Know The Process of Applying UAE Green Visa 2022

UAE Green Visa

UAE, the oil-rich country, works towards its expansion and development with grandeur every year by introducing new visa schemes. It has become the ideal country for residency, investment, employment, businesses, and education. Recently, the UAE announced new entry visas and residency permits. One of which is the UAE Green Visa 2022. This new visa scheme is part of the ‘Projects of the 50’ – a roadmap of economic and development projects aiming to accelerate the expansion of the UAE in all sectors. In addition, it will establish itself as the preferred destination for talent and investors. UAE aims to diversify the country’s economy to reduce reliance on oil.

The sole purpose of introducing the Green Visa UAE is to attract and retain skilled workers and highly talented people globally to boost the economic growth of the country and the flexibility of the job market. Furthermore, building stability among UAE residents and families. The Green Visa is here to offer residency without sponsorship for people to be able to work without the hold under a company employer or sponsor. According to a leading business expert, the launch of a ‘Green Visa’ scheme in the UAE will “boost the real estate market, increase business, job creation and result in a rise in consumer spending.” 

This article has all existing information about the Green Visa in UAE as the authorities have not released the information in its entirety. 

What is the UAE Green Visa 2022?

UAE Green Visa 2022

The UAE Green Visa 2022 is a new addition to the resident visa category announced by the UAE. This new visa allows expats, investors, entrepreneurs, highly skilled people and students to sponsor themselves. This means that they do not have to associate themselves with a UAE-based company and no longer look for an employer to sponsor them. Now, a 90–180-day window is given to renew the visa documents as compared to the usual 30-day limit.  By improving entry and residency procedures, UAE aims to attract a talented workforce from around the world. The new Green visa rules will come into effect in the UAE in September 2022, which will open a plethora of opportunities for people in various fields and sectors.

The Eligibility Criteria for UAE Green Visa 

Eligibility Criteria of Green Visa

The Green Visa UAE eligibility come with a 5-year residency for investors, entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, and freelancers. Small and Medium running enterprises, scientists and other talented people will also be taken into consideration for the UAE Green visa. Here are the following Green Visa UAE eligibility requirements for different categories:

  • UAE Green Visa Eligibility for Skilled Employees

The new visa is specifically to attract highly skilled employees and those looking for employment in UAE. They are offered a 5-year residency without the need of an employer or sponsor. However, there are certain criteria to attain the UAE Green visa.

The requirements include :

    • A valid employment offer contract
    • The applicant must be classified in the first, second, and third occupational levels maintained by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
    • The applicant’s salary should not be less than AED 15,000.
    • The applicant should hold a bachelor’s degree, a minimum requirement for UAE Green Visa for skilled employees.
  • Green Visa UAE Eligibility for Investors and Entrepreneurs 

The UAE Green Visa is for investors, partners and entrepreneurs to encourage investment and businesses. This will boost the real estate market and several big and small businesses for foreigners from different parts of the world. The Green Visa UAE provides a 5-year residency to establish business or participate in commercial activities. Above that, the green visa replaces the previous residency that was valid for 2 years only.

The requirements include :

    • Proof of investment and approval of the investment
    • If the investor has more than one license, the total investment capital will be calculated.
    • Approval of the competent local authorities is mandatory.
  • Green Visa UAE Eligibility for Freelancers and Self-Employment

Freelancers and self-employed individuals have experienced tremendous growth over the past decade as the freelance industry with flexible work models has gained significant popularity globally. The newly developed green residence visa for freelancers and self-employed individuals provides them with a 5-year residency in the UAE without having to obtain a sponsor or employer.

The requirements include:

    • Obtain a freelance/ self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
    • The minimum educational qualification should be a bachelor’s degree or specialized diploma.
    • The self-employment annual income for the previous two years should not be less than AED 360,000.
    • The applicant will have to provide their financial solvency throughout their stay in the country.

What are the Benefits of the Green Visa UAE?

Benefits of the Green Visa UAE

The UAE economy was slumping over the past few years due to low oil prices, and with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, several businesses and the tourism industry were hit massively. This shook the economic growth graph of the UAE. However, the recent announcement of the Green Visa UAE has created a buzz all over the world that grants benefits and perks to its holder and boosts the UAE economy. The new Green Visa UAE benefits not only the holder but their families too. The Green visa applicants can sponsor themselves, their families, spouse, and children up to 25 years of age (previously it was set for 18 years old). However, it should be noted that the duration of family members’ residence shall always correspond to the duration of the original resident.

The Green Visa UAE benefits also those who have lost their job to stay in the country for up to 180 days as per the statement given by the government. This is a relief as most of the visas are tied to employment contracts and long-term residency is difficult to obtain. Since the Green Visa is newly added to the visa category, the authorities have not yet released the information on the fees for the visa.

How to Apply for UAE Green Visa?

The process and application to apply for the Green Visa for UAE are yet to be updated.

Note : All information will be updated once the government releases new updates on the Green Visa as it comes into effect in September 2022. 

In Conclusion

The announcement of the UAE Green Visa is great news for all foreigners, skilled employees, entrepreneurs, top students, and graduates who can stay and work without any major hurdles. This is a win-win situation for both foreigners and residents and the UAE economy. We have laid out all the information regarding the Green Visa that the government has put out. To know if you are eligible, read the criteria mentioned above in the article to know what requirements are needed. You can visit the official website of the UAE to know more about the new UAE Green Visa 2022.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is UAE Green Visa?

The UAE Green Visa is a new addition to the residence visa category that offers a five-year residency and allows skilled workers, foreigners, investors, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and top students and graduates to sponsor themselves.

How long is the validity of the UAE visa?

The validity of the Green Visa UAE is for 5 years.

What is the cost for Green Visa in UAE?

The cost of the Green Visa UAE has not been updated yet by the authorities of the UAE.

Who is eligible for Green Visa in UAE?

Skilled workers, foreigners, investors, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and top students and graduates are eligible for the Green Visa UAE.

What are the green visa benefits in UAE?

The visa offers a five-residency without a sponsor or employer and allows Green Visa holders to sponsor their families, spouse and children up to the age of 25 years old.

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