Dubai’s Night Wonders : Thrilling Nightlife at its Best

Guide To Best Places to Visit at Night in Dubai

Desert heat waves turn into refreshing winds, and the city sings the unheard symphonies of lights. It’s completely reasonable if you are smiling while imagining yourself becoming a part of Dubai nightlife. Put down the hot days on the side table for a second because of the Dubai nightlife where the real party begins, and you are invited! We are together on this refreshing adventure to explore Dubai’s sparkling underworld after dark. Whether you’re a thrill-loving adrenaline seeker or a relaxed cultural traveller, Dubai offers something to pique your interest after sunset. So saddle on, night owls, because we’re about to go on a tour through the best places to visit at night in Dubai that come to life as the clock strikes seven.

Best Places to Visit in Dubai at Night

Dubai is full of state-of-the-art places that you can visit at night. Some of those places that you may like to visit are mentioned below:

  • Burj Khalifa

Why not start the list with the tallest man-made structure in the world? If you are already planning to visit Burj Khalifa at night, you have made an outstanding choice. Burj Khalifa needs no introduction to the beautiful wonders of technology. Visiting this place at any time is an absolute treat for the eyes. The mesmerising view gets even crazier when you visit Burj Khalifa at night. 

    • Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd. – Downtown Dubai
    • Activities: Dining, reaching the top, and strolling around.
    • Fees: The boat ride ticket starts from around AED 81
  • The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain is the world’s tallest choreographed fountain system. Just imagine the water dancing to 500 feet. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? That’s the Dubai Fountain for you—a perfect mixture of technology and artistry. With colourful, dazzling lights and satisfying water choreography, the Dubai Fountain Show invites you to an enjoyable evening.

    • Location: Dubai Mall, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd.
    • Activities: Photography spots, dining and boat rides
    • Fees: The boat ride ticket starts from around AED 81
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk

Sometimes a simple, good walk is enough to make any evening memorable. Including extra touches such as man-made lakes, beaches, and alluring views, will ultimately elevate the walking experience. Now, before you ask yourself, where is that kind of place located? You should visit Jumeirah Beach Residence. There is nothing better than walking here at night, and it’s free!

    • Location: Dubai Marina
    • Activities: Walks, dining and shopping
    • Free: There is no entry fee in the area
  • The Madinat Theatre

A great number of people consider witnessing cultural entertainment shows a perfect evening adventure. If you too count among them, the Madinat Theatre awaits your presence. With 442 seats, this is a massive theatre known for its magnificent shows. The Madinat Theatre is definitely among the top Dubai nightlife adventure spots on people’s lists.

    • Location: Souk Madinat Jumeirah
    • Activities: Live shows and performances
    • Fees: Vary depending on each show
  • Dubai Marina Mall

Dubai Marina Mall

When your heart tells you to chill out at some cool cafes, witness stunning architecture, and enjoy mouthwatering meals, Dubai Marina Mall can be the perfect place for you. 

    • Location: Dubai Marina, Sheikh Zayed Road
    • Activities: Dining, shopping, and movies.
    • Fees: Free entry
  • Ski Dubai

What if someone tells you that you can enjoy skiing in Dubai? That turned out to be a surprise for you, right? Well, not anymore. Ski Dubai is among the largest indoor ski adventures in the world. It’s in the third position, to be precise. Skiing plans for a night in Dubai—that’s not all a bad idea. People from all over the world love this sport, especially children. You can take your kids there as well, and together you can create a memorable evening for your family. 

    • Location: Emirates Mall
    • Activities: Ice skiing, ski school and penguins 
    • Fees: Ticket price starts from AED 190
  • Dubai Global Village

Dubai Global Village

You might want to hurry to visit this one, as it is not available for long. Dubai Global Village was reopened on October 23rd for the 28th annual season. This place is one of the most popular best places to visit at night in Dubai , especially for food lovers. The Global Village in Dubai is known for its wonderful food choices. This village serves an annual session of six years, making April 2024 the last serving month. 

    • Location: Global Village is located at Exit 37, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road, Dubai
    • Activities: Shopping, dining and cultural shows
    • Fees: The ticket costs approximately AED 15
  • Motiongate Dubai

It would be shocking if we left out a Hollywood-inspired theme park from this list. Motiongate Dubai witnesses the arrival of a good number of people daily, as it is one of the best places to visit at night in Dubai. You are not going to miss out on this place, will you?

    • Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, in the Park and Resorts
    • Activities: shows based on animated movies and water and land rides.
    • Fees: Ticket price for per person starts from AED 245
  • Gold Souks & Spice Markets

Another market that’s able to mark its name on the list is Gold Souks & Spice Markets. From dazzling gold displays to the aromatic adventure of the spice market, each section gives you a perception beyond gold and culinary inspiration. Not only that, here you can witness the architectural marvels and cultural experience. So, get ready to be delighted by the wonders of this ancient market.

    • Location: Deira, Dubai.
    • Activities: Gold shopping, spice shopping, and the UAE’s cultural experience.
    • Fees: The market is open to everyone without any entry costs.
  • Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

Boat rides at Dubai Fountain take you closest to the world’s tallest performing fountain. You can choose from multiple boats, including a duck boat, a swan boat, and even a water bike, available on the deck. However, the traditional Abra ride gives you a different yet wonderful experience. 

    • Location: These rides are available at The Dubai Fountain
    • Activities: Boat rides, water jets and music performances
    • Fees: AED 65
  • Overnight Safari

Overnight Safari in Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari at night is available both day and night. However, opting for this adventure drill at night gives you an exceptional opportunity to enjoy a delicious dinner, dune bashing, and cultural dance performances. On top of that, who would miss the opportunity to stay all night in a desert? You can opt for the best-suited package for you from multiple companies as per your preference.

