Know The Signs of National Symbols of The UAE

Know The Signs of National Symbols of The UAE

The UAE’s national symbols stand for the people’s heritage and culture. They are also the ones who had a significant influence on the nation’s progress. For many years, the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates were able to stay abreast of global advancements in all fields, including technology, education, and medicine. Additionally, they provide the world’s most opulent residential neighbourhoods. Without further ado, let’s explore the names and meanings associated with the national symbols of the UAE.

The National Flag Of the UAE 

The UAE’s flag, first and foremost, represents the nation’s independence and sovereignty. Since it recounts the history of the nation while showcasing its pride and unity. Also, based on a well-known Arabic poetry verse, its colours reflect a variety of deep meanings and symbolisms, which translate to the following: 

    • White: Reflects the purity of the nation’s accomplishments regarding quality and tranquillity, all of which seek to serve the people effectively. 
    • Green: Reflects the diverse flora found around the nation. It also represents optimism and hope. 
    • Black: Depicts the numerous historical occurrences, including conflicts and wars, that the nation experienced. 
    • Red: Demonstrates bravery, tenacity, and the sacrifices taken to make this country what it is today. 
  • The UAE National Anthem

The UAE National Anthem

The translation of the UAE’s national song, Ishi Biladi, is ‘Long live my nation.’ The famed Egyptian composer Mohammad Abdul Wahab was entrusted with writing the UAE national song while work on the flag was beginning. Poet and academic Arif Al Sheikh Abdullah Al Hassan wrote the lyrics later in 1986, and the United Arab Emirates formally adopted them as their national song. 

  • The National Emblem Of the UAE

A falcon with the UAE flag at its centre symbolises the national emblem of the United Arab Emirates, also known as the UAE Coat of Arms. The flag in the middle, surrounded by seven stars, symbolises the unification of the seven emirates, while the falcon stands for power and tradition. The UAE flag and seven stars were replaced with a sailing dhow when the emblem was introduced in 1971. Then, in 2008, it underwent a redesign to better   the Emirates’ combined strength and the UAE’s historical expansion. 

  • UAE Currency

UAE Currency National Symbol

The UAE’s currency is the dirham. It’s frequently called Dh or AED. The bills also feature two sides, one in English and one in Arabic. Additionally, each banknote has a specified picture that has a particular significance. View each currency bill with photos of both sides below. 





The Blue Souk or Central Market in Sharjah

Salem Al Mutawa Mosque

AED 10

A Curved Dagger (Khanjar)

Big Date Tree

AED 20

Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club

Dhow Boat on the Sea from 1973

AED 50

An Oryx

Al Fahidi Fort

AED 100

Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi

World Trade Centre

AED 200

Zayed Sports City National Stadium in Abu Dhabi

Central Bank of the UAE

AED 500


Also a Falcon

AED 1,000

Qasr Al Hosn

The UAE Skyscrapers

Let’s Explore Some Other National Symbols of The UAE

Many more national emblems reflect the United Arab Emirates besides the ones listed above.

  • What is the National Bird of the UAE?

National Bird of the UAE

The UAE’s national bird is the falcon. Since falconry is a significant part of Emirati culture and customs, this magnificent bird would be one of the national symbols of the UAE. The falcon symbolises power, agility, and national history in the United Arab Emirates. Most bank notes and the UAE logo include a picture of a falcon.

  • What is the National Animal of the UAE?

The UAE’s national animal is the Arabian Oryx. The oryx is one of the most significant emblems, as you can see if you ever look at pictures of national symbols of the UAE. This is one of the largest mammals that inhabit the desert. Oryxes prefer to live in hot climates. Thus, the hot weather in the United Arab Emirates suits them. 

  • What is the National Fruit of the UAE?

The UAE’s national fruit is the date. It is widely used in various Emirati dishes and grows abundantly.  

  • What is the National Tree of the UAE?

The Al Ghaf Tree, or Prosopis cineraria, is the national tree of the United Arab Emirates. It is forbidden to cut down this native plant species in the United Arab Emirates. Numerous conservation initiatives have been launched to ensure that this evergreen tree survives. The Al Ghaf tree influenced the Year of Tolerance Initiative’s logo.

  • What is the National Flower of the UAE?

National Flower of the UAE

Tribulus omanense is the national flower of the United Arab Emirates. Tribulus is the name in botany.

  • What is the National Fruit of the UAE?

The UAE’s national fruit is the date. It is widely used in various Emirati dishes and grows abundantly.  

  • What are the Traditional Clothes of UAE?

Traditional men’s and women’s dress is depicted among the national symbols of the UAE. First off, elegant Emirati women are referred to as wearing abayas. It captures the authentic Arabian elegance that entices female tourists to try it too, particularly on their visits to mosques and other historic locations. Second, men’s traditional attire consists of a headscarf (Shemagh) and a white dress known as a ‘Dishdasha’ in Arabic. For many years, Emirati men have worn traditional dress with pride, becoming one of the most recognisable emblems in the UAE. 

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In conclusion, the national symbols of the UAE set this nation apart on a regional and international scale. Suppose you’re interested in learning more about the United Arab Emirates. In that case, you should check out the UAE National Day Fireworks Abu Dhabi guide, UAE National Day decoration ideas, and many other articles on the Property Finder blog.


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