How To Apply For Dubai Visit Visa 2023

How to Apply for Visit Visa to Dubai

Dubai’s allure in tourism stands unparalleled, capturing hearts and imaginations with its charismatic blend of opulence and tradition. Dubai’s starry skyline, from the stately Burj Khalifa to the awe-inspiring Palm Jumeirah, endures an urban narrative that is as diverse as it is captivating. With over 14 million international travellers who ventured to Dubai last year, the city’s visit visa is one of the most sought-after visas in the Emirates—with streamlined online platforms, applying for a visit visa is very straightforward. Whether you’re a leisure seeker or a business traveller, unravel everything you need about the Dubai visit visa that caters to your needs.

What Is The Visit Visa For Dubai?

What Is The Visit Visa For Dubai

Dubai visit visas are offered for longer stays, exceeding the standard 14-day limit. Whether you’re exploring professional opportunities or seeking a longer vacation, Dubai’s visit visas provide an avenue for stays up to 60 days, with the possibility of extensions. Additionally, various entry visas, including the Multi-entry tourist visa, Business entry visa, and entry permit for visiting relatives and friends, can be procured independently without needing a sponsor or host.

Dubai Visit Visa Latest News

The UAE government has announced new travel rules as of 2023. Here’s the lowdown on the recent updates:- 

  • Grace Period Scrapped

Dubai has recently eliminated the previous 10-day grace period that was provided to visitors with expired tourist visas in the UAE. This information has been officially verified by a local travel agent and representations from the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP). In light of this change, individuals who overstay their visas will now incur a daily fine of AED 50. However, to navigate through this transition, applicants have the recourse to apply for a 30-day extension visa to ensure they stay legally within the country. 

  • Visa Extension Allowed From Within The Nation 

According to recent reports, individuals with a Dubai visit visa now have the option to extend their visa while remaining in the country. However, there’s a pivotal catch- applicants ought to enter the UAE within 60 days after their visa is issued. The validity of the entry permit can span either 30 or 60 days, contingent on the visa type obtained. Furthermore, to sidestep any potential fines, visitors must ensure that they either depart the country on the final day of their visa’s validity or seek an extension before the expiration date. 

Types of Visit Visas In Dubai 

Dubai offers a range of visit visas catering to diverse travel durations and purposes. There are primarily two categories:

  • 90-Day Long-term Visit Visa

90-Day Long-term Visit Visa

For those seeking an extended vacation in the enchanting landscapes of Dubai, the 90-Day Long-term Visit Visa comes with two distinct options

    • Non-Renewable Visa with 60 Days Validity from Issue Date
    • Non-Renewable Visa with 90 Days Validity from Arrival Date
  • 30-Day Short-term Visit Visa

For those planning a concise yet enriching visit, the 30-Day Short-term Visit Visa is tailored to accommodate shorter stays:

    • Non-Renewable Visa with 30 Days Validity from Issue Date
    • Non-Renewable Visa with 30 Days Validity from Arrival Date

What are Dubai Visit Visa Provisions?

If you’re planning to visit Dubai, several factors are considered when applying for a visit visa, including nationality, duration, stay, and purpose of visit. 

  • Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) Citizens

Nationals hailing from the following GCC countries enjoy the privilege of visa-free entry upon arriving in the UAE, provided they possess valid passports:

    • Bahrain
    • Kuwait
    • Oman
    • Qatar
    • Saudi Arabia
    • United Arab Emirates

GCC nationals are not required to undergo the visa application process for visiting the UAE or Dubai. Upon arrival, they are granted entry for their intended stay. However, Non-GCC citizens must check the visa requirements or seek assistance from an immigration consultant or local sponsor to explore various pathways to obtain the necessary visa.

  • Dubai Visit Visa Requirements- Non-GCC Citizens

Citizens of these nations can acquire a Dubai Visa upon arrival, granting them a 90-day stay. 






Czech Republic

























Points to remember

    • Citizens of these countries are granted a Visa on Arrival with a 90-day validity starting from the initial date of their entry.  
    • This visa type is non-renewable.
    • The passport validity should be more than 6 months. 
    • Visa holders must utilise the granted 90-day visa upon their arrival, within 180 days from the first entry. 

Similarly, applicants from these countries can acquire a visit visa upon arrival, granting them a 30-day stay with a 10-day grace period. 




Vatican City

Hong Kong





San Marino






United Kingdom

United States of America




New Zealand.

Key Points to Consider

    • Citizens of these nations can obtain a visa upon arrival with 30-day validity from the entry date. 
    • This visa is expendable, allowing for an overall 60 days validity from the entry date. 
    • Passport validity exceeding six months.
    • This visa type encompasses the attributes of a multi-entry visa. Irrespective of your location, whether within or outside the UAE, the visa holder can enjoy a 30-day validity with a ten-day grace period.

How To Apply For a Dubai Visit Visa

  • Dubai Visit Visa Apply Online

Obtaining a Dubai visit visa online is a breeze through the ICP (Immigration and Citizenship Platform) Smart Services portal or the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) website. 

Fill in the necessary details, upload documents, and make the payment online to avoid sending documents via email or making in-person office visits. Once your visa application acquires the coveted approval, you’ll receive an e-visa copy in your email.

