All You Need You Need to Know About Etihad Water and Electricity (EtihadWE)

Etihad Water and Electricity (EtihadWE): Explore North UAE’s Water & Electricity Services

Northern Emirates is beautiful. It is the calmer side of the UAE, with less sheen and more enrichment. Life in these five emirates is always kept on track with their excellent public services framework. This includes the Etihad Water and Electricity Supply (EtihadWE), the body overseeing these five emirates’ water and electricity supply.  From Fujairah to Ajman, the Etihad WE is the lifeline of everyday grind. From your food to your fans, your kitchens to your living areas, it is the almighty source of all the power running through your house.  

Whether you are planning to move to any of these emirates or already live in one of them, looking for a fresh connection, or seeking the newest updates for your existing ones, you’ll need a full download of EithadWE’s services. We bring you their complete overview, the latest charges, and everything else you need to know in this blog. Keep reading so you’ll never need to ring up your neighbors for any help. 

A Brief Background on Etihad Water and Electricity (EtihadWE)

Etihad Water and Electricity (EtihadWE)

Before getting to the various services the body offers, it’ll be helpful to have a little background. The earlier Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA) role was handed over to the new EtihadWE by the Federal Decree Law No. (31) of 2020. The body has since been tasked with catering to the residents’ water and electricity needs. 

With an ambition to be the global benchmark of these services, EtihadWE is active in:

    • Umm Al Quwain
    • Ras Al Khaimah
    • Fujairah
    • Ajman
    • Dhaid

Services Offered by Etihad Water and Electricity

The EithadWE offers a wide range of services. From lodging online applications to making digital payments, here are some of the many services available to consumers:

    • Applications for New Connection
    • Online Bill Payments
    • Multiple Accounts Payments
    • Online Application Tracking
    • List of Approved LV Contractors
    • List of Approved LV Consultants
    • E-Services
    • Clearance Certificate
    • Land Clearance Certificate Electricity/Water 
  • Unlocking The Benefits: Why Choose EtihadWE?

Etihad Electricity and Water is a service provider that prioritizes customer satisfaction. Along with offering all-around services, it significantly emphasizes sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Here are the best reasons to choose EtihadWE if you live in the northern part of the UAE:

    • Reliable and Efficient Services
    • Focus on Sustainable Living
    • Tech-powered & Innovative Offerings
    • Customer Centric Approach
    • Competitive Tariffs & Packages 
  • Applying for a New Etihad Water and Electricity Connection

Applying for a New Etihad Water and Electricity Connection

EtihadWE’s digital services have made accessing water and electricity connections simpler than ever. With just a few clicks, you can submit your application, and within 24 hours of submission, you can have a fully functional connection right at your disposal.

Here are the simple steps to submit your Etihad Water and Electricity connection:

    1. Visit:
    2. Log in with your UAE pass
    3. Under the ‘Services’ menu, choose ‘Service Activation’.
    4. Fill out the form and submit it after attaching the necessary documents, discussed ahead.
  • Documents Required for a New Etihad Water and Electricity Connection

Here is the list of documents to be submitted while applying for a new connection. 

    • Validated Land Plan
    • Land Ownership Certificate/ Grant Certificate
    • A letter from the municipality
    • Copy of the Emirates ID

EtihadWE Connection Fee

The connection fee for a new setup depends upon one’s consumption and meter type. Take a look at the latest Etihad electricity and water connection charges:

  • Electricity Connection 

Consumption (KVA)

Fee (AED)











Above 5000


The above-mentioned charges are applicable for temporary as well as permanent new connections. Other service charges can be easily explored on EtihadWE’s official website. 

  • Water Connection

Consumption (kVA)

Fee (AED)

15 mm


25 mm


50 mm


80 mm and above 


Note: For Public Connections, Farms & Resthouses, and other water connections, visit EtihadWE’s official website. 

Etihad Water And Electricity (EtihadWE) Bill Payment

A variety of payment channels have been established to simplify EtihadWE Bill payments. Before we move on to the various steps, here are a few prerequisites to remember. Payments are generally accepted via credit cards. A single credit card can be used a maximum of five times a day. Further, a maximum payment of 20,000 AED is allowed via a card.

Emiratis can carry out EtihadWE Billing and Payment using the following ways:

    • EtihadWE Website 
    • EtihadWE App
    • Kiosks
    • Banks
    • Exchange Centers
  • EtihadWE Website

Bill payments on the website can be made 24 hours a day. Keeping the 3-minute payment window in mind, follow these simple steps for EtihadWE Billing and Payment using the EtihadWE website:

    1. Visit:
    2. From the ‘Services’ menu, choose the ‘View and Pay Bill’ option.
    3. Enter your account number, email address and registered mobile number and click on ‘Search’.
    4. Once your bill is displayed, enter your credit card details to make the payment successfully.
  • Etihad WE Mobile App

Like the official website, bill payments via the mobile application are also open 24 hours a day and have a 3-minute payment window. Simply install the EtihadWE mobile app, and choose the ‘View and Pay Bill’ option. Enter your account number and other details to pay your dues successfully. 

  • Kiosks (Payment Machines)

The various kiosk machines installed across the Northern Emirates can be used for EtihadWE Billing and Payment. With 24-hour access and a 3-minute payment window, kiosks help make bill payments on the go. The complete list of EtihadWE kiosks installed across the five Emirates can be found on the official website.

