Beautify Your Home Workstation: 10 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Desk

10 Easy Ways To Beautify Your Desk at Home

Having a cheerful and dedicated workspace can inspire and excite you. It does not matter if you’re returning to the office or working from home; even a small upgrade to your workstation can stimulate you and maximise your efficiency. But often, work desks are the most neglected spaces. They tend to be messy and uninspiring, which may affect your productivity. To help you maintain focus and get into active work mode, revamping your work cubicle or home office setup is a great idea.

10 Ways To Set Up Your Home Office In Dubai

Here are 10 of our favourite ideas to help you beautify and organise your work desk at your home in Dubai.

1. Choose an Ideal Desk Space 

Choose an Ideal Desk Space

Having a dedicated ‘go-to-work’ space is all the more important if you are working from home. Ideally, to avoid distraction, a home office should be away from the active areas of the house. For instance, the living room, kitchen, or other common areas of the house that other family members also tend to use during your office hours. To create an ideal environment for a home office setup, you may want to consider the following factors – does it get too noisy in the room? Does the room have a door which you can close during meetings? Does the space have enough electrical sockets? Is there enough space for work-from-home desks and a chair? Is the room bright and airy? Answer these questions to find your ideal work desk setup.

2. Setup Your Home Office in the Right Position

Setup Your Home Office in the Right Position

Sometimes, a bright and pleasant home office is all it takes to be productive. Make sure the room has good lighting to avoid eyestrain and headaches. Natural light makes a space feel not only bigger but also livelier. For your work-from-home setup, choose a spot near a window or in a place that brings in fresh air and sunlight. You can equip the modern home office setup with fogged window films to keep the blinds up all the time, thus allowing fresh air and light to feed into the room.

Avoid using a spotlight or harsh fluorescent lighting if you work more during the night. Usually, soothing and ambient light from the desk doesn’t strain your eyes. 

3. Make Use of Storage

A clever way to avoid a messy home office setup and to keep the desk clear of clutter is to use plenty of storage. If you have a hard time focusing, it is especially essential to keep the desk surface clean to avoid distractions. Make use of all the vertical space. Place cabinets up to the ceiling with varying types of storage and can accommodate books, folders, printers, a Xerox machine, etc.

4. Know the Right Sitting Arrangement 

Know the Right Sitting Arrangement 

You would agree that when you work from home, the working hours are longer than at the office. Therefore, it becomes all the more necessary to have comfortable furniture for the work-from-home setup. Awkward furniture may impact bad posture and cause distraction.

To create the best home office setup, you may want to consider the following options:

    • Choose functionality over awkward designs. Sophisticated Ergonomic chairs and work-from-home desks adapt to the natural shape of the human body to ensure maximum comfort and good posture.
    • A chair with solid back support helps you sit upright and reduces stress on the neck, spine and hips while working on the computer. You may want to adjust the height of your chair so that your feet don’t hang in the air.
    • Sit at least 75 centimetres away from the screen.
    • Having the keyboard and mouse at arm’s length is ideal, so you don’t bend, stretch or slouch to reach them.

5. Ditch the Clutter 

Having a clean work-from-home desk helps you to start the day on the right foot. The key to the best home office setup is organisation. Nobody can work well in a messy home office, so create plenty of space on the desk. Use a desk that accommodates plenty of drawers and has storage cupboards. This way, you can avoid using the surface for tucking files and printers into corners. 

It is also wise to regularly get rid of old files, papers, and non-usable stationery. Substantial research reveals clean work surroundings alleviate stress and help one to focus better. Besides, decluttering is also therapeutic and boosts productivity. 

6. Get Inspired by a Little Greenery

Get Inspired by a Little Greenery for home office setup

Office desk plants are a great way to add freshness and cheer to your workspace. For people who don’t exactly have a green thumb, low-maintenance office plants like succulents, cacti, aloe, snake plants, etc., are some of the best office plants. Besides, indoor plants are good for improving the air quality in your room, and you would have something green and calming to liven up the room of indoor plants on hectic work days.

7. Liven Up the Space with Artwork

home office setup for Liven Up the Space with Artwork

Introducing some vibrant artwork is a great way to personalise your home office setup or your desk at work. This additional pop of colour not only energises your workspace but also keeps you inspired all day long. It does not necessarily have to be paintings; it could also be a trendy wall unit, a miniature mural, a sculpture, a craft made by your kid, a dried flower or a travel photo with a positive memory. Even the simplest, most minimal artwork can speak to you and make you feel motivated.

8. Hide Tangled Wires and Cables that Divert Attention

home office setup Tangled Wires and Cables

It starts with just a few cables, and then suddenly, a jungle of wires grows underneath your desk. With all the tech devices required for a home office setup, it is easy to resign oneself to a mess of unruly cables all around the work-from-home desks. However, with simple cord management techniques, you can reduce visual clutter and beautify the work desk.

Cable ties, cable sleeves, cord covers, and wire clips are a great way to hide and keep all cables in one place. A simple wicker basket or a colourful one doubles up as office décor and keeps all the chords in a single accessible place. 

9. Go Paperless

Shifting all your important documents, files, and records to a digital format saves a lot of desk space. It is also one of the best solutions for decluttering a modern home office. If your job demands you to work with a large amount of paper and files, you can use a desktop file organiser to keep your paperwork close.

Applications like Dropbox or Google Drive also save the physical task of file keeping and maintenance. Besides, with a quick search, you can find all your documents in one place, and a simple button click can further increase work efficiency. It’s better than spending hours searching for a single record and diverting your attention from your work.

10. Take a Break

As important as it is to stay focused, you should also know when to stop. As working hours tend to stretch in a work-from-home setup, remember to take effective breaks and maintain a dedicated time to log off for the day.

Make sure you also use a little downtime to unwind during the day. If you work from home, use the breaks to play with your pet or spend time with your family. Besides, when you log off for the day, train your brain to shut off when you walk away from the ‘home office.’ This is an effective practice to mentally and physically wind down when you have an office in the same surrounding as your home. 


Decorating your desk at work or your work-from-home setup doesn’t have to be all business. Instead, you can use the opportunity to add a personal touch. Incorporate your needs, unique style and your personality while designing the workspace. The idea is to create an inspiring workspace where you would love to work in.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Where Can I Work Apart From My Office or Home In Dubai?

Dubai provides a wide array of co-working spaces for its residents. There is something for everyone, from peaceful and quiet to bustling work environments. Some popular workspace options are Nasab by KOA, A4 Space, The Opus by Zaha Hadid, Astro Labs, Nook, Nest, Letswork, Witwork, WrkBay, etc.

Are There Any Co-Working Spaces in Abu Dhabi?

GlassQube, WeWork, Regus, WitWork, ServCorp, among others, are some of the unique and popular co-working spaces in Abu Dhabi that you may consider for your business.

How Can I Be More Productive While Working from Home?

Creating a dedicated 'go-to-work' space at home, using a comfortable desk and chair, equipping the home office with high-speed internet, and taking effective breaks to enhance productivity are some helpful tips to stay on track and maintain focus while working from home.

What Tools Can We Use in Dubai to Make Our WFH Office Setup More Efficient?

To be more efficient at a WFH setup, choose a bright area of the house for the home office setup, use a comfortable desk and chair, and create plenty of storage for office stationary and files that keep the work surface clean and clutter-free. Besides, for a change of scenery, you can also alternate between co-working spaces in Dubai.

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