Everything About Al Nahda Pond Park in Dubai

About Al Nahda Pond Park

Al Nahda Pond Park is a calm recreation spot for families and individuals in Al Nahda 2, Dubai. The park is peaceful and surrounded by dense greenery, making it a relaxing location. The park features well-kept walking trails where visitors can take in some fresh air in the middle of the outdoors. 

Overview of Al Nahda Pond Park in Dubai

Overview of Al Nahda Pond Park in Dubai

Al Nahda Pond Park is not among the biggest parks in Dubai, but despite this, it is still well-known and attracts several tourists because of its services and amenities. This article has laid out every minute detail about the Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai, from location and timing details to features and attractions available at the park. 

  • Location of Al Nahda Pond Park

Al Nahda Park is located in the residential area of Al Nahda 2 in Dubai along Al Ittihad Street. The Central School and the Dar Al Jood Building are only two of the numerous services and amenities surrounding it. 

  • Visit Timings of Al Nahda Pond Park 

You can visit Al Nahda Pond Park whenever you want to try the various activities because it’s open seven days a week. Al Nahda Park Dubai is open from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. 

The park comprises different sporting facilities open at various times. These are mentioned below –

    • Football Ground Timings

      • 06:00 am to 11:30 pm 
    • Volleyground Timings

      • 07:00 am to 12:00 am
  • Al Nahda Pond Park Fees

No entrance fee is required to enter Al Nahda Pond Park. However, renting a bike and go-kart will cost you AED 50 plus an additional AED 20 per hour.

Features of Al Nahda Park in Dubai

The park offers an array of public amenities and recreational activities, making it a healthy entertainment destination for the community’s residents. Some features are mentioned below:

  • Public Washrooms

Visitors can use public bathrooms in the park to freshen up.

  • Fast-Food Outlet

At the park’s entrance gate, there is a small fast-food joint where visitors can purchase beverages and snacks.

  • Dustbins

Numerous dustbins are located around Al Nahda Pond Park, where you can dispose of trash and maintain a clean environment. 

  • Recycling Collection Point

The park has a recycling center where you can dispose of various waste items for recycling.

  • Good Lighting 

The park authorities have installed stunning lights across the grounds and lake to enhance the park’s beauty after sunset, where visitors can enjoy their evening strolls.

  • Mosque

The Al-Zarooni Grand Mosque is conveniently located near Al Nahda Pond Park. You can easily visit the mosque first and then head to the park. After your prayers, take a leisurely walk back to the park and enjoy outdoor relaxation.

  • Wheelchair Entrance

Wheelchair users can easily enter Al Nahda Pond Park, making it a suitable destination for individuals with special needs.

  • Parking Space

There is a large parking area outside the Al-Nahda Pond Park where visitors can park their vehicles. To utilize the area, you must purchase a parking permit; it is not free. 

Activities at Al Nahda Pond Park Dubai

Activities at Al Nahda Pond Park Dubai

Dubai’s Al Nahda Pond Park is a well-liked open area that provides guests with various activities. Common pursuits include using playground equipment for families with kids, walking or running on well-kept paths, and having picnics in the open green areas. The park’s peaceful surroundings, including a pond, offer a tranquil spot for unwinding and taking in the scenery.

  • Fitness Freak

There are usually well-kept walking trails throughout the park, offering people a nice place to exercise or walk amidst greenery. 

  • Outdoor Exercise Station

Families with kids can engage in fun activities at the park’s playground, offering kids a safe and enjoyable space.

  • Kids Play Area

Kids want to have fun after a tiring day at school, and Dubai parks have the perfect places to do that. In the children’s play area at Al Nahda Park, kids can enjoy safe and fun games like swings and slides.

  • Picnic Table

Al Nahda Park welcomes you to enjoy a picnic with your loved ones. Bring some sandwiches and other snacks to enjoy in the garden, where you’ll find tables and chairs for seating.

  • Basketball Court

Free football and basketball courts in the park are open to everyone. Visitors are welcome to play during park hours.

  • Rent a Bike or Pedal Kart

You can rent bikes at the park for a fun ride. To rent a bike, you need to pay a deposit of 50 AED for insurance and 20 AED for an hour.

  • Enjoy the Pond Landscape

The main pond, at the heart of the park, provides visitors with stunning sights. Relaxing by the lake lets you enjoy the peaceful scene of the water and the revitalizing breeze that soothes your spirit. The lake features fountains that add to the experience by sending beautiful, dancing water sprays into the air.

  • Boat Ride

You can choose between paddle boats and electric boats, and the price of each ticket varies. The 20-minute ride takes you around the lake, giving you a close-up look at the stunning water and fountains. 