  • Al Ansari Exchange

Al Ansari Exchange has a wide network of branches in the UAE. These centers are customer-friendly, easily accessible, and offer prompt bill payments. The EtihadWE Billing and Payment can be made via the Al Ansari Exchange centers from Thursdays to Saturdays. An added positive is the 10-minute-long payment window, which is considerably longer than other payment channels and leaves less room for error.

  • Bank Payments

Subscribers can conveniently pay their Etihad Water and Electricity bills using Internet banking and mobile banking. They can use their credit cards the same way they would in other digital modes. Bank payments, too, are available 24 hours a day with a 3-minute payment timeout. 

Disconnecting Etihad Water and Electricity Connection

Like every other service, making a disconnection request for your EtihadWE connection is also quite simple. Once the request is submitted, and the dues cleared, the connection is permanently disconnected within 10 working days. Here are the steps to quickly submit a disconnection application, right from the comfort of your home.

    • Visit the official website
    • From the ‘Services’ menu, choose ‘E-services’
    • Select ‘Permanent Disconnection’ from the list of available services.
    • Log in with your UAE Pass.
    • Enter the details and submit your application. 

Note: Alternatively, subscribers can at the nearest customer service center. EtihadWE’s customer care services are Monday to Thursday (7:00 AM – 5:00 PM) and Friday (7:00 AM – 11:30 AM).

  • A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Once you’ve submitted your disconnection application, pay all your outstanding dues. Further, once the dues are cleared, it is time to apply for a clearance certificate. To apply for a clearance certificate, simply select the ‘Clearance Certificate’ option from the ‘Services’ menu. The clearance certificate will be issued once the meter reading is taken and the final dues are paid. 

Here are the important documents to be submitted with a disconnection request:

    • Valid ID Card
    • Copy of Clearance Certificate
    • Title Deed
    • Copy of Valid UAE ID/ Copy of Passport for non-residents
    • Letter issued by government entities/ business organizations

Beyond The Basics: Optimising Your EtihadWE Experience

Today, the world is at the cusp of environmental crises. The future prominently rests on not just how much but also in what manner, we consume our resources. With conscious and mindful attempts at sustainability, here are some ways to go beyond the basics, and aim for better energy consumption with EtihadWE

  • Keeping Track of Usage

First, always keep track of your usage, From always-on appliances to unnecessarily running water, be consciously aware of how much is being consumed. This will help avoid undue wastage and instill an environment-conscious lifestyle right at home.

  • Practice Energy Efficiency

Using highly rated appliances is always a good idea. These appliances offer great results at relatively lower energy consumption. While being environmentally reliable, the resultant high savings also make them a pocket-friendly option.

  • Timely Repair & Maintenance

Leaking appliances are neither good for your safety nor for your wallets. It’s imperative to keep a constant eye on the health of your appliances, Checking them for potential damages and patching them up consistently helps save money and energy. So, the next time your water pipes start dripping, be sure to make them priority number one. 

  • Tariff Packages 

EtihadWE prescribes different tariff plans for different types of electric and water consumption. Whatever your purpose, residential, commercial, agricultural, or other, look up its tariff on the official website. Then, plan your consumption accordingly for intelligent energy and money usage. 

  • Government Policies

Etihad Water and Electricity regularly updates its policies. Customers can stay updated with the latest announcements to avail of rewarding services. It’s a win-win situation to contribute to the environment while benefitting from incentives in return. 

Signing Off

In conclusion, Etihad Water and Electricity offers an all-around utility package to the Northern Emiratis. With a wide array of services, EtihadWE has streamlined all major electricity and water necessities using its digital platform. Consumers can access everything from their website or mobile app, from new applications to permanent disconnections and everything in between. The transparently laid out service plans further help subscribers easily make their picks. Temporary or permanent, every resident will have to engage with EtihadWE at some point. With a comprehensive guide like ours, you can always ensure that every update is just a read away!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the EtihadWE Timings?

EtihadWE’s offline customer service centers are accessible Monday to Thursday (7:00 AM - 5:00 PM) and Friday (7:00 AM to 11:30 AM). Online customer services are available 24 hours a day on the official website.

What are the EtihadWe Temporary connection charges for Ramadan Tents?

Temporary EtihadWE connections are free of cost for the entire month of Ramadan for tent and other purposes.

Where can you contact Etihad Water and Electricity Customer Care?

The Etihad Water and Electricity can be contacted at 8003392. Consumers can also mail EtihadWE at [email protected].

How can I apply for a new water or electricity connection via EtihadWE?

A temporary or permanent connection can be applied via the EtihadWE website or mobile app.

How to check my water and electricity usage for my EtihadWE connection?

Subscribers can select the ‘View and Pay Bill’ option from the ‘Services’ menu on EtihadWE’s official website. Using this option, they can check and even pay their utility bills digitally.

What are the different ways to check one’s EtihadWE bill?

On the EtihadWe website and mobile app, you can select the ‘View and Pay Bill’ option. You can view the details on your screen after entering your account number, mobile number, and email address.

How long does it take to get my water? Is the electricity connection activated?

Once set up, a new connection is usually activated within 24 hours.

How can I report a water leak or power outage to EtihadWE?

EtihadWE offers a service called ‘Electricity Water Emergency Service’ to help customers lodge complaints regarding failure. Complaints can be lodged via the website or mobile app. Further, EtihadWE can also be contacted at their telephone number, 800 3392.

How can I reduce my water and power consumption?

Small steps like tracking your consumption, carefully reading your bills, and keeping an eye on your meters can go a long way toward reducing your water and power consumption.

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