All About the Dubai Municipality Housing Fee 2024

Dubai Municipality Housing Fee 2024: Functions, Exemptions and Rates

There are so many of us who dreamt of owning a house or living an extravagant lifestyle in Dubai. No wonder the Emirate catches the heart of expatriates with its ambiance, pleasing culture, and outstanding living standards. It is always said that our dreams have a price to be paid and so does the housing plan in Dubai, UAE.ย  If you are new or planning to shift to the Emirate, you must know about Dubai Municipality housing fee 2024 for owners and renters. This is an unknown fact for many who owe a house to them in Dubai. But it is always wise to research well before you execute the plan to avoid uncertainties. So, let us learn together about the concepts and exemptions of Dubai Municipality Housing Fee here.

What is Dubai Municipality Housing Fee 2024?

Dubai Municipality Housing Fee

Dubai Municipality Housing Duty or Fee is the additional charge just like the water supply and electricity bill to be paid by every expatriate. This is an annual payment that is applicable for not just renters but homeowners too.ย Dubai Municipality charges for each of its facilities and services such as cleanliness, food safety, waste management, and more. Similarly, the Dubai Municipality Housing Fee 2024 (DEWA Bill) framework works at a 5% rate. Although, this is the annual charge imposed on the expatriates but has to be paid on a monthly basis.

  • Who Are the Payers of Dubai Municipality Housing Fee?ย 

The Dubai Municipality Housing Fee is imposed on each homeowner who possesses property in UAE. The emirates are exceptional with such charges. In the case of landlords, they are only responsible to pay it if the property is used by them. Or else, the Dubai Municipality Housing Fee for owners also gives the freedom to transfer the responsibility to their tenants through renting.ย 

  • How is the Housing Fee Calculated in Dubai?

How to Calculate Dubai Municipality Housing Fee

There are two different bases on which Dubai Municipality Housing Fee 2024 is decided for renters and homeowners. In the case of landlords, the rate is calculated as per the average rental cost of the property done by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority. This mechanism can also be used to decide the rental price for their properties to offer for rental purposes. Whereas in the case of tenants, the rate is fixed at 5% with monthly payments done by their sides only. Noticeably, if there is an upsurge in your rent, the rental value of the property also increases with the rise in the housing fee. That means the change in valuation will impact and revise your charges on housing in UAE.

  • Ways to Adjust Dubai Municipality Housing Fee

There is a solution to every problem and hence, even the housing rate also gets adjusted with some simple steps. For this easy-to-navigate service, the credit goes to the Dubai Paperless Strategy where the digital era has created a new pathway for even non-technical users. It was initially launched by H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the chairman of the Dubai Executive Council and the crown prince of Dubai. So, if you are an expatriate whose rent has been revised, the needful steps are down below:ย 


    • Go to the Dubai Municipalityโ€™s official portal
    • Search for the tab โ€˜Servicesโ€™ย 
    • Select the sub-category โ€œDubai Municipality Feesโ€ in Individual Services.
    • Click on the โ€˜Apply to Amend Dubai Municipality Residential Feeโ€™ tab.
    • Fill in the Important Details Asked:
        1. Account number
        2. Premise number
        3. Housing fees
        4. Owner/tenant name(s)
        5. Contract End Date
        6. Address
        7. Property Type
        8. Area
        9. Number of Bedrooms
        10. Email Address
        11. Mobile Number
        12. Additional info/remarks (if any)
    • Attach the Required Documents
        1. Title Deed
        2. Layout
    • After submission of the above documents, there will be a digital receipt generated.ย  It is not significant to have a hard copy of the same but one may take it only in case of any further processing.ย 
    • Your revised residential details will be updated in the Dubai Municipality cloud within 3 working days.
    • In case you have been charged more for the Dubai Municipality housing fee, the amount will be refunded to you as DEWA credits.

What is DEWA Account in Housing?ย 

DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority)

The Dubai Municipality monitor the housing and services through each residentโ€™s DEWA Account. In this, the person receives a DEWA Bill each month of the year. It possesses all the details of payments they abide by for that particular month, including the Dubai Municipality Housing Fee. This is a verified form of knowing which expatriates stay where. In case the person decides to move to some other place in the emirate, they have to update their account with the latest address. This will then send the report in the form of the bill with a deadline of payment. The point to be noticed is that the rate does not change with the change in property. But the amount payable may vary as per the rent (for tenants) or property value (for homeowners). Therefore, it is advisable to update the account with the new place and deactivate or delete the old one to avoid any further confusion.ย 

  • What are Dubai Municipality Charges in the DEWA bill?

DEWA Bill is a personalised guide on your Dubai Municipality Housing Fee. Dewa (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) can help you to configure the charges as per your rent and evaluation. This is just 5% of the amount paid for 12 months of the year.ย 

Can a Tenant Transfer the Housing Fee Duty to the Owner?

As an owner, they may give the responsibility to their tenants to pay the Dubai Municipality Housing Fee 2024. So, for example, an owner has two properties, one of which is given for rental purposes. In such a situation, the owner may clear their responsibility by asking the renters to pay the housing bill. It is a completely legal method and is even considered common and genuine. But this offer is closed for tenants to step back and cannot implement the same idea as the owner is dominatingly in significance with the renters. Hence, in that case, the renter has to pay the DEWA Bill along with the housing fee. But as we have mentioned the easiest methods to apply for your DEWA Account, one may conveniently make the paperless payment from anywhere directly through their accounts. The transaction is completely safe and even ensures no extra payments by which the refund processing also becomes easy.ย 

In Conclusion

There are a lot many things which are added to the checklist when you buy a home. One such aspect of care is the housing fee. Although, it is not difficult to pay the charges applied by the Dubai Municipality on expatriates. It is rather easy to do through digital platforms where the deduction will take place directly from the expatriate’s bank account to the Dubai Government. Hence, the only required thing is acknowledging the rate if you are having an updated rent price. Or the homeowners who stay at their property will be the ones with the obligation to pay the Dubai Municipality Housing Fee 2024 at the determined rate on their property.ย 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQโ€™s)

Is the housing fee charged only when you move to a new place?

No, the idea behind charging the housing fee is very different for the nationals and the expatriates. The Dubai Municipality Housing Fee is only applied to the expatriates either tenant or landlord with an annual obligation at a certain rate. Irrespective of the tenure one has lived at the place, the fee will still be a part of their Dewa Bill.

How often will I be charged the Housing Fee?

One gets charged the housing fee for each financial year. Although, it is not mandatory to pay the Dubai Municipality housing fee altogether. Rather, the payer may get the ease of monthly payment along with the rest of their DEWA bill.

Who is eligible for the Dubai Municipality Housing Fee 2024 Exemption?

The nationals who are the residents of UAE have no obligation to pay the Housing fee. They follow the generic bill and tax payments and hence, the Dubai Municipality housing fee is the duty for only outsiders staying in the emirate.

Does vacant property also have housing fee charges in Dubai?

Irrespective of whether the property is occupied or vacant, the Dubai Municipality housing fee is imposed on each property an expatriate is owning in the emirate. This clearly means that even if there is nobody staying on the property, it is mandatory for the owner to pay the housing fee on time to the government.

Is the housing fee charged for each month?

Although, Dubai Municipality Housing Fee is charged annually the payment is divided into monthly instalments to make it feasible for payers.

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