  • Public Gym Equipment

Use any sporting equipment or spread your exercise mats on freshly cut grass for yoga and machine-free activities. Al-Nahda Pond Park is becoming a popular adult hangout where people can simultaneously take care of their fitness and relax owing to these open gym facilities. 

Places Close to Al Nahda Pond Park in Dubai

There are several attractions, including supermarkets, eateries serving a variety of cuisines, and cafeterias that provide excellent meals at affordable costs. The following are some of the main attractions near Al Nahda:

  • Lulu Hypermarket

Lulu Hypermarket Near Al Nahda Pond Park Dubai

The most significant amenities, including restaurants and stores, are adjacent to Al Nahda Park. Adjacent to the park are two branches of the well-known Lulu Hypermarket and several pharmacies, grocery stores, exchange shops, and other retail establishments.

  • Carrefour Market 

Carrefour Market offers everything under one roof, from basic necessities to luxury products at affordable prices. Residents prefer to buy their daily groceries from Carrefour.

  • Hardee’s

This restaurant offers fried chicken, special-size burgers, and biscuits made from basic raw ingredients rather than using pre-packaged or pre-prepared items.

  • McDonald’s

The well-known fast food joint is a favourite among all age groups. This joint is open 24/7 and offers drive-through services in Al Nahda.

  • China Park

A few eateries are located close to Al Nahda Park Dubai. While there are some Indian eateries and cafeterias in the area, China Park is one of the most well-known. This restaurant serves Chinese cuisine at affordable prices. 

Hotels Near Al Nahda Pond Park

  • Boulevard City Suites Al Nahda2

Boulevard City Suites Hotel Apartments in Al Nahda provides self-catering lodging. They offer free WiFi with a few added amenities. Mamzar Beach is a ten-minute drive from the property.

  • Emirates Stars Hotel 

Emirates Stars Hotel Near Al Nahda Pond Park

Emirates Star Hotel Apartment in Dubai comprises 156 stylish apartments with carefully planned features, including large living and dining rooms, modern furniture, and fully functional kitchenettes for added convenience. The hotel guarantees a relaxing stay by providing individualized, excellent service.

How to Visit Al Nahda Pond Park?

If you are a Dubai resident heading to Al Nahda Park, you can follow these directions –  travel along Al Ittihad Street, take the Al Khan Street S 108 exit, and continue straight until you spot the Al Nahda sign on the right. Make a right turn, then follow the Al Khan Park sign exit, and you will reach your destination. Since Nahda is split between Dubai and Sharjah, residents of Dubai can reach it via Al Ittihad Street E11. If you take the exit after Al Ansar mall and proceed straight, you will see the park in front of you.

Tips to Remember When Exploring Al Nahda Park Dubai

Here are a few tips to remember when visiting the Al Nahda Pond Park, Dubai. They are – 

    • Bicycles and motorbikes are not allowed on park property.
    • The park administration can provide an access card for the park, which is required.
    • Barbecue is not allowed in the park.
    • Smoking is not allowed in the park.


Al Nahda Pond Park is the ideal destination for entertainment in Dubai for residents and visitors, offering a nice break from the busy city life. There are many exciting things to do in Al Nahda Pond Park, including boating, cycling, picnicking, kids’ play areas, relaxing by the lovely pond and jogging through verdant gardens. Overall, it’s a peaceful spot to enjoy nature and take a break.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the park now open?

Yes, this park is open because this is a residential park you can visit anytime.

Do the football fields have access now?

There are two to three football pitches in the area.

How many kilometers is one round walk?

You can take 1.2 km in a single round.

How can I take an RTA bus from the stadium metro station to Nahda Pond Park?

Take the F22 bus to the Al Nahda Al Ameen private school stop, then walk 450 metres to the park.

When is the evening yoga session scheduled?

The park is open from 5 am to 11 pm, so you can work out whenever it's convenient for you in between hours.

Is there a cost to enter Al-Nahda Pond Park?

There is no entrance ticket. Visitors and local tourists can visit this free public park during certain hours without paying. At the entrance gate, however, you must obtain a park entry card.

Does Al Nahda Pond Park offer any adult recreation opportunities?

The park has many adult-oriented activities, such as jogging, cycling, sports courts, boat rides, etc.

Can we reserve sports facilities at Al-Nahda Pond Park for individual games?

Yes, you can book your slot for various sports such as football, volleyball, and basketball by contacting the administration.

Is smoking permitted at Al-Nahda Pond Park?

Smoking is not allowed in the park. If you smoke, you may receive a fine.

What kind of kid-friendly activities does Al-Nahda Pond Park offer?

There are so many activities for your kids that they enjoy freely, such as sports courts, boat rides, kid’s play areas, etc.

Are children safe in Al-Nahda Pond Park?

Yes, Al Nahda Pond Park is safe for kids.

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