Know Everything About the UAE Investor Visa

UAE Investor Visa

Due to its global mindset, the UAE is a free economy that promotes a business culture. The UAE is an investor-friendly and stable global hub that gets its most significant economic share from trading, investment, financing, manufacturing, insurance, and mainly real estate acquisitions. In 2019, the government of the UAE started the UAE investor visa facility that enables ex-pats to live, study and work in the emirates without citizenship and with complete ownership of their properties and businesses. So if you are planning to move to the UAE, why not take advantage of it? Let’s understand the types and advantages of a UAE investor visa or Golden Visa.

The Benefits of the UAE Investor Visa

The Benefits of the UAE Investor Visa

Here is the list of benefits for those receiving an investor visa in Dubai :

  • Reliability and Safety: Ex-pats who have investor visas in the UAE get almost equal opportunities as UAE residents. In the event that the rights of the visa holders are violated, a person could turn to the local court for further assistance.
  • Stability and Security: There are no negative phenomena, riots, or protests in the UAE. Apart from this, the crime rate in all the emirates of the UAE is almost zero. One can safely roam around the city at night. People who commit serious crimes are instantly stripped of their visas and are expelled from all sorts of UAE services.
  • Tax-free relaxation for investor visas in the UAE: There are no taxes for ex-pats with investor visas. The UAE has inked more than 70 double taxation agreements with various nations like the UK, Canada, Bangladesh, China, Japan, France etc. As a result, having an investor visa in Dubai means you will not be subjected to any sort of taxes.
  • Developed Infrastructure: Besides the fact that the UAE has a tax regime, foreigners who have a UAE investor visa do not feel a lack of opportunity. The investor visa holder in the UAE has access to high-quality goods, communications, transportation services and easy and free access to all of Dubai’s benefits.

Types of UAE Investor Visas

Types of UAE Investor Visas

The UAE offers many investor visas for ex-pats who invest in the country. Here are a few of them:


It is amongst the UAE golden visa requirements that an ex-pat has to invest at least AED 10 million in the UAE to be eligible for up to 10 years of the UAE investor visa.

In order to avail of the benefits of an investor visa in the UAE, an ex-pat can make this required investment in any of the emirates of the UAE without any sponsor.

Below is the list of different sorts of investments where an ex-pat could retain a long term real estate investor visa under the General Investor group.

  • Upon making a new company or starting a new business in any of the UAE emirates with an investment equal to AED 10 million.
  • Upon forming a partnership in an already existing firm with a share of a minimum of AED 10 million.
  • Upon having the deposits along with an investment cost of a minimum of AED 10 million in any emirate of the UAE.
  • Upon ensuring that AED 6 million of the minimum AED 10 million investment is invested in sectors other than the property market.

Conditions and UAE Golden Visa Requirements for a 10-Year Investor Visa

UAE Golden Visa Requirements for a 10-Year Investor Visa

  • The investor has to prove that the invested amount is not a loan.
  • The minimum investment you have made must be retained for three years at least.
  • There must be the financial solvency of the invested amount, i.e. AED 10 million.
  • Aside from their family (children or spouse), the investor with a 10-year visa can hire an executive director and an advisor.
  • This visa could be extended to the visa holder’s business partners if each of the partners contributes an investment amount of AED 10 million.
  • Expatriate investors could apply for a multiple-entry permit for up to 6 months.

People with special talents in the fields of culture, science, or the arts are also permitted to stay for an extended period of time. One of the several conditions for that is that they must be accredited by the ministry in their respective streams.


Property investors may also apply for a 5-year UAE investor visa, given that they fit into the criteria set for the Dubai golden visa requirement.

For a 5-year investor visa, an ex-pat needs to meet the different conditions and various Dubai golden visa requirements.

It is necessary for the investor to invest an amount in real estate that is not less than AED 5 million.

    • The investors are advised to ensure that the amount is not loaned.
    • Another requirement is that the house must be preserved for at least three years.
  • 5-Year Real Estate Visa in Abu Dhabi

The real estate investors may also apply for a 5-year visa in Abu Dhabi. The requirements for this are, however, different from the other UAE emirates.

Golden Visa UAE Price List

Golden Visa UAE Price List

Application Purpose Applicant Type Term  Charges
Residence or a renewal of visa for kids and wife A resident Sponsor working in the private sector or in free zone 1 year AED 359.9
Residence or a renewal of visa for wife and kids A resident sponsor working in the private sector or free zone 2 years AED 439.9
Residence or a renewal of visa for wife and kids A resident sponsor working in the private sector or free zone 3 years AED 559.9
Residence or a renewal of visa for wife and kids An investor or a business partner sponsor 1 year AED 409.9
Residence or a renewal of visa for wife and kids An investor or a business partner sponsor 2 years AED 509.9
Residence or a renewal of visa for wife and kids (with the deposit) An investor or a business partner sponsor 3 years AED 3,670.9
Residence or a renewal of visa for wife and kids (without any deposit) An investor or a business partner sponsor 3 years AED 609.9

Wrapping it Up

Whether be it the ownership of business, property, or tax-free regimes, the UAE investor visa is a card that allows the ex-pats to avail of the UAE’s opportunities like any indigenous resident of the Emirates. Different types of investor visas in Dubai come with different requirements, benefits and charges. Therefore, it is important for you to understand each of them before applying. Simply, by investing AED 10 million in UAE’s business or real estate, you can enjoy the perks of UAE residency and the advancements of the Emirates. To make the visa application process hassle-free, you can always reach out to the professionals to help you make an easy and swift move into the Emirates.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get an investor visa in the UAE?

To get an investment visa in the UAE, you need to make a deposit in an investment fund with a new company set up with at least AED 10 million. Or you can also become a partner in any existing firm, but your share should not be less than AED 10 million.

Can investor visas work in the UAE?

Investor visa holders are allowed to study, work, or indulge in any business activity in the UAE. Also, investor visa holders could be accompanied or joined by their dependents.

Can I get a UAE visa if I buy a property?

Yes, if you are willing to buy a property in the UAE, then you are allowed to apply for a property investor residence visa, for which you need to invest at least AED 1,000,000 in property in a government-approved area.

How much does an investor visa cost in Dubai/UAE?

The Dubai investor visa costs approximately AED 1175 for individuals inside the UAE and AED 525 for individuals outside the UAE.

What are the advantages of having a UAE investor visa?

The UAE investor visa qualifies you for the Dubai residency visa for up to 3 years. Also, an investor visa allows you to sponsor your family for immediate UAE residency.

How can I get a 99-year visa in the UAE?

Non-residents of the UAE can buy property in the freehold areas of the UAE for up to 99 years.

What is a 'Golden Visa' in the UAE?

In the year 2019, the UAE government-imposed long term residence investor visas and golden visas in the UAE, which is a new system for ex-pats to live, study or work in the UAE without any citizenship.

What is a UAE silver visa?

The UAE silver visa is for outstanding students with a minimum percentage of 95% in private or public schools. The university students outside and inside the country must have a minimum GPA of 3.75 in graduation.

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