Hectare To Acre (Ha To Ac) Conversion – 1 Ha To 2.47 Ac

1 Hectare is equal to 2.47 Acre

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UAE is a diverse country, and different land measurement units are used in different parts of the country, the land size is calculated and written in only standard units of measurement. Some of commonly used measurement units are acre, hectare, square foot, square meter, etc. For instance, a hectare is a common metric system unit particularly used to measure large land plots and farmlands. After elucidating both units, this article will explain the Hectare To Acre (Ha To Ac) formula and conversion for further clarity.

About Hectare (ha)

Hectare is a non-SI metric unit of area that equals 10,000 square metres or 2.471 acres. Simply put, a hectare is approximately the size of a football field. The term is commonly represented by the symbol ‘ha.’ A hectare is also used to describe the area of a square-shaped land that has sides of 100 meters. It is commonly used to measure vast agricultural lands, as well as for land sale, land planning, land deeds, management, town planning, and forestry. Although a hectare is a non-SI metric unit (International System of Units), it is the only measurement unit of area accepted with SI units.

  • The History of Hectare

The term ‘hectare’ is derived from the Latin word area and the Greek word hect, meaning hundred. It is a customary measuring unit in the United States and Britain and was first used in 1795 when the metric system was introduced. The metric unit of a hectare is commonly used in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Myanmar. In 1960, the metric system was updated. Although a hectare was declared a non-metric and non-SI unit by the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM), it was acknowledged in the International System of Units.

  • Dimensions of Hectare

While calculating 1 hc to ac, you can consider the following conversion formula- one hectare is about 2.47 acres, and an acre is about 0.4047 hectares. One hectare is equivalent to 10,000 square meters. However, per the British Imperial System, one hectare equals 2.471 acres. Additionally, 100 hectares equals a square kilometre, whereas 200 hectares equals 2 square kilometres.

About Acre (ac)

Like a hectare, an acre is also a unit of land measurement in the customary United States and British Imperial Systems. It is used to measure a land of any shape, including circles, rectangles, or even hexagons. The word acre is derived from Old English aker, similar to ager from Latin, meaning field. One acre equals 0.4047 hectares or 4047 square meters and is denoted by ‘ac.’

  • The History of Acre

In the late 1200s, the term acre was first implemented by the English Monarchy for the use of land measurements. Later, in 1878, the British Weights and Measures Act defined 1 hectare as 4840 square yards. Before the metric system was introduced, the standard measurement of an acre was different among various European countries. Today, however, it is part of the US customary and imperial units of measurement.

  • Dimensions of Acre

An acre is equivalent to 43560 square feet and measures about 40% of a hectare, i.e. about 4047 square meters or 1/640 of a square mile. The area of an acre is one chain, i.e. 66 feet by 1 furlong, i.e. 660 feet. One acre is the approximate size of 16 tennis courts, or close to the size of a football field (as the average football field is believed to be approximately 1.86 acres).

How To Convert Hectare To Acre (ha to ac)?

Both hectare and acre are convertible and are often used during the land purchase or sale of a large plot of land. Several calculators are available online that help convert hectares to acres. The ha to ac conversion can be done with the simple formula as follows:

Acre (ac) = Hectare (ha) x 2.4710.

Therefore, 1 hc to ac = 2.471053815 ac; 2 hectares in acres = 4.94210763 ac, and so on.

 Hectare To Acre (ha to ac) Formula and Example

To convert hectare to acre (ha to ac) and vice versa, we need to apply the following formula- ac = ha x 2.4710

  • Hectare To Acre (ha to ac)

For example, the formula to convert 13 hectares to acres is as follows: 13 ha = 13 x 2.4710 = 32.1237 ac.

  • Acre To Hectare (ac to ha)

Similarly, acres can be converted to hectares by dividing the acre value by 0.404686. For example, 13 acres = 13/ 0.404686 = 5.26091 ha.

