Experience AURA Skypool Dubai: World’s Highest Infinity Pool

Aura Skypool Dubai

If there’s one thing Dubai isn’t afraid of, it’s heights! Remember the mighty-soaring Burj Khalifa? That was back in 2010. More recently, in 2021, the city has come up with the highest infinity pool in the world. The AURA Skypool in Dubai is located on the 50th floor of the Palm Tower in Palm Jumeirah and features a limitless 360-degree design. This circular layout offers breathtaking panoramic city views and an unparalleled leisure experience. The Dubai Infinity Pool is about 200 metres above the ground level. You swim so high, it feels like flying!

We can describe a facility, but we can’t really describe an experience. And that’s what the sky pool in Dubai offers—a complete, fulfilling, and unmatched experience. Today, we swim through the many facets of this extraordinary development. Starting our lap from its many activities, we go all the way to planning our visits. So, without much further ado, let’s dive in! (Literally!!)

Before We Go All In

Here’s how to describe the AURA pool in one line – Up Above A Pool So High, Like An Ocean in The Sky! This is exactly what Dubai’s infinity pool is. Before we dive deep into it, here is a quick overview of the AURA Skypool. It is a 1.25-meter deep pool with a 750 sq. meter deck. At AURA Skypool, the best comes along, and the rest stays behind. Cars pass by underneath, life bustles the streets, and the noise stays on the ground. But we float on the top. Suspended over 200 meters above the ground, the pool offers stunning views of Palm Island, Burj Al Arab, City Skyline, and Marina & Ain Dubai. 

Pool Experiences

Pool Experience

AURA Skypool in Dubai offers exquisite pool experiences throughout the day. From sunrise to midnight, there is never a dull moment. In addition to the 360-degree infinity pool, visitors get a lavish pool deck that offers ample relaxation space. But AURA Skypool is about relaxation, energy, excitement, and a pulsating show of music, food, and dance.

It must be noted that not all activities provide pool access at this facility. Amenities like Indoor Lounge, Wellness & Recreation, and others do not involve pool access. However, the experiences that offer direct pool access are listed below. Take a look at the timings and fees of the various swimming experiences at Dubai’s infinity pool.

Pool Experience


Fees Per Person

Sunrise Pool Experience

6 am to 9 pm

AED 200

Morning Pool Experience

10 am onwards

AED 250

Afternoon Pool Experience

3 pm to 7 pm

AED 300

Evening Pool Experience

8 pm to 11 pm

AED 225

The AURA Skypool Lounge 

The lounge is about lavish leisure. The AURA Skypool Lounge operates from sunrise to midnight with a feast of views, meals and drinks, but without pool access. Here is a look at the available activities, their timings and fees:



Fees per person

Sunrise Lounge Experience

7 am to 9 am

AED 100

Morning Lounge Experience

10 am to 12 pm

AED 150

Lounge Experience

12 pm to 2 pm

AED 200

Lunch in the Sky

12 pm to 2 pm 

2 pm to 4 pm

AED 195

Afternoon Lounge Experience

2 pm to 4 pm

AED 200 

Sunset Lounge Experience

4 pm to 7 pm

AED 300

Evening Lounge Experience

8 pm to 11 pm

AED 200

Bubbly Nights

8 pm to 11 pm

AED 180

Night Brunch

8 pm to 11 pm

AED 480

Day Brunch

1 pm – 5 pm

AED 800

  • Things to Do At AURA Skypool Dubai 

So, you’ve swam the waters at the pool and tasted the flavors at the lounge, now what? Here are the top things to do at the highest infinity pool in the world.  

    • Enter The Metaverse

AURA Skypool Dubai is also the first infinity pool to be featured on the Metaverse. With the coming together of the two, you’d be able to digitally access experiences ranging from beautiful sunsets to sparkling fireworks. Rare City curates Skypool Dubai’s transition to the digital space, which is currently in progress. Interested applicants can register online and be the first to experience it. 

