Abu Dhabi-Dubai Intercity Bus : The Most Pocket-Friendly Journey


UAE is popular for many attractions that are majorly situated in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Every facility, starting from famous malls to hotels, is best at its services. The number of visitors to these two destinations must be more in number daily, so there is the suitability of Abu Dhabi to Dubai bus specifically allocated to make traveling easy.Β Undoubtedly, the facility concentrates on the population’s ease, comfort, and affordability. Hence, the Abu Dhabi to Dubai intercity buses price are lower than private taxis or cars. This encourages us to make it often the best choice over any other transport options.Β Β 

Why is the Abu Dhabi to Dubai Intercity Bus so Popular?

Abu Dhabi to Dubai Buses

There are many other benefits that the Abu Dhabi to Dubai buses offers to travellers. It is not just good for the traveler’s pocket but helps you avoid the crazy traffic out there. It is also a fit choice for your daily commuting, helping the effect on the environment. The final is its connectivity to almost every important stoppage that connects both emirates effectively.Β 

What are Convenience and Safety Measures Followed by the Buses?

Abu Dhabi to Dubai Buses Safety Measures

It is a common psychology of people that bus travelling is often uncomfortable and awful. But in the case of Abu Dhabi to Dubai intercity bus travels, the happiest travellers are found where comfort and security are their specialities. The entries are made in a disciplinary system. It is completely safe for solo travellers without any hardships.Β 

The Abu Dhabi to Dubai Intercity buses have professional servicing with an information screen, full air-conditioned, segregated seats allocated specially for the population of women and children. In addition to this, there are a lot more packages of special requirements such as worship rooms, waiting rooms, vending machines, and plenty of eateries in every bus station.

Which are the Abu Dhabi to Dubai Buses in Function?

Abu Dhabi to Dubai Buses in Function

Truly, the Abu Dhabi to Dubai bus travels to each corner of the emirates’ mainland. Its reachability is another contribution of its accessibility for travellers. It not just connected the two different emirates but reached out to every possible significant area. This helps the travellers select the public mode of transport as it will take you to malls, most preferable hotels, or any place as per the connectivity. For a better idea, it takes a single <strong>Abu Dhabi to Dubai bus to travel to all the stops in 1 hour 45 minutes approximately. Fairly, there are three different buses allocated for this task enlisted with their bus stops as well below:

  • Bus E101

The Bus E101 is the most opted intercity buses for Abu Dhabi to Dubai or vice versa. The buses start the service from the Central Bus Station in Abu Dhabi to LBN Battuta in Dubai. After the launch of E102, this load has been divided between the two buses, giving the travellers full comfort and convenience. This is in the service for six weekdays, i.e. Sunday to Friday. There is no Saturday service because the city is down due to fewer office travellers. This Abu Dhabi to Dubai intercity buses start at 05:00 AM and ends the service at 10:00 PM on weekdays. For weekends, it starts at 11:15 PM and ends simultaneously.

  • Bus E100

Abu Dhabi to Dubai intercity Bus E100 is the first and the oldest bus running for a long time. Although, the government does not compromise on the service quality. It is still as competitive as the other two buses in function. This is another bus E100 that starts from Central Bus Station in Abu Dhabi to the Al Ghubaiba Bus stand. Residents of these areas can easily avail of these buses because of less crowded compared to Abu Dhabi and Dubai Buses. It connects New Dubai to Old Dubai, and that is its speciality. The E101 bus timing 2024 is different for each day mentioned below.

  • Bus E102

The Bus E102 Intercity bus has recently been in action due to the high rise in travellers daily. It starts from IBN Battuta in Dubai to Mussafah, Abu Dhabi. Residents of Mussafah’s suburban locations get the most convenience as the passengers who get this facility as their best option to travel to Abu Dhabi. Before this, the passengers need to travel to Abu Dhabi through central buses to find another bus to Dubai. This huge struggle was recognised by the Abu Dhabi government and has been solved impressively. The E102 Abu Dhabi to Dubai bus timing 2024 is 6:20 AM till 11:40 PM at night.

Bus Services Operate Between Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Bus No.