  • Dubai Visit Visa Via Airlines

Dubai Visit Visa Via Airlines

Approved airlines offer an alternate avenue to secure your Dubai visit visa. However, the requisites and conditions may vary. A common requirement is flying with the airline to your chosen destination. As costs can fluctuate and evolve, it’s best to consult your preferred airline for the latest updates on prices and prerequisites. Among the array of approved airlines, a few prominent ones are:

    • Emirates Airlines 
    • Etihad Airways 
    • Fly Dubai 
    • Air Arabia 
  • Expert Assistance Through Travel Agencies And Hotels

Another way is to engage with travel agencies or your preferred hotel to apply for a visit visa on your behalf. Ensure the travel agency or hotel holds requisite licenses and authorisations from UAE authorities before sharing payments or documents. 

Documents Needed For Dubai Visit Visa

For the smooth progress of your application, pay attention to the following document requirements:

    • Submit a filled application form, leaving no room for incomplete or vague information. 
    • Upload copies of the sponsor’s passport and family members’ passports involved in the application. 
    • If sponsoring your partner or spouse, validate your relationship with valid and authenticated documents.
    • While sponsoring children, provide their birth certificates. 
    • Copies of identity proofs are a sustained requirement.
    • Attach recent and high-quality photographs.
    • If employed, substantiate your financial standing with documents such as employer statements and salary statements.
    • Provide financial proofs that support your stay.
    • Draft a well-crafted cover letter that indicates your purpose and the intended duration of your stay in the country. 

Information About Dubai Visit Visa Status

Curious about the status and validity of your Dubai visit visa? Click on the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) website to track your visa status effortlessly. Here’s how to stay informed about your Dubai visit visa status:

  • Dubai Visit Visa Status via GDRFA Mobile App

If you prefer the convenience of mobile apps, the GDRFA Dubai app, available on both Android and iOS platforms, caters to your needs. Follow these steps to unveil your Dubai visit visa status:

    • Launch the app and navigate to the “Services” label.
    • Choose “File Status Inquiry.”
    • For those awaiting a labour contract visa, select “Entry Permit Inquiry.”
    • If you’ve completed the ID test and medical typing, opt for “Residency Inquiry.”
    • Fill in your details – name, visa number, nationality, and date of birth.
    • Verify your input and click “Inquiry.”

A reassuring green check mark will grace the bottom of the page with accurate submission. In addition, you will find comprehensive visa details, including your full name, visa expiry date, visa type, and number.

  • Dubai Visit Visa Status via GDRFA Website

To check the status of your Dubai visa, you can easily click on the AMER GDRFA portal. Follow the steps below:

    • Start by visiting the official GDRFA website.
    • Under “General Inquiry,” select your desired “File Type”, whether entry permit or residence.
    • Opt for “Residence Validity.”
    • Input your details – name, visa number, nationality, and birth date. 
    • Complete the captcha code and submit.

With accurate inputs, your visa validity details will display in green below your submission form. 

A Graceful Option- Dubai Visit Visa Extension

A Graceful Option- Dubai Visit Visa Extension

Most tourist visas, including the 90-day visit visa, can be renewed for 30 days twice at an applicable fee of AED 200 (USD 54.45) per renewal. ICP has introduced a novel initiative with a one-time 30-day visa extension facility that caters to travellers on 90-day visit visas. With this provision, you can extend visit visas for family members and friends on single or multiple trips spanning 1-3 months. This extension applies not only to the visit visa duration but also to the pre-entry validity of visas.

Dubai Visit Visa Fees

Short Term visit visa price 1 month 

    • Single Entry Visa- AED 370
    • Multiple-Entry Visa- AED 650

* Note : Inclusive of taxes and extra charges

Long Term visit visa for 3 months price

    • Single Entry Visa- AED 700
    • Multiple-Entry Visa- AED 1750

* Note : Inclusive of taxes and extra charges


As you navigate the visa’s nuances – from its flexible duration to transparent applications, requirements, and fees – remember that Dubai’s essence lies in its boundless hospitality. So, embrace the charm of Dubai, and transcend into a world of wonder and myriad experiences, leaving an indelible mark on your memories.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a visit visa open for Dubai?

Yes, the visit visa for Dubai is currently open, and you can apply for a visa extension for 30 days or 90 days without leaving the country.

How much is the visit visa for Dubai?

A single entry 30-day Dubai visit visa price is 370 AED, whereas a visit visa for Dubai for 3 months price is 700 AED

What are the new rules for visit visa?

As per the reports, the grace period is scrapped, and visa extension is allowed from within the nation.

What is Dubai visit visa price for 1 month?

Dubai visit visa price for 1 month will cost around 370 AED.

What is a visit visa for Dubai for 3 months price?

The Dubai visit visa price for 3 months is around 700- 780 AED for single-entry, and a multi-entry visa costs 1750- 2200 AED. The prices are inclusive of taxes, subject to change, and may vary.

What is Dubai visit visa 3 months price in India?

For a standard single-entry Dubai visit visa 3 months price in India is INR 14,555. If one requires a multiple entry visa for the same duration, the fee increases to INR 35,230. *Please note that these prices are subject to change and may vary.

How much is a 3-month visit visa in UAE?

If you’re applying through the ICP portal, the Dubai visit visa 3 months price is approximately AED 700 for a single entry. While applying through GRADFAD, the UAE visit visa cost for 3 months is AED 505.

Can We Check Dubai Visa Status Online?

You can check the visa status from the official website ICP (Immigration and Citizenship Platform) Smart Services portal or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs ( GDRFA).

How can I check my visit visa expiry date?

You can check visa validity and expiry dates on the Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security- ICP.

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