    • Aura Boutique

There is nothing like wearing the brand you love on your sleeves. Dubai Infinity Pool’s extensive merchandise features an impressive collection. There is a wide range from scented candles to skincare products and wellness to everyday accessories. Prices of products range from AED 25 to AED 300. Buyers can comfortably make online purchases while booking an experience at the skypool. The purchased products will be delivered to the customers during their stay. 

    • Organise Private Events

Dubai Infinity Pool is an extraordinary venue for private gatherings. It’s a well-equipped facility with lighting, fixtures, music, dance, food, and top-notch security. The AURA Skypool is versatile enough to accommodate a range of private events like concerts, marriage ceremonies, product launches, business conferences—you name it! Interested parties can contact the facility’s management and easily make reservations. 

    • Get A Massage

A specially curated massage experience takes the AURA Skypool experience to the next level. Soothing massages against the flowing pool water and energetic environment are bliss like no other. The massage is open for those participating in the Sunrise or Morning Pool Experience. 

  • Wellness & Recreation 

Inner peace and calmness are central ideas of this rooftop project. Below is a detailed overview of the various wellness facilities at AURA Skypool Dubai. However, it must be noted that pool access is not included in any of these facilities.

    • Yin Yoga & Sound Healing: Held on Wednesdays at 8 pm, this 60-minute session uses Tibetan sound bowls for stress release. The technique opens the body, inducing a deep sense of calm and inner harmony. Yin Yoga & Sound Healing classes start at AED 180 per person.
    • Hot Vinyasa: Hot Vinyasa classes are scheduled every Friday at 6:30 am. The one-hour session focuses on body flexibility, muscle engagement and cardio exercises. Hot Vinyasa classes at Dubai’s infinity pool start at AED 180 per person.  
    • Hot Yoga & Ice Bath: This class offers a unique fusion of Hot Yoga and a thrilling ice bath under the supervision of a Wim Hof-certified instructor. Organised on Saturdays at 9:30 am, it’s a 90-minute long session that culminates with a nutritious breakfast. Hot Yoga & Ice Baths costs AED 475 per person.
  • Food & Dining at AURA Skypool Dubai

Dining at this rooftop pool is among the top luxurious experiences in Dubai. Here is an overview of its enticing culinary highlights: 

    • The PAN-Asian Flavours

Dubai’s infinity pool features a PAN-Asian menu specially curated by Executive Chef Craig Best. From appetizers to fine dining and beverages to cocktails, it’s a delicious sky-high date at AURA Skypool.  

    • AURA 360 Pool Brunch 

How about an elegant silver and white-themed brunch party at the highest infinity pool in the world? The AURA 360 Pool Bruch is coming back with its second edition on June 22nd. It offers a four-hour revelry of unlimited premium beverages, flavourful Pan-Asian food, live DJ, and entertainment. The brunch party at AURA Skypool Dubai is available in two packages:

      • Poolside Package: The brunch timings are 2 to 7 pm, providing complete pool access. The per-person fee is AED 950.
      • Lounge Package: The brunch timings are 3 to 7 pm, with no pool access. The house package costs AED 600 per person, and the champagne package fee is AED 800 per person.
  • Views From AURA Skypool Dubai
    Aura Skypool DubaiSource: What’s ON

AURA Skypool’s 360-degree design means it wraps around the building’s entire rooftop to showcase different parts of Dubai from different standpoints. From 200 metres above the ground level, Dubai looks unlike anything you can imagine. Here are the top views from the pool:

    1. Palm View: This view overlooks the iconic Palm Jumeirah to offer a stunning sight of the man-made island.
    2. Marina & Ain Dubai View: The view looks at the Dubai Marina and the Ain Dubai, the world’s largest observation wheel.
    3. Burj Al Arab View: From this angle, visitors can see the distinctive sail-shaped Burj Al Arab, one of Dubai’s most famous landmarks.
    4. City Skyline View: This encompasses a panoramic view of Dubai’s cityscape, including the towering Burj Khalifa and the dynamic urban skyline.
  • How to Visit AURA Skypool Dubai?

