Beginnings of Islamic New Year and Journey of Faith

Islamic New Year, also known as Muharram or Hijri New Year, marks the beginning of the Islamic lunar calendar. It observes the migration of...
Krittika Barua
8 min read 24 views

Celebration of Father’s Day in UAE 2023

As the summer’s vibrant shades paint the world around us, a special day is getting closer when we gather to honour those incredible individuals...
Krittika Barua
7 min read 16 views

Experience UAE With These 8 Famous Traditional Sports

If you want to explore a country’s heritage and traditions, look no further than its traditional sports. UAE is well-known for its fun and...
Krittika Barua
5 min read 132 views

Exploring Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium’s World-Class Facilities

Brace up, get your kits ready, and be ready to achieve another historic win at the world famous Zayed Cricket Stadium. Cricket is something...
Vaishali Rustagi
5 min read 128 views

Complete Guide to The Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is home to a multiple community of expatriates, together with a significant Indian population. That is why there are multiple best Indian...
Krittika Barua
10 min read 206 views

Guide To The Best Indian Schools in Dubai

Dubai is home to a large Indian expatriate community, and several Indian schools in the city cater to the educational needs of this community....
Krittika Barua
6 min read 274 views

All About Cloud Seeding in The UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known for its scorching heat and arid climate, where water scarcity is a persistent issue. To tackle this,...
Krittika Barua
5 min read 268 views

What To Expect From The New Hindu Temple in Jebel…

The unique cultural diversity and vibrant energy of Dubai make it an exceptional place to reside and work. Due to the large number of...
Anjali Deswal
5 min read 422 views

The Loop Project in Dubai For a Sustainable World

The ambitious plan to make Dubai the best city in the world to live in has been revealed and it features a 93 km...
Sargunpreet Kaur
5 min read 244 views

Know Everything About The Abu Dhabi Police

UAE has a strong system of rules and regulations implemented on the ground level. Whether it’s the traffic rules or any new orders executed...
6 min read 1853 views

Eager to Learn Everything About the Salik in Dubai?

Salik in Dubai, or the Salik toll system, are prepaid electronic toll collection lanes that help you quickly get from point A to point...
Zilpha Rodrigues
4 min read 627 views

The Magnificent Stadiums of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

A total of 32 teams have graced the biggest sporting event on earth, and how. The FIFA World Cup Qatar Stadiums 2022 is a...
Sargunpreet Kaur
5 min read 492 views
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