Travel Experience From The Dubai To Oman Bus Service

Sand Dunes To Coastlines: The Dubai-Oman Bus Service

A stranger on the streets of Dubai would only find themselves in their depth with the amount of countless things that you could be doing there. Embark on a journey from Dubai to the captivating Sultanate of Oman through the Dubai to Oman bus service, a cost-effective and convenient option across the cities. This initiative started in 2019 with the 201 route, which sought to strengthen the connection between the two nations by incorporating additional bus stations and routes.

A Deep Dive into Dubai-Oman Bus Travel

Introduced as part of the RTA’s efforts to enhance public transport, the Dubai to Oman bus service aimed to cater to the diverse needs of citizens, tourists, and business travellers. Established by the collaboration between Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Oman’s National Transport Company, Mwasalat, the service is seamless; however, as of December 2023, the service still stands suspended soon to return. Despite this, the service previously provided an affordable alternative for those eager to explore Oman’s cultural wonders and natural beauty. With its gold-domed mosques and pristine beaches, Oman is a favoured destination for Dubai residents and visitors alike. The Dubai to Oman bus service, with an initial ticket price of 55 AED for a one-way trip and 90 AED for a round trip, along with a 35 AED exit fee at the UAE border, aimed to make travel accessible to a broader audience.

Journey Breakdown: Timings and Route

Travel From Dubai To Oman Bus Service

During its active period, the Dubai to Oman bus timings included three daily departures from key locations:

Bus Name


Rashidiya Bus Station

08:00 am, 04:00 pm and 11:30 pm

Abhi Hail Bus Station

07:45 am, 03:45 pm and 11:15 pm

Airport Terminal 2

07:30 am, 03:30 pm, and 11:00 pm

The journey, encompassing customs and border procedures, took approximately 6 hours, with a 15-minute stop at each station. The bus covered 11 stops on the return leg, offering a one-way ticket for OMR 5.5 and a return ticket for OMR 9. For added comfort, the buses were equipped with air conditioning and WiFi, accommodating up to 50 passengers. Travellers could seamlessly connect to the bus stations via various public transport options. The Dubai to Oman bus journey promises picturesque landscapes and an immersive cultural experience, whether by bus or alternative means. As you await the resumption of the bus service, you can explore other travel options, such as driving through the Hatta-Al Wajajah border or considering available flights from popular airlines like Emirates and Oman Air. Always check with official sources for the latest updates and travel information.

Affordable Prices and Details

The cost of a one-way Dubai to Oman bus ticket is AED 55, and a round-trip ticket is priced at AED 90. These tickets can be conveniently obtained at the RTA stand. In addition to the bus fare, travellers must allocate AED 35 per person for the exit fee at the UAE border. It’s crucial to retain the receipt for reference. For a hassle-free experience, consider the upcoming introduction of online ticket purchases, streamlining the Dubai to Oman bus booking process. Whether you opt for a one-way journey at AED 55 or a round-trip at AED 90, ensure you are prepared for the AED 35 exit fee at the UAE border, contributing to a smooth and well-planned travel experience.

Comfort and Style: Onboard Bus Facilities

Enjoy a comfortable and connected journey aboard the Dubai to Oman bus service, where every bus has top-notch facilities. Revel in the convenience of free Wi-Fi and a refreshing air-conditioned environment throughout your trip. Mwasalat buses boast the latest technology and advanced safety features, ensuring passengers a secure and modern travel experience. With each bus accommodating up to 50 passengers, there’s ample space for everyone on board. To enhance the overall travel experience, the three key bus stations on the Dubai-Oman route are seamlessly connected to various public transport options. You can easily transition to your next destination by hopping onto a Metro or booking an RTA taxi conveniently. The interconnectedness of transportation options adds a layer of convenience, making your journey hassle-free.

There is much hope for potential upgrades in the travel options across the cities as the RTA is extremely responsive to demand. The likelihood of increased trips between Dubai and Oman signifies a commitment to catering to the evolving needs of travellers on this popular route. 

