All About the Emirates ID and its Various Benefits

A Guide To The Emirates-ID

An Emirates ID is a mandatory requirement issued by the UAE Government which has to be obtained by all UAE citizens. This ID confirms your identity across all the seven emirates in the country. In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of the Emirates ID, how to apply and how much it costs. 

What is an Emirates ID?

This is an important identity document that must be possessed by every resident and citizen of the UAE. This ID card is issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). Even the children and new-borns must have this document. The classification of the Emirates ID is done on the basis of the type of residence, and not based on the age. 

    • Citizen ID card is for the UAE Nationals
    • The GCC nationals residing in the UAE have the GCC ID card
    • Expat ID card is for the expatriate residents
What is an Emirates ID
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Every card has more or less the same functionality and purpose. However, there is a difference in the validity of the Citizen Card. It depends on the choice of citizens between 5 or 10 years. The Expat IDs can be issued for a period of 1, 2, and 3 years and the GCC ID is issued only for 5 years. There are many components in the Emirates ID that ensure that the accuracy and security of the cardholder’s information are maintained. These components are electronic chips, identification numbers, and personal data. The identification number is one of the most important and prominent components of the ID. You can use this number to avail public services that require the use of a personal identification number or an identity card. This 15-digit number is only issued once. This chip consists of the ID cardholder’s personal information including fingerprints and biometric data. 

This ID card has the cardholder’s personal information and basic personal data on the back and front of the card. The front side of the Emirates ID has the nationality, name, and photo. The back side of the card consists of date of birth, gender, cardholder’s signature, and the card number. The latest design of the identity cards was introduced in November 2020. The cards now have electronic and visual security features, for instance, the 3D image of the encoded data and cardholder. 

How To Apply For an Emirates ID?

How To Apply For an Emirates ID

Follow this step-by-step guide to get a new Emirates ID:

    • Step 1: Emirates ID Application – If you want to apply for an Emirates ID, you would need to visit the authorised typing centres or obtain the eForm through the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC). The online form is available there. 
    • Step 2: SMS – After the applicants have submitted their forms, they will receive an SMS via the registered mobile number in the Form. The SMS would state the date, time, and location of the EIDA branch that you must visit. At the branch, the applicants will be asked for their photos and fingerprints. A receipt will be given which must be preserved to collect the card when ready. 

The following documents must be kept along during the visit: 

UAE Nationals

      • Family Book
      • Valid passport
      • Emirates ID application 

UAE Residents 

      • Emirates ID application
      • Visa (or visa work permit)
      • Passport
    • Step 3: Pay the fees– You need to pay around 100 AED for an Emirates ID with a validity of one year. 
    • Step 4: Track – After registration, you need to track the application by filling in the account number on the EIDA website – select the ID card status. 
    • Step 5: Delivery and Collection – After your work visa is processed, the ID card will be sent to a local post office. You will be sent an SMS to your phone number, although the status can be checked online too. Please note that the ID has to be collected within 90 days otherwise it would be returned to EIDA and discarded. 
    • Renewal of Emirates ID – You need to follow the same procedure for the renewal of your Emirates ID if it expires.

Use of Emirates ID


The Emirates ID is used for myriads of reasons, for instance, getting a new SIM card or a new home internet package. These benefits can be extended to pay the utility bills, open a bank account, or apply for a Dubai driver’s licence. The electronic chip on the Emirates card can store up to 32 thousand letters of information. Some part of the data is encrypted and only the authorised entities and personnel can access this data. This ensures that the card becomes your personal database. 

  • Identity Proof

While availing of the government services, the Emirates ID can be used as identity proof. The card also prevents identity theft and fraud and protects your identity. This is required to be presented at the Dubai Municipality, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), and RERA Dubai by the official authorities for most of their processes and services. For instance, the RTA has established kiosks all over the emirate where you can renew the driver’s licence and vehicle registration in Dubai. You can also use these to make traffic fine payments along with the other services. You would require the ID details for the same. 

  • Travelling

The benefits of this are not only limited to the online services. According to the new rules and regulations, from April 2022, the ID will carry a resident’s visa status as well. Travelling has been made convenient by replacing the residency visa stamp which has been long-held in the residents’ passports. This has now been replaced by new generation Emirates IDs. This ID has made airport immigration simpler for UAE residents and citizens. The holders of Emirates ID can inculcate needful e-gate services to their ID cards while they are travelling. You can also use this ID at the Dubai International Airport smart gates which allow for swift passport control procedures. You can scan the Emirates ID card and provide fingerprint authentication to move across the e-gates without having to wait in long queues. 

You can also use this ID at Terminal 3’s e-Gate of the Dubai International Airport. You are not required to get the service activated at the Emirates Identity Authority prior to travelling. Please note that the expats can avail of this service if they possess the Emirates Identity card. The travel procedure for children under 15 years of age is completed by the special employees at the smart gates. 