Hectare To Acre (ha to ac) Conversion Table

An online area converter often works best for precise and quick calculations. We have put together a hectare to acre (ha to ac) conversion table for easy results.

Hectare (ha)

Acre (ac)

1 ha

2.471053815 ac

2 ha

4.94210763 ac

3 ha

7.413161445 ac

4 ha

9.88421526 ac

5 ha

12.355269075 ac

6 ha

14.82632289 ac

7 ha

17.297376705 ac

8 ha

19.76843052 ac

9 ha

22.239484335 ac

10 ha

24.71053815 ac

11 ha

27.181591965 ac

12 ha

29.65264578 ac

13 ha

32.123699595 ac

14 ha

34.59475341 ac

15 ha

37.065807225 ac

16 ha

39.53686104 ac

17 ha

42.007914855 ac

18 ha

44.47896867 ac

19 ha

46.950022485 ac

20 ha

49.4210763 ac

21 ha

51.892130115 ac

22 ha

54.36318393 ac

23 ha

56.834237745 ac

24 ha

59.30529156 ac

25 ha

61.776345375 ac

26 ha

64.24739919 ac

27 ha

66.718453005 ac

28 ha

69.18950682 ac

29 ha

71.660560635 ac

30 ha

74.13161445 ac

31 ha

76.602668265 ac

32 ha

79.07372208 ac

33 ha

81.544775895 ac

34 ha

84.01582971 ac

35 ha

86.486883525 ac

36 ha

88.95793734 ac

37 ha

91.428991155 ac

38 ha 

93.90004497 ac

39 ha 

96.371098785 ac

40 ha 

98.8421526 ac

41 ha 

101.313206415 ac

42 ha 

103.78426023 ac

43 ha 

106.255314045 ac

44 ha 

108.72636786 ac

45 ha 

111.197421675 ac

46 ha 

113.66847549 ac

47 ha 

116.139529305 ac

48 ha 

118.61058312 ac

49 ha 

121.081636935 ac

50 ha 

123.55269075 ac

Difference Between Hectare and Acre

Hectare and acre are both units of measurement for land with a couple of differences based on size, use, etc. Hectare is a portmanteau term of hecto and are. In the metric system, hecto refers to a factor of 1 and denotes an area equivalent to 100 square meters.

Let’s observe other differences between these two.



One hectare is equal to 10,000 square meters.

One acre is equal to 4840 square yards.

Hectare is bigger than acre as 1 hectare to acre = 2.47 acre.

Acre is smaller than a hectare as 1 acre = 0.4047 hectares.

Hectare is a non-SI unit.

Acre is a SI unit of area measurement.

A hectare is commonly used as a measuring unit throughout the European Union and Commonwealth countries.

Acre is a popular land measurement unit in the United States, South America, Central America, and India.

To Sum Up

While dealing with land properties, it is always safe to study the common land measurement units used. The knowledge of hectare to acre equivalence further helps to understand the deal offered by the seller and the actual land area. Moreover, it also helps to comprehend land-related documents and calculate the value of the property. While investing in or buying a new property, it is a good practice to use an online area converter for quick and error-free hectare-to-acre conversions.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to calculate a hectare to acre?

Hectare-to-acre conversion can be done using the formula- ac = ha x 2.4710, whereby 'ac' is acre and 'ha' is hectare.

How many Ha are 108 Ac?

According to the ha to ac conversion formula, 108 Ac = 43.70604936192 Ha.

What is the formula for converting a hectare to acre?

The formula to convert hectare to acre is Acre (ac) = Hectare (ha) x 2.4710.

How many ac in 1 ha?

1 ha has 2.4711 ac.

How many hectares in 1 acre?

1 acre has 0.404686 hectares.

What are ha and ac used for?

Ha and ac are primarily used to measure large plots of land.

Is a Hectare Acre bigger than an Acre?

A hectare is bigger than an acre as 1 hectare = 2.47 acres.

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