Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Second-Hand Cars in Dubai, UAE

Buying Second-Hand Cars in the UAE

Welcome to your ultimate guide on buy second hand cars in Dubai! If you’re looking to buy used cars in Dubai, you’ve found the perfect place to guide you. Our city teems with an eclectic variety of 2nd hand cars Dubai residents have loved and cherished. Now, it’s your turn to take the driver’s seat! Navigating the second hand car market can feel intimidating at first. However, fear not; we have it all outlined for you. This comprehensive guide takes you through transferring ownership, ensuring a smooth ride from the previous owner to you.

The next pitstop on our journey? The best place to buy used cars is in Dubai. We’ve revved through the numerous souks and online platforms to shortlist the most trustworthy and user-friendly places. This saves you precious time and ensures you’re dealing with reputable sources only. We’ll delve into potential customer problems, helping you sidestep common pitfalls while offering solutions for those unavoidable roadblocks. From the eager first-time buyer to the seasoned car connoisseur, this guide caters to all. We’re here to make your journey to owning a second hand car in Dubai as exhilarating as the city’s skyline. So buckle up and enjoy the ride as we shift gears into the world of used cars in Dubai!

Table of Contents

Best Places to Buy Second Hand Cars In Dubai, UAE

Dubai, synonymous with luxury and class, is also a goldmine for those seeking second-hand cars. Whether you prefer the buzz of a bustling market or the convenience of online shopping, the options are diverse. Let’s rev up our engines and cruise through Dubai’s best places to buy used cars!

  • Dubizzle : The Online Auto Souk

The online auto souk, Dubizzle, makes it possible to browse hundreds of second hand cars Dubai offers right from your living room. Dubizzle leads the pack regarding online platforms offering 2nd hand cars in Dubai. The website’s extensive listings allow you to filter your search based on brand, model, mileage, and more, providing an ultimate car shopping experience from the comfort of your home.

  • Al Aweer Auto Market : Car Shopping Extravaganza

If you crave the old-school method of strolling through aisles of cars, Al Aweer Auto Market is the place to be. This sprawling marketplace is one of the best places to buy second hand cars in Dubai, offering many choices that cater to every taste and budget. Meanwhile, Al Aweer Auto Market is a testament to traditional car buying, providing an unmatched sensory experience. 

  • Al Futtaim Motors’ Automall : Certified Pre-owned Gems

For those seeking peace of mind with their purchase, Al Futtaim Motors’ Automall offers a collection of certified pre-owned cars. Each car here undergoes a rigorous inspection, ensuring it’s up to standard. Al Futtaim Motors’ Automall is the trusted name for certified pre-owned vehicles. 

  • Emirates Auction : Bag a Bargain

Emirates Auction offers an exciting way to buy used cars in Dubai. Here, you can engage in thrilling bidding wars and possibly bag a sweet deal on your dream car. The Emirates Auction promises an adrenaline rush alongside a potentially fantastic deal. 

  • Individual Car Dealerships : Personalised Experience

Individual car dealerships offer a more personalised shopping experience. These dealers provide a curated selection of cars and often offer additional services such as trade-ins and flexible financing options. Enjoy the ride as we navigate the exciting world of second-hand cars in Dubai!

How to Buy Used / Second Hand Cars in Dubai, UAE?

There are many sources where you can find second-hand cars in Dubai. If you’re considering buying a used car, there are a few things to remember –

  • Start by Checking Online Listings

How to Buy Second Hand Cars in Dubai?

Many reputable websites list second-hand cars for sale in Dubai, and they all have search engines so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

  • Find a Good Car Salesman

Find a Good Car Salesman For Buying Used Car in Dubai

Finding a good car salesman is crucial if you’re looking to buy second hand cars in Dubai. There are a lot of dishonest car salesmen out there who will try to sell you a vehicle that does not fit your needs. Here are some tips on how to find a good car salesman:

    • Ask friends and family members who they recommend. They know you best and will be able to tell you whether or not the salesman is legitimate.
    • Check online reviews. These can give you an idea of how reliable the salesman is.
    • Visit the dealership and meet with several different car salesmen. This will give you a better idea of what car you should buy.
    • Ask the salesman about any warranties or guarantees that are available. This will help protect your investment if something goes wrong with the car.
  • Head to the Streets

popular Dubai second-hand car markets

Cars generally sell faster on the street than online, so it’s worth checking out some of the more popular Dubai second-hand car markets if you haven’t found what you’re looking for online. Just be sure to ask around first – many dealerships don’t advertise their cars online, and they may not be willing to let you test drive one before making a purchase.

