Sharjah Water and Electricity Connection: A Guide for New Residents

All You Need To Know Abou Sewa Connections in Sharjah

Getting electricity and water connections are the foremost necessities when relocating to a new residence for a comfortable living. SEWA is the primary supplier of electricity, water, and gas services. The authority provides a streamlined procedure to set up Sharjah water and electricity connections for household and commercial purposes. Let’s go through the complete procedure and step-by-step instructions to avail of SEWA connection services conveniently, from the activation application.

Initiating a New SEWA Connection

SEWA Connection

Starting a new SEWA connection involves various stages, beginning with determining the type of connection you require. SEWA provides a variety of services, including water, electricity, and gas facilities to consumers in Sharjah. These facilities are easily accessible via the SEWA online portal or the mobile application.

Here’s a look at the array of new SEWA connection services and arrangements in Sharjah for different types of property holders.

  • Sharjah Water and Electricity Connection for New Residents (Move-In Guide)

Sharjah Water and Electricity Connection for New Residents

If you’re thinking of moving to a new property, you can easily apply for water and electricity in Sharjah by registering your account with SEWA. The new customer registration service is also known as the move-in process. However, if you’re moving into an existing residential property, the process is slightly different. You’ll need to transfer the existing connection into your name or apply for a new one if it was previously disconnected. Let’s look at the procedure and the documents required for the registration of the Sharjah water and electricity connection.

    • Essential Documents for New Customer Registration

First-time customers must provide a set of documents to begin the SEWA registration process. These include:

      • Valid Emirates ID
      • Passport copy
      • Visa page copy
      • Ownership deed or tenancy contract
      • Previous clearance certificate of the premises
      • Landlord’s ownership certificate
      • Building permission certificate
      • Economic Development Department’s contractor’s professional license
      • Site location map
      • Copy of the trade license from an electrical contractor approved by SEWA
    • For Permanent Connections

Applying for a permanent SEWA connection, typically for homeowners, requires additional documents:

      • Submission of an electricity supply application
      • Copy of the electrical contractor’s trade license, authorized by SEWA
      • Site layout plan
      • The electrical contractor’s professional license, provided by the Economic Development Department
    • Steps for Registering with SEWA as a Tenant

If you are a tenant looking to register for SEWA services, you must follow the procedure for a smooth Sharjah water and electricity connection:- 

      • Tenants must begin by submitting the SEWA application form along with the required documents, either through an online portal or at SEWA Customer Happiness Centres.
      • Nationals or locals need to sign a special undertaking.
      • Upon submission, you’ll be required to pay the security deposit, based on the property type and connection requirements.
      • After the security deposit, the service connection is executed as per the tenancy agreement. 
      • Lastly, get the tenancy contract attested by the Sharjah Municipality. If everything is in order, they will proceed with the meter installation.
    • Initiating a SEWA Connection for Landlords

SEWA Connection for Landlords

For the landlord, the application involves submitting a detailed form provided by SEWA, alongside all the necessary documents that verify ownership to activate your service agreement. 

  • Setting Up Utilities for Commercial

If you are a business and industry aiming to establish Sharjah water and electricity connection for commercial property. You must submit the following documents to avail the new connection for commercial operations

    • A copy of the trade license or commercial registration to validate the business’s legality.
    • An inspection report from the Economic Department along with the approval of the tenancy contract.
    • The original rental agreement, signed by the Landlord and Tenant. 
    • The latest clearance certificate for the utility connections at the premises. 

Steps for Commercial Utility Connection:

    • The customer must submit their utility connection application at the concerned service centre.
    • Confirmation of the approved load is crucial for industries. 
    • The security deposit’s amount is based on the type of the leased unit.
    • After the payment of the security deposit, the tenancy contract gets approved. 
    • Service agreement execution as per tenancy contract.
    • The user should contact the Sharjah Municipality for the attestation of their tenancy contract.
    • After the attestation of the tenancy contract, return to the service center to activate the service
  • Utility Registration for Government Bodies

    • The government entities must submit the documents required for a new SEWA connection in Sharjah for the activation of the utility services. 
    • A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the local/ federal government entity to connect the utility services
    • Original tenancy contract (for the leased unit)
    • Property ownership deed

For the registration procedure, follow these steps:

    • The government entity shall apply to the SEWA service center.
    • The service center will direct the transaction to the government departments and ministries. 
    • Execution of service agreement to outline the terms and conditions. 
    • The utility connection will be activated in the accounts system of the government entity.

How to Disconnect Your Sharjah Water and Electricity Connection (SEWA)

Deciding to move out of a property in Sharjah requires the termination of your SEWA connection, ensuring a hassle-free move. The documents required are mentioned below:-

    • Original clearance document form Sharjah Municipality 
    • Proof of the initial deposit payment 
    • A photocopy of the customer’s Emirates ID
  • Step-by-Step Guide to SEWA Account Termination

    • The customer must submit the formal request for discontinuation to SEWA at the Connection and Disconnection department.
    • The authorised department will assign a technician to handle the termination of your SEWA account in Sharjah.  
    • The technician will record the final meter readings and forward all the paperwork to the Closing Account department for final bill generation. 
    • The department will generate a final bill, including all the outstanding charges for the disconnection of the SEWA account.
    • Follow-up requests related to the closing of the account will be executed by the Internal Control Department.
    • Settle up the outstanding bills to ensure a smooth closure. 
    • After the dues are cleared, SEWA issues a clearance certificate to terminate all  your utility services.
  • Service Charges for SEWA Account Disconnection

There are no service charges for standard account disconnection services. However, if you want an urgent SEWA account termination, the department charges AED 200 (AED 100 for the disconnection and another AED 100 for a fast deposit refund, not exceeding AED 10,000).

Contact Information

SEWA’s branches are strategically located across Sharjah and neighbouring regions. Following are the details of the SEWA head office:- 

  • Address: Government Department Complex, Al Khan Area, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  • Contact No.: +800 60 0566665
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Timings: Monday to Thursday (07:30 to 15:30)
  • Customer Service Hotline: 991


Whether you’re looking to register a new service or conclude an existing one, the SEWA connection process in Sharjah is designed for ease and accessibility. Customers can apply in person at any Customer Happiness Centre or scroll through the SEWA website and app for all their needs. Similarly, obtaining a SEWA gas connection is simple at these centers, ensuring a hassle-free experience for the users to benefit from the services. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Where can I find apartments to rent in Sharjah?

There are sought-after neighborhoods in Sharjah that provide top lifestyle amenities for those looking to rent apartments. Al Majaz, Al Nahda, and Al Khan are renowned for vibrant living environments and comprehensive facilities.

How can I access and view my SEWA bills?

SEWA bills can be easily accessed and viewed through the SEWA e-portal and the SEWA mobile application offers digital access to your bills. Additionally, registered users receive notifications from their banks, ensuring they stay informed of their utility charges and the due date of the upcoming SEWA bill.

Where are SEWA customer happiness centers located in Sharjah?

SEWA Customer Happiness Centres are spread across Sharjah with the main office in the Al Khan area, along with the other branches in different parts of the city. Popular SEWA offices in Sharjah can be seen below: Al Jazat Customer Service Centre: Near Al Shaab Village. Al Majaz Customer Service Centre: Near Al Safiya Park Industrial Area Customer Service Centre: Opposite Ramez Mall

Who manages water and electricity connections in Sharjah?

The Sharjah Electricity, Water and Agriculture Authority (SEWA) is the entity responsible for managing utility connections in Sharjah.

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