 500 Dirham 1 week 
  • Traffic Fines in Abu Dhabi for Driving Recklessly

When a driver drives a vehicle in a manner that could endanger the life of the driver, passengers and others on the road, it is called reckless driving. 

Violation Type Fine  Black
Driving that puts lives in danger or damages properties private or public 2000 Dirham 23 2 months for Light Vehicles
Drinking and driving or driving that causes someone’s death Court imposed fine 23 2 months for Light Vehicles
Causing injuries or a serious accident  Court imposed fine 23 1 month for Light Vehicles
Drug driving Court imposed fine 2 months for Light Vehicles
Driving a heavy vehicle to damage property, skipping red light or putting lives at risk 3000 Dirham
Not stopping after causing an accident  500 Dirham for Light Vehicles and 1000 Dirham for Heavy Vehicles 8 for Light Vehicles and 16 for Heavy Vehicles 1 week for Light Vehicles
Skipping red light on a light vehicle or motorbike  1000 Dirham 12 1 month for Light Vehicles
Entering a zone that is restricted  1000 Dirham 8 1 week for Light Vehicles
Dangerously entering a road 600 Dirham 6
Driving in the opposite direction of traffic  600 Dirham 4 1 week for Light Vehicles
Suddenly deviating along the road 1000 Dirham 4
Dangerously reversing the vehicle  500 Dirham 4
Not maintaining safety distance between vehicles 400 Dirham 4
Entering a road that is unclear or blocked  400 Dirham 4
Not wearing a helmet when driving a motorbike (the driver or the passenger) 500 Dirham 4 (drivers)
Making wrong U-turns or turns 500 Dirham 4
Driving in foggy weather or at night without lights 500 Dirham 4
Not following traffic signs and directions 500 Dirham
Not taking safety measures on vehicle breakdown  500 Dirham
Disturbing the traffic 500 Dirham
Not using indicators while taking turns or changing a lane 400 Dirham
Not following the lane rules 400 Dirham
Crowding around accident scene 1000 Dirham

What Happens when You Accumulate Maximum Black Points?

In Abu Dhabi, the maximum black points limit is 24 points. If you reach this number and do not submit your driving license to the Police, you will pay weighty fines:

  • 1st Violation – 1000 Dirham
  • 2nd Violation – 2000 Dirham
  • 3rd Violation – 3000 Dirham

How to Pay Traffic Fine in Abu Dhabi Online?

How to Pay Traffic Fine in Abu Dhabi Online?

Today, everything from ordering food to managing appliances is done online. The process for paying traffic fines in Abu Dhabi is no different. You can make online payments using any of the following methods:

  • Method #1 : EVG

The official Emirates Vehicle Gate website allows you to pay fines online. Visit the website and look for the Pay Traffic Fines option on the homepage. Click on the option and find your outstanding fines. You can find those using your vehicle number plate, license number or traffic code number. 

If you find outstanding/pending fines, complete the payment via your credit card. You may also use the Emirates Vehicle Gate app. Just download the application and register yourself. Choose Pay Traffic Fines and follow the on-screen instructions. 

  • Method #2 : TAMM

Click on the Vehicle and Transportation link on the official TAMM website. Then click the traffic fines and violations tab. To pay the fine, you would need your Emirates ID and vehicle registration number. After the payment completes, you will get an e-receipt. TAMM allows you to make payments via debit or credit card. 

  • Method #3 : Ministry of Interior App and Website

You can pay traffic fines online in Abu Dhabi using the Ministry of Interior application or website also. Under the traffic and license services option, look for and choose the fines tab to get your record and make payments using your credit card. 

  • Method #4 : Abu Dhabi Police Official Application and Website 

The Abu Dhabi Police have a website and app as well. You can use it clear your fines and penalties. To access the app or website, however, you have to register yourself. Once done, you can search for your traffic fines using your license number, number plate or Emirates ID. 


Violating traffic rules and laws can lead you to pay hefty fines or suspension of your driving license. In severe cases, it could also result in imprisonment. Therefore, we hope you take a good look at the list of Traffic Fines in Abu Dhabi and penalties mentioned in this blog. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I check all my traffic fines in Abu Dhabi?

The quickest and simplest way for checking traffic fines in Abu Dhabi is by visiting the official Abu Dhabi Police website. Alternatively, you can also visit the Emirates Vehicle Gate, TAMM or Ministry of Interior website.

Is smoking allowed during driving in Abu Dhabi?

No, smoking while driving is not allowed in Abu Dhabi. It is considered a physical distraction that can endanger the life of the driver, passengers and others on the road.

What is the penalty for not wearing a seat belt?

Driving without a seat belt in Abu Dhabi is 400 Dirham along with 4 black points.

How much are traffic fines in Abu Dhabi?

Traffic fines in Abu Dhabi depend on the severity of the violation one commits. In addition to a money-related penalty, violators are also charged with black points.

How much is a speed camera fine in Abu Dhabi?

Depending on the type of speed violation, the traffic fine varies from 400 Dirham to 3000 Dirham.

How to check my traffic fines in UAE?

For checking traffic fines in UAE, visit the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) or the Ministry of Interior website. You can also go to the official RTA – Dubai, Abu Dhabi Police or Dubai Police portal to check your traffic fines.

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