Discover Rich Emirati Culture At Al Dhafra Festival 2022

Discover Rich Emirati Culture At Al Dhafra Festival 2022

Managed by Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Board- Abu Dhabi, the 16th Al Dhafra Festival in Dubai strives to conserve and expand heritage and cultural activities. The Al Dhafra Festival 2022 also aims to help camel owners maintain their legacy of fostering and looking after the camels and emphasise the crucial role camels play in the UAE’s culture. Therefore, the United Arab Emirates hosts this festival annually to nurture a feeling of belongingness in the community. 

This year, Dubai will be hosting the Al Dhafra Festival. At this popular festival, locals and sightseers will get a glimpse of authentic Emirati heritage and culture. Besides, the Al Dhafra  Festival is famous for its host of vibrant traditional activities, like horse racing, camel breeding, falconry, and more. Read on to learn more about the famous Al Dhafra Festival Abu Dhabi. 

About Al Dhafra Festival

Al Dhafra Festival

The popular Al Dhafra Festival 2022 in Dubai is an annual celebration held in Abu Dhabi that commemorates the dynamic Bedouin culture and rich heritage of the United Arab Emirates. The primary aim behind hosting this festival is to promote animal husbandry in the area by awarding the best-bred camels, cattle, Saluki dogs, and falcons. 

This festival draws participants and animal breeders from all over the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations. Participants can win several prizes at the Al Dhafra festival, adding to its prominence. 

What Are The Al Dhafra Dates 2022?

Dubai’s Al Dhafra festival is an annual event organised under the supervision of the monarch of Abu Dhabi and the President of UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Furthermore, this famous camel festival 2022 will be held from October 28, 2022 to January 31, 2023, with the competition price money set at roughly AED 51.6 million!

What is The Al Dhafra Festival Location?

Al Dhafra Festival Location

The Al Dhafra Festival in Dubai will be organised at the Al Gharbia area in Abu Dhabi, located close to Madinat Zayed. Individuals interested in attending the Al Dhafra Festival 2022 will take roughly two hours to reach the venue from Abu Dhabi.

On the other hand, if you are travelling from Dubai, you would need approximately three hours to reach the festival venue. Besides, the primary E11 highway is the most convenient way for tourists arriving from Dubai. Attendees can also opt for the desert-bound E45 route to reach the festival site. 

What To Expect At Al Dhafra Festival 2022?

The Al Dhafra Festival in Dubai offers the most fulfilling experience for locals and sightseers. Here are some of the leading attractions that will delight people at the Al Dhafra festival. 

  • Camel Mazyana/Camel Beauty Contest

Camel Beauty Contest

The Al Dhafra Festival’s primary attraction is the camel beauty contest, known as Mazayna in the local language. Two types of camel breeds generally participate in this camel beauty contest, including the hound-like pedigree camel breed Asayel and the tall and dark Majaheem camels.

The camels are judged based on neck and head height, physical endurance, hump shape, and hair quality. Upon examining all these qualities, the judges will announce the winners and the winning camel will get the cash prize. 

  • Sheep Beauty Contest

Like the camel beauty contest, the Al Dhafra festival will also have a sheep beauty contest where the judges will carefully choose the winning sheep based on criteria similar to the camel beauty contest. The primary aim of this competition is to ensure that people witness and appreciate the neverending efforts required in animal husbandry. 

  • Falconry Competition

Falcons are powerful birds. Interestingly, they are an integral part of the United Arab Emirates’ national emblem because UAE citizens consider them a symbol of courage, strength, and force. Therefore, you cannot miss falconry when speaking of Emirati culture and heritage. At the Al Dhafra Festival, visitors will be delighted to witness these mighty birds prey and perform other manoeuvres that are a sight to behold. 

  • Saluki Dog Race

Another prominent attraction of the Al Dhafra Festival is the Saluki dog race. Both male and female dogs can participate in this race. And the best is that the winning dog owner gets a cash prize and a gift (often a vehicle). However, this gift will be announced later and participants must wait to see what they will get this year.

  • Purebred Horse Racing

Purebred Horse Racing

Another prominent attraction of the Al Dhafra Festival is Purebred Horse Racing. High-breed Arabic horses, known for their stamina, strength, and beautiful appearance, compete against one another for a prize. Visitors attending the festival can enjoy Purebred Horse Racing at the festival this year and even bet on their favourite horses!

  • Traditional Souq

The traditional Souq is the event where the visitors can explore the magnificence of traditional Emirati craftworks like Sadu (weaving cotton and wool), Telli (needlework), and Khous (knitting and spinning palm fronds). Besides that, visitors can also anticipate events like Classic Emirati performing arts and the Vintage Cars competition. 

Contact Info

    • Visit Timings : 04:00 PM – 10:00 PM (Abu Dhabi Culture)
    • Contact Number : +971-2-657-6197

Where To Stay Near The Festival?

Stay Near The Festival

If you are planning an overnight stay during your visit to the Al Dhafra Festival, you should know that several hotels and accommodation options are available for attendees. Many hotels are available near the festival areas, including Western Hotel – Madinat Zayed, Tilal Liwa Hotel, and more.

However, since there would be a flock of visitors attending the camel festival, you might experience a rush. Therefore, it is better to book a hotel in advance for your overnight stay. You can also camp with your friends near the festival location.

To Sum Up

In a nutshell, Al Dhafra Madinat Zayed is a vibrant festival in the UAE that takes place at the edge of the Rub’ Al Khali, famously known as the Empty Quarter desert. It is known for hosting several cultural activities like the Camel Beauty Contest, Horse Racing, Al Dhafra Festival, and more. 

If you are planning to visit Abu Dhabi anytime soon, visiting this festival should be on top of your list. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

When is Al Dhafra Festival 2022 in Abu Dhabi?

The Al Dhafra Festival 2022 in Abu Dhabi will be held from October 28, 2022 to January 31, 2023.

Where will Al Dhafra Festival 2022 take place?

The Al Dhafra festival in Dubai will get organised at the Al Gharbia area in Abu Dhabi, located close to Madinat Zayed.

What are the prime attractions of the Al Dhafra Festival 2022?

Some of the prominent attractions of the Al Dhafra Festival 2022 will be as follows: Camel Beauty Contest Sheep Beauty Contest Purebred Horse Racing Falconry Competition Saluki Dog Race Traditional Souq

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