  • Consider Taking a Look at Used Car Auctions

second-hand cars for sale

This is an excellent option if you want to get a good deal on any second-hand cars for sale – just be sure to do your research first and know what you’re looking for.

  • Shortlist Models/Brands

cheap second-hand cars for sale in Dubai

When shopping for cheap second-hand cars for sale in Dubai, it’s important to remember that various models and brands are available. You can find sedans, SUVs, pickups, vans and trucks on the market. Some of the best brands and models available in Dubai include Nissan, Toyota, Ford, GMC, Audi and Jeep. There are also several different second-hand car markets in Dubai, including The City Centre Market (CCM), Al Quoz Market (AQM), Downtown Jebel Ali Market (DAM) and The Palm Jumeirah Market (PJM). Once you’ve chosen a model or brand you’re interested in, you must decide which city you’d like to buy from.

  • Contact the Dealer and Make a Bid

Contact the Dealer and Make a Bid For Buying Second Hand Car

Once you’ve found a car you like, contact the dealer and make an offer. Many dealerships will require a down payment (between 10% and 20%) before selling the car to you, but this is usually only a minor inconvenience. If the dealer doesn’t want to sell the vehicle to you outright, they may be willing to work out a financing plan. Be sure to ask about these options before making an offer.

  • Compare Prices and Terms

Compare Prices and Terms For Buying Second Hand Car

It’s essential to compare different deals and find the best price for the car you’re interested in. It can be helpful to estimate monthly payments before buying a used car.

  • Go under the Hood

Check The Car For Buying Second Hand Car in Dubai

Before buying a used cars in Dubai, it’s essential to look under the hood and ensure the vehicle is in good condition. See that the engine runs smoothly and there are no mechanical problems with the vehicle. A good mechanic can help you check the car’s engine, brakes and fuel system.

  • Look for Signs of Wear and Tear

A well-maintained car will usually have less wear and tear than a car that hasn’t been cared for. Check the paint job, body panels and tyres to see if they’re in good condition.

  • Test Drive the Car

Test Drive the Car before Buying

This will give you an idea of how it drives and whether there are any significant issues.

  • Check the Carfax Report

This report will show you if the car has been in any accidents or has had any mechanical issues in the past.

  • Be Prepared to Negotiate

Be Prepared to Negotiate For Buying The Car

Don’t be afraid to haggle with the seller over the price. You may be able to get a good deal on a used car if you’re willing to work hard for it.

  • Pay Penalties and Debts

Pay Penalties and Debts Before Buying The Car

Once you have decided which type of car you want, you will need to pay any penalties and debts associated with that car. This includes the tax, registration, insurance, emissions testing and more. Make sure you have all the payment information ready before starting the process.

  • RTA Testing and Registration Transfer

RTA Testing Before Buying The Car

You’ll need to decide what insurance you need for your new car. Your insurance company may require you to undergo RTA (Road Traffic Administration) testing before you can drive your new car home. RTA testing is necessary for any vehicle over ten years old and was not initially registered in the UAE. If you don’t pass the RTA testing, your car won’t be able to be registered in the UAE, and you may have to sell it back to the dealership.

  • Transfer Documentation

Transfer Documentation Before Buying

To buy second hand cars in Dubai, you’ll need documentation showing that the vehicle has been inspected and is in good condition. This documentation can be provided by the seller or by an auto inspection station. You’ll also need proof of insurance for the vehicle you’re buying. This can be provided as a policy number or a certificate of insurance. Finally, ensure you have enough cash to cover the purchase price and applicable taxes.

  • Get a Car Inspection before Buying a Used Car

Get a Car Inspection before Buying a Used Car

This will ensure that the vehicle is in good condition and meets your requirements. You might also want an insurance policy for the car before purchase.

  • Get a Warranty

Ask for a warranty if you buy a used car from a dealer

Ask for a warranty if you buy a used car from a dealer. This will give you peace of mind if something goes wrong with the car after you’ve bought it.

