Aayush kurkeja

  https://www.squareyards.ae/blog/ Aayush has been producing content for the past two years. With his deep love for words and a thrill for digging deep into Google search pages, he produces some of the most engaging articles, blogs, and content pieces. Here, he writes about the real estate industry in the UAE. Everything is up for discussion in his insightful writings, from market trends to lifestyle choices.


4 Stories by Aayush kurkeja

Tadbeer’s Innovative Approach to Domestic Help: One Platform, All Services

Ranting about the hassles of finding reliable domestic help isn’t a new thing. However, the modern way to find these services in one place,...
0 7 min read

Guide To Easy Travel with Abu Dhabi’s Hafilat Card

The vibrant life of UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi, stands on the shoulders of its strong public transport network. People in the city especially prefer...
0 5 min read

iPhone 15 : Everything You Need to Know Ahead of The Release

September is here and before you know it, a new iPhone will be too. Apple, on August 30th, officially announced the iPhone 15 launch...
0 8 min read

All You Need to Know About Gold Rate in Dubai

Dubai has always been a paradise for gold buyers as gold rate in Dubai remains lower in comparison to other parts of the world....
0 9 min read
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