Port Mina Rashid in Dubai: Conquering the Seas

Port Mina Rashid in Dubai

This blog explores the impressive Mina Rashid Port in Dubai, highlighting its key features, major terminals, cargo facilities, and future expansion plans. It delves into how the port operates, its significant achievements, and the ongoing projects to enhance its residential and commercial appeal. Whether you’re interested in maritime travel, cargo shipping, or property investment, this blog provides a comprehensive overview of what makes Mina Rashid Port a cornerstone of Dubai’s infrastructure.

Port Mina Rashid Dubai: Brief Description

Port Mina Rashid Dubai

Mina Rashid Port, named after Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, opened in 1972. It is a large, modern port in Dubai. Port Mina Rashid’s area covers over 2 million square metres and can handle seven huge cruise ships with a total of 25,000 passengers. It is the only port in the UAE with a Security Certificate of Excellence and ISO-9002 accreditation. For eight years in a row, it has been voted the best luxury port in the Middle East by the World Travel Awards.

The port has two main terminals, the Dubai Cruise Terminal and the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Cruise Terminal. Mina Rashid also handles cargo. It has five berths for coastal ships and 15 berths for general cargo. The port is close to Dubai’s second-hand car markets and gets help from the RTA.

Expansion plans include a new project called Sirdhana by Emaar and DP World. This project offers new apartments for sale. The port is also home to the famous former Cunard ocean liner, Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2).

  • Major Terminals at The Port

Mina Rashid Port in Dubai has two major terminals: the Dubai Cruise Terminal and the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Cruise Terminal. Both terminals make Mina Rashid Port a key hub for cruise travel, offering top-notch services and amenities for passengers from around the world.

    • Dubai Cruise Terminal

This is one of the world’s largest cruise facilities. It has five different terminals with various baggage handling spaces and sizes. The terminal can handle up to 25,000 passengers at once. Many major cruise lines, including Cunard, Hapag-Lloyd, and Holland-America Line, use this terminal.

    • Hamdan Bin Mohammed Cruise Terminal

Launched in 2014 by DP World, this terminal is the world’s largest single-covered cruise terminal. It can serve 14,000 passengers a day. This terminal is known for its efficiency and modern facilities.

  • Facilities In Mina Rashid Dubai

Mina Rashid Port also caters to cargo ships along traditional trading routes. It has facilities for both coastal berths and general cargo. The port’s proximity to Dubai’s second-hand car markets and support from the RTA adds to its operational efficiency. These facilities make Mina Rashid a key player in Dubai’s commercial and cargo shipping sectors.

    • Coastal Berth Facilities

There are five berths dedicated to coastal vessels. These berths are 5 metres deep and have a quay length of 900 metres. This setup allows coastal ships to dock easily for loading and unloading.

    • General Cargo Facilities

Mina Rashid has 15 berths for general cargo, including breakbulk and RoRo (roll-on/roll-off) vessels. These berths are up to 10.5 metres deep and have a quay length of 2757 meters. This extensive facility supports the efficient handling of various types of cargo.

Mina Rashid’s Expansion Plans

Mina Rashid’s Expansion Plans

Port Mina Rashid’s area is expanding through a collaboration between DP World and Emaar, a leading Dubai developer. One of the main projects in this expansion is Sirdhana, which offers new residential options within the port area.

    • Sirdhana Project

Sirdhana features 1 to 3-bedroom apartments currently under development. These off-plan apartments are available for purchase, with prices starting at AED 845,000 for a 1-bedroom and AED 1.49 million for a 2-bedroom flat. The Sirdhana project aims to enhance Mina Rashid’s residential appeal by adding to its existing commercial and tourist attractions. This expansion will increase the port’s capacity and integrate modern living spaces, making Mina Rashid a more cheerful community hub.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Port Mina Rashid in Dubai:

  • Opened in 1972 with a capacity for 100,000 intermodal containers and two gantry cranes.
  • By 1978, the port had 35 berths, with five used by the largest cargo ships.
  • The port now has a capacity for over 1.5 million intermodal containers and more than five gantry cranes. It accommodates both general cargo and passenger vessels.
  • Mina Rashid can handle seven mega-cruise vessels and 25,000 passengers at once.
  • The World Travel Awards have voted it the best luxury port in the Middle East for eight consecutive years.
  • The port houses the famous former Cunard ocean liner, Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2).

Port Mina Rashid Contact Information

  • Port Mina Rashid Location: Port Rashid, P.O. Box 6769, Dubai
  • Port Mina Rashid Contact Number: +971-4-881-1110 | info@dpworld.com
  • Port Mina Rashid official website: https://www.dpworld.com/en/uae/ports-and-terminals/mina-rashid 

In The End

In summary, Port Mina Rashid Dubai exemplifies Dubai’s commitment to excellence in both maritime travel and cargo shipping. Its advanced facilities, strategic expansion plans, and numerous accolades underscore its importance in the region. As the port continues to grow with projects like Sirdhana, it not only boosts Dubai’s commercial capabilities but also adds a modern residential dimension, making it a dynamic and multifaceted hub.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What should you do near Mina Rashid Port?

You can visit the Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) hotel, explore the Dubai Maritime City, or enjoy nearby shopping and dining options.

How do I get to Mina Rashid Port by metro?

Take the Dubai Metro to Al Ghubaiba Station on the Green Line, then use a taxi or bus to reach the port.

What is Mina Rashid Port known for?

Mina Rashid Port is known for its cruise ship facilities, luxury services, and the historical Queen Elizabeth 2 ocean liner.

Is Mina Rashid Port still a cargo port?

Yes, Mina Rashid Port still handles general cargo and has facilities for coastal and non-containerised cargo.

What are the opening hours of Mina Rashid Port?

Mina Rashid Port operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Are there restaurants and shops at Mina Rashid Port?

Yes, the port area has various restaurants and shops, especially around the Queen Elizabeth 2 hotel.

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