Ajman University : The Future of Knowledge in UAE

Ajman University The Future of Knowledge in UAE

Ajman University is a private university in Ajman, the United Arab Emirates. It was established in 1988 and has been growing ever since. It is currently ranked 6th among the best universities in the UAE. It is also the first private university in the UAE to open its doors to expatriate students. The university’s mission is to provide high-quality education with a distinctive Emirati identity that will produce graduates with the skills necessary to succeed in their chosen fields of expertise. The university offers 57 programmes, including undergraduate and graduate degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

University Ranking

Ajman University Ranking

AU is one of the best private universities in Ajman, the United Arab Emirates. Ajman University’s ranking has been improving steadily over the years and is currently ranked # 651–700 in the QS World University Rankings 2023. It also ranks 30th in the Arab Region Rankings. The QS World University Rankings are among the most prestigious international rankings that assess the popularity and performance of universities worldwide. They assess an institution’s reputation using the impressions of higher education professionals, corporations that hire graduates, and teaching quality. QS also examines the ratio of international teachers to university students and the frequency with which researchers reference research articles. QS ranks universities based on the results of these calculations and comparisons.

Campus Facilities and Student Life at Ajman University

Campus Facilities and Student Life at Ajman University
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Ajman University is located in Al Jurf, Ajman. It is an award-winning, state-of-the-art campus based on the principles of sustainable living. The campus is designed to maximise energy and water conservation and reduce reuse resources such as paper and tree planting. On the sprawling 2.3 million square foot campus, you can find sports facilities (football, basketball, track and field, and swimming), a gym, a bookstore, a healthcare unit, restaurants, and a mosque. AU has separate student residences for male and female students, which are well-equipped with all of life’s conveniences. The university can accommodate 500 female and 300 male students.

The university also has a bus service to ferry students between the dormitories and the campus. There are single, twin, and triple-sharing rooms with en-suite bathrooms and a kitchenette. The Mobile Dental Clinic is also worth mentioning because it is a one-of-a-kind and unique initiative that provides regular dental check-ups to Ajman residents. AU also has an in-house counselling unit that looks after students’ mental and psychological well-being. 

The Technology Support and Transportation Units are in charge of student connectivity and mobility. An on-campus comprehensive healthcare unit focuses on preventive healthcare and includes qualified doctors who can treat the students’ and faculty’s health issues and ailments.

  • Faculty and Staff

Ajman University has some of the best faculty members in the UAE and boasts an impressive student-to-staff ratio of 17.2. 

  • Admissions

Admissions At Ajman University

Ajman University admissions are competitive and generally based on an outstanding academic background and a great match between the applicant and AU. The University considers applicants’ extracurricular activities and sporting and artistic achievements on a case-by-case basis. Specific language requirements, such as an English proficiency test, may apply to certain types of applicants. Admission requirements also vary for UAE nationals or residents and international students.

For detailed information on admission criteria, please check the official website.

  • Scholarships Offered

Ajman University’s scholarships are offered to both domestic and international students, most of them based on academic accomplishments. For example, outstanding students from more than 20 Middle Eastern and Asian nations are eligible for a full scholarship. AU may occasionally award general scholarships to students from certain nations if it believes they are underrepresented in the AU student body. For more details on Ajman University’s scholarships list, visit the Ajman University careers website.

  • Available Programs

Available Programs At Ajman University
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Ajman University’s 22 undergraduate and 14 graduate programmes provide academic quality and hands-on experience. Its nine colleges are dedicated to turning ideas into action for the greater good. Their international faculty is the best in their respective fields. Ajman University’s courses are carefully created to ensure that you graduate with the required knowledge and skills to excel in the field of your choice. Six AU programmes have received critical international accreditations in the previous years. Ajman University’s courses include 3 MBA programmes in Financial Management, Human Resources Management, and Marketing. It also offers two PHD programs: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and Doctor of Philosophy in Law.

You can find detailed information on all the programmes AU offers on the Ajman University careers website.

Career Opportunities After Graduation

Career Opportunities After Graduation From Ajman University

Ajman University’s Office of Career Services strives to help AU students and alums identify, plan for, and pursue their career goals. The centre supports the university’s mission in three dimensions : education, information, and investment, by providing quality services that improve clients’ employment prospects and liaising with prospective employers. Ajman University is also one of the UAE’s first to offer a Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics degree. Ajman University hosts career fairs that help its students get internships and amazing job offers at some of the biggest companies in the world. Some of them include the likes of Nestle, Dabur International, Henkel, and L’Oreal. 

Summing It Up

Ajman University is a great institution to consider pursuing your further studies at. They have world-class amenities on offer, along with an excellent faculty. An incredibly diverse student presence helps you interact with various people, cultures, and religions and enables you to grow as a person. If you are looking for financial aid to pursue your education, Ajman University offers a wide range of scholarships to those who deserve them

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How much is the tuition fee at Ajman University?

The tuition fee varies based on the programme you are enrolled in, but you can expect to spend an average of 20,420 USD per year.

How can i get admission to Ajman University?

Admissions in AU are competitive, and you must meet specific criteria based on the program you wish to enrol in. You can register on the university's website to start the admission process. Admission fees for undergraduate and graduate programmes are AED 1365 and AED 2100, respectively. If your application is not accepted, a sum of AED 1000 and AED 1700 will be refunded for the undergraduate and graduate programs, respectively.

Are admissions open for Ajman University?

Admissions are open for Ajman University. Admissions started for 2022-23 on the 4th of April 2022. For the next academic year, you can apply for admission online. Still, applicants who visit the campus will receive dedicated one-on-one advice on selecting a programme that is right for them and assistance in submitting a successful application.

Is Ajman University mixed?

Ajman University is a co-educational university and strongly believes in female representation in higher education. It currently has 6397 students, of which 3688 are female. AU strongly believes in diversity and currently has over 70 nationalities on its campus. Undergraduate classes are segregated in 8 of the 9 colleges, but all graduate courses and the College of Medicine are co-educational.

Is Ajman University good?

AU is one of the best universities to study in the UAE. The Commission accredits Ajman University's Academic Accreditation (CAA) programs, Ministry of Education, United Arab Emirates. Internationally, AU is globally accredited at the institution level by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of the United Kingdom.

Is Ajman University suitable for engineering?

Ajman University is an excellent place to pursue an engineering degree. The Ministry of Education accredits AU's engineering programs in the UAE, and some are accredited by the American Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET). They offer BSc programmes in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Information Technology, Information Systems, Data Analytics, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering at the undergraduate level. They offer an MSc. programme in Artificial Intelligence at the graduate level.

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