An Insight on UAE’s Overstay Fines

An Insight on UAE’s Overstay Fines

Dubai is unique compared to all other cities worldwide. The largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, is a striking amalgamation of its Bedouin heritage and an ultra-modern culture, with bold architecture and extravagant style. Dubai will surpass your expectations and go above and beyond, living up to its reputation. The United Arab Emirates is a multicultural nation that welcomes visitors, families, and businesspeople worldwide. The government of the United Arab Emirates imposes Overstay Fine Payment Online to protect the well-managed visa system and guarantee that all citizens and visitors are legitimately permitted to stay in the country.

To ensure legal compliance, relocating residents must adhere to guidelines for ex-pats in Dubai. These regulations ultimately serve the public’s interests by providing high safety and security standards. In order to support this objective, numerous overstay fines have been established in Dubai and throughout the UAE. In this blog, we will discuss how to check visa fine, overstay fine payment online, etc. 

UAE Overstaying Rules: General Information

The UAE welcomes visitors and businesspeople from all over the world. The only demand they make is that visitors obey the law that the country has. And one such law is overstaying your welcome. In the United Arab Emirates, there are Overstay Fine Payment Online that one has to levy for overstaying visas.

Many ex-pat residents wonder what will happen if they overstay their UAE visa. Overstaying your welcome in any foreign country is against the law. Additionally, how these cases are handled varies from nation to nation.

UAE Overstay Penalties

Whether you have a long-term Dubai residential visa or a short-term tourist visa, it’s crucial to keep track of when your visa expires. Do not forget to submit your application for a renewal or modification prior to the deadline. You will be required to pay fines if you don’t. Here is how to update your Dubai visitor visa. Earlier, the type of visa the offender had previously held determined the fine. However, the penalty for overstaying has been standardised regardless of the type of visa under the new changes that came into effect in October 2022.

The overstay fine in the UAE is, therefore, AED 50 per day, regardless of whether you have a tourist or a residency visa. With this new system, all infringers will pay the same fine. The penalty also accounts for any time spent requesting documents or updating information.

Depending on their circumstances, holders of residency visas have 180 days after their visas are cancelled to change their status or depart the UAE. If they stay past this time, they risk being arrested.

The UAE Overstay Fine: What is it?

The UAE Overstay Fine: What is it?

The overstay fine in UAE has been mentioned below for your convenience.

Type of Visa  Grace Period After Visa Cancellation
Holders of Golden Visas and their family members. 180 days
Green Card holders and their family members. 180 days
Divorcees or widows. 180 days
Students who have completed their studies. 180 days
Professionals with first and second-level skills (MOHRE). 180 days
Professionals with a third-level of expertise (MOHRE) 90 days
Owners of real estate. 90 days
A standard residency visa. 60 days
Other classifications 30 days

Checking Overstay Penalties : How Do I Do It?

Checking Overstay Penalties How Do I Do It

If you’re wondering how to check your overstay fine payment online, Visit the ICA official website by clicking the link below to learn more about the overstay penalty in the UAE for a visit visa or residence visa.

    • Step 1: Click here to get started or go to When you click, you will be taken to the home page. Find the Public services tab there.
    • Step 2: On the top of the smart services page, you will see the Fines – Pay Fines option after clicking the public service button.
    • Step 3: After clicking the start button, a three-step form will appear below for you to fill out. You must enter the visa file number associated with your residence visa on this page.
    • Step 4: After having written the visa file number, add the department number (101, 201, 301), the year in which the visa was pasted, the serial number (1, 2, 3), and the sequence number, which is made up of seven digits. Enter your birthdate, solve the captcha, and then press the search button.

If the information you entered is accurate, you will be able to see the amount you have to pay as the overstay fine associated with your UAE visa and the number of days you exceeded the allotted time.

In order to leave the UAE or obtain a new visa, you must pay fines if your visa has been revoked and your grace period has expired. If your visa has expired, but you still need to change your status, you must also pay a fine. You may also depart the country by submitting an application for UAE Amnesty 2022.

Online Overstay Fine Payment: How Does It Work?

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) has now provided a virtual assistance feature to clear your dues or fines. If you have any outstanding fines on your visa and are unable to visit immigration to do so, follow these steps:

You will comprehend how simple it is to pay the visa fine online by the end of this article. Here is a simple, step-by-step procedure to pay your overstay fine payment online on the ICA website.

    • Step 1: Go to on the ICA website.
    • Step 2: Say hello by responding to the virtual assistant in the lower right corner of the screen when you ask to be called during the conversation.
    • Step 3: The virtual assistant will offer the full list of services. Make the choice ‘Apply for Services.’
    • Step 4: Enter the service number or choose ‘Pay Fine.’
    • Step 5: You must enter your unified number. 
    • Step 6: Type your birthdate in MM/DD/YYYY format.
    • Step 7: Your file will be displayed with the details of any violations you may have that are related to your visa.
    • Step 8: A link will take you to the gateway where you can pay the fine. To submit the application, click the payment link.
    • Step 9: The virtual assistant will direct you to the screen to offer a service. After reviewing the data, select next.
    • Step 10: The system will display the amount that must be paid to finish the procedure and receive the requested service.
    • Step 11: You shall then be given a transaction number and confirmation from ICA that the payment was successful.

In a Nutshell

The duration of an overstay on a visit visa will determine the length of the ban on entry into the UAE. Before travelling, it’s best to verify the most current information with the relevant authorities regarding immigration laws and penalties.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How do I pay overstay fines?

Overstay fines are approved at happiness centres or online via the website of the ICA or its smart app.

How can I check UAE overstay fines online?

The fine is available for you to view on the ICA website. In the interface for entry permission or residences, look for violations, enter all your personal details, and pay the fine. You can use the website to look up visa overstay fines for tourists in the UAE and overstay fines for residents.

How to avoid overstaying fines in the UAE?

Avoid overstaying fines by checking out the fines on the ICA website first. Search for violations in the section for entry permission or residences, enter your personal information, and pay the fine.

What is the punishment for overstaying in the UAE?

Overstaying fines in the UAE have been standardised by the ICP. Under the new rules, overstaying fees for visit, tourist, and residence visas have been standardised at AED 50 per day. Overstaying on a residency visa will cost AED 50 per day.

Can you leave the UAE without paying an overstay fee for 2022?

No, you cannot leave the UAE without paying your overstay fines.

Can you go to jail for overstaying your visa in the UAE?

Residency visa holders have between 60 and 180 days after visa cancellation to either alter their status or depart the country, depending on whatever their circumstances are. They may be arrested if they stay beyond this time limit.

How long is the overstay ban in the UAE?

Individuals with a 30-day on-arrival visa in the UAE have a 10-day grace period. If you overstay after your grace period has expired, you will be fined 50 AED for the first day and 50 AED per day after that.

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