The Ultimate Guide To Mortgage in Dubai For Expats

Home Loans in Dubai A Guide for Expat Home Owners

If you’re a Non-Resident of Dubai and looking for a home that fits your financial goals and taste, then you are at a good place. here, we’ll be talking about mortgage in Dubai for expats interested in living in Dubai.

Approaches for Expats to Acquire Home Loans or Mortgage in Dubai

Financial Organisations are being instructed to adhere to a specific criterion to provide loans for homes in Dubai. These include :

    • History of your credit
    • Your employment length in Dubai
    • How much time have you spent in Dubai? The minimum requirement is about six months.
    • You should have a total business duration of three years.

Pre-Required Documents for Purchasing Home Loans in Dubai 

Documents for Purchasing Home Loans in Dubai
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Home loans are standard in Dubai, as you may expect, and the UAE’s central bank has elaborated several clear rules. Home loans in Dubai are offered on detailed requirements for expats. The foremost measure in this crucial process is determining how much you must pay. Besides, you should know the mortgage’s duration and whether you demand a variable or fixed interest. An expat searching to discover loans in Dubai must evaluate these fundamental aspects. 

  • Initial Amount Required

To obtain residential loans in the UAE from a financial perspective, there are a few payments expats must pay.

    • You should pay 25% of the broad investment price as a down payment.
    • 25% registration fee for lease.
    • 4% transfer fee
    • 2% real estate commission.

Primary Factor on which a Bank Decides the Loan or Mortgage Charge? 

The lease charge is estimated according to different factors, but most importantly is your salary; this assures wrapping of the loan amount during the whole period. Each bank imposes the minimum salary accepted, the total amount of loan it will offer depending upon the cases, and its interest rate. You should choose the best deal in your budget that suits your needs. Besides, among the UAE’s banks, the one with the lowest mortgage rate is usually the to-go option. 

Mortgage / Home Loan Types Offered in Dubai

Home Loan Types Offered in Dubai
Credits : Housing

Several types of leases are provided in Dubai regarding various interest calculations. The down amount must pay the property value’s tiny percentage beforehand. Easy monthly instalments can spend the rest of the property’s price. 

Let’s analyse the different types of loans available :

  • Fixed-rate 

The interest rate is fixed for a distinct period for fixed-rate loans. It can vary from 1 to 5 years.

  • Variable-rate 

Variable-rate Offered For Home Loan in Dubai

It’s a well-known loan in Dubai. The variable rates keep varying as per the Emirates Interbank Offered Rate, i.e. EIBOR. It can also pay a lower amount, primarily depending on the rate of EIBOR. 

  • Discounted Rate 

It is a type of mortgage where real estate or financial institutions provide a discounted rate for a specific time. As the EMI is significantly low and can be affordable within the initial phase, it is highly advantageous for you. 

  • Capped Rate 

It’s identical to the Variable Rate Mortgage, as the interest rate is not fixed, so before the lease period begins, you approve a maximum interest rate. The interest rate won’t exceed the agreed-upon maximum limit even after the changes happen in the market. 

  • Remortgage 

Remortgage Offered For Home Loan in Dubai

This type would be perfect if you have applied for a loan and need an extra one during the ongoing loan.

  • Offset 

This new option lets you connect your loan, savings, and credit accounts. Hence, the overall interest gets reduced whenever you earn extra money on any of the accounts. 

Duration of Mortgage in Dubai For Expats

Duration of Mortgage in the UAE
Credits : Bayut

The total loan period permitted within the UAE is 25 years. However, the age limit is 65 and 70 years for salaried and self-employed people, respectively. As an effect, a long-term loan outcome is reduced down payments that you must make every month. Nonetheless, home lease rates influence the total interest amount. The ability to borrow money may likewise grow due to the continuous loan period in the country. People have an opportunity to apply for a long-term loan while applying for it. You will face no potential charges if you are willing to repay an extra 10% of the initial payment annually. Before accepting a lease for your home investment, professional advice is essential.