Transferring the Ownership of Second-Hand Cars in Dubai, UAE

After you’ve discovered your dream second-hand car in Dubai, it’s time to make it officially yours. Here are some very important steps to follow to ensure the transfer of ownership is transparent and hassle-free.

Step 1 : Clear the Way

Ensure the car is free from unpaid fines, outstanding loans, or parking tickets. Wouldn’t you want any financial hiccups to sour your car-buying journey?

Step 2 : Test Drive to the RTA

The car must pass the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) tests. This ensures that your newly acquired ride meets all safety and emissions standards.

Step 3 : Change Your Vehicle Registration

With a clean car and passed tests, it’s time to change the registration to your name. You can do this at any RTA Customer Happiness Centre. To change your vehicle registration in Dubai, you must apply online via the RTA website or visit an RTA customer service centre. Next, pay applicable fees, then submit the required documents like Emirates ID, old registration card, and valid insurance. Finally, pick up the new registration card.

Step 4 : “Paper Chase”

Ensure you have all the necessary documents. This includes a valid Emirates ID, a driving license, a vehicle insurance certificate, and an old registration card. The seller ideally provides this.

Step 5 : Seal the Deal

Once everything checks out, you pay a transfer fee, and voila! You’re the proud new owner of a used car in Dubai. This guide ensures the process of buying and transferring second hand cars in Dubai is as smooth as a well-oiled engine. Happy motoring! 

What are Some Common Problems with Second-hand Cars in Dubai?

Some Common Problems with used Cars in Dubai

Navigating the second-hand car market in Dubai can be a nerve-wracking experience. Here, we shed light on some common problems to look out for when purchasing used cars in Dubai.

  • Vehicle Accident History

Accident damage is one of Dubai’s most significant issues plaguing second-hand cars. Always investigate further into any signs of an accident in the car in the past. Signs such as inconsistent paintwork, replaced parts, or frame damage can help. Acquiring a comprehensive history report is extremely critical.

  • Mechanical Problems

The real test lies under the hood, even if a car looks perfect outside. Overheating, transmission troubles, oil leaks, and faulty brakes are just a few issues to watch for. Consider a professional inspection before signing on the dotted line. Though rare due to Dubai’s arid climate, rust can still creep up in older or poorly maintained vehicles. Pay close attention to the car’s underbody, door edges, and wheel arches.

  • Treading Carefully: Tyres

Tyres are often neglected in the inspection process. Check for uneven wear patterns, which could point to alignment or suspension problems.

  • Electric Shocks

With Dubai’s scorching summers, the AC system is paramount. Test it thoroughly, and don’t overlook other electrical systems like lights, wipers, and dashboard indicators. Remember, the best places to buy second hand cars in Dubai are those that allow thorough checks and provide detailed histories. Stay informed, stay cautious, and you’ll soon be cruising in your perfect 2nd hand car!

Things to Check Before Buying a Used / Second Hand Cars in Dubai, UAE

When buying second-hand cars in Dubai, a thorough check is necessary to ensure you’re making a wise investment. Here are some crucial checkpoints on your inspection journey:

    • Checking the Appearance : Inspect the car’s exterior for scratches, dents, and rust. These could indicate poor maintenance or a history of accidents. Don’t overlook the tires; uneven wear can signal alignment issues.
    • Going Below the Hood : A look under the hood can reveal a lot about a car’s condition. Check for signs of leaks, corrosion, or damage to the engine and battery.
    • Check the Interiors : From the dashboard functionality to the condition of the seats, a thorough inspection of the interior is essential when you plan to buy used cars in Dubai.
    • Bring in a Trusted Mechanic : Having a mechanic you trust inspect the car can save you future headaches and costs. They can spot problems you might miss and provide a fair estimate of any potential repair costs.
    • Take the Car on the Road for a Spin : A test drive can provide insights into the car’s performance, braking, steering, and comfort. Listen for unusual noises and feel for any odd vibrations.
    • Check for Leaks : Post-test drive, check for fluid leaks under the car. Dark spots may indicate oil or brake fluid leaks.

By ensuring these checks, you’ll be one step closer to making a confident purchase in Dubai’s bustling world of second hand cars. Let’s make your car-buying journey as smooth as the desert sand!