Another advantage of this ID is that you can utilise it in place of a passport during transit to other GCC countries. 

  • Credit and Banking History

Your new Emirates ID card can be used to get a swift credit report in Dubai at the Al Etihad Credit Bureau customer service centres. The banks can also access the credit history of a customer using an ID card. 

  • Medical History

A provision has been made that after 2016, the Emirates ID can be used in place of health insurance cards. The ID can be used to process medical insurance. So, instead of you carrying a medical card, your Emirates Identity card can be integrated into the medical insurance system. The insurance companies have integrated their customer details into the databases of clinics and hospitals, making it easier for them to process through this ID. Earlier, the hospitals did not have this provision to link the patients’ ID cards with their medical reports. The Emirates Identity Card has made it easier for the hospitals, patients, and insurance companies saving them time for this procedure. 

  • Refuel

The oil company ADNOC has incorporated ways in which the customers can make the payment for fuel at the smart service stations. So you can refuel by using credit cards, cash, Emirates ID linked to an activated ADNOC Wallet in Abu Dhabi, or ADNOC Plus Cards. 

How much is the Cost of the Emirates ID?

How much is the Cost of the Emirates ID?

The accumulated cost of the Emirates ID depends on the service channels you opt for to get the card:

The fees published by the FAIC are as follows:

    • For one year: AED 100
    • For two years: AED 200
    • For three years: AED 300
    • Service Fees AED 40
    • For Urgent services AED 150
    • Printing Office Fees AED 30

If you apply for the Emirates ID through the happiness centre the following fees will apply:

    • For one year: AED 290
    • For two years: AED 390
    • For three years: AED 490

If you apply for the Emirates ID through the smart application or e-form the following fees will apply:

    • For one year: AED 140
    • For two years: AED 240
    • For three years: AED 340

If you apply for the Emirates ID through the typing centres the following fees will apply:

    • For one year: AED 170
    • For two years: AED 270
    • For three years: AED 370

If you apply for the Emirates ID through Amer services the following fees will apply:

    • For one year: AED 195
    • For two years: AED 295
    • For three years: AED 395

Emirates ID Contact Number

If you have any further queries about the Emirates ID, you can contact the ICP through the ‘Ask Hamad’ service or call on the number 600522222.

How to Replace a Lost Emirates ID?

It is important to place a request for the replacement of the Emirates ID if you have lost it, suspect that it has been stolen, or if it is damaged. You have to report it to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security – ICP. Follow these simple steps for the replacement of your ID card:

  • Report the Incident

Visit the nearest ICP Customer Happiness Centre and inform them of the incident so that they can deactivate the lost card immediately. Ask the ICP for an ID number confirmation or a copy of the lost ID, if you do not have one. If the card has been damaged then you need to bring the previous card with you. Do not forget to bring your identification papers as identity proof while reporting the incident. 

  • Apply for Replacement

After you have reported the incident, you have to fill out an application form at one of the ICA’s Customer Happiness Centres or the UAE ICP app that is available on Google Play, and iTunes and then request the replacement of the ID card. 

  • Pay the Fees

The applicant has to pay AED 300 for the replacement of a damaged or lost ID. An additional fee for the form also has to be paid depending on the method of applying. This fee has to be paid by all the GCC nationals, UAE nationals, and expatriate residents. There is also a facility for an express ID replacement at the Customer Happiness Centre which can be availed at an additional AED 150.  

  • Collect the ID Card

You will get a text message from the ICP regarding the status of the submitted application and the defined delivery date. The ID card will be issued within 2 days of submitting the application. People who have applied for the express service will get the ID card within 24 hours of submitting the application. Reach out to the Emirates Post to get the Emirates ID card after getting the message from ICP. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the use of Emirates ID?

The Emirates ID is used to receive government services and is a legal requirement for all the citizens of UAE to apply for one.

How much does Emirates ID cost?

The Emirates Identity card will cost you AED 290 through the Customer Happiness Centres, applying from the Printing Offices will cost you AED 170, and AED 140 if you are applying through the online portal.

How to check for a travel ban with Emirates Identity Card?

To check if you have a travel ban with your Emirates ID card you would have to visit the official website of Dubai Police. Select the ‘Services’ option and then choose 'Criminal Status of Financial Cases'. Enter your name and Emirates ID. You will get a notification if you have a travel ban.

How can I check my Emirates ID status?

You can check the Emirates ID application status by entering the Emirates ID Number or Application Number (PRAN) on the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security.

How long does Emirates Identity Card take after printing?

Your new Emirates ID will be issued within 48 hours from the date of submitting the replacement application.

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