Rate Of Home Loans or Mortgage In Dubai

Rate Of Home Loans In Dubai 
Credits : Bayut

The loan rate for acquiring homes in Dubai varies between 3-5%. Generally, the interest rate may decline more in the coming years due to frequent fluctuations. You should look for a consistent rate if you opt for a loan. A revised rate is applied after 24 months. The fixed-rate could be relatively higher if you spent a small amount upfront. You can acquire an offer of a fixed rate for 60 months; it would be 6% higher. You may even get their lowest home loan interest rates. 

One of the most viable options for obtaining the best home loan in Dubai is to look at a usually variable mortgage rate. However, it can cause uncertainty when calculating whether you can afford the payments if the rate fluctuates in the future. You may anticipate that the interest rate could fall soon if you possess an improved market experience. You will have to pay a low-interest rate in this situation even though the interest rate might rise again because there is a chance that the analyses and projections can go wrong. Considering this vital scenario when considering home loan rates in the UAE is essential.

Down Payment of Mortgage in Dubai For Expats

There are minor restrictions regarding expats’ lease acquiring procedure through a lender. The down payment of about 20% is required from the non-nationals in cash by the UAE’s Home Loan Cap, including any associated asset charges.

    • The minimum down fee is 20% if an individual accepts their first property within AED 5 million. 
    • A 30% down charge if non-national purchases over AED 5 million.
    • A 40% is meant for the second, third, or any other properties of any price.
    • A 50% for an under-construction property.

Rent-to-own property may be a good fit if you seek a zero-down payment home loan in Dubai.

Maximum House Loan for a UAE Mortgage?

Maximum House Loan for a UAE Mortgage
Credits : DNA India

The charge of a lease relies on your earnings and liabilities in Dubai. The maximum loan-to-value proportion is 80 and 85% for non-nationals and UAE nationals, respectively, for a property investment within AED 5 million. The loan to value proportion drops to 70% for expats and 75% for residents for properties over AED 5 million.

Documentations Required

Individuals can negotiate loans through different means to get loans for homes in Dubai. Yet, acquiring advanced approval from a financial institution to confirm the conditions they will provide the mortgage/loan to you is viable. You can finish the mortgage quickly and conveniently once you find a property you like in your budget. The following documents are essential for obtaining a home loan:

    • Passport proof
    • Proof of your legal residence in Dubai and evidence of your residential address.
    • Documents required to prove that you have a good credit history (bank statements, proof of income, tax returns and employment letter).
    • Financial documents to prove home loan affordability.

Throughout the world, affordability is vital as a deciding factor for loan eligibility. In several countries, you must prove that your repayments on your total debt should not be more than 35% of the total income. However, the law requires that debt payments not be more than 50% of Dubai’s total income for home loans. As a result, several banks have become flexible with home mortgages.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Who is eligible for a home loan in Dubai?

An individual who has worked for a minimum of 6 months in Dubai is eligible for a home loan.

Can I take a home loan in Dubai?

Yes, absolutely. But you need to have the required documents as mentioned in the blog.

How much housing loan can I get in Dubai?

It can range from an interest of about 2.99% to 5%, varying on your income.

What is the minimum salary for a home loan in Dubai?

Remember that most of the banks in the UAE require you to have a minimum salary of AED 15k to be eligible for a home loan.

What is the minimum amount of Down Payment for a Home Loan in UAE for Expats?

The minimum amount of a down payment for a home loan varies according to the property's price. However, expats usually pay 25% of the total unit price as a down payment.

Can expats get a mortgage in Dubai?

Yes, expats can get a home loan in Dubai.

What is the home loan interest rate in Dubai?

The average rate of interest is about 4.54% p.a.

Can Indians get loans in Dubai?

Yes, Indians can easily access home loans in Dubai.

Can I get a home loan in Dubai for property in India?

Several Indian bank branches in Dubai can facilitate your home loan in India and can communicate the process to your local contact point.

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