AURA Pool Dubai is located on the 50th floor of the Palm Tower at Palm Jumeirah. The entry to the infinity pool opens from the St. Regis Hotel. Here are the most convenient ways to visit Dubai’s infinity pool:

    • By Car

The Palm Tower is easily accessible by road. AURA’s rooftop pool in Dubai also provides valet parking for visitors by car. 

    • By Dubai Metro

Visitors can board the Red Line metro to Al Khail metro station and take a local conveyance to reach the rooftop pool in a few minutes. 

    • By Dubai Monorail

The Palm Monorail connects visitors to the Nakheel Tower, less than 2 kilometers from this rooftop pool. 

    • From Nakheel Mall

Those coming from the closely located Nakheel Mall can enter the Dubai infinity pool through the main entrance of The St. Regis Hotel.

  • AURA Skypool Dubai Booking Process

Bookings for the rooftop pool in Dubai can be made via the official website or mail. Follow these simple steps and book any experience of choice at the AURA Skypool:

Official Website

    1. Visit https://auraskypool.com/
    2. Click on ‘Book An Experiencein the top-right corner. 
    3. Choose from the available experiences and click on Book Now’.
    4. Fill in the required details, including date, time, number of guests, and more. 
    5. Make the payment and confirm your booking. 
    • Mail Reservations

AURA Skypool Dubai bookings can also be made via their official mail. Simply email reservations@auraskypool.com with details regarding the date, activity and number of guests. Management will respond to your request and notify you of the future course of action. 

  • AURA Skypool Dubai Tickets

AURA Sky Pool Dubai’s ticket prices vary with each experience, ranging from AED 100 to AED 600. The official website highlights complete pricing details of available activities at the AURA Skypool.

  • AURA Skypool Dubai Timings & Contact

The best time to visit AURA Skypool is from November to April. The pleasant weather, clear skies, and comfortable temperatures make it ideal for enjoying the rooftop pool. Incidentally, this period also falls within Dubai’s high tourist season, particularly from December to February.

AURA Skypool can be contacted at:

  • Website: https://auraskypool.com/
  • Email: reservations@auraskypool.com
  • Contact Number: +971 4 566 2121 (8:30 am to 7 pm)
  • Whatsapp Number: +971 58 525 2121
  • Address: Palm Tower, 50th floor, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Live The Experience: Summing Up

The rooftop pool at the Palm Tower is an absolute marvel. It is, in all the sense of the word, an experience. Something to be felt and witnessed, more than described or discussed. From its exotic poolside to its cheerful revelry, AURA Skypool is among the most luxurious experiences in Dubai. Whether you are a citizen or a tourist, the rooftop pool is a must-have on your Dubai itinerary. Now that you have a complete know-how of its tickets, timings and features, it’s time to snap close the guide and start booking a visit! 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s):

Can I book Aura Skypool Dubai for private events?

Yes, the rooftop pool is open for private events. A well-equipped infrastructure helps manage various events, from family functions to product launches.

Are there dining options available at Skypool Dubai?

Yes, Executive Chef Craig Best specially curated the dining options at the AURA Skypool. It features a pan-Asian-themed menu with premium cocktails and beverages.

Is the Dubai Infinity Pool accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, AURA Skypool Dubai is accessible to people with disabilities and offers the necessary facilities and accommodations.

How does AURA Skypool Dubai compare to other infinity pools in the city?

The Skypool is the highest infinity pool in the world and the leader in its segment. It offers panoramic views and amenities unmatched by any other pool facility.

What’s the cancellation policy at this rooftop pool in Dubai?

AURA Skypool Dubai bookings can be cancelled and fully refunded on a 14-day advance notice. Further, a notice of 7 days is required to amend the dates of a confirmed booking.

Are there any photography restrictions at Sky Pool Dubai?

There are no photography restrictions at the venue. However, it is best to consult management upon arrival at the pool.

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