Alternative Routes and Buses

Alternative Routes and Buses From Dubai To Oman

The further north you travel in Oman, the more enchanting the landscapes become, adding an extra layer of delight to your travel experience. While the Dubai to Oman bus service is currently suspended, providing an opportunity to explore alternative transportation, you can consider private bus companies for your journey along the same route. 

The Al Khanjry Transport is a good alternative for the same route, operating at 7 am, 3 pm, and 9 pm. Their one-way trip costs 100 AED, with an additional AED 35 exit fee at the UAE border. These buses can be conveniently boarded near the Ruwi bus station in Muscat. Departing from Muscat at 6:00 am, they also offer a morning start for your journey, while the return trip from Dubai initiates daily at 3:00 pm, providing flexibility in your travel schedule.

Planning Essentials

For those seeking a more personalised and intimate experience, an alternative is a road trip using your new or used car. The Hatta-Al Wajajah border crossing is a favoured route, promising a memorable journey from Dubai to Muscat, filled with scenic wonders and cultural discoveries. You can also reach out for more details through whatsapp. 

Dubai to Oman bus service contact number:  +968 9255 0199.

Additionally, if the skies beckon, cheap flights offer an expedited alternative. Renowned airlines such as Emirates and Oman Air provide convenient options for air travel from Dubai to Oman. You can search their official websites for comprehensive details on flight bookings and timings, adding an extra layer of flexibility to your travel plans. Lastly, ensure compliance with visa requirements for a hassle-free journey, carry a UAE residency permit valid for at least three months, and be prepared to pay the AED 35 exit fee when crossing the UAE border. Additional considerations for your journey between Dubai and Oman include:

  • Visa Requirements

When travelling between two distinct countries, it is imperative to consider all relevant visa requirements. Ensure you know the documentation for a seamless cross-border experience well.

  • Exit Fee

As part of your travel arrangements, be aware of the exit fee applicable at the UAE border. A payment of AED 35 per person is required, so ensure this amount is ready for a smooth passage.

Safe Travels!

Embarking on the road less travelled, the bus journey with the Dubai to Oman bus service, with its border-crossing allure, offers a heightened sense of excitement. As you traverse the route, picturesque mountains and captivating scenery unfold, turning your voyage into a thrilling adventure. Whether by bus, car, or plane, the journey from Dubai to Oman involves exploring diverse landscapes and cultural treasures. Choose the mode that resonates with your travel preferences and savour the anticipation of a remarkable journey ahead. Safe travels!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the visa requirements to travel from Dubai to Oman?

UAE residents travelling from Dubai to Oman generally need a tourist visa, obtainable on arrival. Requirements typically include a valid passport, a return ticket, and proof of accommodation. Verify the latest regulations before your trip.

Where can I take a bus to Oman from dubai?

As the bus service from Dubai to Oman is inactive, you must go to the Al Khanjry Transport Company office in Dubai to board a bus. The bus departs from Dubai at 7 am, 3 pm, and 9 pm.

How much is a Dubai visa from Oman?

The visa fees and specific details can vary based on the type and duration of the visa. For accurate and up-to-date information on Dubai visa fees from Oman, it's recommended to check with the official website of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) embassy or consulate in Oman or contact the UAE immigration authorities directly. They can provide the most current and specific visa fees and requirements details.

How long is a trip from Dubai to Oman?

The bus journey from Dubai to Oman takes around 6 hours, including border procedures. Driving can take approximately 5 to 6 hours, and flight durations vary but can be as short as 1 to 2 hours, depending on the destination in Oman. Verify the latest travel details before planning your trip.

What are the entry requirements for visitors to Oman?

The entry requirements for visitors to Oman typically include a valid passport, a visa (unless exempt), and proof of accommodation. However, these requirements can change, and it's crucial to check the latest information with official sources such as the Royal Oman Police or the Embassy of Oman. Additionally, Oman has introduced an eVisa system for online visa applications, providing travellers with another option to consider.

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