    • Location: There is no specific location for an overnight safari, so the travel companies generally have different spots.
    • Activities: Overnight stay in a desert.
    • Fees: Vary depending on the package provider.
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure

This theme park features characters from Cartoon Network and Marvel that have influenced it. The place consists of four theme parks and is one of the best places to visit at night in Dubai. If that does not sound believable to you, you can visit the place and believe it.

    • Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road
    • Activities: Rides, dining and shopping
    • Fees: The ticket price per person starts at AED 285. 
  • Escape Game At Deep Dark Dubai

Who doesn’t like some adventure in their life? If you too are craving great adventurous rides, try visiting Escape Game at Deep Dark Dubai. The place challenges you to escape from a creepy villa, facing your fears while locked inside with your teammates. Now that you are already excited about this breath-taking horror journey, get ready to agree with the statement that this place is among the best places to visit at night in Dubai.

    • Location: KML Business Centre, Al Medyan Street, Dubai.
    • Activities: Escape the spooky place within 60 minutes to win.
    • Fees: Ticket prices for two people start at AED 175.
  • Al Barsha Night Market

Did someone say shopping? Al Barsha Night Market is right there and available in Al Barsha. It might become difficult for you to stop yourself from visiting this market every week. Apart from the shopping for unique arts and crafts, live music in Dubai is what makes the overall ambience of the market extraordinary. Al Barsha Market is easily one of the best family-friendly places to visit at night in Dubai. It’s even better to visit if you live in Al Barsha.

    • Location:  Al Barsha Pond Park, Al Barsha, Dubai.
    • Activities: Shopping and free fitness classes
    • Fees: The market is open to all without any entry fees.
  • Cruises at Dubai Canal

If you ask any resident of Dubai about nice places to visit in Dubai, you’ll definitely find Dubai Canal on your list. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular nighttime tourist spots in Dubai. Dubai Canal offers different cruise rides to visitors. Multiple tour companies offer Abra Ride, Yacht Cruise, and Dhow Cruise. These tours start from 06:30 p.m. to 09:30 p.m.

    • Location: Dubai Canal
    • Activities: Cruise rides
    • Fees: Ticket prices vary depending on the selection of ride.
  • Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow

How about spending the evening in a location that has been conceptualised by 500 architects, engineers, and artists? If yes is your answer, the Dubai Garden Glow is waiting for you. One of the best places to visit at night in Dubai, Dubai Garden Glow is spread over 40 acres of land in four installations. Glow Park, Magic Park, and Dinosaur Park are the main attractions in the park. A fact that might amaze you is that recycled material has been used in most of the glowing artistic models. Dubai Glow Garden can be the perfect permanent destination for a night visit. The park is open from 05:00 PM to 11:00 PM and from 05:00 PM to 11:00 PM on Saturdays and national holidays. Maybe one evening in Dinosaur Park is enough for your child to realise his dream of becoming a palaeontologist, as Ross from Friends did.

    • Location: Zabeel Park, Gate No. 6 & 7, Dubai
    • Activities: Sightseeing
    • Fees: starting from AED 70
  • VR Park

Virtual reality is a constantly rising and trending technology around the world. This VR park offers thrilling activities and rides, serving as a perfect escape from reality into an outstanding world of fantastical utopia. This is a perfect opportunity to create a suspenseful and thrilling experience around you.

    • Location: Dubai Mall
    • Activities: VR rides, games, and other virtual activities.
    • Fees: There is no entry fee. However, prices may vary for different VR activities.
  • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

If you have already visited many wonderful places in the land of Dubai and want to try something new, why not the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo? Here, you can enjoy an amazing view of the beautiful sea creatures and aquatic life. The place also offers a virtual reality zoo, a VR experience never seen before. A glimpse of the African jungle has never been this close before. This place provides perfect family-friendly activities in Dubai at night.

    • Location: Dubai Mall
    • Activities: Sea creature sighting, virtual reality zoo, and cage snorkelling.
    • Fees: The prices per person vary depending on the activity. Average ticket prices start at AED 83.


Dubai is no doubt one of the best places to plan a holiday or permanently reside. Whether you are a tourist visiting Dubai for a few days or a permanent resident, these Dubai nightlife places invite you to have a life-changing experience. From cultural sightseeing to thrilling, adventurous activities, the city knows how to make one’s evening memorable. If you haven’t visited these destinations yet, it is high time for you to plan one!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any dress code restrictions for nighttime excursions?

There is no official dress code assigned for nighttime excursions.

What are the safest areas to visit in Dubai at night?

All the mentioned areas are safe to visit at night in Dubai.

Are there any special events or festivals happening at night?

Multiple nighttime attractions host special events and festivals that you can enjoy at night.

Are taxis readily available at night?

Taxis are easily available at night in Dubai.

What are the best times to visit Burj Khalifa at night?

06:30 PM to 07:00 PM is considered the best time to visit Burj Khalifa.

Do I need to book in advance for desert safaris?

Yes, desert safaris require an advance booking for you to enjoy them.

Can I take photos during the Dubai Fountain show?

Yes, you can take photos or make videos during the Dubai Fountain Show.

Are there any family-friendly nighttime activities in Dubai?

There are multiple places that offer family-friendly nighttime activities in Dubai, such as the Dubai Aquarium, Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk, Dubai Marina Mall, and more.

Where can I find live music in Dubai at night?

Some places that you can visit at night in Dubai for live music include Al Barsha Night Market, Motiongate Dubai, Dubai Global Village, and more.

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