Strict Inspections to Keep Dubai Gold Pure

Strict Inspections to Keep Dubai

Famous as the “City of Gold”, Dubai souk is not only dedicated to trading gold but also, a captivating destination name amongst the ex-pat community and tourists. However, have you thought – Why is this emirate always favoured when it comes to buying this precious yellow metal? Well, there are several reasons to buy gold from UAE. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the widespread choice of purchasing gold.

Reasons to Buy Gold From UAE

Buy Gold From Dubai

If you are looking for simple ornaments or something extravagant, Dubai has got a lot to offer you when it comes to buy gold jewellery. Besides this, here are a few reasons why buying gold is so popular throughout the world.

  • Dubai gold is cheaper
  • There is larger variety of gold
  • You can bargain on making charges
  • Dubai gold follows international gold rates.

Apart from all the given facts, there is still a big reason why people buy gold. Primarily, people prefer buy gold from UAE because of its purity. And it is a fact more than a myth because there are several quality checks undertaken for gold. 

So, it’s important to know the purity standards of gold before you buy it. And to help you stand with all the clarity on the other side of the counter, we have listed down the gold purity standards that you must ask a jeweller.

Standards That Make Dubai’s Gold Pure

The government laboratory of UAE is the key that ensures the purity of gold by inspecting its fineness mark. 

  • The purity and quality of gold in the UAE is itself a brand. To maintain this brand name in the whole world, the Dubai Municipality regulates the gold, gemstones, platinum, silver trades in the emirate through DCL (Dubai Central Laboratories).
  • Secondly, trust is prominent for precious things and when it comes to the most expensive yet precious metal, i.e. gold it becomes important in terms of quality. The jewellery trade of the entire emirate rests on the uncompromising standards of this yellow metal.
  • Trust is the key value that Dubai always manages to keep. Straight from the entry-level, Dubai has maintained the standards of gold through the weighing scales as well. Besides this, Dubai also ensures milligram accuracy to ensure the purity of gold.
  • The Dubai laboratory staff inspects closely and examines its quality. Also, they have clear marching orders that allow them to restrict any compromise on purity and quality. Therefore, they confirm the quality of the whole range of the jewellery trade.
  • Inspectors in Dubai deal with the front end gold trade and conduct daily inspections on the retail jewellery shops of Dubai. They take samples of the sealed gold pieces and counter-signed sacs to the laboratory.
  • The lab technicians in Dubai deal with the back end and investigate each piece of the gold ornament with the help of the equipment. Their task is simple, yet substantial, thus they make sure that all that glitters in Dubai is truly gold.
  • The DCL has employed nine inspectors in Dubai Municipality amongst which four are dedicated to exploring gold and precious metals.

Gold Purity Check By Carats

Gold Purity

According to DCL (Dubai Central Laboratory), you can check the purity of gold by looking at its carat. Below we have listed the carat unit and its fineness mark to help you buy gold from UAE and check the purity of gold.

  • The 24-carat mark carries a fineness mark of 999
  • 22-carat — 916
  • 21-carat – 875
  • 18-carat – 750
  • 16 carat – 666
  • 14-carat – 583
  • 12-carat – 500

For UAE gold, the 24-carat mark carries a fineness mark of 999; a 22-carat gold is marked 916; 21-carat gold is marked 875; 18-carat – 750; 16 carat – 666; 14-carat – 583; and 12-carat – 500. Inspection not only takes place for gold but also for other metals like silver and platinum that carry the fineness marks. 


When it comes to the purity of gold in UAE, always remember that the city makes no compromises on the quality of its precious yellow metal. If you talk about the variety, UAE gets jewellery coming from all over the world. That is why a strict inspection regime assures Dubai’s pure gold.

The next time you buy gold from UAE– always check the fineness mark of that piece. You will not find this fineness mark on the frontal part of the jewel piece because they are embedded in the tiny parts. We would suggest you avoid buying a gold piece without a fineness mark.

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How can we check the purity of gold in Dubai?

The very first and the basic thing to ensure the purity of gold is to check the fineness mark of the jewellery against the actual caratage of the gold. This could be checked by placing the gold piece inside the advanced X-ray machine which scans the gold piece and provides the purity details of that particular piece.

What is the difference between Indian gold and Dubai gold?

In India, gold rates are high by Rs 3,600/10 grams as compared to Dubai.

How much gold can we buy from Dubai?

Carrying gold from Dubai depends on the type of traveller you are, i.e. female or male. A female traveller is allowed to carry up to 40 grams of gold maximum which must not cost more than 1 lakh rupees. On the other hand, if you are a male traveller, you can carry up to 20 grams of gold which must not exceed fifty thousand rupees.

What are the making charges of gold?

In Dubai, the making charges of gold range from AED 10/gram to AED 500/gram. For this reason, people sometimes prefer to buy gold coins as they are the purest form of gold and they also have lower making charges than jewellery.

Is it worth it to buy gold from Dubai airport?

People usually buy gold from Dubai airport due to their shortage of time. And it is of course worth it to buy the duty-free gold from the Dubai airport. The gold quality remains the same, but you might see the difference in price and less variety as compared to the gold souk, Dubai.

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