A Complete Guide To Dubai Airport Duty Free

A Complete Guide To Dubai Airport Duty-Free

Step into an experience that makes your travel much more fun, a place where luxury and convenience are at your service. Welcome to Dubai Duty-Free, a shopper’s Shangri-la present amidst the Dubai International Airport. As you stroll through, you’ll find a treasure trove of national and international brands, from haute couture to glorious jewellery, high-end electronics, and fine fragrances. It is a place where global trends meet local traditions, offering what might excite the shopaholic in you. But Dubai Duty-Free is more than just a shopping destination; it reflects the city’s visionary spirit. Its state-of-the-art architecture and the zeal of Emirati hospitality are an attestation to what Dubai stands for. Whether you’re here for a layover or jetting away to another country, Dubai Duty-Free is your gateway to a world of unparalleled shopping, making every moment at the airport an opportunity for indulgence and discovery. So, why wait? Let your journey begin, and experience luxury at every turn.

What Do You Understand by Dubai Duty-Free?

Meaning of Dubai Duty-Free

Dubai Duty-Free is the world’s biggest airport retail operator, spanning over 40,000 sqm across Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Dubai World Central, also known as Al Maktoum International Airport. This place not only gives competition to leading shopping destinations in Dubai but also acts as a fantastic last-minute shopping destination for millions of passengers flying across busy terminals. Dubai Airport Duty-Free lets you take advantage of all it offers, like Dubai Duty-Free tickets, luxurious brands, books, perfumes, handbags, clothing or a chance to win a car itself. 

Dubai International has amped up its game and offers duty-free shopping services, which let you deliver everything straight to your airline boarding gate. Dubai Duty-Free online is another alternative for travellers running short on time, letting them get all the items delivered directly home. Because shopping in Dubai Duty-Free enables you to surpass import duties or service taxes, it is an ideal way to splurge and let loose while shopping.

  • Contact Details

Contact DDF via email or phone for any further information and inquiries at 

Dubai Duty-Free stores are open 24/7. 

  • Map

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Retail Shops in Dubai Airport Duty Free

Dubai Airport Duty-Free offers travellers a one-stop shopping destination, especially for those in a hurry or who prefer a hassle-free shopping experience. One can find everything under one roof, from chocolates, liquor, perfumes, makeup, books and clothing to jewellery and tech gadgets. 

  • Beauty and Makeup 

Several national and international beauty care brands offer makeup and skin care products. Some of the brands that you can find in Dubai Duty-Free are:

    • Dior
    • Dolce and Gabbana
    • Este Lauder
    • YSL
    • Gucci
    • Skross
  • Tobacco 

Dubai Duty-Free is a popular destination for smokers to shop. In all flavours and brands, one can find cigarettes, cigars, vapes, and electric cigarettes. Some of the brands that you can find at the DDF are: 

    • Marlboro
    • Heets
    • Iqos 
    • Dun Hill
    • Davidoff
  • Shop for Tech at DDF 

Having a wide collection of popular electronics from smartphones, gaming consoles and laptops to personal care devices, Dubai Duty-Free is the centre for all kinds of technology. Some of the brands that you can find here include –

    • JBL
    • Apple
    • Samsung
    • Go Pro
    • Sony
    • Dyson
  • Food Items

Food Items At Dubai Duty-Free

When talking about shopping, it is incomplete without food items. We all know it is common for travellers to purchase chocolates and souvenirs for their loved ones. To enhance that experience, Dubai Duty-Free offers premium candies, cookies and chocolates from brands like Lindt, Butlers, Hershey’s, Godiva, and Patchi. 

  • Watches 

Brands like Omega, Rolex, Alba and Casio have exclusive luxury watches to buy at the Dubai Airport Duty-Free shop. 

  • Jewellery 

If you want to purchase something exclusive and more personal, what is better than jewellery for your loved ones or yourself? Shop from luxury stores like Pandora, Swarovski, Buckley and CrisLu.

  • Fashion

You can even find clothing brands in Dubai International Airport, which is uncommon in other duty-free stores. Several options for men, women, and children from the best brands like H&M, Burberry, Armani Exchange, Tumi, Oakley and Lacoste can be found here.

  • Luggage 

While running around the airport, suddenly, the wheel of your trolley bag breaks; what will you do in such a situation? The good thing is Dubai Duty-Free also features several luggage stores, which come in handy in case of emergency, just like this one. Fix your old suitcases or invest in a new one from stores like Go Travel, Tumi and Samsonite. Find other travel accessories like backpacks, pillows, sleeping masks, plugs, carry-ons and trolleys at these stores. 