Bus Timing 2024

Bus routes

Bus Ticket priceΒ 


Sunday to Wednesday -> 12:00 PM – 11:40 PM
Thursday -> 12:25 PM – 11:40 PM
Friday -> 5:00 AM – 11:54 PM
Saturday -> 12:14 PM – 11:30 PM

Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station – Al Ghubaiba Bus Station

AED 25


Everyday -> 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Abu Dhabi central bus station – IBN Battuta Bus Station

AED 25


Everyday -> 6:20 AM – 11:40 PM

Mussafah Shabiya –  IBN Battuta Bus Station

AED 25

Abu Dhabi to Dubai Intercity Bus Timings 2024

The timings for the Abu Dhabi to Dubai intercity bus are listed below.

  • Bus E100

The E100 Bus Timing is different for days in a week. They are listed below


First Bus

Last Bus

Monday to Thursday

4:40 AM

1:00 AM


4:40 AM

1:00 AM

Saturday & Sunday

4:47 AM

1:00 AM

  • Bus E101

The timing for the E101 bus service is listed below:


First Bus

Last Bus

Monday to Friday

4:45 AM

1:15 PM

Saturday & Sunday

7:40 AM

6:40 AMΒ 

  • Bus E102

The timing for the E102 bus service is listed below:

Days First Bus Last Bus
Sunday to SaturdayΒ  6:20 AM 11:40 PM

How to Book Abu Dhabi to Dubai Bus Ticket?

Book Abu Dhabi to Dubai Bus Ticket

The Abu Dhabi to Dubai Bus service can be avail by NOI Card. It is nothing but a plastic card that is rechargeable. The travellers must maintain a good record of the travelling frequency rates. It is primarily for regular travellers but if you require to travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai by bus, go for Red NOI Pass.Β 

The minimum bus price is AED 4. It may vary as per your distance. The maximum ticket price may reach up to AED 25. There are other card options, like Silver Card, by which the Abu Dhabi to Dubai intercity buses price reaches AED 25 with AED 19 Credit Points. But it does not allow any additional advantage for travellers other than getting VIP Gold Carriage allowance in Metro. These cards can be easily bought from the RTA Customer Service Centres, vending machines, authorised sales agencies, or online portals.Β 

What Development is Expected in Abu Dhabi to Dubai Buses?

Development in Bus

For a high frequency of public transport, a mobile app facilitates travellers to navigate their route instantly. It is designed to provide information such as Abu Dhabi to Dubai bus timings. It has made everything quick and centralized to explore the intercity buses price on a solitary tap. You can know the whole schedule sitting at home itself.

Abu Dhabi is already fully equipped with the latest amenities that make it the most desirable emirate globally. With the new Route 2020, Abu Dhabi to Dubai intercity buses were under this formulation, and the metro extension was also a part of it. There is a plan of linking Abu Dhabi to the Dubai buses to be more competitive than the Expo 2020 project.

End Thoughts

It is a good idea to avail public transport facilities as it contributes in many ways towards the betterment of its residents and tourists. At this, the best amenities launched to date in Abu Dhabi to Dubai intercity buses which have a tremendous quality report. Along with this, this route is the most active one and possesses UAE’s attractive spots.Β 

Hence, if you live in any of the emirates and traveling to another emirate is your daily job, you must not underestimate this service. Or else, if you are about to shift to either of the emirates, embrace this facility as a trial and understand why it has an amazing reputation years after its launch.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is a bus available from Abu Dhabi to Dubai?

By Dubai RTA (Roads and Transport Authority), there are three actively operating Abu Dhabi to Dubai buses run with excellent service quality. The E100 RTA is available at its specified station every 15 mins. It runs from Al Wahda Bus stop to Al Ghubaiba Bus stop. It takes majorly two hours of the journey time. Along with this, E101 and E102 are also good at their journey records.

How much is a bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai?

The most attractive and suitable feature of this Abu Dhabi to Dubai intercity bus is its pocket-friendliness. It cost just AED 23 to AED 35 on average to travel 1 hour 15mins of the journey. Including this, the bus is the fastest mode of transport one can avail.

Is the Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus open?

Dubai RTA has recently launched the resumption of the E101 shuttle from Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus. This operation is coordinated by the internal integration of Transport Centres, facilitating connectivity of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the two major emirates of UAE.

Do you need a PCR test for Dubai from Abu Dhabi?

No, as per the updated guidelines of the government, it is not required to show the PCR Test to travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Is E101 bus operational?

Yes, public transport is high in usage. Hence, all the Abu Dhabi to Dubai buses are in operation to provide an easy, comfy and feasible journey between the two emirates.

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