Summing up

As we park our journey into the world of second-hand cars in Dubai, it’s clear that the city’s used car market caters to every kind of car enthusiast. Whether hunting for a family-friendly SUV, a flashy sports car, or a reliable run around, Dubai’s many platforms and markets have covered you. Dubai is a city that embraces both the old and the new. Its used car market mirrors this spirit. You can haggle in traditional markets, participate in fast-paced auctions, or scroll through extensive online listings. The choice is yours, and the options are as vast as the city. To buy second hand cars In Dubai, remember that the journey should be as enjoyable as the destination. Each platform, each marketplace offers not just a vehicle, but a story, an adventure. So go ahead, start your engines, and discover the best places to buy used cars in Dubai. Your dream car might be just around the corner, waiting for you to take the wheel!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Are used cars cheaper in Dubai?

When finding a cheap second-hand car in Dubai, you may be surprised that a few hidden deals are waiting to be uncovered. Many local dealerships offer rebates and incentives on their pre-owned stock, which can shave as much as 10% off the sticker price for a good quality vehicle. Although used cars in Dubai may not be as cheap as in some other parts of the world, they're still affordable.

Which is the best car to buy second-hand in UAE?

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Nissan Altima is consistently ranked among the most popular used cars. This luxurious and large car is powered by either a 3.5-litre V6 engine or a 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engine.

Which car is best for second-hand use?

Toyota Corolla Nissan Altima Toyota Land Cruiser Toyota Yaris Ford Focus

What is the most popular car in Dubai?

The most popular car in Dubai is the Toyota Corolla. This is because it is a reliable and affordable car that can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. Other popular vehicles in Dubai include the Honda Accord, the Nissan Maxima and the Ford Focus.

How can I check a second-hand car in Dubai?

If you're looking to buy a used car in Dubai, your first step is to check the vehicle's history. Car dealerships in Dubai are required by law to provide buyers with comprehensive history reports on every car they sell. This includes information about accidents, damage and any liens or court orders that may have been issued against the vehicle.

What to check before buying a second-hand car in Dubai?

You should always check a few things before buying a second-hand car in Dubai, as not all vehicles are reliable, and some may have been in accidents. First and foremost, always make sure a mechanic has inspected the car. This is especially important if the vehicle has never been driven before you purchase it. Second, always ask for proof of ownership (a registration document or a bill of sale) from the seller. Finally, always get a written warranty from the seller on the car’s condition and engine performance.

Which is the best website to buy used cars in Dubai?

One of the best places to buy used cars in Dubai is the online platform, Dubizzle. It offers a vast array of 2nd hand cars in Dubai with user-friendly filters to narrow your search based on brand, model, and mileage.

How to register your car in Dubai?

Registering your car in Dubai involves a few steps: ensuring your insurance is in place, getting the car inspected, and visiting the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) office with the necessary documents, including Emirates ID, driving license, and vehicle insurance. Upon approval, you'll receive new plates and a registration card.

What are the benefits of buying a second-hand car in Dubai?

Buying a second-hand car in Dubai comes with several benefits. Firstly, it's cheaper than a new car, and the depreciation rate is lower. Additionally, the wide variety of options available in the 2nd hand cars Dubai market ensures you'll find a car that fits your taste and budget.

What should I look for when buying a second-hand car in Dubai?

When buying a second-hand car in Dubai, consider the car's condition, mileage, and service history. Also, getting the car inspected by a trusted mechanic and taking it for a test drive is crucial. It's equally important to verify all legal documents before purchasing.

What should I do after buying a second-hand car in Dubai?

After buying a second-hand car in Dubai, you must register it under your name, get the appropriate insurance coverage, and ensure the vehicle is in good running condition.

What are the different types of second-hand cars available in Dubai?

The second-hand cars in the Dubai market are diverse, offering everything from luxury sedans and sports cars to rugged SUVs and efficient compact cars. The city's dynamic market can cater to various preferences and budgets

What is the average price of a second-hand car in Dubai?

The average price of a second-hand car in Dubai can vary depending on the make and model of the car. Even Dubai economy vehicles (compacts) can cost around AED 50,000 or more. For the most accurate pricing, it's best to browse platforms like Dubizzle or visit places like Al Aweer Auto Market.

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