A Complete Guide to Sell/Buy your Stuff Online in Dubai!

Sell/Buy your Stuff Online in Dubai

Buying or selling your things always seems to be a hassle as there are some complications attached to it related to managing so many different things. From getting an appropriate buyer/seller with the best deal. As the Dubai property market is not always about buying and selling real estate Dubai property units. It also encompasses home interiors, furnishings, and of course, buying/selling home stuff online in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). If you own a Dubai Property and have been looking to cash in on your home furnishings, pre-loved clothes, books, electronics, and other home items, then you should know where to sell them. 

At the same time, if you are looking to buy some affordable pre-used home stuff for your Dubai property, then these platforms will also fit the bill. Here are the leading platforms where these transactions can be concluded in quick time. 

Buy It, Sell It, Swap It Dubai

This is a completely private Facebook group based in Dubai, which has a burgeoning tally of 70,000 members already (and counting!). These are members looking to buy pre-loved house stuff or even swap them. Some are also looking to sell various household items. All posts should mandatorily come with pictures of the items along with information on pricing, the location of the items or collections, and so on. Advertisements are not allowed in the group. You will come across almost everything you need including furniture, sofas, gadgets and other electronics, gym equipment, cars, and even toys. 


This platform is a lifeline for Dubai property owners. It has an excellent model for consignments which helps in storing furniture items until buyers are found! All that someone has to do is make his/her listing for free and upload the right pictures until a buyer is found. The pricing information should also be present along with a small description. Upon creation of the listing, Decosouq will be analyzing the items listed and will dispatch its approvals about picking them up. This can be within 96 hours in usual cases.

The furniture will be stored for up to 90 days in the air-conditioned and fully secure warehouse owned by Decosouq. Upon the item being sold, Decosouq.com will be providing delivery to the doorstep along with payment within a few days after the same. The fees for this system are sometimes up to 50% of the selling price and this will, however, cover all aspects like storage, pick-up, customer service charges, and advertising. 


Dubizzle is the best place for real estate property owners to buy or sell house stuff in the Emirate of Dubai. This platform gives you the option to put up almost every type of item for sale including large and small home furniture, décor items, gadgets and appliances, jewelry, DVDs, electrical components, appliances, clothing, books, and a lot more. You can even list a car for sale on this platform. This is a unique classifieds platform that is a one-stop solution if you are looking to clear out a lot of things or pick up several items at attractive prices. There are innumerable products available for sale on this platform as well.


Sian Williams is the mastermind behind this wonderful new platform in Dubai. This offers pre-worshipped fashion and couture at a vastly affordable price. This was earlier known as My Ex Wardrobe and comes with its fan following. Notably fashion lovers who wish to turn pre-worshipped apparel and gear into their pride and joy! Retold takes both designer and high-street apparel and other brands. Along with inspecting the products, displaying them, photographing them, and eventually selling them as well. This is easy to use while being pocket-friendly at the same time. 

Second Hand Dubai 

Second Hand Dubai is an online platform that is based in Dubai and it helps greatly with selling and buying second-hand items in the Emirate. This is a community where people can expect to come across fabulous bargains online. The website is also regularly updated along with the Facebook page. You will find everything here including computers, vehicles, furniture items, décor items, books, and even clothing. 

The Luxury Closet 

This is another well-known luxury online marketplace that operates throughout the Middle East and is based in Dubai. It offers pre-worshipped designer clothing and accessories to buyers. The boutique offers everything from used clothing, handbags, jewelry, and watches to other products from top global names like Gucci, Chanel, Cartier, Rolex, and Louis Vuitton. The in-house team will verify the actual condition and authenticity of the luxury item in question. This ensures that fully authentic items are offered for sale.

People can also get their luxury clothing and accessories exchanged and sold at this online boutique. You only have to create your account, upload the pictures, and offer a few details on what you are selling. The Luxury Closet will eventually suggest the desired price range and then collect your item for authentication, professional cleaning, and photography, before delivering the online listing. 

Pre-Loved Luxury Furniture & Home Décor UAE

This group, which is named the Pre-Loved Luxury Furniture & Home Décor UAE, offers attractive deals on used furniture items which include products from luxury brands worldwide. There are 25,000+ members on this group although IKEA products are rarely available with most items being offered from leading furniture brands including West Elm and Marina Home along with several classic antiques. 

Tips on Using the Online Platforms Effectively

As per experts, while there are numerous platforms where you can readily buy and sell house stuff and other items, you should always do your homework in advance. Here are some tips that will stand you in good stead throughout the entire process. 

  1. You should use the Luxury Closet’s pick-up service if you wish to sell items or even La Suite UAE. Those who want to drop off their high-end items should check out Retold at Umm Suqeim Road in Dubai. Those looking at selling household stuff and furniture should consider Varage Sale or Dubizzle.
  2. You should always search online for similar products and then fix the pricing for the item that you are selling. Users usually discount pricing by 40-70% from the original cost of acquisition, depending upon the actual condition as per experts. Used clothing is often sold at just 1/5th of the pricing of the original item as well. Customers should fix prices that are a little over what they are willing to accept. This will leave some room if the buyer negotiates.
  3. Always take good pictures- You should put in some time and effort towards taking the perfect pictures. This will make the product more enticing to buyers. You should always keep a few things in mind, i.e. ensuring proper lighting and also being honest about any possible issues with the product. Also, ensure that the photograph does not accidentally contain any family members or personal information. Do not reveal any personal information until and unless it is necessary. Always remember that every detail you provide may be used for other purposes than what you originally intended. Restrict information sharing to lower your overall risks and also emphasize only upon showcasing the item that is being sold.
  4. Maintain honesty in your description- Have an accurate title, clearly depicting the model of the item and the brand along with putting in a good description. The information should be completely accurate, talking about every aspect of a product. Its present condition and also any further details about why it is priced fairly.
  5. Set a meeting- Once you find an interested buyer, hold a meeting that is socially distanced. This can be virtual or even physical where you maintain the recommended distancing. Avoid shaking hands and sanitizing items before the handover. If physical meetings do not feel comfortable, you can get smaller items easily delivered via services like Careem Box. Dubizzle also has its delivery option which enables sellers to dispatch items through the Service Market.
  6. Choose cashless payment options- Several people are more comfortable with cashless payments and you should include this option for lowering physical contact as much as possible. E-payments and bank transfers may always be chosen for this purpose. collect is one option worth considering as well.
  7. Donations work if you cannot sell an item- Given the present condition of the global economy. People should not throw away their house stuff and items. Several people may benefit from these items if you donate them or sell them at throwaway prices. Cannot sell your items? Find out services like Good which recycles or resells donated items and the money goes towards Gulf for Good. There are many similar platforms as well. Good offers pick-up services each Monday in Dubai, taking almost anything including furniture items, clothing, and books.


As we have tried to sort things out for your comfort in terms of buying and selling your preloved items. It is again necessary to always make a list and plan accordingly before stepping into anything. These above-mentioned steps are just to make your life easy and effectively easy when you are either looking for a budget-friendly pre-loved item or a perfect buyer for your pieces of stuff. So Dubai residents have enough user-friendly options when it comes to such things.

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