  • Souvenirs

It is considered auspicious to take home souvenirs for your friends and family; it is also necessary, right? So remember to shop for items like tableware, home decor, fridge magnets,  stuffed animals and plushies, snow globes, chocolates, perfumes and dates to take home.

  • More DDF Shops 

There are other stores like health and wellness, books and toy stores that you can find at Dubai International Airport’s Duty-Free. 

Limitations in Dubai Duty-Free

There is obviously a limit on what all travellers can carry back home or in the country. The limitation on your luggage applies irrespective of the place of purchase, including your personal items. Passengers entering Dubai have a certain limit and can carry a specified number of things given by the authorities. These include –

    • Travellers can carry gifts with a value of less than AED 3000 
    • Two crates of beer or 4 litres of alcohol
    • 500 grams of tobacco
    • 50 cigars 
    • 400 cigarettes 

However, at departure time, travellers have different limitations. These include –

    • 18 litres of still wine  
    • 42 litres of beer
    • 1 litre of alcohol (over 22% alcohol), 
    • 2 litres of fortified or Sparkling wine 
    • 200 cigarettes
    • 50 cigars
    • 250 grams of tobacco

Online Shopping in Dubai Duty-Free 

It is optional for you to work around an array of stores that Dubai Duty-Free offers, whereas you can simply opt for Dubai Duty-Free online shopping by quickly logging in via Facebook or Google. Take advantage of easy payment options, 90-minute post-order pick-up, and product delivery directly at departure gates. 

Prices at Dubai Duty-Free 

One of the major concerns of travellers shopping in Dubai Duty-Free is the prices. It is important to carry out a complete research beforehand. A complete list of prices and products is available on the DDF website. Established in 1983, Dubai Duty-Free each year offers massive discounts on their anniversary and founding day. 

Lottery Programs at Dubai Duty-Free

Lottery Programs at Dubai Duty-Free

Many lottery and raffle programs are organised by Dubai Duty-Free at Dubai International Airport, offering irresistible prices. A free lucky draw occurs at the premises, and tickets are available on the Dubai Duty-Free website. 

  • Be a Millennium Millionaire at Dubai Duty-Free 

Dubai Duty-Free Mega raffle was launched in 1999, known as Millennium Millionaire, offering 1 million US dollars to the winner. Who doesn’t like winning money? In Dubai, a lot can happen just by investing AED 1,000 in a Duty-Free lottery ticket and standing a chance to win a million dollars! For more details, visit the official website or ask at the Dubai’s Airport helpdesk. 

  • Win Luxury Cars at Dubai Duty-Free

Dubai duty-free online tickets for the car draw are available for just AED 500, allowing you to win a BMW 740I M or a Mercedes Benz S 500. 

  • Win Luxury Bikes at Dubai Duty-Free

You can win a BMW R1250 or Indian Chief Dark Horse by purchasing bike tickets for just AED 100. If you are in luck, you can be the next Dubai duty-free winner. 

Wrapping Up

With enhancing the traveller’s experience, Dubai International Duty-Free has become a famous shopping destination. It is a paradise for shopaholics, offering tens of thousands of products from around the globe, including fashion, food, liquor, perfume and makeup. The sales from last year were expected to increase by 40% as the world’s busiest international airport began to recover after the pandemic. With 24/7 service, there is nothing or no place better than Dubai Duty-Free to shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Dubai Duty-Free affordable?

Shopping in Dubai Duty-Free can be considered cheaper than elsewhere because you won't be charged any import duty or sales tax here.

Can we buy online from Dubai Duty-Free?

Yes, Dubai Duty-Free has an online website allowing you to shop online and avail of purchased items delivered directly to your home.

What can I take from Dubai Duty-Free?

Several stores, from local to designer brands, offer makeup, clothing, jewellery, food and much more, which passengers can directly take home.

Can you buy duty-free on arrival in Dubai?

Dubai Duty-Free is available on both sides of the terminal at Dubai International and is open 24/7.

Can we buy online from Dubai Duty-Free?

Yes, there is a provision to buy online from Dubai Duty-Free.

Can I use INR in Dubai Duty-Free?

INR is the sixth currency allowed for direct transactions at all three terminals of Dubai International Airport, so yes, you can directly pay using the Indian rupee at the Dubai Duty-Free.

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